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Everyone followed his gaze and immediately noticed what was happening.

“Eh Why have Elder Left Eagle and Elder Right caught a little girl Yin Hao This scumbag is sinning again!”

“We cant do anything about it.

After all, he is Sect Leaders son.”

“He has run amok in the sect for so many years that this has become his habit.

He always goes out with Elder Left Eagle and Elder Right Eagle protecting him, so he hasnt met his match yet.

Perhaps only when he runs into a tough guy and gets taught a lesson will he learn why a man should not be unscrupulous.”


These disciples expressed their complaints to their faces without any intention to lower their voices.

It could be imagined how the disciples in the sect thought of Yin Hao.

“Older Martial Brother Shi, lets go.

Theres nothing fun to see.

Youll soon get used to this.

Anyway, youll be fine as long as you take a roundabout way when you see Yin Hao,” the female disciple said sternly.


Shi Fenghou sighed heavily and said, “In the Silver Star Sect, if you have good friends, call them out right now, or itll be too late.”


“Because… that little girl we just saw… is the daughter of Zhang Hanyang and Moon Empress,” Shi Fenghou said in a dry and husky voice.


The more than a dozen disciples on the scene were instantly thunderstruck.

Their eyes gradually widened in shock.

“Who, who is that girl”

Then, they hastily took out all kinds of voice-transmitting crystals, talismans, or gems and sent voice messages to those who were close to them.

“Martial Uncle, are you in the sect Stop refining pellets.

Come out, now! Itll be too late if you dont leave immediately.”

“Younger Martial Sister, hurry up and tell Master that Yin Hao, that loser, has caught Moon Empresss daughter.



None of these people ran back to the sect to spread the news.

Nor did any of them call at the top of their voices that Yin Hao had captured Moon Empresss daughter.

Since the crime had been committed, there were some people who had to pay the price.

Those disciples certainly didnt dare to get involved in this kind of trouble, so all they could do was inform the people closest to them as soon as possible.

As a result, the Silver Star Sect sank into a state of chaos.

A pale-faced elder ran frantically to the main hall and yelled, “Sect Leader, bad news, bad news.

Yin Hao has captured Moon Empresss daughter!”

“Huh Pfft… What did you say”

Yin Shan paled with consternation at the news.

He could not digest the information because his mind went blank for moments.

Two seconds later, his expression changed drastically.

In a flash, he arrived at the villa where Yin Hao lived.

He happened to see that in the garden, Mengmeng was enveloped by cyan light, while Left Eagle was constantly attacking, trying to break Mengmengs defense.

Yin Hao was standing next to them, looking impatient.

“You b*stard!”


Yin Hao was sent flying by Yin Shans slap and landed dozens of meters away.

Left Eagle and Right Eagle were both baffled.

They looked a little confused.

“Look at what youve done!”

Yin Shan was so mad that he felt like fire was about to shoot out from his eyes.

He shouted angrily and looked at Mengmeng, his forehead blanketed in a cold sweat.

“Well, uh, I…”

He was trying to find an excuse for what had happened, but he couldnt think of any.

Who knew if Yin Hao had said anything outrageous on the way here

“Father, how could you hit me”

Yin Haos angry and puzzled voice came from afar.


Yin Shan glared at him fiercely.

“Im even considering killing you!”

Right at this moment—

“Daddy, Mummy, why didnt you come faster”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Everyone looked over, including some protectors and disciples of the Silver Star Sect who were just passing by, as well as Shi Fenghou and those disciples in the distance.

In the eastern sky, two streaks of light were flying over at an incredible speed.

In just several seconds, the two arrived at the scene.


Shi Fenghou rubbed his forehead.

“Now theyre screwed.”

“Why didnt you crush the pearl I gave you” Zhang Han asked with resignation.

“You were coming to pick me up anyway.

It wouldnt make a difference whether I used it or not,” Mengmeng said casually.

“They are very bad people.

