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Chapter 109 Comparisons Are Odious

In general, it was Zi Yan who decided what to do, such as where to eat and what to eat at night.

But now, Zi Yan could not make up her mind with awkwardness climbing up on her cheek.

She did not know what to do.

Should she stay or leave

“Uh-huh, no, MaMa, I wont let you go, you should be here with me.”

Mengmeng immediately adopted a delicate and touching look.

Her big eyes were full of unwillingness.

The little princess did not want her MaMa to leave.

“Well, your mother will stay here to accompany you.” Zhou Fei chuckled and said, “Elder Sister Yan, dont refuse it.

Its not a big deal to live here.”

Zhou Fei now genuinely considered that it was good for Zi Yan to live here, because she hoped that Zi Yan and Zhang Han could be together, which was totally different from her previous thought.

At one time Zhou Fei spoke ill of Zhang Han in presence of Zi Yan.

“No way.” Zi Yan blushed slightly.

Her delicate cheeks were charming at this time.

As soon as Zhou Fei saw her expression, she knew that Zi Yan was shy.

Considering there was nothing more to say, she said after a while, “Oh, Elder Sister Yan, you can sleep with Mengmeng in the master bedroom and brother-in-law sleep in the secondary bedroom.

There is nothing inconvenient.


“No way!” Zi Yan said, shaking her head, “Wed better all go back to Yunyin Garden today.

Im just going to bring Mengmeng some clothes for her clothes are not enough here.

I think Mengmeng can stay here for the time being.”

She wondered now that Zhang Han not only was willing to make Mengmeng good meals but also took care of Mengmeng carefully, she may as well not stop him.

Moreover, putting Mengmeng in charge of a babysitter made her more anxious, comparing to her daddys care.

As for herself, the relationship with Zhang Han was still unclear.

So she could not persuade herself to live here in a dazed state.

While Zhang Han, on hearing her words, nodded directly and said, “Its ok.”

For him, as long as Zi Yan promised to let Mengmeng stay here, he was satisfied.

He did not think of anything else.

They all, therefore, left the restaurant together.

Zhang Han drove Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and Zhou Fei, while Zhang Li led the way ahead, driving his Maserati.

One of the destinations was Causeway Bay and another was Eastern.

So the two cars drove into separate ways after pulling out of New Moon Bay.

Zhang Li was playing popular electric music in the car.

Following the dynamic rhythm, her head nodded slightly.

Driving the car bought by her brother and listening to the moving engine noise made her very happy.

She happened to meet with Li Anna carrying a bag filled with fruits when she returned to the residential area.

Suddenly catching sight of a brand-new Maserati GT downstairs, Li Anna was a little curious about it.

It was normal for luxury cars to attract attention wherever they were.

But when she saw Zhang Li calmly got off and gracefully walked to the door to the flat, she was a little amazed.


“Lili!” Li Anna called Zhang Li promptly.

“Ah” She smiled after seeing Li Anna and said, “Anna, did you go to buy fruits”

“Hum.” Li Anna walked towards her quickly and said hesitantly, “Lili, your car…”

“My brother bought it for me.” Zhang Li was so proud.

Although she had luxury cars which were worth tens of millions and many other cars in those days, none of them made her so amused, for it was the car her brother brought for her.

“Brother Zhang Han” Li Anna stuck out her tongue and said, “Brother Zhang Han is so rich.”

“Hey, my brother is gifted to make money.

This car was bought with the money he earned these days.” Zhang Li replied with a smile.


Li Anna was stunned.

To buy a multimillion-dollar car with the money earned in several days

It made her, an outstanding student, feel rather surprised and bewildered.

After graduation, she earned more than 50,000 yuan a month and 600,000 yuan a year.

It took her five years to buy this car.

Moreover, it excluded living expenses.

It was acknowledged that the living expenses in Hong Kong were not low.

“What does your brother do How does he earn so much in a couple of days” Li Anna asked curiously.

“He is the owner of a restaurant.”

Zhang Lis spirits lifted on this subject.

She said with her eyes aglow, “Anna, you cant imagine how delicious the dishes cooked by my brother are… Er…beyond description.

Theyre better than the food made by other famous chefs anyway.”

“But, but a restaurant also cant make millions of dollars in a few days.” Li Anna said.

“Why not The top ten membership cards, costing a million yuan each, were sold in a few days.

These ten helped him earn 10 million, while the following cards counted for 10 million yuan each.

In addition, my brothers restaurant has a turnover of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan for a meal and the net income can reach at least one million in a month.” Zhang Li said proudly.

She, being his younger sister, was also proud of her awesome brother.

“Ah How expensive it is…”

The news somewhat frightened her.

After giving her a crooked grin, Li Anna asked again, “What kind of restaurant is your brothers What cuisines does it offer”

“Er… Egg-fried rice and noodle soup are on sale now.

By the way, is the milk we have drunk delicious At my brothers restaurant, it costs 100 yuan a cup.” Zhang Li replied, “The food is very delicious anyway and Ill take you to try next time.”

“Okay, thank you, Lili.” Li Anna smiled and said with a little admiration, “Brother Zhang Han is really awesome, Lili, I indeed envy you for having such a good brother.

By the way, have you seen Mengmengs mother”

“Yes.” Zhang Li walked into the elevator with Li Anna and answered after pressing the floor button.

“She must be very nice-looking.

Mengmeng doesnt look like Brother Zhang Han.

She must be like her mother.” Li Anna said.

“She isnt just beautiful.

My brother certainly has a flair for beauty.

