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Hearing this, Liu Qingfeng was silent for two seconds, then said with a smile, “Great.

Itll suffice as long as fleets can travel freely through the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

Yue Wuwei, however, looked at Zhang Han in surprise and said, “I didnt know you also knew about king vessels.

Good Lord.

Those are very rare even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

You cunning devil, you keep refreshing my understanding of you.”

“My Daddy is the most amazing.

He is even more amazing than you.” Mengmeng looked at Yue Wuwei and snorted.

Yue Xiaonaos lips moved.

She wanted to refute.

But considering Mengmengs character, she eventually said in a dull voice, “Yeah, youre right.”

She had resigned herself to agreeing with Mengmeng.

Mengmeng had a strong personality.

She had developed a soft spot for her parents, especially for her father.

She would immediately turn hostile if anyone said anything negative about her father.

Yue Xiaonao had seen the like before.

One day at school, for no clear reason, a male student wearing a pair of glasses returned to the classroom and immediately said, “Mengmeng, I just saw you with your daddy.

His dressing style was tacky.”

That one remark got on Mengmengs nerves.

“Who do you say is tacky”


Mengmeng instantly lashed out.

Her endless snarky retort made the boy with the glasses utterly speechless and petrified on the spot.

When he wanted to say something with his boys prestige, Bei Jinnans face darkened.

He brought about six of his good friends with him and gave him a Beibei-style threatening look.

That instantly quelled the boy.

Therefore, when it came to comments on Mengmengs father, Yue Xiaonao never contradicted Mengmeng.

Moreover, she felt that her father was truly not as handsome as Mengmengs.

Yue Wuwei was not very old, but he just insisted on dressing up like this and keeping a beard.

Every time she saw Yue Wuweis beard, Yue Xiaonao was a little unhappy.

This was also why she often went to pluck Yue Wuweis beard.

“Is that the Lost Continent”

While the ship was heading for the Dal Star, Liu Qingfeng saw the Lost Continent on the right, which looked like a floating continent in the void of the universe instead of a round planet.

“Yes, thats the Lost Continent.

When we came here before, there was a huge storm about the continent.

There were countless strange beasts inside.

They were very fierce.

Later, when the trial ended, the storm and the beasts all disappeared,” Ah Hu said.

“This continent looks kind of unique.” Liu Qingfeng narrowed his eyes.

Yue Wuwei knew what Liu Qingfeng was thinking about, so he explained, “The Lost Continent and nearby Dal Star are places that we have to pass when we come to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

They are also a transfer station.

Considering the size of the Lost Continent, its quite suitable for you to establish a company there.”

“Its a place people must pass by.

It provides a lot of benefits.

But we still need to conduct a comprehensive investigation.” Liu Qingfeng nodded with a smile.

The situation wasnt clear, so he wouldnt hastily make a decision.

“There are communication devices in the base.

We can go there and contact Nina.” suggested Zhang Han.

Yue Wuwei steered the ship toward the base.

When they were about to land, some changes happened to the ship.

From the outside, it now looked like a small spaceship.

After arriving at the base, Zhang Han put Ninas Communication Card into the nearest communication device.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”

After several tries, Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly.

“I cant reach her.

Maybe her portable communication device has no signal or has run out of energy.”

“How come we cant get in touch with her” Mengmeng showed a suspicious look.

“Isnt Nina about to hold her Coming of Age Ceremony Why is she out of contact”

“Lets ask another person.”

Zhang Han took out Li Mus Communication Card and inserted it into the machine.

No buzzing noise came out this time.

Instead, they heard soft beeps.

“Eh” Li Mu muttered in surprise.

Then, when he saw the image of the caller, he was stunned.

The next moment, he cried in surprise, “Senior, youve come”


Were going to the Saint Kindergarten Star to attend Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony.

We just arrived at the Dal Star, but we found that we cant get in touch with her,” Zhang Han said straightforwardly.

“Do you know how Nina is doing” Mengmeng asked.

“Of course I know.

As you are going to attend her Coming of Age Ceremony, Ive been keeping an eye on her for the past few months.

Hmm, well…” Li Mu weighed his words for two seconds and then continued, “Several months ago, after the trial on the Lost Continent was over, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was enraged.

They prepared to go settle the accounts with the Elemental Elf Clan.

The Elemental Elf Clan was under a lot of pressure.

On that day, the King of Elves released a piece of news that Nina would pick her fiancé during her Coming of Age Ceremony.

Thats perhaps someone from the Tiger Talisman Royal Family or another big force that can help share the pressure.

