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“Huh Really” Mengmeng asked.

“Of course, lets have a try” Zhang Han said.

“Ok,” Mengmeng nodded and said.

Then she jumped to the ground, held Zhang Hans right hand with her left hand, and approached the swamp step by step nervously.

“Daddy, is it really okay” Mengmeng asked worriedly when they were twenty meters away from the swamp.

“Trust me, lets have a try here,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

The others just watched them from behind.

As soon as they got close to the swamp, a gloomy wind spread out and even the air became unbearably cold, and faintly, they seemed to hear the sounds of childrens crying and peoples whispering.

“It would have been very troublesome if we had got into the swamp and met so many ghosts in the fog by mistake.

So close!” Zhang Guangyou and the others frowned and said.

From another perspective, it was really dangerous in some conditions.

“Fireball Skill!” Mengmeng said slightly.

She took a light breath and then cast a fireball forward quickly with her right hand.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

All the ghosts that had touched the fireball which moved more than 30 meters were killed.

The place where it passed through became a path.

Seeing that, Nina was shocked and exclaimed inwardly, “What a powerful attack!”

Nina originally thought that Mengmeng wouldnt make a damaging attack since she had only cultivated for a short time and not reached the Innateness Stage or the Foundation Stage probably.

But the attack she struck, even though it was a simple fireball, had that quintessential flaming ability that burned up the Yin souls by the dozens.

What a remarkable record! Some cultivators at the Innateness Stage even could not make such a powerful attack as hers.

“Really good,” Zhang Han said happily, “see, you can kill so many ghosts with only one fireball.

Its easy to beat dark creatures if you can fight against them in a correct way.”


Mengmeng looked down at her palm in surprise.


She got delighted after ensuring that she did become powerful.

Her eyes gradually lit up.

“Well done, granddaughter!” Zhang Guangyou said proudly and gave her a thumbs-up.

“Good job, Mengmeng, you killed so many ghosts in an instant,” Mu Xue also praised her.

“My daughter is really amazing,” Zi Yan smiled and said.

Being praised by them, Mengmeng said happily, “Thank you!” Her big eyes were getting brighter.

“Daddy, I didnt expect that they are so weak,” Mengmeng looked at the ghosts in the swamp and said.

“Those are just some lower-stage ones.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head and said, “Some dark creatures at higher stages are difficult for you to deal with.

Because the gap in strength, some dark creatures are challenging to deal with.

Though Fireball Skill seems simple, it is fundamental.

You will understand that later.

As a new cultivator, you have known a lot already.”

“But there are still many things that I havent seen before.

Nina knows more than I do,” Mengmeng pouted her pink lips and muttered.

“Nina was born in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

You are born on Earth and dont have so many chances to see things in the Cultivation World.

So its normal that you dont know so much as her,” Zhang Han said with a smile, “and your great-grandfather knows fewer than you.”

Zhang Mu got speechless hearing that.

Then Mengmeng became intrigued again and started making attacks toward the area where the ghosts were again.

“Fireball Skill!”

“Fireball Skill!”

“Fireball Skill!”

“Fire Whip Dance.”

A few minutes later, Mengmeng snorted softly, “Humph! When I go back, I can openly say that I killed countless enemies in the Sea Dragon Star Area!”

Then everyone present burst into laughter.


They suddenly heard a dull sound from the depths of the swamp and sensed violent energy waves when laughing.

“A great devil is coming”

Thinking of that, Zhang Han and his fellows turned their heads and looked toward the swamp.

Then they saw a black storm quickly emerge from the depths of the swamp and move toward them like the sandstorm.


They instinctively held their breath.

“Whats going on” Dong Chen asked.

Then he shouted in shock after taking a closer look, “What They are all Yin Spirits!”

They were more powerful than ghosts, similar to the ghosts in Mengmengs mind.

Some of them had their own consciousness, fed on the emotions of fear, sadness or natural evil spirit.

At that moment, there were numerous Yin Spirits, outnumbering the ghosts they met before.

Seeing that, Zhang Han frowned and said, “The trial rules here are similar to those of the Lost Continent.

Now we have reached a place between a mountain lasting dozens of miles and a swamp.

If there are some martial arts heritages of predecessors, they are most likely in the depths of the swamp.

I originally thought that we would only meet ghosts, but now it seems that there may be some Evil Spirits in the Yuan Ying Realm inside.”

“Evil Spirits” Mu Xue said, confused.

“What are Evil Spirits” Wang Xiaowu scratched his head and asked, “They are very difficult to deal with since they have reached the Yuan Ying Realm, right”

“Its hard to kill them indeed.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Lets move rightwards for a while and check.

The energy of the formation is about to dissipate.”

The wind from the formation could blow away the thick fog.

However, when the formation disappeared, the place where they were would still be conquered by it.

“No wonder Li Mu spread the news.

This is not a secret realm that can be explored by cultivators in the Elixir Realm.” Chen Changqing sighed.

Cultivators in the Elixir Realm who were already powerful enough in his mind just became common in the Sea Dragon Star Area since there were too many cultivators in the Yuan Ying Realm.

