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Mengmeng suddenly thought of something and asked, “Nina, when youre on our planet, will you go to school Xiaonao and I have to, anyway.

We will stay in school during the day and go home at six oclock in the afternoon.

There are no classes on weekends.

And on Fridays, school ends earlier.

If you dont want to go to school, you cant be with us in the daytime.”

“Then Ill go to school,” Nina replied without hesitation.

The new Queen of Elves was going to receive education in a middle school in a city.

If this news got out, many people would probably drop their jaws.

Nina would perhaps be the first transfer student from the Elf Clan in history, wouldnt she

The time on the road was rather boring.

However, after the two journeys, Mengmeng finished all her summer vacation homework.

Then, Yue Xiaonao began to copy hers openly.

“Yue Xiaonao”

Every time she attempted to do it; Lisa would use a questioning tone to call out her name.

Then, she would obediently put away her homework.

“Fine, I just wont do it then.


“Though I cant copy Mengmengs work now, after we go back, I can still do it on the first day of school.”

Seeing the look on Yue Xiaonaos face, Lisa and Yue Wuwei felt rather helpless.

But this was no big deal.

Things were still going in the right direction.

As the saying goes, keep good men company and one shall be of the number.

They believed that if Yue Xiaonao had Mengmeng around for a longer time, she would gradually behave herself.

Three days passed in a flash.

“Weve arrived at the Snowfall Star Area,” Li Mu announced.

He then began to introduce the place to them.

“The enormous planet ahead is where the Snowfall Alliance resides.

“The key manufacturing technology of the Snowfall Alliance is handled only by the dwarfs.

It is the other forces in the alliance that are in charge of the sales.

Thousands of years ago, they were a whole and united group.

But over the years, many of their people have reached the God Transformation Realm and gone to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Their business has also gained a stable foothold there.

It is said that the Snowfall Alliances spaceships sell very well there, too.

Their biggest selling place is the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, not the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“The reason for that is the Sea Dragon Star Area is simply too poor as a whole.”

He couldnt help, for he could only have his moment when making introductions of something.

But that was not enough at all.

If he wanted to learn the Dragon Shadow, he still needed to work hard to please the group for a long time.

“This planet looks so big.”

Everyone looked forward and saw an extremely huge planet appearing in front of them.

They were so amazed because the Roland Star they visited before was strikingly different.

The Roland Star was not big.

From the space base, they could see the whole sphere.

But when they were looking at the Snowfall Star from there, they could not see the outline of the planet at all.

The Snowfall Star might be hundreds of times larger than the Roland Star.

“There are more than 100 space bases around the Snowfall Star.

The cities below are extremely developed and heavily populated.

However, only 10 cities are open to visitors.

We cant go to other cities unless we have a pass.”

Li Mu continued to explain, “The Snowfall Alliance has a very strict hierarchy.

If we want to buy spaceships, we can go to Central City, which is the largest among the 10 open cities, and contact some secondary higher-ups.

Just leave this to me.

Ive already asked my father to contact someone.”

“Okay, thank you, Young Master Li.”

Zi Yan glanced at Li Mu and smiled.

She found this young man quite interesting.

“Madam, you dont need to thank me.

Im already very grateful that Senior Zhang has taught me the Highest Clouds Sketch,” Li Mu said with a smile.

The aircraft slowly approached a space base.

After identifying the aircraft, they were finally given a spot to land.

The aircraft then passed through five security tests at the center of the space base.

In the end, the aircraft was connected to the signals on the space base.

“Princess Nina, welcome to the Snowfall Star.”

A project of a man wearing a long robe appeared over the communication device of the aircraft.

He asked straightforwardly, “Young Master Li Mu is also in this aircraft, right”

“Im here.”

Li Mu came over from the side and said, “Hello, are you Lord Comstock Karn”

“Im not Lord Karn.

His Lordship is waiting in Central City for Young Master Li Mus arrival.

Ill fly in front of you to lead the way.” After saying that, the man in a long robe hung up.

Moments later, a small aircraft led the way, and Ninas aircraft followed.

They went through the staff passageway.

That was to say, they didnt have to stand in the line.

In the surrounding Star Areas, the Snowfall Star in the Sea Dragon Star Region was well-known.

A lot of people came here to purchase aircraft and spaceships.

Some local forces of the Sea Dragon Star Area even came over for import and export trade.

Although the Snowfall Star was very large, it had a large population, too.

Many people came and went every day.

Just now, there were already more than 100 aircraft lining up in front of Ninas, waiting to land on the planet.

But going through the staff passageway saved them much time.