This news has long spread in the upper class of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

I guess on the day of Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony, many forces will send their people over.

As for Princess Nina, she seems to have been grounded by the King of Elves as soon as she returned to the Roland Star.”


Mengmeng was startled by the news.

“Nina has been grounded Thats way out of line!”

“Well, its not like shes been locked up or anything.

During this period, Nina has also attended some upper-class parties in the Heavenly North Star Area.

Nina is the most beautiful princess of the Elemental Elf Clan.

Many young talents like her and want to have a try.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, there are quite a few forces who arent afraid of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

It is also because of this piece of news the Elemental Elf Clan released that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family hasnt taken any action yet.

As for the specifics, it should be revealed on the day of Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony.”

“When exactly will her Coming of Age Ceremony be held”


As soon as this question came out, Li Mu gasped and said quickly, “In three days.

It will take at least four days for you to get to the Heavenly North Star Area from the Dal Star.

But if you will pay to take the main vessel and start the energy-consuming flight, you can make it to the Roland Star in three days.”


Zhang Han nodded and hung up without saying one more word.

“Lets go.

We gotta reach the Roland Star in three days,” Zhang Han said.

“Daddy, he said that it was only possible to get there in at least three days if we rode the main vessel.

Can this ship do” Mengmeng sounded a little anxious.

“Certainly.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Of course, itll do,” Yue Wuwei said grumpily.

“Dont worry.

We sure can arrive at the Roland Star in three days.

Its a piece of cake.”

“Well, thats great.

Lets set off right now.

Time is ticking,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Sister Mengmeng, dont be so anxious.” Chen Chuan ran to Mengmengs side and comforted her.

“We will get there quickly enough.”

“Why are you butting in Have you finished your homework” Mengmeng glanced at him.

“I-I havent.” Chen Chuan scratched his head and said, “Sister Mengmeng, didnt you say that we would do the homework together Ive already done a little, but you havent started yet.”

Mengmengs cute face darkened.

She stretched out her hand and pinched Chen Chuans cheek, “How dare you urge me to do my homework”

“Ouch, Im sorry.

Im sorry.” Chen Chuan immediately admitted defeat.

Seeing this, Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei looked at each other and sighed inwardly with resignation.

“Look at how wimpy he is before Mengmeng.

He certainly has no chance to land her in the future.”

In truth, they were wondering what kind of man could obtain Zhang Hans acknowledgment and date Mengmeng when Mengmeng grew up.

Yes, if a man wanted to date Mengmeng, the first challenge was to win Zhang Han over.

At the very least, the two of them couldnt imagine how remarkable Mengmengs future boyfriend could be to win favor with the fastidious Zhang Han.

“Get on board, quick.”

Everyone returned to the small ship one after another.

The journey continued.

This time, Yue Wuwei wasted no time either.

The ship shuttled directly in and out of secondary spaces.

“I cant see any scenery anymore.”

Mengmeng sat on the chair, looking kind of lost.

No one knew what her mind had dwelled on.

“Mengmeng, what are you thinking about” Zi Yan smiled and caressed Mengmengs head.

“I was wondering if Nina was forced into this.

If so, itll be so unfair for her to choose her fiancé during the Coming of Age Ceremony,” Mengmeng mumbled, her spirits drooping.

As soon as she said that, many people present shook their heads.

“To be frank, this issue concerning Nina is quite normal.

There is no absolute fairness in the world.

In the secular world, many rich and noble families have all done the same.

“Mengmeng has grown up in a gilded cage.

Sometimes, she really cant understand that some people can give up certain things for gain.

When a clan is in danger, and so one has to choose between a daughter and the safety of the whole clan, most people would choose the latter.

“But if it were Zhang Han…”

Many people present sighed in their heads.

“What if its their tradition What if Nina is willing to do it Or perhaps she intends to resist at the Coming of Age Ceremony Or she is ready to object There are many possibilities.

You dont have to worry now.

We can arrive there in three days.

When we meet her, you can ask her in person.

Since she is your bestie, we will help if we can,” Zi Yan comforted her.

“Well, I see.

Im not upset.

Im just thinking about what it will be like when Im having my Coming of Age Ceremony.

Im also concerned about Nina.

Mummy, if I also had to hold a Coming of Age Ceremony and pick my fiancé, would many people come as the case for Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony” Mengmeng asked under her breath.


Zhang Han directly spat the tea he had just drunk.


Everyone fell silent in an instant.