“Daddy, lets run.

They are about to attack us,” Mengmeng stared straight ahead nervously and muttered.

“Dont worry.

They probably wont leave the swamp.

At most, we can just back off a bit,” Nina said with a smile.


Hearing that, Mengmeng got reassured.

She even forgot about that.

When the Yin Spirits were nearly 300 meters away from them, Zhang Han didnt find anything unusual with his soul sense, so he planned to lead his fellows to go rightwards to check out the situation here.

Then he said to them, “Lets move.”

If Zhang Han was alone, he had many ways to go through the place where the Yin Spirits gathered and go deep into the swamp to find the treasure of the secret realm easily.

For now, the most important thing was to increase everyones experience.

Unexpectedly, when they were about to move, Tiny Tot started crying excitedly with the sound “Koo-chee, koo-chee”.

“Eek Tiny Tot woke up” Mengmeng muttered in confusion, “Its not time to eat yet.”

Usually, Dahei and Tiny Tot wouldnt wake up until it was time to eat.

They would come out of the bag when smelling the fragrance.

“Tiny Tot is out,” Nina said, smiling sweetly, and pointed at Mengmengs schoolbag.

Nina liked Mengmengs three spirit beasts very much.

She also had a spirit beast in the place of the Elemental Elf Clan, but she couldnt take it to the trial place as it was not powerful enough.

“Tiny Tot, why did you wake up” Mengmeng took off her schoolbag and said, seeing Tiny Tot reach out its head.

At the same time, Dahei also raised its head in a daze.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Dahei got shocked and screamed seeing so many Yin Spirits fly over.

It almost jumped out of the schoolbag.

Suddenly, Tiny Tot quickly blinked with black light in its eyes, and then screamed with resounding sound “Coo”.


Nina got shocked and couldnt believe what had happened.

“My God!” The two people beside her exclaimed, “What, what is that”


In an instant, Tiny Tot changed back to its original form, over thirty meters long, all black and whale-like.

However, the black light around it, its big bright eyes, beautiful tail and wings showed that it was not a whale at all.

Tiny Tot changed into the Ancient Cursed Roc which was extremely imposing.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The entire swamp seemed to tremble with waves of overwhelming and mysterious pressure beneath it.

The scary scene made some of them feel that in the swamp there was a demon that was awakening and tremble uncontrollably.

“I, I…” Wang Xiaowu stammered, feeling that his throat was extremely dry.

Meanwhile, his legs seemed to be trembling involuntarily.

He was so panicky and scared.

But he didnt know whom he was afraid of.

He got freaked out and felt that the cold sweat was trickling down his forehead.

He turned around and saw that the others were also extremely scared.

Ninas face was a bit pale.

Dong Chen did not know what had happened, feeling very lost.

Zhang Mu and Deep Flame looked around uneasily.

Only Zi Yan and Mengmeng remained calm, as if they didnt feel anything.

Zhang Han said in a serious tone, “Some horrible lords of the swamp may have got disturbed and probably will awake soon.”

“Lords, at which stage” Zhang Mu asked.

“Judging from their Qi, I can tell that they have at least reached the Yuan Ying Realm Late-Stage.

They have been at one with the swamp and wont go anywhere else.

Usually, they just sleep and wont wake up.

Those waves of pressure emerged just now were just made by them unconsciously.” Zhang Han frowned and said, “Although this secret realm is on the west side of the river, whether it is safe here is uncertain.

If the lords in the swamp wake up, any cultivators in the Elixir Realm, even at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage wouldnt survive easily.”

“That, that is so horrible,” Wu Ming hurriedly said, “lets just run, or they will come for us later.”

“Wait for a while.

Tiny Tot wants to get some food.” Zhang Han chuckled.

On the Lost Continent, when Zhang Han was speaking, others would listen to him carefully and no one doubted his words as they thought that he was like an omniscient predecessor.

Once, Zhang Mu was so focused when listening to Zhang Han that he even almost said, “Thank you, Brother Zhang.”

As one could imagine, it was simply magical.

Zhang Han knew everything, especially things in the Cultivation World.

Knowledge was more precious than cultivation stage as it couldnt be gained in a short time.

They also wondered how he was so knowledgeable.

Was the martial arts heritage of the predecessor at the Tribulation Stage really so beneficial

Anyway, they had no doubt about Zhang Hans words.

“Why does it eat these Yin Spirits” Nina asked in shock when she looked towards Tiny Tot.

“I dont know either.

It usually eats meat,” Mengmeng replied in confusion.

“Maybe it has been influenced” Zhang Han said uncertainly, “It does eat dark creatures and can eat a lot once.”

Previously, he and Changqing encountered a rare Thunder Spirit in the secret realm.

When they were absorbing it, the boat of curse showed up in the secret realm.

Then it escaped to the Dead Domain or Singapore.

Later, the boat of curse met a Relic, hunting for the Yin Spirits.

The boat of curse was the subconsciousness of the newly born Ancient Cursed Roc.

In the entire Saint Warrior Planet, even the Kunlun Immortal World, no one knew about it.

People just knew that there was such a strange ship.