That boy took me here because he wants me to be his wife.”


Zhang Hans aura tensed.

The atmosphere on the scene suddenly turned cold.


The clothes of Yin Shan, the Sect Leader of the Silver Star Sect, were drenched in sweat.

“Something bad is about to happen,” Shi Fenghou murmured.

Well, the funny part was that by this moment, Right Eagle had become dumbstruck, and the big net he had cast was still covering Mengmeng.

“Coo, coo.”

When Tiny Tot saw its master, it happily chirped.

Then, with everyone watching, it slowly winged its way over.

When the big net got in its way, it bit the net and created a hole in it.

Smacking its mouth, it flew back to Zi Yans side.


Mengmeng was stunned by this.

“Tiny Tot, turns out that you can break this net.

Then why did you let them trap us for so long”

At this time, Left Eagle, Right Eagle, Yin Shan, Yin Hao, and the elders and protectors, as well as some disciples of the sect, were all staring at the people in the sky in dismay.

“I, I, wait!”

Yin Shans voice trembled.

He quickly took out a Space Ring, which stored all the wealth he had been accumulating for so many years.

He commanded the ring to fly to Zhang Han and Zi Yan and said in a quivering voice, “Moon Empress, Zhang Hanyang, Im so sorry.

I didnt teach my son well.

This is my fault.

Fortunately, she has not been harmed at all.

Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to compensate you enough even if I killed myself a million times.

This is my life savings.

Please accept it as my amends.

My son, Yin Hao, should be sentenced to death for doing such an atrocious deed.

Yet, please give the Silver Star Sect a chance to correct its errors!”

“Well, well, well.”

Zhang Han took the Space Ring, glanced at it indifferently, and gently pinched it with his thumb and index finger.

With a crack, the Space Ring shattered into smithereens and the treasures in it were forever lost in that space.


Yin Shans heart contracted violently.

He hurriedly knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

“I know I deserve to die, but I really didnt know about this until now.

Every wrongdoing has a source.

Not only Yin Hao but also Left Eagle and Right Eagle should be killed! But the Silver Star Sect should not be destroyed because of this.

Everyone knows that Zhang Hanyang and Moon Empress are reasonable people.


“When have I ever been reasonable”

Zhang Hans tone was calm, and his eyes were devoid of emotion.

He said in an aloof tone, “Swat them!”


Zi Yan raised her hands.

A Sea Moon Fan that was more than 2,000 feet long appeared out of thin air.


“Run for it!”


Just as Yin Shan prepared to be the first to flee…

The Star Map and the Thunder Sea emerged out of nowhere.

The two treasures encircled the entire Silver Star Sect.

The huge Sea Moon Fan plummeted.


“Lets go.”

“Use that pearl sooner next time.

Dont make your Mummy worry.”

“I still have that Space Portal, dont I Why dont you come through that portal, Daddy”

“Use the pearl first.

That pearl isnt worth much.

It will expire in a few years.”

“Oh, okay.

Will that Space Portal be expired”

“No, it wont.”

“I see.

But I, I didnt get to enjoy myself in this relic either.

Once again, this trip ended without much of an adventure.”

“Youve had your chance.

Mummy and Daddy will accompany you next time.”


Shi Fenghou vaguely heard snatches of their conversation, and then the family of three disappeared from his sight.

A good 10 minutes later.

“Our sect… is gone”

Looking at the large sect that had become a big crater in front of them, the Younger Martial Sister next to Shi Fenghou remarked in a daze.

“From now on, there is no Silver Star Sect in this world anymore,” Shi Fenghou said with a soft sigh.

“Is what Fatty said true Older Martial Brother Shi is the bane of sects Youve only been here a couple of days, but now…” a disciple blurted out without thinking.

Shi Fenghous face immediately darkened.


With a cold snort, a pair of wings comprised of energy sprouted out on his back.

Next, he turned into a streak of light and dashed forward.

He also felt a little sad.