Mengmeng was slightly dazed.

Zhang Han wanted to say something but stopped on second thought.

Seeing his staggered and hesitant look, Mengmeng cottoned on.

Just as she was about to say something, Chen Chuan ran over and nudged her arm.

“Sister Mengmeng, didnt you say that you would do homework with me”

“Well then, Ill do my homework, too,” Mengmeng replied helplessly.

“Ahem, Mengmeng,” Zhang Han coughed softly and remarked, “that idea of your is a little dangerous.

You dont need a Coming of Age Ceremony.

On your next birthday, I promise that the whole Sea Dragon Star Area will be stirred.

All the forces that are any bit influential will send people over to congratulate you.

But dont even think about the fiancé thing.”

“Geez, Daddy, what are you talking about” Mengmeng suddenly laughed.

“I was just drawing an analogy.

How can you take it seriously”

“You may have said that just to make an analogy.

But it revealed much to me, an attentive listener.” Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Humph, Im going to do my homework now.”

Mengmeng snorted softly.

Then, she grabbed took her school bag and ran to Chen Chuans desk on the side.

“Ill do my homework, too.”

Since Yue Xiaonao and Mengmeng were in the same class, they had the same homework.

Yue Xiaonao grabbed whatever Mengmeng fetched.

When Mengmeng feverishly wrote answers down the paper, she did that, too.

But her eyes were fixed on Mengmengs workbook.

“She is copying Mengmengs answers!”

The corners of Yue Wuweis mouth twitched several times as he saw this.

“Yue Xiaonao.”

Lisa called out with a poker face.

“What now” Yue Xiaonao replied impatiently.

But when she looked over her shoulder, she immediately caved.

She obediently shifted her eyes back to her workbook and started writing as well.

Originally, she meant to just act like she was working hard and planned to peek at Mengmengs answers again in a few minutes.

However, when Yue Xiaonao stole another glimpse a few minutes later, Mengmeng already got several pages done.

Yue Xiaonao was stunned for two seconds.

After thinking about it, she decided to do the homework by herself.

If she couldnt finish it before the deadline, then there was nothing she could do.

The traveling time was kind of tedious.

Liu Qingfeng, Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Mu, and others entertained themselves with Chinese chess.

No one in the group was Liu Qingfengs match in Chinese chess.

The others either chatted or took a nap.

They ate, rested, and did everything on the ship.

Mengmeng felt as if she was on a private plane.

She still had to finish the homework for the summer vacation.

She hoped she could get it done in three days.

The workload was not light at all.

With her taking the lead, Chen Chuan did his homework quite earnestly.

Yue Xiaonao, on the other hand, got distracted many times while doing her homework, so her efficiency was much lower.

The Roland Star was a planet with more than 90 percent of its surface covered with vegetation.

There were a lot of beautiful places.

In the central region was the residence of the King of Elemental Elves.

The palace was located in the forest on a mountain.

It was entwined with all kinds of towering trees, which made it look like a grand palace made of trees.

It was magnificent, imposing, and filled with the scent of nature.

While Mengmeng and the others were traveling by boat, Nina was sitting in a chair on the observation deck with a worried expression on her face.

Two male elves were standing in front of the palace that she was in.

They were guards to prevent Nina sneak out.

Now that the news had spread out, the King of Elves would not allow any accidents to happen.

Nina had to show up at her Coming-of-Age Ceremony.

“Only three days to go.”

It was already at night.

Nina raised her head and stared blankly at the vast starry sky.

The recent events had made her drained.

Suddenly, the images of Mengmeng, Zhang Han, and the others flashed through her mind.

“Will they come

“Well, itll probably be better if they dont come.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Family…”

Nina slightly furrowed her brows, her face cold and detached.

“If it werent for the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, I wouldve not had this problem.

“But is that the case

“If it were Uncle Zhang, he…”

After thinking about it from a different angle, Nina felt somewhat heartbroken.

The decision her father had made was indeed harsh and heart-wrenching.

But compared to the development of the entire Elemental Elf Clan, it was obvious that her happiness was too insignificant.

In the past few days, her mother had brought her to several upper-class parties.

Some of her clan members and friends had even discussed with her which young masters would come and compete to be her fiancé.

Some were even discussing the possibility that this marriage might make the Elemental Elf Clan more famous, and so their status and influence would increase significantly.

“The reality is simply laughable.

“When have you ever asked me if this is what I want”

Ninas thoughts were in a muddle.

As a young girl, she didnt know what to do at times like this.