Tiny Tot could go anywhere it wanted on the Saint Warrior Planet.

It was the first time for Zhang Han to see the Ancient Cursed Roc, which was really a legendary strange beast.

He thought it was not strange that it fed on dark creatures but didnt expect that it could eat so many once.

Everyone else had also been aware of its great appetite.

“Coo.” Tiny Tot cried loudly, and its ethereal sound resounded through the sky.

Then it slowly opened its big mouth from which the rotating black mist with great suction force rose, looking like the black hole.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Large numbers of Yin Spirits continuously floated into its mouth.

In just one breath, the Yin Spirits within a radius of dozens of meters were cleared.

Its suction force was so strong that half of the black hurricane-like Yin Spirits were devoured by it within less than ten seconds!

As Tiny Tot continued to swallow the Yin Spirits, the black mist around it became thicker and thicker.

“Coo.” Tiny Tot cried when enjoying the feast.

“What exactly is it” Nina asked in surprise.

She couldnt even imagine that the little penguin-like pet would become so large.

Tiny Tot that was tens of meters long floated in the void before them, opening its mouth to devour Yin Spirits.

It was no exaggeration to say that getting rid of those Yin Spirits was even not easy for her.

However, they just became Tiny Tots food.

Mu Xue, Deep Flame, Wang Xiaowu and other fellows were also all dumbfounded.

It was also the first time they had seen such a scene.

It was unbelievable that Tiny Tot, Mengmengs little pet, could be so powerful after changing back to its original form.

“How can that be” Jiang Yanlan shook her head and said.

Though there were large numbers of Yin Spirits, it wouldnt take Tiny Tot too much time to eat all of them.


“Thump, thump!”

Suddenly, in the depths of the swamp emerged three waves of extremely powerful Qi.

The demons seemed to be about to wake.

The overwhelming pressure made the faces of everyone present change again.

“Are the lords of the swamp about to wake” Dong Chen asked in a trembling voice.

“Maybe.” Zhang Han frowned and looked toward the swamp.

“Coo.” Tiny Tot cried again when the pressure became stronger.

The ethereal voice seemed to be contending against the overwhelming pressure from the depths of the swamp.


With the pressure getting stronger, the air seemed to be frozen.

“Coo.” Tiny Tot raised its head slightly and cried, with the sound wave spreading toward all directions.


It looked as if the pressure was controlled by a kind of will to suppress Tiny Tot.

But Tiny Tot wouldnt give in.

“Ow, coo.”

Though its sound was not so imposing, it roared louder than before with the unique Qi of the Ancient Cursed Roc and waved the black mist surging wildly around it toward the swamp.


Just then, there was a slight sound between heaven and earth.

And those three waves of strong pressure controlled by three lords in the swamp became not so oppressive.

Maybe they were thinking about the aura of the Ancient Cursed Roc.


After devouring all of the surrounding Yin Spirits, Tiny Tot floated in the air, looking toward the swamp and wandering what those in the swamp were and why they tried to suppress it.

The three lords seemed to be discussing something.

Later, the pressure disappeared in the depths of the swamp.


Zhang Mu sighed softly.

“The pressure is finally gone.”

“What are inside the swamp They seem to be far away from us Is that all” Zhang Guangyou looked at Zhang Han and asked.

“Some creatures that have probably reached the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

They showed a little will just now.

They would not appear in a short time after being quiet unless the swamp could be destroyed,” Zhang Han answered thoughtfully.

He seemed to have known something.

“Secret realm Relic Are they related to Yue Wuwei” Zhang Han looked at the sky in the distance and thought, as though he could see Yue Wuwei through the dusky void.


Yue Wuwei, who was hiding in the void of the universe and looking at Zhang Han through the Saint Warrior Planet Pearl in his hand, exclaimed in surprise, “Has this cunning guy found the essence So strange!

“Even if you find it, dont let Zi Yan help you.

Otherwise, I wont bring you back to the Saint Warrior Planet.

Stop bothering me.”

In another place tens of miles away from Zhang Hans group, those five cultivators in the Yuan Ying Realm gathered together.

Looking at them through the pearl, Yue Wuwei scolded angrily, “Greedy ones, you are no match for Zi Yan and should have gone to other realms on the east side of the river, not the west side of the river.

“Well, if its not the right time, Zi Yan cant stand out.

Why could Zhang Han reach the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage so fast after absorbing the Source Energy I should keep an eye on him in the future,” Yue Wuwei whispered while stroking his beard.

In the secret realm, those five cultivators in the Yuan Ying Realm gathered together.

“Everyone is here.”

Elder Nu looked around and sneered, “We have only two hours during this game.

Our priority task is to kill our competitors and get the sixth-tier treasures.

When each of us gets one kind of treasure, we can get out of here and leave the other teams to fight against each other.”

“Elder Nu, you are right, but the problem is, how should we find them” the old man next to him said with a smile.

“The secret realm on the west side of the river should not be large.

We can search respectively and inform each other as soon as possible when finding our competitors.

We will get some signs anyway in two hours and all of them will be killed under our joint attacks in few minutes,” Elder Nu said.

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