“Why has this sect been destroyed again Its all because of Zhang Hanyang.

“Alas… Im not another step farther from paying off my debt.

“Where shall I go to

“Shall I join a first-class sect Now those sects should have the nerve to accept the former disciples of the Wind Snow Temple, shouldnt they

“If I join a new sect, would someone in that sect happen to provoke Zhang Hanyang and cause the sect to be wiped out again”

For a moment, Shi Fenghou was at a loss.

“Why hasnt Ye Longyuan had this kind of trouble

“Why do I always have to live in Zhang Hanyangs horror

“Could it be that I, Shi Fenghou, am really the bane of sects”

Shi Fenghou felt rather terrible at the moment.

He landed on an island in the center of a lake, sat cross-legged on the ground, and began to do some soul-searching.

Three hours later…


There was a sudden tremor in the air about 10,000 meters above his head.


Raising his head, he saw a ball of energy taking shape out of thin air.

It transformed into a streak of light and rapidly flew towards the north.


Having no time to think, Shi Fenghou ran his supernatural power to the extreme.

The wings on his back now seemed to be substantial.

Then, he chased after that ball of energy at an extremely fast speed.

Twenty minutes later, he crashed into the ball of energy headfirst in the air.

He was stunned by the clash and passed out, falling into the river below.

The orange ball of energy also disappeared after the clash.

Soon, the news of the downfall of the Silver Star Sect spread out.

Even in this special time, it also caused a great disturbance.

“Moon Empress has struck again”

“The Silver Star Sect What did they do that irked Moon Empress”

“What Yin Shans son captured the daughter of Zhang Hanyang and Moon Empress in a relic in the inferior world Hahaha, thats very funny.

This one mistake of his cost him everything, didnt it”

“Er, pass on this order.

All the disciples of our sect shall not go provoke anyone related to Moon Empress.

We should show hospitality to everyone around her, including her servants.

If you ruffled her features, dont you ever go back to the sect even if you have to die outside.

“The most important thing now is to take that ball of energy.

So far, seven balls of energy have descended, and the people who have obtained those are all young cultivators.

They have all directly crossed several stages and reached the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

If any Grand Master gets one of those, perhaps he or she can become as powerful as Moon Empress!”


The undoing of the Silver Star Sect alarmed many sects, especially those in the East Domain.

The forces in the South Domain and the North Domain adjacent to the East Domain were not much concerned.

Because no matter how powerful Moon Empress was, she would not go to their territories.

Thus, she could not impose any big impact on them.

However, to be on the safe side, many of those sects still warned their disciples not to mess with Moon Empress.

What had attracted most peoples attention was the energy that appeared out of nowhere.

The entire Kunlun Immortal World had paid close attention to this matter.

The sects had also sent a large number of disciples to different places in the search of such balls of energy.

“Have you learned your lesson this time”

After returning to Mount New Moon, the family of three boarded a sightseeing boat that floated in the air.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng were each enjoying a cold drink.

At this time, Zi Yan said to Mengmeng, “You insisted on going out by yourself.

This time, you ran into a snag, didnt you You got captured and were sent to the Kunlun Immortal World.

If your father didnt have the treasure that could show your location, he wouldnt be able to find you.

If that happened, do you have any idea how dangerous it could be”

“Well, I didnt expect that I would run into those guys,” Mengmeng said with some annoyance.

“That relic was a world of mazes.

When I first entered it, I was in the world of mirrors, and then I reached the cloud passages.

The world of mirrors was not very interesting, but the cloud passages seemed a lot of fun.

However, before I could get there, those people brought me out.

Then I told them that my father was Zhang Hanyang, but they didnt believe me.”

“Well, she was not in real danger.

After all, she was well prepared.”

As soon as Zi Yan made one negative remark, Zhang Han began to speak for Mengmeng.

“The defensive treasures she had could easily hold up the attackers for an entire day, not to mention that she also had the Space Portal and the pearl given by Yue Wuwei.

