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“Come on, lets head back to Mount New Moon.”

As soon as Zhang Mus words faded—


Suddenly, a pale blue ball came into being in the void 10,000 meters over their heads.

A moment later, as if a meteor, it quickly streaked to somewhere far away.

“Whats that”

Everyone looked shocked.

“Its aura is erratic.

I cant sense anything at all.

Could it be that a natural treasure has appeared” Zhang Mu muttered softly.

“Dad, could it be… the gift Yue Wuwei told us about” Zhang Guangyou abruptly asked.

“Hiss! Thats possible! Go after it, quick!”

Zhang Mus expression changed slightly.

He took the lead to fly rapidly toward that jet of light.

Unfortunately, the light was moving faster and faster.

Since it was dusk, it was extremely eye-catching in the darkening sky.

He wondered how many people would notice it.

“This isnt looking good.”

Zhang Mu knitted his brows.

This kind of unusual phenomenon was likely to attract the attention of many sects.

If any Grand Master in the Yuan Ying Realm decided to take it, how could they compete against him

“Should we tell Zhang Han to come here and help us But there isnt enough time.

When he hurries here, the game would be over.”

The most important thing was that no one was sure whether it was a spirit treasure like a naturally-formed gem or a gift that Yue Wuwei had mentioned.

If it was the former, there was no need to draw daggers with others.

If it was the latter, whether they would get it would be up to fate.

They flew very fast after the jet of light.

Yet, they could only see the shadow of the jet of light left behind.

“I think the light seems to have descended a lot.

Its heading in the direction of the former Wind Snow Temple!”

Zhang Mus eyes refocused.

He immediately sped up.

All of a sudden, he found that many people were flying toward that jet of light from both sides.

The naturally-formed treasure was worth fighting for.

This was what others thought.

Two hours later, the shadow of the jet of light finally disappeared from his sight.

“It landed on the ground!”


Zhang Mu and the others accelerated even more.

One minute later…


A very powerful energy fluctuation came from the front.


The people looked at one another, and once again raised their speed to the upper limit.

When they reached their destination, the scene in front of them was kind of staggering.

The place where the jet of light landed was the former Wind Snow Temple, the new location of the Deep Valley.

Numerous buildings had just been constructed there.

But as the light touched the ground, the buildings were once again smashed into ruins.

A layer of thick dust had risen in the surrounding.

It was as if a sandstorm had befallen.

Deep Flame and many disciples in the sect stood on the four sides of the construction site and stared blankly at the ruins.

“What happened”

“Even God does not allow our Deep Valley to settle down here”

“Weve just finished building a small half of the sect.

But its now ruined by something that fell from the sky out of the blue!”

“What the hell is going on”


The atmosphere on the scene was bleak.

They had also seen the jet of Light before.

But they were not sure whether it was a strike or something else.

“Zhang Mu, youre here”

Deep Flames eyes sparkled.

“Our sect has been hit by something.

It seems to be some kind of gem or an item carrying immense energy.”

“Elder Mu!”

“Elder Mu is back!”

A lot of people ran over to greet him, especially the ones that followed him to escape to the secular world.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Disciples from other sects arrived one after another.

But they didnt begin to search for the treasure right away when they saw the ruins.

“Grand Master He, youre here too”

Seeing the old man come flying from the north, Deep Flame immediately greeted him with a hold-fist salute.

“Grand Master He, nice to see you here.”

Zhang Mu also hailed him.

“Good to see you, too.”

Grand Master He nodded detachedly at Deep Flame.

When he looked at Zhang Mu, he smiled warmly and said, “Zhang Mu is also back Er, did Moon Empress and the others come as well”

“No, they didnt.”

Zhang Mu said with a smile, “This time, I brought Zhang Hanyangs disciples and subordinates here to break through to the Elixir Realm.”

“Oh, youre here to make breakthroughs.” Grand Master Hes expression changed.

“It will be easier to make breakthroughs with the help of some natural treasures.

Since youre Moon Empresss people, Im happy to help if you need me.”

“Thank you for your kind offer, Grand Master He,” replied Zhang Mu with a smile.

“I picked a very ethereal aura moment ago.

Then I saw a stream of light flying over here.

It should be a naturally-formed sixth-tier treasure.

According to the rules of our Kunlun Immortal World, when naturally-formed treasures appear…”

Yet, before Grand Master He could finish his words, Mu Xue interrupted, “That light was formed right above our heads.”

“Ahem, I havent finished yet.”

The corners of Grand Master Hes mouth quivered.

“Hey, I have tons of sixth-tier treasures, okay I wont rob it from you!

“Stop kidding yourself!”

“According to the rules, everyone is allowed to contend for it.

However, since this lady said that it was formed above their heads, and I happened to have witnessed this matter, then its naturally Zhang Mu and his peoples.

