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As Yue Wuwei waved his hand, a vertical energy bar appeared beside the circular stone platform.

It looked like a thermometer, only the numbers marked on the side from lowest to highest read zero to 100.

“Whoever makes a score of 100 will obtain the legacy.

The rule is simple.

I bet youve all understood.

If any of you want to give it a shot, please go ahead,” said Yue Wuwei.

“Let me have a try!”

Seeing that the inheritance test was so simple, Li Mu volunteered to be the first one to take it.

It could be said that the people present had all shifted their focus from Yue Wuwei to this test.

As it turned out…

Three seconds later, Li Mu flew backward.

He got zero points.

“I wanna try it, too.”

Seeing that Zhang Han and the others were not in a hurry to go up, Yi Hou seized the opportunity and walked onto the platform.

Three seconds later, he zoomed backward in the air.

“Zero points again.”

That caused quite a stir in the crowd.

“Is the inheritance test this difficult

“And whos that old fellow in charge of the test”

All kinds of questions hovered in their heads.

“If everyone scored a zero, then the problem should lie in this test, right”

Moments later.

Many people had taken the test, including Mo Wen, Zhong An, Nina, other elves, and members of the Cloud Shadow Sky and the Silver-winged Hall.

All of them got zero points.

So far, dozens of people had failed the test with a zero.

“Who can score at least one point”

That became the new focus of everyones attention.

Now there was no hope at all.

If one person scored some points, it would prove that there was still hope for passing the test.

Ten minutes later, nearly 100 people already took the test.

All of them ended up with a zero.

The air was permeated with despair and doubts.

“You guys cant do it.

Watch how I do it.”

Ye Longyuan swaggered forward and mocked those who had taken the test.

Many Yuan Ying cultivators faces darkened slightly.

“Youre just in the Elixir Realm.

How dare you taunt us in a higher realm Are you getting sick of living”

“Watch me!”

Ye Longyuan laughed wildly.

Then, he leaped into the air and landed steadily on the stone platform that was 50 meters ahead of where he was a moment ago.

“Come on!” he faced the stone tablet and bawled.

Seeing him like this, Zhang Mu and others were rather speechless.

“Ye Longyuan is indeed the Devil Incarnate.

As of today, he is afraid of no one but Zhang Han.

Its really strange.”


The invisible energy surrounded Ye Longyuan.

His face suddenly became cool, and his eyes blurred.

Then he slowly closed his eyes.

“Th-theres a movement!”

A cry of surprise came from the crowd.

Everyone looked over at the scoreboard on the side.

They saw a stream of water rising from the bottom of the energy bar that looked like a thermometer and kept increasing in height.

“Five points!”

“Ten points!”

“Fifteen points!”

“Eighteen points!”

“Twenty-one points!”

“Heavens, he definitely has a chance!”

“Twenty-two points.

Eh Why has it stopped rising”


Ye Longyuan opened his eyes and shot backward in the air.

“Damn it!”

Ye Longyuan sighed deeply and said, “How many points have I got Only 22 Hey! Older Martial Brother Yan, you go next.

I wanna see if you can get a higher score than me.”

His tone was quite dissatisfied.

“I estimated that I would have got at least 80 points.

“As it turned out, all I got was 22 points.

Are you kidding me”


Yan Chen smiled with resignation.

He glanced at Zhang Han, wondering when he would go take the test.

As he pondered, he leaped into the air and landed gracefully on the stone platform.

When facing the stone tablet, his countenance also changed all of a sudden.

“This feeling…”

Just as some thoughts began to emerge in his head, his consciousness became somewhat clouded.

The crowd burst into an uproar.

“It moves again!”

“Ten points!”

“Eighteen points!”

“Twenty-one points! It stopped.

No, no, it rose again.

Twenty-two, twenty-three!”

“Twenty-three points! But what ability does this test assess Is it some kind of compatibility, or aptitude”

All kinds of comments came from the crowd.

They were extremely curious about the meaning of the scores.


Looking at Yan Chen, who had flown backward to the shore, Ye Longyuan snorted with dissatisfaction.


Just as Mu Xue prepared to give it a try, a streak of light dashed onto the stone platform.


It was Shi Fenghou, who moved freaking fast.

He looked directly at the stone tablet.

“Fifteen points! He got 20, 21, 22… 25 points! My God, the score is getting higher and higher with every testee.”

“But the passing score is 100.

All the people with below 100 points get the same result.”