From the looks of things, there is nothing to worry about now.

Our daughter will soon be 12 years old.

She surely can go out and play by herself.”

“Right! Hee-hee.” Mengmeng immediately beamed with joy.

She puffed up her cheeks and gave Zhang Han a big kiss.

“Even so, you should still be more careful.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han and then warned Mengmeng, “If you encounter any danger in the future, dont ever underestimate it just because you have many treasures with you, okay”

“Okay, I see,” Mengmeng replied in a sweet voice.

“Well, lets descend.

Its time for Mengmeng to do homework.”


Mengmeng, who was still smiling a moment ago, immediately pulled a long face.

In an aggrieved tone, she grumbled, “Mummy, you always talk about annoying stuff when Im having a good time.”

“Isnt doing homework something you also enjoy” Zi Yan answered seriously, straining to hold back her laughter.


Mengmeng snorted, stood up, dusted her jeans, and jumped off the floating boat.

The boat was about 30 meters from the ground, but it was no challenge for Mengmeng.

After landing smoothly, Mengmeng ran back to the castle to work on her homework.

“This silly girl.”

Zi Yan smiled.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed with amusement.

“She finally got a chance to visit a relic by herself, but her plan was disrupted.

Thats actually a good thing.

This matter also serves as a warning to those sects.”

“Honey, when will I be able to fly So far, the one move I can make is waving that fan.

Even those in the God Realm can fly, but I cant.

Am I a fake Yuan Ying” Zi Yan asked doubtfully.

“Your case is a bit complicated.” Zhang Han thought for two seconds and answered, “The attack you can launch is at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.

And you can also attack numerous times.

Thats because your power has woken up overnight.

You will become more and more powerful in the future.

The ability to fly wont be an issue for you.

Besides, even if you cant fly, it wont be a big deal.

Because youve got me.”

“You were refining pellets in the morning, werent you But later, we hurried to pick up Mengmeng.

Did it affect your work” Zi Yan asked.

“No, it didnt.

Besides, how can that limited resources be as important as our daughters safety” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“That limited resources” Zi Yan pursed her lips and said, “Uncle Dong would be heartbroken again if he heard this.”

Zi Yan had watched Zhang Han refining those resources, which were various kinds of sixth-tier treasures or gems.

And the quantity of those resources was very large.

The result of Zhang Hans refining was something that looked like cotton candy, which was the size of a palm.

When Zi Yan saw it, she wasnt sure whether the refining had succeeded or not.

Of course, the refining was still a success, but the effect of the pellet Zhang Han had produced was greatly reduced.

However, Zhang Han didnt care about these trivial things.

He wouldnt mind even if he failed completely.


Zhang Guangyou suddenly came over.

He leaped from the ground onto the boat and sat on the side.

“Eight portions of energy have appeared in the Kunlun Immortal World.

Those are the ones that people have discovered.

There may be more if we count in the unknown ones.

One has appeared in a worldlet.

Its in the Mystical Martial World.

The weird thing is that the person who caught the energy is a disciple of a sect in the Mystical Martial World.

His name is Yuan Ze.

He is one of the people who went to the Kunlun Immortal World six years ago.

When he returned to the secular world, he was at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

It is estimated that he will reach the Elixir Realm Last-Stage after absorbing that kind of energy.”

Zhang Guangyou told them what he knew.

“Three portions of such energy have appeared in the Kings Domain, all of which fell into the Black White Palace.

Thus, there are 12 portions in total.

Are those the gifts Yue Wuwei mentioned Otherwise, in the entire Kings Domain, how come the Black White Palace has obtained the three portions while the Dark Shadow Clan has gotten none”

“Yes, of course, those were his gifts.

Thus… in the evening, well also go to ask him for some gifts,” Zhang Han said with a smirk.

“Thats right.” Zi Yan pressed her lips and said, “Your disciples are all at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

But you are still at the Early-Stage.

