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“Its really a complicated world.” Chen Changqing chuckled.

“Ive been living a too easy and comfortable life in the past few years.

Now I arrived on the Lost Continent, I finally feel that my blood is boiling again.”

“Dont get hot-blooded too soon.

We seem to be near our destination,” Jiang Yanlan abruptly said.

The group looked forward and saw that in a dense forest on the mountain peak ahead, a 100-meter-wide, plant-free track had been created.

“The other party should be human.

That person is continuously retreating, unable to contend against the opponent.”

Zhang Han glanced at the place where the battle was going on and immediately guessed what had happened there.

Another roar came from the front.

They were so close to the battlefield that they could even feel a wave of pressure sweeping at them.


Everyone flew faster.

When they crossed a great mountain and arrived at a canyon, they finally saw who were fighting.

“Its a Snake-tailed Tiger!”

Zhang Han frowned slightly.

“Is the Snake-tailed Tiger quite powerful” Zhang Guangyou asked in a low voice.

He felt that his heart was beating faster.

“Its a kind of strange beast,” Zhang Han replied.

“In the Cultivation World, all the animals with intelligence are known as spirit beasts, but the more powerful ones are called strange beasts.

Moreover, in the depths of the universe, there are some ancient demonic beasts with strong bloodlines and monstrous strength.

This Snake-tailed Tiger seems to have the strength at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.”

“Phew… Thats fine.

Its merely at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.” Dong Chen patted his chest to show that he was relieved.

However, Zhang Hans next remark made him nervous again.

With amusement, Zhang Han said, “That tiger is at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.

But its not like those Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm in the Kunlun Immortal World.

Thats a different case.

Cultivators strength is also suppressed in the Kunlun Immortal World.

There are no real Yuan Yings there at all.

Those Grand Masters may be at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage, however, their strength is restrained to the peak of Half-a-step to the Elixir Realm.

Its just like what happens when the people in the Kunlun Immortal World go to the secular world.

Their strength can be no more than that of the peak of the Elixir Realm.

As for the gap between them and this Snake-tailed Tiger, its indeed striking.

Even if all the Grand Masters in the Kunlun Immortal World reached the Yuan Ying Realm, their strength increased several times, and they joined hands, they would still be no match for this Snake-tailed Tiger.”


Deep Flame could not help but gasp.

Their worship for the so-called Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm turned out to be just ignorance.

How powerful could a real Yuan Ying be

Soon, they would find out.

The Snake-tailed Tigers speed was very fast.

With a leap forward, it turned into a shadow.

Ripples of energy spread from its body, crushing the surrounding trees.

In the end, the ripples of energy turned into a blast wave and lunged mercilessly forward.


A thunderous thud came out, but there was no upsurge of stronger energy fluctuation.

Because the energy had actually melted down a huge boulder that was more than 20 meters high and nearly 100 meters long in front of the Snake-tailed Tiger.

In just two seconds, the huge boulder was gone.


Mengmeng was startled.

It was not because of the Snake-tailed Tigers move, but because there were several people standing at the rear.

“Daddy, they, they… are the elves, arent they”

Mengmeng widened her eyes.

She and the others saw that in a distance, there were a total of seven people.

All of them looked quite young.

They were dressed in robes of different styles, each holding a stick with a pearl on the top.

Mengmeng could also make out the outlines of their facial features.

But their ears were elongated and pointed, and they also seemed to be quite tall.

“Dont they look like the elves in the stories Daddy told me”

“Are they Dark Elves”

Mengmeng was so excited that she even stopped blinking.

“Daddy, I cant see them clearly.

Can we get a little closer”


Zhang Han took the lead to fly forward again.

After flying for a kilometer, he and the others landed on the ground.

They were only about 500 meters away from the battlefield.

It should be close enough.

Noticing their arrival, the Snake-tailed Tiger shot them a fierce look and then paid no more attention to them.

It continued to attack the people in front of it.

“You guys, run!”

Thanks to Yue Wuweis enlightening spell, those present could all understand what that elf said.

Among the seven members of the Elf Clan, the leader was clad in a dark green dress.

The spirit artifact in her hand was a stick that seemed to be purely jade-made.

The pearl on the tip of the stick was silvery white.

It was a sixth-tier treasure.

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, those with sixth-tier spirit treasures were not ordinary people.

The woman in the lead shouted to the people behind her,

“Run! Quick! Or none of us can escape later.

With you gone, I have my own way to deal with it.”

“Your Highness, you go first.

Ill hold back this Snake-tailed Tiger!”

“Your Highness, there is a group of people over there!”

While they were talking, the Snake-tailed Tigers tail suddenly swept left and right, releasing a jet of shocking energy.

In no time, it condensed and turned into a black 10-meter-long snake, which charged at the several people in front of it as fast as lightning.

“Guardian of Wood!”

