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“Lets go take a look at Sister Ninas room.

I wonder if its clean or messy,” Mengmeng said with a giggle.

“You can go.”

Zhang Han let go of Zi Yans hand and said with a smile, “Most of the female elves houses are not open to men unless they are with the female elves and have obtained their approval.

Not to mention that the one were going to visit is Princess Ninas house.”


Mengmengs pupils froze for a moment.

Now she knew why those elves faces changed a bit when hearing the request she made.

“Were not elves, then can we visit your room” Mengmeng took the initiative to ask, “If its inconvenient, I wont do it.”

“Theres nothing inconvenient about it,” Nina replied, “Youre my friend.

Of course, Im willing to show you my house.

Nevertheless, my benefactor is right.

Thank you for being so thoughtful.”

Nina then cast several curious looks at Zhang Han.

“He seems to know everything, while the others seem to know nothing at all.

This is strange.”

Therefore, Nina took Mengmeng, Zi Yan, Jiang Yanlan, and Mu Xue up to her house.

More than 10 minutes later, they finally came back.

“Daddy, lets go design our room!”

Mengmeng agilely jumped down from 10 meters off the ground.

Although Zi Yan could not fly, she also jumped down boldly and landed on the ground smoothly.

Of course, it was because Zhang Han had cast a wisp of energy to hold her in the air.

“Lets go up then.”

Zhang Han took Zi Yan and Mengmeng to the house on the far left of the row of houses.

Nina also followed them there.

It was very spacious inside.

There was also a window, so the scenery outside could be seen.

“I want a hammock.

Because others cant see the inside from outside the window, I want the window to be a little bigger.”

Standing beside Nina, Mengmeng voiced her ideas.


In accordance with Mengmengs ideas, Nina conjured up a big hammock and made the window twice the original size.

“Isnt this too… too simple” Nina was a little bemused, “Theres only a hammock in the room.”

“No, it isnt.

You will see when Mummy and I finish doing up the room.

It will become beautiful in a while.” Mengmeng shook her little butt with excitement.

She looked very passionate about this.

“Do up”

As for this kind of phrase, Nina would have to guess before she knew the meaning.

“Mummy, shall we start to do up the room” Mengmeng looked up at Zi Yan.


Zi Yan nodded.

Then, she looked at Zhang Han and said, “Take out the quilt first, then the small table, and the dressing table…”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.”

Nina watched Zhang Han casually take out many things, including gauze curtains.

She quickly eyed the wedding rings on his and Zi Yans fingers.

Those were Space Rings with quite large storage space, which were worth a lot.

After they set up a small table and four white chairs, Mengmeng called, “Sister Nina, come here.

Its time for snacks and juice.”


Nina suddenly realized that she liked chatting with Mengmeng very much, for they had a lot of topics to share with each other.

However, in front of her parents, she felt rather reserved and unease, though she had no idea why it was so.

“This is perhaps the pressure that the strong brings to others, isnt it”

Suddenly, she found that Mengmeng also magically fetched out snacks, fruit, and juice.

“Does she also have a Space Ring”

Nina peeked at Mengmengs bracelet.

It was another very precious Space Treasure!

“In the Sea Dragon Star Area, those who have a spatial treasure are already quite extraordinary.”

Nina deliberated for a moment, and then she came to understand this.

“It makes sense.

After all, his strength is in the Yuan Ying Realm, so I guess its normal for him to have Space Treasures.”

“Sister Nina, try this.

Its our local special shrimp chip.

I also have potato chips and jelly.

The juice was squeezed from the fresh fruit that grows on our Mount New Moon…”

“Thank you, Mengmeng.”

Nina smiled.

But she felt a little awkward to eat with bare hands.

But for the sake of Mengmengs great enthusiasm, she tried a potato chip and a shrimp chip for the first time.

She found those quite tasty.

Those chips were not what she usually had for food.

But she had tried similar ones before.

The juice was very delicious.

In elves dining room, similar snacks were occasionally served, but this kind of juice was still very rare.

“Girl, stop showing off your local specialties,” Zhang Han said with amusement, “There are countless delicacies in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Except for juices and fruits, the people here can easily have any other kind of food.”


Mengmeng was dazed.

Then, she snorted and complained, “I was just entertaining my friend.

Daddy, why did you pull the rug from under my feet Whats wrong with you”

“Ah, okay, okay, I shouldnt have said that.”

Looking at Mengmengs cute expression, Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

At this moment, Ninas eyes went a little blank.

“The father and daughter seem to be very close.

Theyre casual and relaxed when they are together.

Does this man dote on Mengmeng very much”

Thinking of her own father, Nina realized that he rarely seemed so easygoing.

After they finished decorating the room, Nina smiled and said, “This room looks fantastic.