They soon penetrated the atmosphere and came to the Snowfall Star.

The sky here was clear blue, just like that on Earth.

The environment was also very beautiful.

When they looked down from the universe a while ago, they saw a lot of areas covered by green plants.

This planet didnt look like a place with full-fledged industry at all.

“The dwarves factories are usually underground.

In terms of manufacturing, they are really amazing.

In fact, they have the capital to establish their own force in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Its just that they have been living on the Snowfall Star from generation to generation.

Their headquarters has always been here since ever.

But they have connections with many powerful figures in the God Transformation Realm.

Therefore, they are the force that one would least want to upset in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

Li Mu subconsciously lowered his voice, saying, “Its also because the Snowfall Alliance refrains from getting involved in others disputes.

Theyve never waged war in the Snowfall Star Area.

This is why other forces hold them in high regard.

The person my father contacted is called Karn.

He is the head of one of the Snow Alliances branches, who is inferior to a protector.

His status is at the medium-high level.

He has some power and influence.

When we see him in a moment, we can talk with him about purchasing spaceships.

For the sake of my father, he wont drive us away if we try to bargain with him.”

When he said this, Li Mu was actually not very confident.

Those who had haggled with the Snow Alliance in the past all got kicked out.

Plus, Li Mu had seen Liu Qingfeng driven a hard bargain twice.

Each time it almost caused him to break in a cold sweat.

That was indeed formidable.

While following the small aircraft ahead, they saw all kinds of mountains and rivers on the way.

They arrived in Central City.

There were huge city walls and imposing city gates, as well as the flowery buildings that towered into the clouds, which made them feel like they were dreaming.

This city was more than 10 times larger and fancier than the cities on the Dal Star.

In the center of the city, there was a high-rise building in a square shape.

It was at least twice as high as the surrounding buildings, which accented its special status.

There were several large words on the top of it.

Li Mu informed, “This is the trading center.

Whatever spaceships you see on this planet, they will all go there to trade in the end.

This is the trading center in Central City.

All the 10 open cities have trading centers.

The left side is the aircrafts parking lot.

That man should be taking us there to park our aircraft, and then go to find Karn.”

As Li Mu had said, the small aircraft in front of them took them to the staff parking area, which was not crowded at all.

After they parked the aircraft, they stepped on flying disks and went up to the top floor of the building.

Then, they entered through a metal door and walked through a long corridor.

This floor was very quiet.

Few people were here.

They only saw a couple of staff members on the way.

The staff members looked at them rather strangely.

It was clear that those who were allowed to come here were not ordinary people.

When they saw Li Mu and Nina, their expressions also changed a bit.

“Oh, it turned out to be that group of people.

“If I remembered it correctly, one of them is a man called Zhang Hanyang.

There is also an old man at least at Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage, whos been highly suspected to be a mighty master in the God Transformation.”

What happened on the Roland Star had caused a huge sensation in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Thus, many people had learned about it.

The group walked through a door with the automatic identification system and entered a spacious room.

“Lord Karn, they are here.”


A man with a pointy nose was sitting inside.

His outfit was black, which was similar to a suit, giving him a business-like air.

He was one of the branch leaders in charge of the trade in Central City.

There was only one chief.

But there were nearly 10 branch leaders.

Even so, given the scale of the city they manage, the branch leaders still had a lot of power.

After the person who led them here left, Karn got up from his seat and came to them, sizing them up.

His eyes lingered a little longer on Zi Yan, Lisa, Liang Mengqi, and other women, then darted to Mengmeng and the other children.

After that, he looked at Ah Hu and the other young men in the group before shooting a quick glance at the elders present.

From this, Liu Qingfeng shrewdly concluded inwardly that this was a man who liked beautiful women, excelled at analysis, had an organized way of thinking, and knew his own mind.

Liu Qingfeng was very experienced in extracting information from observing peoples expressions.

At last, Karn fixed his eyes on Li Mu and smiled.

“Welcome, everyone.

Sect Leader Li has contacted me before, so Ive learned that you want to buy some spaceships.

I can give you some suggestions in this regard.

Please take a seat.”

After saying that, he gestured to the two rows of seats by the window.

Everyone took their seats.

From here, they could see half of the Central City.

However, under Karns control, the window suddenly turned black and could be used as a screen.

Then, pictures of all kinds of spaceships appeared on it.

“Then Ill get straight to the point.

In terms of producing spaceships and fleets, we are professional.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, our products rank top in every aspect, including convenience, signal connection, appearance, comfort, and offensive and defensive systems.

