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After the call with her old man she scrolled through the news carefully going through and reading the news online thoroughly . All news and news outlets were talking about how the elder miss of the Anderson was so shallow and had stooped so low to get a business deal with the Parkson.

The reigning title was

#Lina Anderson Scandal

#Elder miss of Global Cooperation sex scandal

#Global Cooperation Acting CEO secures a business deal through underhanded methods....and so forth.

Accompanying this popular titles were videos and recordings of what happened.

The worst title at the top search was...

#Global Cooperations Acting CEO Dark Secrets

After Lina saw this she had an idea of what happened and why thisnews suddenly blew up. It was said that during a meeting with the Wright ; Lina Anderson of Global Cooperation had seduced one of the top heads in Wright Group enabling her to secure this deal. It was also said that all the various business deal which she managed to secure where by selling her body for physical money hence none of the deal she had managed to secure where through her business intellects or capabilities. From this the one posted the news specifically mentioned Lina Andersons name and even tagged the company into it. It was obvious they were trying to draw the company into the mud so as to affect the companys stocks.

Lina controlled her anger , gained her rationality and left a warning behind in the company that if anyone wants to leave they can submit their resignation later to the information department and the technical departments would see to it that their wishes are granted. She told them its their choice to believe the news or not and also their choice to continue working in the company. She had that thought since she thinks its high time sue filters the mole in the company and also reshuffle everyone since this news would be settled sooner or later.


Upon reaching the Lis Mansion, Mrs Marys husband was anxiously waiting for his wife and precious daughter at his gate. Upon seeing them he have a sigh of relief and carefully studied Linas face to see any signs of crying. Seeing her husband like this Mrs Narh told him that Lina is already aware and is taking everything cool much to their expectations.

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