Deep Flame, considering that the treasure fell in your sect, do you have any objections” Grand Master He said coolly.

“Not at all.

Zhang Mu and I are brothers anyway,” Deep Flame replied.

“Does anyone else have any objections”

Grand Master Hes expression immediately turned cold.

He glanced around at the hundreds of people that had arrived.


“Who would dare to have a problem with a Grand Master in the Yuan Ying Realm No one wants to die, okay”

“No problem!”


“Of course we are completely in for your decision.”


Some people responded as representatives.

“Thats good.”

Grand Master He chuckled.

“Since its a treasure that appeared out of nowhere, why not give it to others so that they would owe me one”

Grand Master He then stretched out his right hand and pushed forward.


Wafts of wind suddenly arrived and blew away all the dust.

Well, what was that treasure on earth

The thing that was revealed was a half-meter-high, flame-like item.

It was light black, enveloped by a swirling halo.

The aura of the energy inside could be vaguely sensed.

“Huh Its not a gem!”

Grand Master He let out a cry of surprise.

He wanted to go over and feel its aura more thoroughly.

But he stopped dead and said, “It seems to be a kind of very pure energy.

Its value is definitely far beyond that of a natural sixth-tier treasure.

The energy is of the dark type, perhaps more like the evil spirit, isnt it I think it is so.

You can feel it yourselves.

Youd better absorb it right now.

This kind of treasure cant stay in the world for long.”

If Zhang Han were here, he would definitely say, “Its the Source Energy!”

With Grand Master Hes vision and knowledge, he did not know about these high-end things.

Thus, he had no idea what he had just given away to do this favor.

Had he known, he would have already snatched it.

“Is that so”

Zhang Mus expression altered.

He looked at the people around him and suggested, “Lets go and take a look.”

Therefore, these people made their way to the flame-like energy.

When they were 10 meters away, the air seemed to have frozen.

When they were five meters, wisps of pure aura could be sensed distinctly.

“This energy is really pure.”

Zhang Mus pupils shrank with surprise.

“This should be the big gift that Yue Wuwei referred to.

“However, what benefit can we get from it”

“I suppose its a kind of energy that borders on the evil spirit.

Which one of us has a similar kind of cultivation method” Zhang Mu asked.

He did not intend to absorb it himself.

“Mu Xues cultivation method seems to be of this type.

With the Demon Dancing Sword, she can perform several styles teeming with the fierce evil spirit,” Jiang Yanlan said.

“My cultivation method is the Seven-star Demonic Shadow Formula, which does kind of have such properties.

But this energy seems to be very precious.

Grandpa Zhang, why dont you absorb it Anyway, I have a good aptitude.

Even without this energy, I can still surpass you in just a few years,” Mu Xue answered casually.

That last part of her remark caused the corner of Zhang Mus mouth to quiver with awkwardness.

“That is very confident of you!

“But that seems to have put me under more stress.

“You brats, are you here specifically to stress the elderly out”

However, Zhang Mu knew this girl was warm-hearted and very kind to her own people.

He also liked her a lot.

Thus, He smiled and said, “I really dont need it.

Han is going to switch my cultivation method in a few days.

It is no use to me for the time being.

Mu Xue, dont stand on ceremony.

If you absorb it, your cultivation will be much more stable.”

“Well, Uncle Zhang is also here.

And there are many other elders who can absorb this energy.

This is not my turn.”

“Hahaha, you girl, hurry up and take it.

If you continue to waste time arguing, the energy would disappear.

Then you would regret it.” Zhang Guangyou laughed.

“Thank you.” Sect Leader Mu felt currents of warmth flowing into his heart.

Cupping his hands before his chest, he thanked Zhang Mu and Zhang Guangyou.

“Youre welcome, Sect Leader Mu.”

Zhang Guangyou waved a hand at him and then looked at Mu Xue.

“Go ahead.”


Mu Xue grinned and marched over.

After she was close enough to the energy, she slowly reached out her right hand and touched it.

The halo swirling around the light black flame instantly engulfed her.

Waves of pure Source Energy ran down Mu Xues right arm and flowed into her body.


Feeling the waves of pure energy stream into her body, Mu Xue was kind of in a daze.

She sensed that both her perception of the world and the energy aura in her body had become unprecedentedly clear.

“Sit cross-legged and cultivate!”

Grand Master He reminded her.

Mu Xue subconsciously followed the advice.

She felt like her brain had become dozens of times more developed in an instant.

All of a sudden, she noted that there were many details about her secret skills that she had not strengthened well.

Hence, she began to play the moves in her mind.

In just five minutes—



Grand Master He shook his head in disbelief.

“She is already at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage”


Zhang Mus pupils contracted.

He quickly exchanged a look with Zhang Guangyou.

They both understood what this meant.

“Yue Wuweis gift is really powerful!