Even many types of our spaceships are very popular in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

I believe you already know this.

Now, I just need you to tell me how many crystal stones you plan to spend on spaceships and what kinds of spaceships you want to buy.

Then, I can provide you with my advice.”

When Karn spoke, he always looked Li Mus way.

Because he didnt know which of them was Zhang Hanyang or which was that mighty senior.

In truth, he didnt want to know.

If the other side thought that they could act unscrupulously on the Snowfall Star just because they had a God Transformation Realm master with them, they would definitely regret it.

The Snowfall Alliance had accumulated great might over the years.

There were also powerful God Transformation Realm masters guarding the Snowfall Star.

It was just that other than the upper echelons of the Snowfall Alliance, the rest of their members did not know about their existence, let alone people from the other forces.

“This…” Of course, Li Mu didnt know what to say, for he was not in charge.

He looked at Zhang Han, who did not intend to speak at the moment, so he flickered his eyes at Yue Wuwei and the others.

“It cant be me to talk to him anyway.”


Karn, I appreciate your straightforwardness.”

Liu Qingfeng knew that it was time for him to take the floor.

Thus, he said voluntarily, “We want to buy a large-scale fleet, including at least 20 main vessels and an even larger number of defensive ships.

Of course, we also want aircraft that can be used in war, exploration, and other scenarios.

As for our budget, its a lot.”

Negotiations could be long-drawn-out.

Liu Qingfeng would not reveal his trump card at once.

He would only show the tip of the iceberg, making the other party wonder and his heart beat faster.

This was the first step of his plan.

It could be said that the cunning Liu Qingfeng had begun to lead the rhythm.

At his words, Karns eyes narrowed slightly.

“At least 20 main vessels

“Its really a big deal.

“The average price of the main vessels produced by the Snowfall Alliance is about 30 million crystal stones.

“Twenty of them would cost at least 600 million.

Adding that they also wanted a larger number of defensive ships and various functional aircraft, the amount of payment is estimated to be at least 1 billion crystal stones.

“One billion!

“Such a big order is very rare.

In the past, only people from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province could make such a huge purchase.”

Karns heart skipped a beat, but his face remained calm.

He thought for a moment, then smiled and said, “It seems the transaction amount is quite significant.

If it wasnt for Sect Leader Lis guarantee, I wouldve doubted if you could really afford it.

So, you want more than 20 main vessels.

Which model do you have in mind I guess youve already picked your favorite one before coming here.”

“Yes, we have picked one.”

Liu Qingfeng unhurriedly picked up the teacup from the table before him and took a sip.

After pausing for three seconds, he finally said blandly, “We want 20 Thunder Kings.”


Karn also took a drink of tea to moisten his throat.

But upon hearing Liu Qingfengs words, he immediately spat the tea out.

“What did you say”

His pupils constricted.

Unable to suppress the shock in his heart, he asked, “Are you sure youre serious What you want is not 20 Marine Monarchs, but 20 Thunder Kings”

A Marine Monarch was at the price of 35 million, whereas, a Thunder King cost 100 million.

Thus, 20 Thunder Kings would cost 2 billion!

After learning that this was such a big order, Karns hands trembled slightly.

If he sealed this deal, he would get not only a generous bonus but also credit points from the alliance, which would be exchanged for many useful things.

“I have to confirm if you have the ability to pay before we can continue our discussion.” Karn took a deep breath and wiped away the tea that he just sprayed.

“There is no need to confirm it.

If the negotiation goes well, we will pay a deposit on the spot,” Liu Qingfeng said flatly.

By telling Karn that they would buy more than 20 Thunder Kings, he first gave Karn a big surprise.

Then, by promising that they would pay a deposit right away, he successfully tossed his second bait.

Liu Qingfeng had begun to take the initiative.

“What do you want to negotiate exactly” Karn asked.

“The Snowfall Alliances spaceships are indeed high-end.

But I like to shop around before making the purchase decision.

Ive contacted several other manufactures such as the Sea Spa Alliance.

The price they offered me is very tempting,” Liu Qingfeng said calmly.

“Ha, with all due respect, compared to our spaceships, the ones those forces make are pieces of crap,” Karn snapped.

“Are you kidding me How could the trash made by those forces compare with our products”

At the same time, he was also a little worried.

“They wouldnt really buy others products, would they

“After all, those spaceships are cheaper.

The Snow Alliances products are good, only the price is too high.

“But this is a deal worth two billion crystal stones!”

Karns mood rose and fell like ocean waves.

The rhythm of the negotiation was completely under Liu Qingfengs control now.