Or rather, there was no way to remedy the current situation.

She had to hold her Coming of Age Ceremony as planned.

Otherwise, she would offend more than just the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Of course, it was not that there was no one sincerely caring about her.

Her uncle, Mo Wen, who had watched her grow up, was a little anxious at this time.

“Any news” Mo Wen looked at the female elf in front of him and asked.

This female elf was Ninas guard, Lorain.

“Not yet.”

Lorain shook his head slightly and said dejectedly, “No one contacted us these days.

I remember that Mengmeng and the others only have your and Seventh Princesss Communication Card.

Now, Seventh Princesss communication device has been shut down.

If they cant get in touch with her, they can still contact you.

Could it be that theyre not going to come”

“If they come, Nina will still have a choice.

If they dont, then Nina can only do as she is told even though she knows what awaits her is the abyss of suffering.” Mo Wen suddenly sighed.

He wasnt in a good mood either.

He didnt want to see Nina marry any of those dandies.

He thought that if Zhang Hanyang and the others could come, they might take her with them and hide in that mysterious place they came from for a while until this thing blew over.

But given the current situation, it seemed that the other party might not come at all.

Hence, Mo Wen was deeply perturbed.

However, there was still someone that had heard that Zhang Han and the others had arrived.

After finishing communicating with Zhang Han, Li Mu wasted no time calling his father, Li Hao.


Li Mu was sitting on the sofa.

But his fathers image popped up.

It showed that his father was standing in front of him.

This caused Li Mu to subconsciously stand up, too.

“Have Zhang Hanyang and the others arrived” asked Li Hao.

“Father, your prediction is amazing,” Li Mux flattered.

Then, he said with a smile, “He just contacted me from the Dal Star, saying that he would attend Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony.”

“The Dal Star I think he could hardly get to the Roland Star in three days.” Li Hao frowned.

“Yes, it is indeed difficult, but he said he could.” Li Mu thought for a moment and added, “This time, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family has sent Hu Yuan over.

He is a famous fighter among those at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

Besides him, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family also sent over a fleet of a hundred ships, including three main vessels.

The fleet has been stationed nearby the Roland Star.

It is quite large in scale.

If the Tiger Talisman Royal Family started a war, the Elemental Elf Clan would suffer heavy losses given their poor strength.”

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Family wouldnt dare to cause trouble at Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony.” Li Hao laughed.

“The prettiest Seventh Princess of the Elemental Elf Clan is choosing her future husband at her Coming of Age Ceremony.

This gimmick has already attracted more than enough attention and lured many nobles to attend her Coming of Age Ceremony.

Even if the Tiger Talisman Royal Family wants to stir up trouble, they will only do so after the ceremony.

Also, they have to wait and see the man Nina will pick is from which remarkable force.

If that man has an incredibly strong background, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family naturally wouldnt dare to deal with the Elemental Elf Clan.”

“I see.

Then Ill play it by ear.

When Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony is over, Ill invite Senior Zhang and the others to visit our Cloud Shadow Sky.”

“Okay,” Li Hao replied before hanging up.

The Cloudy Shadow Sky had given Li Mu the full power to handle this matter.

Now that he had advanced to the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage, it was time for him to visit more forces.

Also, he was qualified to be their representative.

Three days passed in a flash.

On this day, the Roland Star in the Heavenly North Star Area ushered in a grand occasion.

Luxurious ships flooded the space station nearby.

All kinds of custom-made ships that rich people owned gathered there as if there were a great exhibition of spaceships, which attracted the attention of many fleets coming and going nearby.

Even the captains of the fleets couldnt help murmuring, “What a spectacular scene!”

One by one, small-sized aircraft flew into the several passages from the space station to go to the Roland Star.

This was the only place where one could enter the Roland Star.

If one barged in recklessly from other places, one would be attacked by the army on the Roland Star.

Each passage was guarded by more than a dozen elves.

On the leftmost passage, two royal members, a man, and a woman were in charge of the security check.

The male elf was very handsome, but the look in his eyes was kind of indolent.

The female elf in the lead was the tallest one present.

Her hair was waist-length.

Her eyes were long and slender.

She had an air of indistinct coquettishness.

“Welcome, Seventh Prince of the Moor Clan from the Luke Star.”

The female elf in the lead had a piece of equipment in her hand.

She looked at the aircraft that floated on her right, scanned it with the equipment, and then nodded slightly, gesturing for them to go in.

Soon, the next aircraft arrived.

She repeated the same operation.

Her work was rather monotonous.

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