That makes you look bad.

I gotta ask him for some more for your benefit.”

Zi Yan remembered clearly that she was a special person in this world who was not subject to the rules of the world.

As she might know the man who sealed the Saint Warrior Planet, it was understandable for her to ask Yue Wuwei for gifts.

If Yue Wuwei knew what Zi Yan was thinking, he would regret telling her those secrets.

Mengmeng spent three hours in the afternoon at the desk before she got all her homework done.

She was very efficient, and most of her answers were correct.

Although she was a little playful, she was very serious when she was studying and doing homework.

She would either not do her homework at all or do it with maximum concentration.

That was also one thing Zi Yan had been telling her to grasp.

Mengmeng ran to the living room and saw Zi Yan sitting on the sofa watching TV.

The little girl sat down and asked, “Mummy, would you go to the magic paradise with me”

“No, I think Ill pass.

You can go and play by yourself.”

“Well then, Ill go there later.” Mengmeng swung her legs, pulled over a bag of potato chips from the tea table with great ease, tore it open, and began to eat.

“Do you have something to tell me”

Two minutes later, Zi Yan looked at Mengmeng suspiciously.


Mengmeng giggled and leaned against Zi Yan.

“Mummy, Yihan asked me and Muen to hang out next weekend.

I havent seen her for a long time.

Can I take them to my magic paradise and play But they havent heard or seen anything about cultivation.

Will they be startled”

“You really have to ask me about that They would feel like… kaboom.” Zi Yan gestured with her hands.

“Whats that” Mengmeng was dazed.

“Their outlook of the world would be shattered,” Zi Yan replied with amusement.

“Look, our knowledge of cultivation started with those martial artists.

Then, we learned about cultivators, who can fly in the sky and hide in the ground.

We accepted that through a process.

But in this world, only a few people know the existence of martial artists, and most people just live an ordinary life.

If you want to bring your friends to see these things, at least you should ask for their parents view first.

Because different people may see things differently.

For example, your Grandpa Lu Xiong had made Lu Guo live a normal life until Elder Meng coaxed her into going out with him.

Now, theyre dating…”

At this piece of gossip, Mengmeng felt a little dizzy, but it sounded very interesting.

“If you want to take them here to play, you have my approval.

But I have to inform their parents of it first.

Im afraid that Uncle Wang may not agree.

He… he has sensed that we might be martial artists.

Thats why he made Wang Yihan transfer to another school.

He prefers a peaceful and old-fashioned life.

Perhaps he feels that the martial arts world is more dangerous, so he doesnt want her daughter to learn about these.”


Mengmeng blinked her big clear eyes and said, “That sounds like a lot of work.

I think Id better not bring them here.

Li Muen and I can just go to Yihans place.

Its behind our school, very close to Shenzhen.”


“Im going to play with Chen Chuan.

Mummy, you can continue to watch TV.”

After the discussion, Mengmeng hopped her way downstairs and went to play in the magic paradise.

New members had replaced the old ones there.

A new group of children was living on Mount New Moon now.

There were about a dozen of them.

Their age ranged from four to six.

Some were boys and some were girls.

At this time, in the magic paradise, these kids were surrounding Chen Chuan.

“The next game is calledfrog crossing the river.

Well compete to get to the destination.

The fastest one will get the candy in Uncle Mans hand.”

While speaking, Chen Chuan swallowed with eagerness.

His mouth was watering.

Obviously, he wanted the candy very much.

He could not help it.

Zhou Fei seldom let him eat candy.

He would get spanked if he had candy behind her back.

Therefore, he could only use this method to “earn candy” from other childrens parents.

After all, he would definitely win.


After coming to the edge of the field, Chen Chuan nimbly jumped on the wooden planks one by one.

Within a few seconds, he was way ahead of all the other children.

Just when he was about to be the first one to finish the challenge…


Chen Chuan was suddenly hit by a kick and fell from the plank.

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