With a smile, Liu Qingfeng waved his hand and said, “Xiao Ling, show Mr.

Karn the final offer the Sea Spa Alliance sent us.”


Xiao Ling handed over a file, which she had asked Li Mu to translate into the common language in the Cultivational World.

Karn took over the file and glanced at it.

Then, his expression changed slightly, and a deep frown climbed onto his forehead.

“The Sea Spa Alliance offered them such low prices Are they trying to snatch away this order

“How could they be so shameless


“This is not a trap they set for me, is it

“Did they really contact people from the Sea Spa Alliance”

Just at this time, Liu Qingfeng waved his hand again, and Xiao Ling handed him a pen-like device, which was a kind of projector.

It played a video, in which a famous man in the Sea Spa Alliance was talking animatedly with Liu Qingfeng with an excited look on his face.

Seeing this, Karn felt a chill enter his heart.

“They did have talked to the Sea Spa Alliance.

And it seemed that the Sea Spa Alliance has promised them something.”

“Camillas has actually conversed with you personally.”

But Karn was a capable leader after all.

He quickly calmed his nerves and said, “Since they already gave you such low prices and so many boons, why did you come to me And you even asked Sect Leader Li to talk to me personally before you came.

I think you also know that our spaceships are the best.”

“Still, we need to take the comprehensive performance-price ratio into account.”

Liu Qingfeng was not at all surprised that Karn had cooled his head.

He waved again, and Xiao Ling immediately delivered another file, which showed the various purchase plans she made.

“I was going to negotiate with you according to this file.”

Before Liu Qingfeng could finish his words, Karn, who had glimpsed at the paper, interrupted him with a slightly austere face.

“Sorry, the Snow Alliance does not accept any reduction in price.

It is not that I am making things difficult for you.

In truth, youre making things difficult for me instead.

The dwarves will by no means accept your terms.

They would rather give up this deal than offer you discounts.”

“On my way here, I heard from Young Master Li Mu about your way of doing business.”

Liu Qingfeng chuckled and took another sip of tea.

After waiting for three seconds, he continued, “So we dont intend to use these purchase plans.

We will buy Thunder Kings at the original price, and the quantity is still 20.”

Upon hearing these words, Karn, who was ready to cast this business opportunity aside, saw hope again.

He didnt even notice that the ups and downs in his mood were exactly caused by Liu Qingfengs words.

The key was that he didnt have much experience in bargaining.

Thus, he was just a virgin in front of a wily businessman like Liu Qingfeng.

“Are you serious” Karn inquired.

“Of course.”

Now the other partys interest had piqued, Liu Qingfeng sighed softly and said, “Its just that I want you to make concessions in other aspects.

We do have a lot of crystal stones.

But we dont want to end up paying more for a fleet that is not much different from other alliances products.”

“No, you wont.

If you own 20 Thunder Kings, you can go wherever you want in the Sea Dragon Star Area, or even surrounding Star Area,” Karn said with a serious face.

“Perhaps youre right.

But at the same price, we can buy more from other alliances.

You saw the price the Sea Spa Alliance offered.

Its a very nice price.

This is why Im a little undecided and want to do further investigations.

I only have one request for you.

Though we wont bargain over the price of Thunder Kings, for each Thunder King, we want you to give us three defensive ships as gifts.

The defensive ship models can be the Water Snake, the Sunflower Land, and the Wind Sailor.

Since were buying 20 Thunder Kings, I think you could do the courtesy of giving out those defensive ships as complimentary gifts.” Liu Qingfeng smiled lightly.

After that, he fell silent, giving the other party time to consider.

“Complimentary gifts”

Karn had never heard this phrase before.

He was dazed for two seconds before cottoning on.

“That just means giving them things for free, doesnt it

“The three defensive ship models he mentioned were worth over 30 million.

They want us to give them defensive ships free of charge Who are they kidding

“If I deduct more than 30 million from the charge, its basically the same as giving him a 40 percent discount according to the purchase plan he showed me, isnt it”

Karn was inclined to turn down this request.

But on second thought, he hesitated.

“Its 20 Thunder Kings were talking about!

“They want three free defensive ships for each Thunder King.

“We still have a large stock of the Sunflower Land and the Water Snake.

The two models sell poorly.

But the prices cant be slashed, at least not in my life.

Instead of leaving them in the warehouse to gather dust, why not give them to a big client for free

“The Wind Sailor is only priced at 10 million crystal stones.

“The other two models are also sold for a little more than 10 million.

The manufacturing costs are way lower than the prices.

Few people are willing to buy these…”

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Karns mind.

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