Ill go ask the others if they want me to condense hammocks or other things.”

“Lets go together.”

Mengmeng got up and followed Nina out of the room.

The door was the sliding kind.

Without closing it, she jumped directly to the neighboring house five meters away.

“Aunty Xue, what are you doing” Mengmeng went in and asked.

“Im getting my room ready.

I brought my own bed here.

Because I have trouble sleeping in any other bed,” Mu Xue replied.

At the moment, she was setting up a large round bed with a diameter of two meters.

Seeing this, Nina was completely stunned.

“She also has a Space Treasure As it can hold such a large bed, its storage space cant be small.”

“Do you need anything else I can condense it,” Nina asked after coming to her senses.

“No need, but thanks for asking, Princess Nina,” Mu Xue smiled.

“Aunty Xue, Ill leave you to your work.

Were going to the next house,” Mengmeng called.

“Go ahead.”

The next house was Chen Changqings place.

They took a quick glance and found that there was also a bed.

“Does he have a Space Treasure, too”

Nina then asked if he needed anything.

After getting the negative answer, she and Mengmeng proceeded to the next house.

It was Zhao Fengs house, where there was also a bed.

Then, they visited the places of Xu Yong, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, Wang Xiaowu, Leng Yue… All of them basically had nothing but a bed in their houses.

Only Jiang Yanlan and Instructor Liu had put up some decorations in their house other than a bed.

The last house was Zhang Mu and Deep Flames.

There was no bed in the house, so it looked quite empty.

The two also said they didnt need Nina to condense anything else.

But the tables and chairs in the room were also taken out from a Space Ring.

“You, you all have Space Treasures”

Nina sounded a little surprised.

“Are you talking about this”

Mengmeng raised her arm to show the bracelet on her wrist and said, “This kind of item is pretty common.”

“Common” Nina was rather speechless.

Two seconds later, she said with a dry smile, “Its not common at all.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, those who have Space Treasures are considered to be top-notch people, especially those mechanic martial artists.

They have a strong longing for Space Treasures.

Because the more Space Treasures they have, the larger and the more diverse mechanical troops they can carry.

Among our Elemental Elves, only a few people in the royal family have Space Treasures.”

“Eh Those are very scarce here”

Mengmeng was taken aback, “But there are a ton of those things at our place.

Sometimes, when buying meat of spirit beasts, the goods are put in Space Rings and delivered to the buyer.

And the Space Rings will be given to buyers for free.”

“For, for free” Nina was flabbergasted.

“Yes, if you want, I can give you some.

My Daddy seems to have a few,” Mengmeng said nonchalantly.

“No, no, Im not asking for your treasures.

Thank you, Mengmeng.

I also have a Space Treasure.

I dont need more,” Nina repeatedly declined the offer with gratitude.

Those treasures were too precious.

She couldnt accept them.

Even so, she was very glad, for Mengmeng had treated her as a close friend, and she even offered her relatively rare Space Rings.

Then, Mengmeng took Nina back to her house and continued to enjoy her snacks.

“Crunch, crunch.”

“Daddy, Sister Nina said that Space Rings are very precious treasures.

Then, why so many people at our place have Space Treasures” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Thats easy to answer.”

Zhang Han found it funny and replied, “In a sense, the Sea Dragon Star Area is a very large and colorful world.

It has too many attractions that draw people here.

But in another sense, it is rather poor.”

“Poor” Mengmeng put down the snacks, puzzled.

“This star area has a lot of planets with high-end technology, cultivation sects, royal families, and rich tycoons.

How could it be poor”

“The concept of poverty is comparative.

For example, the appearance of a top-grade crystal stone is likely to cause a small fight.

Crystal stones are the common currency here.

A low-grade crystal stone can pay for a meal in some places.

Lets put it this way.

The low-grade crystal stone is comparable to the silver ingot our Hua people used in ancient times.

The medium-grade crystal stone is the gold ingot.

The top-grade crystal stone is a precious accessory that is extremely valuable.

Crystal stones are the local common currency.

And most of them are low-grade ones.”

“In the Sea Dragon Star Area, a fifth-stage spirit treasure will also give rise to a dispute.

A sixth-tier spirit treasure can even lead to a bigger fight.”

Zhang Han explained, “The resources here are both abundant and scarce.

As the Sea Dragon Star Area is very large, it has a lot of resources in total.

But the average amount that each force can have is relatively small.”

“Oh, I see,” Mengmeng blinked, “So… Daddy, we are rich here”

“Rich” Zhang Han laughed, “Yeah, I guess so.”

They were from the Saint Warrior Planet.

Of course, they were rich.

However, even on that planet, there werent many who could be this rich.

After all, in the whole world, who else could plunder resources as massively as Zhang Han

Except for Yue Wuwei, no one could be compared with him in this regard.