With regard to my sister-in-law, you may know her.” She said with a mysterious smile on her face.

“I know Who is it ” Li Anna became more curious.

“Shes…” Zhang Li drew out the words.

“Oh dear, dont keep me guessing, out with it, out with it.” Li Anna said anxiously.

“Huh, I wont tell you!” Zhang Li rolled her eyes, ran out of the elevator, opened the door, and went back to the bedroom to change clothes.

Li Anna, however, first placed the fruits on the tea table casually, then quickly ran to Zhang Lis bedroom and threw Zhang Li down and frolicked with her on the bed, “If you dont tell me, I wont let you go!”

“Oh, come on, Im late for work.

Well, I tell you.”

“Whos she” Li Anna looked straight at Zhang Li.

“Shes…” Zhang Li did not keep her guessing this time.

She brought out two words directly after a short break, “Zi Yan!”

“Who Zi Yan”

Li Anna suddenly felt surprised.

She was very familiar with this name but could not remember for a moment.

Seeing her face, Zhang Li reminded, “A few years ago…”

A thought flashed in her mind all of a sudden.

Li Anna said, “Ah! Zi Yan Oh, my god! Brother Zhang Hans wife turns out to be Zi Yan! Its incredible, isnt it”

“So what” Zhang Li gave her a stare and said, “My brothers former girlfriends were all absolutely stunning girls.

He is together with Zi Yan, so what My brother is so outstanding…”

“No, I didnt mean that.

Brother Zhang Han is certainly excellent.” Li Anna protruded her tongue and said, “Im just a little surprised.

I havent thought it is Zi Yan and she even has a child with Brother Zhang Han.”

“Ah, stop fussing.” Zhang Li curled her lips and put on her clothes.

Then she stood up and said, “Im going to work and you just stay amazed here.”

“Oh, okay.” Li Anna nodded in puzzlement.

Her mind was imbued with the things about Zi Yan.

She remembered that five or six years ago, when Zi Yan was about to reach the peak of her career, she secluded herself from the Entertainment Circle.

It was difficult for people to understand.

Since there was no news about Zi Yan afterwards, people gradually paid attention to other people.

The Entertainment Circle developed at a high speed within five years, which was enough for a New Rookie King to appear.

Zi Yan, however, whose career had just taken off, had just been known by people, and was about to acquire the New Rookie King, disappeared in less than half a year.

It was indeed a pity in some peoples view.

Zhang Han drove his Panda alone the next morning, while Zhou Fei drove the Mercedes with Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

It was already 7:20 when they reached the restaurant.

By this time there were already plenty of people in line, even Liang Mengqi and Zhao Feng were waiting silently in front of the door.

Finally, under peoples gazes, Zhang Hans car came into view.

“Huh Why a Mercedes follow him” Yu Qingqing said curiously.

“Did the boss go out last night” Zhao Dahu gossiped, “Er, is that car behind belong to Madame Does she come here today”

“It should be.” Zhao Feng said, nodding.

“Well, then I can see the madame with my own eyes.” Liang Mengqi looked straight at the direction of the Mercedes.

Zhang Han got off at first and stood to wait for a while.

Soon, the door of the Mercedes opened.

People had seen Zhou Fei, who got out of the cab.

But in the back seat.

A white and slender leg stepped down at first.

It could be inferred that this lady was in a good shape by right of her long leg.

Soon, as the sight went upward, people saw a light blue denim shorts drawing the outline of her good figure and a simple but beautiful white T-shirt.

Then the crowd came out exclamations at times.

“Nice figure!”

“Its so great.”

Soon, the madame got out of the car.

As people looked up, they saw a delicate neck which satisfied them.

Her thin and sexy red lips, flawless cheeks, small but exquisite nose and ears all showed the meaning of “beauty”.

When looked up a little more, they could not see anything.

Her eyes were covered by a lowered cap, which made people feel pity uncontrollably.

“She looks really beautiful.” Yu Qingqing said vacantly.

“Of course.” Zhao Feng gave a simple response.

If the madame was not beautiful, who was

Soon, the madame, holding Mengmeng, like an obedient wife, followed Zhang Han to the door of the restaurant.

“Good morning, boss, good morning, Mengmeng.” Liang Mengqi hurried over and greeted to the first two.

Then she looked straight at Zi Yan and said, “Good morning, Madame.”

The comeliness was not enough to persuade Liang Mengqi to give up.

The eyes were the window of the mind and it was very important to have beautiful eyes.

She wanted to see Zi Yans complete face by her greeting.

Zi Yan, after all, raised her head in the face of her greeting.

She blinked her bright eyes, peering at Liang Mengqi.

She vaguely considered she was the little sister Mengmeng referred to by virtue of a womans sixth sense.

A girl fell in love with Zhang Han.

Zi Yan looked at Liang Mengqi with her eyes shining.

She gave a smile which was very rare and replied, “Hello.”

The simple two words let out her sweet voice.

Liang Mengqi, however, was absent-minded fully seeing Zi Yans eyes.

Her big eyes were both clear and bright.

At this moment, Liang Mengqi felt that she failed.

She indeed could not compare with the madame on appearance.

She was a little disappointed at the thought.

Fortunately, Zi Yan just said hello and went in with Zhang Han, following six nonmembers too.

“Lets go in, too.” Zhao Dahu said with a sigh for he understood Liang Mengqi.

Just then, Yu Qingqing standing beside them said in depression, “Have you heard that The madames voice is so clear and sweet.

Oh, we are both women.

Why her voice seems to be kissed by an angel, but mine is gnawed by a dog.

Comparisons are odious!”



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