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Chapter 1081 Embroidered Ball Bombs


As soon as Hu Yuan finished speaking, the complexion of the King of Elves changed rapidly as if he had been pummeled by a hammer.

After three seconds of silence, he said briskly, “Brother Yuan, their deaths have nothing to do with my clan.

You know that.”

“Regardless, Zhang Hanyang and his people are Ninas friends.

They promised to attend her Coming of Age Ceremony.

Now that theyre not here, who else do you think I should settle the account with”

All of a sudden, a mighty aura gushed out from Hu Yuan.

Before this, he had been resting with his eyes closed like a sleeping lion.

But at this moment, the lion woke up.

His eyes turned ferocious.

He bared his shining tusks as though beginning to look for his prey.

“Brother Yuan, please allow me to explain.”

The King of Elves seemed scared.

His right hand holding the wand quivered slightly.

Just when he was at a loss about what to do, Zhong An stood up and said, “Will we proceed to the final competition If not, I shall take my leave.”

The Silver-winged Hall wasnt afraid of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

As the master of the Silver-winged Halls branch, Zhong An was only a little unease at Hu Yuans strength.

If he were dealing with Hu Yuan on his own, he certainly wouldnt dare say anything like this.

But on this occasion, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family also had many scruples.


Hu Yuan laughed lightly.

In an instant, his aggressive aura turned as gentle as a spring breeze.

He glanced at Zhong An and then fixed his eyes on Li Mu.

Yet, his next remarked was made for the King of Elves.

“Now Zhang Hanyang doesnt show up, should I talk to you Elemental Elves, who are his friends, or talk to Li Mu, who has learned skills from him”

“You want to talk to me Sorry, Im leaving.” Li Mu rose to his feet and chuckled.

“Your status is higher than mine.

If you want an explanation, Im not qualified to speak with you.

Why dont you go to the Cloud Shadow Sky and talk to my father in person”

Although Hu Yuan was powerful, his strength wasnt as mighty as Li Haos.

Li Mu had shrewdly launched his counterattack.

Now, he was eager to see how Hu Yuan would reply.

Hu Yuan was a worldly man after all.

Without turning a hair, he waved at the King of Elves and remarked, “Let the game continue.

After this is over, Ill visit all the interested parties one by one to discuss this matter.”

The aura around Hu Yuan subsided sharply.

His eyes narrowed slightly as though he had become a sleeping lion again.

Zhang Han and the others watched all this as spectators.

“He is a smart guy.”

Liu Qingfeng said in an undertone, “He chose to lash out at this time so that he could continuously divert peoples attention.

This has made the major forces the center of the vortex.

Thus, other forces wont dare to get involved rashly.

Lets wait and see.

I say Ninas colorful embroidered ball will certainly be grabbed by the elder from the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

With a few words, Hu Yuan has persuaded the other nine forces to bail out.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family indeed holds a very high rank.”

“Lets go on.

Throw the colorful embroidered ball.”

The King of Elves heaved with a sigh of relief.

He took out a colorful embroidered ball, which flew into Ninas hand.

At this moment, Nina looked at the colorful embroidered ball in her hand and was lost in thought.

“Are I going to throw my future out”

Her mind was sort of blank.

She couldnt even hear the surrounding discussions.

She was not sad or anything.

All she felt was despair and confusion.

“Some fathers would shelter their daughters from the wind and rain.

“But not all fathers are like that.

“Father, when you decided to forsake me, perhaps… you already completely gave up on me.

“You may be the King of Elves, but you are not a hero in my life.


She wasnt particularly pained.

Anyway, she had only felt the warmth of family affection from her mother when she was very little.

“Just forget it!”

Nina sighed deeply.

She stopped herself from dwelling on these issues and flung the colorful embroidered ball into the air with trembling hands.


At once, Pang Zhanlong bolted into the air.

He was the fastest.

The other nine champions looked at one another and gave up at the same time.

They no longer wanted to get involved in this matter.

The game seemed to have come to an end.

Even Hu Qi started to roar with laughter.

It was just at this time that Liu Qingfeng uttered that analysis of his.

He shook his head in resignation and said, “The Tiger Talisman Royal Family is indeed quite powerful.

“The one who seizes the colorful embroidered ball must be that man from the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.”

As soon as his words were out, the embroidered ball was tossed into the sky.

“Sure enough.”

Liu Qingfeng shook his head slightly.

They saw that Pang Zhanlong was the only one dashing upward for the ball.

At this precise moment, Zhang Han snickered.

A flash of lightning fleeted across his eyes.

“There is no need for an embroidered ball from the outset.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the colorful embroidered ball suddenly exploded.

It dissolved into plumes of faint smoke and drifted away with the wind.

Pang Zhanlong was flabbergasted.