He had cooperated with the Giants in the Kings Domain in the Ancient Mine and plundered the Wind Snow Temple, the Green Flame Sect, and the Silver Star Sect.

Over the past few years, his security group had also earned a lot of resources for him.

Recently, he had also gained the frosty crystal stone vein.

Also, Little Hei had collected a great number of resources for him from its visits to the Ancient Mine.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Zhang Han was the richest person on that planet.

However, there was still Yue Wuwei, an alien existence.

He controlled Source Energy, which was extremely valuable.

Thus, technically, the richest man was Yue Wuwei.

But since his identity was rather special, it was not fair to compare him with other people.

As Zhang Guangyou once said, no matter how much resources Zhang Han had, he couldnt be richer than Yue Wuwei.

The Saint Warrior Planet was a place with plenty of resources.

Sixth-tier spirit treasures were considered medium-class or even top-class in the whole Cultivation World.

Yet, those spirit treasures were not that rare on the Saint Warrior Planet.

In the Kings Domain, sixth-tier spiritual herbs were quite common.

In the Kunlun Immortal World, sixth-tier spiritual weapons were not sparse, either.

As for seventh-tier treasures, Zhang Han reckoned that there were some.

But he had never found any.

Nor had Yue Wuwei ever displayed any.

He knew very well about the entire Saint Warrior Planet.

But the key questions were not answered yet.

For example, who was Yue Wuweis master

The Saint Warrior Planet was also slightly different from other planets.

Zhang Han was still observing what the Heavenly Taoist Site was exactly.

At this moment, it wasnt just Princess Nina who had sensed their richness.

In a trading market controlled by the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

It was a small village.

Although it was small, it had everything a market should have.

There was a yard where objects could be exchanged, an official shop of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family where one could exchange for crystal stones, and some idle cultivators who had set up stalls.

Those were the people who had hunted some spirit beasts or collected some spiritual herbs on this land.

They came to the market to sell those at a good price.

Then, they could buy things that they really needed.

There were about four or five hundred people in the market.

Yan Chen and Ye Longyuan were shopping there.

“What damn things are they selling here How could they have the face to put second-tier and third-tier treasures on the stalls”

Ye Longyuan looked left and right with a hint of disdain in his eyes.

“Older Martial Brother Yan, theyre really broke.

Cant believe they are even selling these cheap things.

Just now, I saw some spider-like and insect-like robots and small flying saucers in the distance.

I thought those were something impressive.

As it turned out, I was greatly disappointed.

There was nothing worth buying at that stall.

However, we just heard those passers-by say that there were a lot of good things in the market, didnt we”

“Oh, are you rich” Yan Chen said indifferently, “I remember that even though youve paid off some debts, you still owe Zhang Hanyang a lot.”

Ye Longyuan was immediately bereft of speech.

“Can you not cut the grass from under my feet”

“Older Martial Brother Yan, youd better show me some respect when talking to me.

Otherwise, when I master my secret skill, Ill beat you into a pulp,” Ye Longyuan said in a low voice.

“Looking forward to it.

Ill be waiting for that day to come,” Yan Chen did not panic at all.

“Haha, one day, you will succumb to my power,” Ye Longyuan laughed, causing many people to eye him.

“Keep your voice down.

This place is very strange.

At the very least, this is the first time weve been here.

The person also said that the Sea Dragon Star Area is incomparably large and is extremely advanced in science and technology.

There are countless masters in the cultivation circle.

What you and I have seen is only the tip of the iceberg.

Our Earth is just one planet.

But here, there are hundreds and thousands of planets.

The two worlds cannot be mentioned in the same breath,” Yan Chen warned him in a low voice.

“Humph, nobody can make me humble, useless its somebody as freaky as Zhang Hanyang,” Ye Longyuan sneered.

Yan Chen did not know how to respond to that kind of smile.

However, he was already used to Ye Longyuans haughty behavior.

They went straight to the depth of the market as they looked at the surroundings.

The trading village was not big, but there were various small robots around every house.

In truth, they were both astounded to see this kind of high-end technology.

They soon came to the yard where one could exchange for crystal stones.

“How much is this spirit beast worth”

Ye Longyuan walked to the trading table at the rear and casually pulled out a three-meter-long giant lizard from his Space Ring.

There were more than a dozen people stationed on four sides of the yard, each holding various kinds of high-tech energy guns.

Ye Longyuan couldnt help glancing at the energy guns, wondering if those were powerful.

He felt that the guns were not difficult to deal with.

After he tossed the spirit beast on the table, the expressions of the two people sitting behind it altered slightly.

They looked at each other and read the meaning in each others eyes.

“This man has a Space Treasure, and his storage space is quite large.

Seems that he is not an ordinary person.”