“Yes, exactly.

It makes no difference if its not the full mark.”

Quite a few people consoled themselves like this.

But Ye Longyuan was still very cross.

He pointed at the stone tablet and demanded, “Is this thing working properly How can that guy get a higher score than me I cant believe it! I, cough, cough…”

Seeing that Yue Wuwei cast his eyes at him, Ye Longyuan could not continue with his words.

He knew he couldnt afford to offend Yue Wuwei.

Just now, he had seen clearly that Yue Wuwei appeared out of nowhere.

“Damn, how come this quirky old man is so ghostly”

Yue Wuweis strength had always been a mystery.

Even in the Kunlun Immortal World, the secular world, and the Ancient Mine, he was known by only a handful of people.

“Next,” Yue Wuwei said calmly.

He was not flustered in the slightest, but all the people present felt stressed and motivated.

They secretly vowed to prove themselves.

Obviously, the higher the score was, the better ones aptitude was and the higher ones upper limit was.

The most important thing was if one obtained this mighty legacy, ones strength would probably soar to a whole new level.

“Ill try it!”

One by one, the cultivators of the Sea Dragon Star Area got onto the stone platform.

Without exception, they all got zero points.

The energy bar stayed still the entire time.

Gradually, they understood that to get some points, one needed to have a specific physical constitution.

Li Mu, Zhong An, Mo Wen, Nina, and the others all looked Zhang Hans way.

“When will Uncle Zhang go take the test”

Nina was curious.

“How many points will Uncle Zhang score”

“Next one.”

“Let me try.” Su Beimu was eager to be tested.

He swiftly hopped onto the stone platform.

His face suddenly became calm and serene, as though his spirits and the stone tablet had formed a certain connection.

“There are points again.

The water is rising.

Five points!”

“Ten… sixteen… twenty-one.

It stopped!”


Su Beimu flew back to the shore.

The stone tablet was quite harsh.

When the score was not high enough, the stone tablet would release its power and thrust the testee away in disdain.

“Twenty-one points.”

Su Beimus face stiffened slightly.

His score was not as high as Ye Longyuans and Shi Fenghous, so he was a little unconvinced.

“Its my turn!”

Ding Jiuming flew over elegantly.

His desire to pursue Mu Xue, which had almost become a kind of obsession, had already dispersed.

Now, he wanted to move on to seek his romance.

When flying, Ding Jiuming cast several glances at Princess Nina.

He thought to himself, “Its time for me to stop being a virgin.

Princess Nina is also very beautiful…”

He was confident to court Nina, for he thought he was quite handsome.

At that thought, he smiled at Nina.


Ninas eyes suddenly turned aloof.

She didnt look at him but exchanged some words with Mengmeng in a low voice.

Ding Jiuming didnt mind this.

After he stood on the stone platform, the water rushed up again.

“Seven points.

Eleven points.

I wonder if his score can get any higher!”

“Eighteen points.

Twenty-two points.

It wont get higher.

Thats it.

Twenty-two points.

Not bad.”

The crowd was discussing the test results.

Seeing the scores rise with their own eyes, they felt as if they were the testees.

As the points soared, their hearts also jumped to their throats.

This was quite thrilling.


Ding Jiuming landed on the shore and sighed softly.

“Next, Wu Ming, you go and try it,” Yue Wuwei advised.


Wu Ming cupped his hands before his chest and jumped to the stone platform.

“Geez, this time the score is soaring very fast!”

“Fifteen points.

Twenty points!”


Twenty-seven… Alas, it stopped again.

But that set the highest score to 27 points.”

“Even he has failed” Yue Wuwei shook his head in private.

“Master, what kind of person are you waiting for on earth Wu Mings aptitude is already very good.”

While he was thinking, Yue Wuwei glanced at Zhang Han.

Seeing that Zhang Han was still watching the fun, he did not say anything.

“Fine, let him be the last but most promising testee.

Hope is ebbing.

But what if he gives us a surprise in the end”

“Let me give it a shot.”

Deep Flame moved and stood on the stone platform.

The score began to rise.

“Three points.

Seven points.

Thirteen points.

Eighteen points.

It stopped.”

He got less than 20 points.

Deep Flames expression turned slightly awkward.

He thought that as a vigorous veteran, he could get more than 25 points.

But to his disappointment, his was the second-lowest score.

“I had a curious feeling when standing there.