“Now the embroidered ball is gone.

What should I fight over”

Nina was stupefied when she saw the embroidery ball explode.

Soon, she seemed to have guessed something.

Her pupils quivered.

“Are, are Uncle Zhang and the others gonna take action here


Nina knew very well what kind of hostility Uncle Zhang and the others would face if they showed up on this occasion.

Her intuition told her it would be very dangerous.

Thus, she began to grow anxious.

As for other people, they hadnt realized why this happened.

They didnt sense anything unusual before.

But how come the embroidered ball abruptly exploded

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Numerous eyes fell on the King of Elves.

How stressed he was at this moment!

The King of Elves looked embarrassed.

After a moment of silence, another colorful embroidered ball appeared in his hand.

He said, “That was just an accident.

I swear I didnt tamper with that ball.

Now the last embroidered ball was destroyed, you can use this new one.”

As he spoke, he threw the embroidered ball directly into the air without throwing it to Nina first.

He announced, “The contest for the colorful embroidered ball begins!”


Pang Zhanlong dashed after the ball alone.

Meanwhile, many people were observing the embroidered ball in the sky, yet they still didnt notice any odd aura about it.


When Pang Zhanlong was halfway through his chase, the embroidered ball once again blasted.

It turned into a faint mist and scattered with the wind.


Pang Zhanlongs face registered anger.

He turned to look at the King of Elves, “Are you toying with me”

“I, I didnt.”

The King of Elves had a slightly panicked look on his face.

He did not dare to meet Pang Zhanlongs eyes.

His face was a little gloomy as well.

“What on earth is going on”

Hu Yuans eyes were half-closed.

He seemed to have sensed something, but he was not sure.

Therefore, he said, “Serve again!”


The King of Elves fetched out another colorful embroidered ball and flung it into the air.

Pang Zhanlong did not go after the ball this time.

He just floated in midair and watched all this as if a bystander.


After the embroidered ball reached the highest place it could reach, it began to drop freely.

Those white embroidered balls used in the previous round soared in random directions after being thrown into the air.

However, However, this colorful embroidered ball fell straight toward Pang Zhanlong on its initiative.

Without even thinking, one could tell that this was the clever trick of the King of Elves.

He wanted to end this game as soon as possible.


Seeing this scene, Pang Zhanlong laughed coldly.

He just stood in the air, waiting for the embroidered ball to fall into his hand.

Hu Qi, who was standing at the edge of the square, couldnt contain his excitement.

“Im finally gonna make it!”

On the other side, Li Mu sighed repeatedly.

“Im not in a position to deal with this.

Senior Zhang, I hope that you will not blame me for failing to stop this.”

The tens of thousands of people around also had the same thought in their heads.

“Princess Nina, the most beautiful princess of the elemental elves, still failed to escape from Hu Qis clutches in the end.

How pathetic!”

“Blow up!”

When the embroidered ball was about to fall on Pang Zhanlongs palm, even Nina could not help but close her eyes in despair.

At this moment–


The embroidered ball exploded again.

The colorful mist sprayed all over Pang Zhanlong.

His face and clothes all became colorful, which made him look like a crazy man.

“King of Elves!”

Pang Zhanlong was enraged.

His sharp eyes flashed toward the stunned King of Elves.

“Its not me,” the King of Elves trembled as he said in fear.


The whole field was in an uproar.

“Why did it explode again

“Three embroidered balls exploded in a row.

There must be someone behind this.

Otherwise, such a thing would not have happened.”


The old man surnamed Guang, who was sitting alone looked intrigued.

He seemed to have noticed something.


Seeing this, Hu Yuan frowned slightly.

He had not picked up any clue yet.

Therefore, he said aloofly, “Go on.”


The King of Elves took out another colorful embroidered ball.

This time, all the eyes were fixed on the colorful embroidered ball.

All kinds of soul sense and mind power were checking the ball out.

Just like what had happened just now, except for Pang Zhanlong, the other nine people on the field did not intend to compete at all.

The embroidery balls speed was extremely fast.

It rose into the air, then directly descended, shooting straight toward Pang Zhanlong.

It was 100 meters, 50 meters, and 30 meters away!

When the ball was only 10 meters away, Pang Zhanlongs expression paused, and he held his breath.

“Should I dodge or not

“The embroidered ball wouldnt explode again, would it”

His immense soul sense was examining the embroidered ball.

“There doesnt seem to be anything unusual.”


Pang Zhanlong didnt move.

Instead, he stretched out his right hand to catch the embroidered ball.

At this moment, Nina also opened her eyes.

There was a trace of anxiety in her eyes.

“Is it Uncle Zhangs doing

“Or… my fathers”

She eyed the King of Elves and reckoned that it ought to be the former.

“Father has given up on me.

Look at how eager he is to get this all done and dusted.