The woman in the lead held up the wand in her hand.

Dots of glimmering light appeared, forming a crystal energy barrier.


However, her defense only lasted for five seconds before it was broken.

Fortunately, the six people around her also cast various kinds of defense and blocked this strike with great effort.


The Snake-tailed Tiger roared again.

Its eyes showed a hint of playfulness.

It kept throwing long-distance strikes.

Yet, because of the arrival of Zhang Han and the others, it also had to be on guard against them, who were standing behind it.

“Master, whats the strength of those elves They seem to be very powerful as they are able to resist a beast at the real Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage,” Mu Xue asked under her breath.

Except for Zhang Han, all of them had never been to the Cultivation World before.

Thus, they all had a lot of questions about this world.

“The one in the front is at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

She is holding a sixth-tier treasure inlaid with the gem that only elves have.

Its a top one among sixth-tier treasures.

Now that she can fight against the Snake-tailed Tiger, she must be remarkably talented.

Nonetheless, she is no match for the Snake-tailed Tiger after all.

Without any incredible opportunities, she cant defeat the enemy who is in a higher realm,” Zhang Han replied calmly.

No matter how powerful someone at the peak of the Elixir Realm was, he or she was still in the Elixir Realm.

There was still a long way to go before he or she reached the Yuan Ying Realm.

Of course, it was not like that there wasnt anyone who could cross realms to kill the enemy in a higher realm.

But those people had all obtained heaven-defying opportunities.

“Then would they die here” Mu Xue shook her head in private.

“Daddy, can we help them”

Hearing Mu Xues words, Mengmeng suddenly became a little tense.

This was her first time seeing elves.

Of course, she wanted to get to know them.

After all, she had only heard about them in Zhang Hans stories.

“Yes, as long as you want to.”

Zhang Han chortled and caressed Mengmengs head.

Most of the time, in this kind of situation, those facing the attack would inevitably try to divert the attackers attention to other people.

It was understandable.

It was a way to reduce the pressure.

It was human nature that people would want to save themselves first.

But these members of the Elf Clan in front of him did not do such a thing, even though they were in dire danger.

For that reason, Zhang Han would not refuse Mengmengs small request.

It was chivalrous to help others when one saw injustice.

But before Zhang Han did such a good deed, he would always figure out what kind of person he was going to save was.

“This is great.

It happens to be a Snake-tailed Tiger at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.

I can finally try my supernatural powers that have merged with Source Energy.”

There was a hint of interest in Zhang Hans eyes.

How powerful could his supernatural powers be Of course, he could only know the answer by trying those.

Just as he prepared to strike…

The elves were about to be hit by the thousands of icicles that the Snake-tailed Tiger had hurled at them.

“Star Fire!”

The leading elf suddenly floated up, her long dress danced in the wind, and a star mark appeared on her forehead.

With the movement of her wand, in an instant, all kinds of starlight appeared around her within a hundred meters.

The starlight was scarlet and gorgeous.

Many icicles were instantly burnt away by the flames of the stars.

She fended off the Snake-tailed Tigers attack by herself.


Zhang Han said in surprise, “She is a Royal Elf”

“Whats a Royal Elf” Zi Yan asked.

“The Elf Clan is also a large race comprised of various branches.

These people in front of us are Elemental Elves, who can control the elemental energy between heaven and earth.

The leader of those elves has royal blood, which means that she is high-blooded and very talented,” explained Zhang Han.

Then, he shook his head and said, “But she has exhausted most of her energy by making this move.”

Sure enough—

As soon as Zhang Han said that, the elf in the lead staggered and fell to the ground from several meters high in the air.


After blocking this move, there were still a few sparks of star flame left.

In an instant, the sparks circled around the Snake-tailed Tiger, trying to hold it back for a few more seconds.

“Just go!”

She was going to escape with her people.

However, to everyones shock—

Because of this move, the Snake-tailed Tiger was furious.


With an angry roar, the sound waves it issued directly put out the star flame.

Imposing pressure spread out in all directions.


Dahei opened Mengmengs schoolbag of its own accord, poking its little head out.

The moment it saw the Snake-tailed Tiger, it pulled back its head.

“Oow-oow-oow, oow-oow-oow…”

It was saying, “What kind of tiger is it How could it be so fierce!”

“Coo-coo, coo-coo.”

Little Hei echoed, “Yes, Big Brother.

Its super ferocious.

Im so scared.”

“What a powerful aura!”

Deep Flames pupils constricted.

He reckoned that he might not even be able to withstand one of the tigers attacks.

“Snake-tailed Tiger.”

Chen Changqing murmured.

He ran into such a powerful creature as soon as he came to the Lost Continent.

Because of the mighty living things that were everywhere in the Cultivation World and the sense of mystery, his blood began to boil.

He was eager to fight.