“Its a Dreamy-winged Giant Lizard at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

As its body is quite intact, its worth 20 crystal stones,” one of the two people said as he sized it up.

Ye Longyuan was a little dazed.

Then, he asked, “Twenty medium-grade crystal stones”

Twenty medium-grade crystals were worth 2,000 low-grade crystal stones.

That was a fair price for the body of a beast at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

Compared with the market price in the Kunlun Immortal World, this price was a little low.

However, Ye Longyuan still had more than a dozen spirit beasts bodies in his Space Ring.

He would like to exchange them for as many crystal stones as possible.


That person frowned and countered, “This Dreamy-winged Giant Lizard is worth 20 low-grade crystal stones.”

“Pfft, what did you say” Ye Longyuan almost choked with shock, “Twenty low-grade crystal stones Are you messing with me”


The trading officer puckered his brows and gestured with his left hand in the direction of the house.

“Frizzle, frizzle, frizzle…”

A two-meter-tall mecha marched out step by step.

It was completely silver and had several weapons on its mechanical arms.

It moved three meters forward and stopped, staring at Ye Longyuan.

Ye Longyuan could feel that the controller of the mecha, who was sitting inside it, was very composed and very confident about his mecha.

“Whats he up to”

Ye Longyuan knitted his brows.

“Believe it or not, I can reduce your mecha to a pile of scrap metal!”


His aura flared instantly.

Without a word, he was ready to fight.


Suddenly, there was a slight noise that sounded like a bubble rupturing.

It was made by Yan Chen, who was using a secret skill to suppress Ye Longyuans aura.

In a resigned tone, he said, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, dont forget what I told you before.”


Ye Longyuans expression froze.

He hesitated for a second before he withdrew his aura.

Then, he snapped at the trading officer, “This store really rips its clients off.

Id rather eat this spirit beast myself than sell it to you.”

“Hey, this cultivator—”

The slightly older trading officer said in a deep voice, “Youd better behave yourself here.

This is our Tiger Talisman Royal Familys territory.

We wont tolerate anyone who defies us.

This is already the best price we can offer.

Take it or leave it.

Its even higher than the price outside.

Sell it to us if you want.

If not, just show yourself out.”

“Hahaha,” Ye Longyuan burst into laughter, “Its so funny.

In this case, how much do you think this spirit beast is worth”

“Swoosh! Thud!”

While speaking, Ye Longyuan yanked out another spirit beasts body.

It was only one meter long, which seemed to be a dark-colored giant ant.

“Ancient Wood Ant at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

Ill give you 50 crystal stones for this,” said the elderly trading officer.

“Only 50 This is a spirit beast at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

Are you telling me that its only worth 50 crystals” Ye Longyuan looked scandalized as if he had heard this price for the first time.

Seeing this, Yan Chen did not say anything.

This was their first time coming to such a place.

They had to do more observation and learn the rules here.

Besides, the other party did not seem to be joking.

The younger trading officer arched his brow, “Its just a spirit beast at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

Nobody would even take a glance at it if you throw it on the street.

Only you are still cherishing this rubbish.”

“May I know which star area are you from” the elderly trading officer asked, “Ive noticed that you also have a Space Ring with a large storage room.

How can you not know the market price”

“Were from the Earth,” replied Yan Chen.


The elderly trading officer was taken aback.

After contemplating for two seconds, he raised his right wrist.

His watch slightly lit up, showing a three-dimensional pattern.

The map of the Sea Dragon Star Area flickered over the watch.

He searched the word “Earth”, but no result was found.

“Oh, I was wondering why you regarded spirit beasts at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage as treasures,” the younger trading officer said with contempt in his eyes.

“It turns out that youre from a deserted planet on the margin of the universe.

Since you grew up in a backwater, youre unlearned and ignorant.”

“Your home is a real backwater! Who do you think you are How can you talk to me like this Do you believe I can kill you right now” Ye Longyuans temper flared despite himself.

However, he had promised Yan Chen not to cause any trouble on the way here.

Thus, he managed to restrain himself a little.

“Young man.”

The elderly trading officers face hardened as he said, “Dont continue to provoke the member of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Here, we two can let it slide.

But if you behaved like this in our stronghold, Prince Hu Bin would not let you off lightly.

If you want to make the deal, just give me the beast.

If not, you should leave.”

“Lets go,” Yan Chen said to Ye Longyuan and dragged him out of the yard.

Walking on the street, Ye Longyuan grumbled, “Older Martial Brother Yan, they were just a bunch of wimps.

I could easily take them all down.

Why did you stop me”

“There was someone in that house.

I sensed a very solid soul.

I felt that figure was either at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage or the Peak-Stage.

Youve also seen the high-tech mechas in that yard.

I think we should know better than to get into any unnecessary trouble,” replied Yan Chen.

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