How could it be him”

“I made it!”

The one who was the most nervous and least wanted anything unexpected to happen was Hu Qi, who was at the edge of the square.

His heart had begun to burn with desire.

Looking at Ninas figure, he knew that she had never been touched by men before.

This kind of knockout was exactly his cup of tea.

Seeing that Pang Zhanlong was about to get the embroidered ball, everyone thought there couldnt be any accident this time.

After all, so many people were watching the game.

And many had cast their soul sense and mind power to investigate the ball.

Yet, something unexpected still happened.


There was a flash of light in Zhang Hans eyes.



Pang Zhanlong became even more colorful.

He now looked rather bedraggled.

With his temper flaring up, he cast his cold gaze at the King of Elves.

“If you dont give me an explanation…”

Just as Pang Zhanlong was about to flip out, the King of Elves face turned slightly pale.

Hu Yuan frowned and said, “Just continue.”

He still hadnt noticed anything fishy.

Just now, the old man surnamed Guang had shown interest in his eyes, which indicated that he had sensed something.

Hu Yuan was privately staggered.

It seemed that the old mans soul sense was stronger than his.

Now he had failed to spot anything weird, Hu Yuan wanted to try again and found out which furtive guy was messing with the competition.

The moment Hu Yuan issued the order, Pang Zhanlong knitted his brows but did not say anything.

The King of Elves exhaled deeply.

He then sighed softly and said, “Lets continue.”

Another colorful embroidered ball appeared and was thrown into the air by the King of Elves.


When it descended, it was still heading in Pang Zhanlongs direction.

It was 100 meters, 50 meters, and 20 meters away.

Right at this time, Pang Zhanlong laughed angrily.

“Lets see what trick you can pull this time!”


His immense soul sense spread out and formed an energy cover around the embroidered ball, blocking out other peoples soul sense and mind power.

Seeing this, Hu Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly.

Still, he did not say anything.

He lowered his eyes as though the matter was about to be settled.

“Get down here!”

Pang Zhanlong moved.

The ball was only 20 meters away.

In a flash, he appeared near the embroidered ball.

He then stuck out his right hand to grab the embroidered ball ahead.

In the instant when his hand was about to touch the embroidered ball–


A colorful mist-covered Pang Zhanlong once again.

But this time was different from before.

The explosion of the embroidery ball created a shock wave that pushed Pang Zhanlong back over 10 meters.

“Who did this”

Pang Zhanlong was furious.

He cast his fierce eyes around the surrounding spectators.


There was a bigger stir in the crowd.

“F*CK, whats going on”

“Someones preventing him from seizing the ball Haha, it looks like a certain powerful person who cant stand the Tiger Talisman Royal Family has made a move in secret.”

“That person has made Pang Zhanlong so embarrassed.

His or her strength must be at least at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage, right”

“Now this is interesting.

Pang Zhanlong suffered setbacks again and again.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family will probably be extremely sullen if they cant get the embroidered ball.”


The voices of discussion grew louder and louder, which already began to damage the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys imposing image.

Irene, who was standing on the side, looked at the scene in front of her in a daze.

She couldnt help but look Zhang Hans way.

She knew very well that she didnt seem to have met the people sitting there.

She had never seen them before, and their appearances had changed somehow.

But she was sure they were Zhang Hanyang and his people.

“Is he the one behind this”

She thought of the horrible illusion that she had experienced before.

During the time he took only seven steps, Zhang Hanyang completely paralyzed her with shock and fright.

She had never seen that kind of powerful soul-sense-using skill before.

Hence, she knew he must be a very mighty figure.

“What sort of friend have you made on earth, Nina” Irene looked at Nina, who was in the air and muttered.

She used to be extremely jealous of Nina.

But after she saw Ninas pinched face and the attitude the King of Elves had shown during the whole event, the negative emotions in her heart had dispersed.


Irene sighed.

“I dont know what will happen to you after this.

“I hope that your friends plan can work.

“But… can they fight against all of these forces here The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys allies sitting over there arent some forces that just a few of them can withstand.

They really shouldnt have made a move at this time.”

Although this was not her business, her emotion was affected by the development of the event.


The atmosphere on Zhang Hans side was, however, relaxing and casual.

Seeing this, Mu Xue chuckled.

“This is great fun.

Master, youre awesome.

With so many people observing, you were still able to blow up the embroidered balls.

You pissed that old man off.”

“Daddy, you are talented,” Mengmeng also gave him a thumbs-up and said, “I never knew you could make this happen.”

“You do have some aces up your sleeve, you sly devil.”

Yue Wuwei showed a sentimental look and said, “Even with my means, I cannot top that.


He looked at Zhang Han in silence.

“My strength is so much higher than yours.

You are only at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage, but you can already perform these skills.