Yet, he also knew that he was no match for someone at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

Thus, his desire to become stronger was ever more intensified.


Looking at the elves who had escaped hundreds of meters away, the Snake-tailed Tiger moved swiftly.

For the first time, it showed its sharp claws.

It was ready to kill!


The face of the elf in the lead was very pale.

She closed her eyes and struggled for a second.

Then, she yanked her hand from her companions and said in a deep voice, “Run for your lives.”

“Run for your lives.”

After saying this, she grabbed her wand, whipped around, and ran to the Snake-tailed Tiger instead.

“Your Highness!”

The other elves cried out in horror.

They wanted to react, but it seemed to be too late.

Just as a ferocious look appeared in the Snake-tailed Tigers eyes—

“Air-shattering Hand of the Water Element!”

Zhang Han suddenly made a move.


The Snake-tailed Tiger that was moving extremely fast stopped dead.

Then, its movements became as slow as a snails.

The elf princess and the others behind her were all dumbstruck.

But they knew that this was an opportunity to escape!

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

After rapidly retreating nearly a thousand meters, they finally landed on a huge tree and looked back at the battle going on over here.

“Grrr! Grrr! Grrr!”

The Snake-tailed Tiger was infuriated.

It kept roaring.

The sound waves reverberated in the forest.

In the space around it, faint ripples could be seen.

A large, light green hand was reaching out for its body!


The sound waves the Snake-tailed Tiger released scattered more than half of Air-shattering Hands power.

That large energy palm clenched it, only a muffled sound was heard.

The palm did not cause much harm to the Snake-tailed Tiger.


It hurt!

Feeling the pain on its skin, the Snake-tailed Tiger was beside itself.

Its eyes turned blood-colored.


With its growl, thousands of icicles appeared again, smashing over from all directions.

For a moment, the grass and trees in the surroundings were all shattered, and stones flew everywhere.

“Let me try its power,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Then, his figure flashed as he rushed straight toward the Snake-tailed Tiger.

“Overlapped Mountain of the Gold Element!”

The supernatural power called Overlapped Mountain had integrated with the Illusory Golds Source Energy.

As Zhang Han shouted, a colossal light-colored mountain appeared out of thin air.

It was tens of meters high.

In an instant, it bore down on the Snake-tailed Tiger.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

The Snake-tailed Tiger manipulated the thousands of icicles to collide with the mountain, producing huge energy fluctuations.

A fierce wind blew the grass and trees within a radius of hundreds of meters away.

After a series of sounds of collision, the mountain disappeared, so did the icicles.

“Not bad.”

A cyan light glittered in Zhang Hans eyes.

“Ghost Soldier of the Wood Element!”

The Ghost Soldier was shapeless and colorless.

Also, it moved without a sound.

Thus, when the Ghost Soldier appeared, the Snake-tailed Tiger did not sense it at all.

However, the sudden pain on the side of its body and the feeling of bleeding almost drove it crazy.

A burst of violent energy instantly gushed out from the wound and crushed the Ghost Soldier.

Yet, it was injured.

It was mad!


Outraged, the Snake-tailed Tiger attacked at the speed of lightning.

“Perhaps I can try my defense.”

Zhang Han suddenly laughed.

“A close combat Great.”

Come to think about it, it seemed to be my first close combat.

“Try my Immortal Body and Heavenly Devil Punch!”


Zhang Han suddenly moved.

His speed surpassed the speed of sound in an instant.

A crackle was heard.

Then, there were continuous loud bangs as he and the Snake-tailed Tiger were swiftly launching attacks at each other.

Zhang Han cast the Heavenly Devil Punch of the Fire Element!

His punches landed on the Snake-tailed Tiger one after another.

Each of his punches carried the never-dying scorching fire aura.

Having been hit by such strikes, the Snake-tailed Tiger was in great pain.

“This really hurts!”

The Snake-tailed Tiger became more and more incensed.

Without using the secret technique it knew, it began to fight against Zhang Han hand-to-hand.

“Bang, wham, thump, kaboom…”

The Snake-tailed Tiger and Zhang Han moved so fast that their figures could no longer be seen clearly.

The others only saw shadows swirling around and heard ceaseless thuds.

“H-Holy Sh*t!”

Instructor Lius countenance changed slightly.

“Our boss can fight a monster in the Yuan Ying Realm like this”

“Master is this strong Oh my God! How mighty! How invincible!”

Seeing Zhang Hans demeanor, Mu Xue was always a little thrilled.

“This…” Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Zhang Guangyou, and Dong Chen were all staggered at this scene.

“He is unbeatable,” Zhao Feng, who was usually quite taciturn, whispered as well.

“Is Brother Han already so strong” Chen Changqing looked a little odd, for his desire to be stronger was burning.

A smile seemed to have inadvertently curved Zi Yans lips.

She was very proud because her husband was even stronger than the Snake-tailed Tiger!