“To enter the trial on the Lost Continent, one must not only have a high aptitude but also be at or above the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

“But because the trial has been scheduled earlier than expected and some talents havent reached that level, Yue Wuwei has decided to give them some gifts.

“How amazing is this gift of his on earth What exactly is it How can it let Mu Xue, who has just stepped into the Elixir Realm Early-Stage, directly rise to the Middle-Stage

“Based on what Yue Wuwei said, Mu Xue would go straight into the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, wouldnt she”

As expected, 10 minutes later—


Another waft of a strong aura spread out from Mu Xue.

“The aura of the Elixir Realm Last-Stage!”

Grand Master Hes eyes became grave.

He was now racked with regret.

“D*mn it.

Im the strongest here, but I handed such a huge opportunity to other people.

What was I thinking

“This thing let a person who has just reached the Elixir Realm directly advance to the Elixir Realm Last-Stage! Are you kidding me If I absorbed it, I would have already risen above my current realm.

I would be way ahead of other Grand Masters!”

After reaching the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, Mu Xues aura became serene again.

She just sat there cross-legged.

All the people around looked at one another in consternation.

In particular, the onlookers in the surroundings were in an uproar.

“She directly broke through to the Last-Stage That saved her decades of cultivation, didnt it What exactly did she absorb”

“A heaven-defying treasure! What she absorbed is a heaven-defying treasure!”

“Its incredible.

She seized such a great opportunity.

My goodness!”


Zhang Hanyangs disciple who just entered the Kunlun Immortal World had absorbed a treasure and instantly rose to the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

It was conceivable that this news would sweep through the Kunlun Immortal World like a hurricane.

In fact, it was not just because of the treasure.

If it were other people who absorbed it, they might not have made such a big breakthrough.

Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, and even Yan Chen had all reached the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

Mu Xues fame and strength were almost the same as theirs before they went to the Kunlun Immortal World.

Had she chosen to go there with them then, she would probably make the same progress.

However, she chose to stay behind.

After several years of slow cultivation in the secular world, her meridians and body could now bear this kind of leap-up in strength.

Among all the people, Sect Leader Mu was the most overjoyed.

His eyes were even a little moist for a moment.

“Zhang Han is really our benefactor.”

“Without him, Xue would not have become so powerful.”

“Good job.

Good job.

Youve even advanced to the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

Youre much better than me, your father.”


Mu Xue was, after all, Sect Leader Mus dear daughter.

At last, Sect Leader Mu could not help but grin from ear to ear.

Jiang Yanlan and Zhao Feng were also surprised by this.

They, of course, felt a tinge of envy, but not much.

With their masters ability, their strength would definitely grow very fast as well.

They believed it firmly.

“I made a breakthrough”

As Mu Xue felt the aura emitting from her body, her eyes gleamed with rare brilliance.

“Grandpa Zhang, have I outrun Master”


Mu Xue suddenly became excited.

“Thats true, isnt it”


As Zhang Hans disciple, she had now gone ahead of her demon king master.

That was really something.

Mu Xues pride suddenly went off the charts.

“Your master Zhang Hanyang” Grand Master He said, “Isnt he at the peak of the Elixir Realm He fought against Li Qingyan as an equal as soon as he entered the Kunlun Immortal World.

He must be at the peak of the Elixir Realm, right Well, since he is Moon Empresss… husband, I think he will become a Grand Master in the Yuan Ying Realm very soon.”

“Congratulations, little girl.”

Grand Master He then bid them goodbye and swiftly departed.

He couldnt bear to watch any longer.

His heart ached so much that he couldnt breathe.


She felt as if someone had poured cold water on her face.

Mu Xues expression suddenly stiffened.

“No, my master has just broken through to the Elixir Realm, but he can already fight against those at the peak.

Why is that”

“Grandpa Zhang, care to test my power” Mu Xue abruptly offered.

“Eh You seem very confident, dont you” Zhang Mu suddenly laughed.

“Oh, no, no.”

Mu Xue hurriedly shook her head and said, “Master can fight against those at the peak the moment he came up here.

I can do it, too.

Emm, Master of Deep Valley, how about we have a fight”

“With pleasure.”

“Swoosh, swoosh!”

Mu Xue drew her Demon Dancing Sword and launched an earth-shattering attack in an instant.

However, two minutes later…

Mu Xue stumbled back hundreds of meters in frustration.

With a slightly woebegone look on her face, she shouted, “Why cant I nail it, too”


Sect Leader Mu snorted and said, “Dont groan after getting such a big fortune.

Come back here and have a rest.

Then we can go back to Mount New Moon and ask your master about this big blessing.

If it comes with some after-effects, you may regret it big time!”

“Ah, okay.”

Mu Xue nodded and ran back with a smile.

That made Zhang Mu laugh.

He looked at Deep Flame and said, “Brother Flame, Im leaving now.”