Boy, your talent is sort of mind-boggling.”

Yue Wuwei often exclaimed about Zhang Hans power like this.

Zhang Han hadnt obtained any martial legacy, nor was he the Heavenly Lord.

He was not born with special powers like Zi Yan, either.

Nevertheless, his strength had been increasing at an incredible speed.

Yue Wuwei found him more and more unfathomable.

“Could it be that my master is intentionally training him

“Master first guided him to learn some devil kings cultivation method carved on the stone monument.

Then he taught him the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

If I look at it this way, it sort of explains it.

“But how could he know so many moves”

Yue Wuwei also recalled that Zhang Han had subdued Irene within seven steps.

That ability was not something that ordinary people could display.

Now, Zhang Han detonated the embroidered balls with everyone watching, yet no one could find out that it was his doing.

This method of using soul sense was indeed cunning.

“They think they already nailed Nina.”

Zhang Han gave a soft laugh and said coolly, “But they will never pass the embroidered ball test.

Well, I have nothing better to do now, so Ill just tease them a bit.”


Hearing this, Zi Yan was stunned at first, and then she couldnt help but burst into laughter.

“Oh my God, when Han is naughty, he is so cute.

“I even want to hug and kiss him right now.

“How funny he is!”

“That man will fly into a rage in a moment.

But the key is that he cant find the person behind it, so he can only continue to take blows.”

Zhang Mu shook his head, amused.

“Carry on!”

Pang Zhanlong threw a cold look at the King of Elves and then glanced at the 100,000 people around.

With a dark look, he said, “Continue if you dare.

Ill kill you when I catch you!”


The King of Elves felt that his scalp had gone numb.

He gingerly tossed the ball out.

This time, he did it very straightforwardly.

He threw it directly at Pang Zhanlong.

“Tiger Devil Guard!”

Pang Zhanlong cast a secret soul sense skill.

A ferocious tiger wrapped itself around the embroidered ball.

Many peoples soul sense was devoured by the tiger as soon as it touched the ball.

“Come here!”

Pang Zhanlong reached out to grab the embroidered ball.


The embroidered ball eventually blasted inside the Tiger Devil Guard.

The colors on Pang Zhanlong became even denser.

It was as if he had turned into a rainbow.

One could barely make out that he was a human being.



“Come on!”

Pang Zhanlong felt extremely humiliated, for he could only passively take blows.

He was precisely someone who cared deeply about how others thought of him.

Thus, one could imagine how vexed he was at this moment.

Seeing his attitude, Hu Yuan frowned but didnt give any comment.

Just now, he picked up a trace of Qi.

He felt that if he continued to investigate for moments, he should be able to catch the culprit.

“The one who did this must be very powerful!” he thought to himself.

The about 100,000 people around never thought there would be such a mess.

It was a real eye-opener for them.

In the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, things like publicly humiliating the Tiger Talisman Royal Family were quite rare.

Hadnt the person behind this noticed that even Li Mu, Zhong An, and others representing the major forces dared not to confront Hu Yuan

Anyway, the person whod made this move was mighty for sure.

Maybe he was quite confident that no one would be able to detect his soul sense, or perhaps he believed that he could rival the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Many thought that it was the former case.

This was because the forces who could compete with the Tiger Talisman Royal Family present were all seated on the audience stand by the central square.

Yet, no one seemed to have spotted any trace of the culprit.


With Pang Zhanlong casting his defensive move, the embroidered ball once again exploded.

Although Pang Zhanlong was not injured, his face grew hotter and hotter with shame.

“Is someone trying to insult me”

Pang Zhanlong looked at what was going on in front of him.

He seemed lost for two seconds.

“Come on, try me again!”

Then, he shifted his gaze to the King of Elves again.

Meeting his glare, the King of Elves was too scared to speak.

He could only throw another embroidered ball as he was told.

Thankfully, the embroidered balls were refined with the Elemental Elf Clans unique vine.

There was still a large amount of the colorful vine in the King of Elves Space Treasure, so the supply could keep up with the consumption.

As a result, the competition gradually became a little distorted.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

“Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom!”


“Come again!”

“Aargh! Carry on!”

This seemed to have become a game, in which the King of Elves kept throwing out hand grenades to blast Pang Zhanlong.

Pang Zhanlong got blasted every time.

Still, he was unwilling to admit defeat, so he braced himself and asked the King of Elves to continue.

The situation was out of control.

The murmurs of discussion became louder and louder.

The more setbacks Pang Zhanlong suffered, the angrier he became, and the happier the people sitting at Zhang Hans table were.

“Look at how badly hes been blasted.

But he is still acting tough.”

Instructor Liu sniggered.

Even Nina, the key figure of todays event, was slightly dismayed.

“What, what in the world is going on”

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