As for Mengmeng, she was also stunned at this time.

She watched the fight without blinking.

Still, her eyes couldnt catch up with her Daddys shadow.

The only thing she felt was that her Daddy was really amazing.

“Oow Oow, oow, oow.”



The three pets also utter their own voices.

On the other side.

There was a stupefied look in the eyes of the seven elves.

“Oh my, that person is so powerful.

The Snake-tailed Tiger is best at close combat, but he and the tiger are actually neck and neck in this fight.”

“Your Highness, were saved!”


As the elf princess in the lead watched the fight going on in front of her, a unique brilliance flashed through her eyes.

She began to admire this man in the fight.

The strong had always been worthy of respect.

The most astonished person was Yue Wuwei, who was hiding in the void.

He was very leisurely at first.

While drinking tea, he kept checking the Lost Continent through his mental force.

He first checked several others areas, then focused on Zhang Hans side and observed for a while.


He spat out a mouthful of tea.


“Hes absorbed and integrated all the Source Energy

“How is this possible

“Its only been a few days since he got the energy!

“This guy is too heaven-defying, isnt he”

Yue Wuweis eyeballs almost dropped to the ground.

The pure absorption of Source Energy was completely different from refining and merging it into a supernatural power.

If the former could be compared to the basic math taught in primary school, then the latter was the kind of scientific theory scientists studied that could win them a Nobel prize.

The two were poles apart.

Yue Wuwei would not have been too surprised if Zhang Han had integrated only one kind of Source Energy into his supernatural power.

However, given the moves he had casually displayed, Yue Wuwei concluded that Zhang Han had integrated all the five kinds of Source Energy, and his integration was quite thorough.

Mysterious as he was, Yue Wuwei also spat tea out of shock at this moment.

He found this quite incredible.

“Could it be…”

Yue Wuwei looked up at the starry sky and muttered, “Is everything destined Master, have you already seen through time and space and known that Zi Yan would have such a husband”


All his mixed emotions eventually turned into a sigh.

“He almost gave me a heart attack.

If his strength continues to grow at this speed, the future Heavenly Lord may not be able to keep him in check, unless he becomes the Heavenly Lord himself.”

In the valley where the battle was going on.

Muffled thuds were still heard frequently.

Dozens of bangs came out every second.

The white-hot battle lasted for a good five minutes.

The Snake-tailed Tiger was baffled.

“Is he a human being or a beast Why is he able to fight me for so long

“He is really a handful!

“A bad*ss!”


The Snake-tailed Tiger began to play tricks.

It deliberately acted like it was exhausted, pretending that it couldnt win.

Even its movements gradually slowed down.


“The opponent is no longer attacking so swiftly.

“The opportunity is here!”


At the same time as the sound wave burst out along with its angry roar, the Snake-tailed Tigers right front claw grabbed at Zhang Hans chest with crushing force.

“Its done!”

Seeing that the other party couldnt react in time, and when its claw touched the other partys clothes, the Snake-tailed Tiger felt reassured.

This grab also carried its own secret skill.

It was certain that when its claw thumped on his chest, Zhang Han would be reduced to ashes!

The Snake-tailed Tiger knew its opponent was very strong.

But that was exactly what made it look so excited.



As if a bell was ringing, a deafening clang was heard.


The Snake-tailed Tigers expression froze in place.

Its eyes were as round as saucers.

It also forgot to blink.

“D*mn it! I must have bumped into a ghost!”

It clearly sensed that its sharp claws did not even scratch the other partys skin!

“Oh my god, I cant afford to mess with him! I just cant!”


The Snake-tailed Tiger let out a strange cry and instantly turned tail to flee.

At this, Zhang Han raised his right hand a little but eventually dropped it.

Zhang Han enjoyed the fight very much.

He also got to try his new supernatural powers.

The results were very satisfying to him.

Nonetheless, in order to fully master the powers, he needed more time to familiarize himself with them.

“Daddy is amazing!”

Mengmeng shook her giddy head and whooped.


Zhang Han flew back to her side and said with a smile, “How would I dare to bring you people here if I didnt have strong strength”

“Master is unbeatable, hee-hee,” Mu Xue said with a grin.


“Brother Han, I cant believe youre so strong now.

You promised me to grow strong with us together, but now were all looking up to you.

Alas, Im so sad,” Chen Changqing teased.

“Its all your sister-in-laws fault.” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with a smile.

“Why are you blaming my sister-in-law” Chen Changqing was stunned.

“Because all my strength is attributable to her.”

Zhang Han laughed heartily.

Zi Yan blinked impishly and retorted, “Thats not true, of course.

If you were not gifted, nothing I did would help.

Honey, you should give yourself more credit.”

“Stop, stop there!”

Dong Chen immediately raised a hand and said, “You two shall not display affection for each other here.”

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