How about you have a try” Deep Flame looked at Zhang Mu.

“Were at about the same level.

Hurry up and get a poor score as well to make me less embarrassed.”

Therefore, Zhang Mu went to the stone platform.

“Twenty-one points!”

Seeing that, Deep Flames face was instantly written with bitterness.

“How sad I am!”

“Its my turn.

Ill go first.”

This time, Mu Xue went onto the stone platform as fast as she could.


The water rose with stronger momentum.

In merely a second, it surpassed the mark of 20 points.



“A new record! A new record!”



“It paused.

She got 31 points.

She is the first one who has earned more than 30 points.

Oh my, is her aptitude the highest among the testees”

Mu Xue was also very satisfied with the score.

She ran to Zhang Han and said gleefully, “Hahaha, Master, Maam, what do you think I did something you can be proud of!”

“Well, youre amazing.

But dont get cocky,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Yes, Maam.”

Mu Xue looked at Zhao Feng and Jiang Yanlan with a happy face and said, “You two go and have a try.

Lets see which of Masters three disciples is the most outstanding.”


Without hesitation, Jiang Yanlan jumped directly onto the stone platform.






In the end, the number stopped at 30.

It caused another sensation in the crowd.

“Alas! Just one point less! Yanlan, you should know who your Older Martial Sister is now, dont you”

Mu Xue grinned from ear to ear and looked at Jiang Yanlan triumphantly.

The two of them were accepted as Zhang Hans disciples at the same time.

They had never discussed who was whose senior.

They just called each other as usual.

But now, Mu Xue was suddenly full of confidence to be the senior.

“Eldest Brother, its your turn.”

Seeing that Jiang Yanlan was contemplating, Mu Xue waved at Zhao Feng, motioning him to take the test.

Zhao Feng stood on the stone platform.

The marks began to change.





“It stopped.

He earned 29 points!”

“Well, not bad.” Mu Xue patted Zhao Feng on the shoulder and said, “Dont be discouraged.”

“What” Jiang Yanlan squinted and said, “are you saying that you want to be the eldest disciple instead”

“Im glad to if Master has no objection,” Mu Xue replied impishly.

Jiang Yanlan was speechless.

“Stop fooling around.

Ill go up now.

What if I get 50 points” Instructor Liu snorted.

“Stop daydreaming.”

Mu Xue mercilessly taunted, “I guess you will get 25 points.”

“Thank you for your kind words.”

Instructor Liu leaped onto the stone platform in a flash.

Twenty-five points were exactly what he wanted.

Hed thought that hed be able to display his own spiritual force or something during the test.

If he gritted his teeth and tried harder, he guessed he would obtain more points.

Unexpectedly, when he stepped onto the stone platform, the stone tablet in his eyes seemed to have changed.

Soon, his consciousness became a blur, as though he were in a world of white fog.

Then, he felt his body flying backward.

After landing on the shore, he checked the scoreboard.


Just 23 points.”

“Alas, few can be my rival.

I feel so lonely.” Instructor Liu sighed softly.

He sounded as if he had really got 50 points.

“Let me do it.”

Chen Changqing laughed out loud and leaped onto the platform.

“Twenty points.

Thirty points! Thirty-one points!”

“Oh my god, another score of 31 points.”


“Haha, its time to see my score.” Wang Xiaowu went on the platform.

Shortly after that, he went back from the platform and said somewhat dejectedly, “Only twenty points Thats too low!”

“Dont be disheartened.

Deep Flame still got fewer points than you.”

Zhang Guangyou, who was on good terms with Wang Xiaowu, comforted him.

At the same time, his words made Deep Flames facial muscles tremble with awkwardness.

“Guangyou, you should also give it a try.

What if you miraculously scored the highest this time”

Dong Chen suddenly tapped Zhang Guangyou on the arm.

“Sure, Ill give it a try.”

Zhang Guangyou did not panic at all.

As he flew forward, he said unhurriedly, “Its time to prove myself.”


He got on the stone platform.

“Five points.

Ten points.

Thirteen points.

Fifteen points…”

The water stopped rising.


Deep Flame felt a great sense of satisfaction.

His face was lit with a merry smile.

He was finally not at the bottom of the group.

Zhang Guangyou was also sent flying at this time.

After seeing the score, he was flabbergasted.

He stared at his score with a stupefied look.


Dong Chen sighed softly.

While fighting back the urge to laugh, he consoled him, “Guangyou, dont be sad.