“Brother Mu, goodbye then.

When the Deep Valley…” Deep Flame trailed off.

He glanced at the ruins and sighed helplessly before continuing, “When the construction is finished, I will save some rooms for you guys.

Come back often to visit us.”

“Hahaha, sure!”

Zhang Mu laughed heartily and turned around and lead the group to embark on the return journey.

This trip to Kunlun Immortal World was kind of surreal.

That night, they returned to Mount New Moon.

“Hey, Mengmeng!”

Mu Xue ran to the back mountain first.

Standing in front of Mengmeng, she laughed happily and said, “Aunty Xue can now take you anywhere you want.

Our golden days will come soon!”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned.

She did not understand Mu Xues words.

When she made to ask about it, Mu Xue already ran to Zhang Hans side.

Seeing this, Mengmeng also bounced over toward them.

“Master, Im now at the Last-Stage.

Arent I bravo Ive even outrun you,” Mu Xue said with a little smugness.

“Yeah, youve outrun me,” Zhang Han replied with a cool laugh.

“Hee-hee, but Ive only outrun you in terms of the realms.

Masters strength is not measurable by the normal realms.

I know you can defeat me with your little finger,” Mu Xue added with a smile.

“Look at how cocky you are.” Zi Yan was not sure whether to laugh or cry at the moment.

“Okay, Maam, Ill calm down and be sophisticated.”

Mu Xue hurriedly sat bolt straight in front of Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

Zhang Mu recounted what had happened on the side.

After hearing the story, Zhang Han pondered for two seconds, then looked at Mu Xue and said, “Relax your mind.”


Zhang Hans pupils shot out two thunder marks.

His soul sense of Taiyi Wood Thunder began to examine Mu Xues meridians and the aura of her dantian.

“Sure enough!”

After a while, Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly and said in a mildly surprised tone, “Source Energy! Xue, youve obtained a fortune.

With so much Source Energy, your cultivation method and secret skills can be more than 10 times more developed.

And even your two secret skills will become supernatural powers.”

“Source Energy Whats that Would there be any after-effect” Sect Leader Mu hurriedly asked.

“No, there wouldnt.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Source Energy is the purest energy in the Cultivation World, which is also the most suitable energy for cultivators to absorb.

One must first absorb energy and refine it before comprehending it.

Its a process.

Source Energy can enhance your supernatural powers, help your dantian evolve, and give you stronger power.

Whats the Source then The five elements, the wind, the thunder, the Yin and Yang, the circle of life, the withering, the demolishing, the illusion, and all the other things are countless different attributes.

But the most essential energy has the attribute of the source.

This kind of energy is divided into different tiers.

If Im not mistaken, Xue should have absorbed the Demonic Evil Spirit at the fourth tier.

This energy and her cultivation method can bring out the best of each other.

It suits her perfectly.”

“The fourth tier Is it a high level” Mu Xue inquired.

“Its not bad.

Source Energy can be gained through practicing cultivation methods and supernatural powers, as well as ones own enlightenment.

However, that way is too difficult.

It would take a long time.

Cultivators are also working on absorbing Source Energy from other things and refining it into their own energy.

The fourth tier is already quite impressive.

As for the third-tier kind, even cultivators who have reached the high realms would fight for it.

The second-tier kind is something only those at the Tribulation Stage can encounter.

The first-tier kind only exists in legend.

“For example, the Thunder Yang Trees Source Energy is at the fifth tier.”

Zhang Han waved his right hand.


A breeze went past, and the Thunder Yang Tree glinted.

Streams of crystal clear energy gathered in Zhang Hans palm and turned into a pearl.

Then, Zhang Han tossed it back to the Thunder Yang Tree.

“What youve absorbed is the fourth-tier Source Energy.

Looks like that man has really invested heavily in this trial.”

Zhang Han squinted his eyes and announced, “Everyone… who have broken through to the Elixir Realm can go to the Kunlun Immortal World.

Send someone to come down to inform me of the latest situation every hour.

I think that soon, the gifts will land in the Ancient Mine or even in the secular world.

As for those in the Heaven Realm, half of them shall go to the worldlets, while the other half shall head for the Ancient Mine.

Pass my order on.

Now, you should all go out and look for your own opportunities.”

“What about you, Master” Mu Xue asked.

“I need to make some preparations and refine something,” Zhang Han answered with a deep look in his eyes.

He was also ready to take some action.

“Source Energy Im a little surprised.” But as Zhang Han had guessed this from the beginning, he was not very much taken aback.

“Dozens of packages of Source Energy have been released”

Zhang Han seemed to be quite interested in this.

They were told that whether one could get the Source Energy solely depended on ones luck.

That might be true for others.

But Yue Wuwei also said that the one who won Zi Yans heart would have the world.

Therefore, Zhang Han was not stressed at all.

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