Many people only got a zero.


At last, he couldnt restrain his amusement and dissolved into laughter.

Zhang Guangyous face darkened even more.

Zhang Mu chuckled and told him that it was no big deal, so did Zhang Han.

But Zi Yan snorted softly and said, “Uncle Dong, maybe your score will not even be as high as Dads.”


That wont happen.”

Dong Chen raised his hand and said, “If you dont believe me, Ill take the test now!”

After that, Dong Chen went up to the stone platform.

What he didnt know was that Yue Wuwei slightly narrowed his eyes at this moment.

Some results were destined.

“Five points.

Ten points!”

“Wow, Uncle Dongs score is soaring really fast.

From the looks of it, he should get more than 30 points.

Maybe… huh”

Before Ah Hu could finish his words, the water suddenly stopped rising.

Dong Chen scored 14 points.

It was even one point less than Zhang Guangyous.

Dong Chen was perplexed.


Zhang Guangyou suddenly burst out laughing.

He then remarked, “Dong Chen, youre too kind-hearted! You dont have to deliberately get a poor score to make me look good.”


Dong Chen began to doubt his life.

He couldnt understand why his score was so low.

After that, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and the others went up to try their luck one by one.

“Twenty-three points.”

“Twenty-one points.”

“Twenty-five points.”

“Twenty-six points.”

To everyones surprise, Leng Yue got 26 points.

Although they didnt know what this score represented, they were all sure that the higher the score, the more benefits it would bring to the testee in some sense.

Gradually, the people present completed the tests one by one.

Except for a few people from the Sea Dragon Star Area who refrained from taking the test, everyone else on the scene turned to look Zhang Hans way.

“Go ahead.

Your family is the only group that hasnt been tested,” Dong Chen said with a smile.

“How about I take a try first I want to see how many points I can get.”

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with eagerness in her eyes.


Zhang Han chuckled and pressed his right hand on the back of Zi Yans waist.

A wave of gentle energy lifted Zi Yan forward and helped her land firmly on the stone platform.

“She is Moon Empress!”

“I wonder how many points she can score!”

“It must be very high.”

Li Mu, Zhong An, and the others all perked up.

They were all dying to know if Moon Empress, who had incredibly strong combat ability, would get a very high score in this test.

They reckoned that her score must be exceptionally high.

“Look! The water is moving!”

“Whats going on”

“How come there is a light pink fog lingering around the platform.

Is this Gods will”

Under everyones gaze, the surface of the lake suddenly trembled.

Wisps of mist drifted up, which turned light pink and surrounded the stone platform.

Zi Yan was standing amidst the mist.

Her aura instantly changed.

She was like a celestial fairy from the highest heaven, who was otherworldly beautiful.


A stream of light pink water rose.

A series of strange phenomena occurred.

The water circled around the vertical scoreboard like a snake.

“It reached the mark of 10 points.”

“Thirty points!”

“Fifty points! Oh my God!”

“Eighty points.”

“One hundred points! Hold on! Why is the water still going higher”

“The water is changing shapes.

Whoa, it became a rose! Its so romantic!”

“What the heck is going on Is the stone tablet offering Moon Empress a rose Is it showing its love for her”

The light pink stream swirled up and condensed into a beautiful rose above the scoreboard.

All of a sudden, the rose began to shower rose petals.

Zi Yan stood quietly on the stone platform.

The ethereal aura she had was unforgettable.

“This, umm…”

Zhang Mus and Zhang Guangyous faces suddenly froze.

They didnt understand what was going on at all.

But they vaguely felt that there was something wrong with such a romantic vibe.

They looked back at Zhang Han.


Zhang Hans expression changed from gentle to plain.

Then, his brows puckered up.

Finally, his face grew somber.

The people near him suddenly sensed the surging evil spirit in the air.

The crowd gradually quieted down.

Feeling this aura, Li Mu and the others were frightened.

“What kind of fierce man could have such a suffocating evil spirit”

Zhang Hans eyes gradually turned cold.

He could no longer suppress the anger and savagery in his heart.

“Dont, dont be impetuous.”

Yue Wuweis heart skipped a beat.

He also had a wife and a daughter.

In a sense, he was watching this from an angle similar to Zhang Hans.

He tried to picture him in Zhang Hans shoes.

If it were his wife standing on the stone platform and he was watching this stone tablet giving her such romantic gestures, he would probably have lost his temper long ago.

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