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“Two billion…”

Liu Qingfeng glanced at Zhang Han.

When they discussed this, Zhang Han promised to give him three billion crystal stones for the purchase.

Now, the payment was just over 2.5 billion crystal stones, which was within his budget.

He had managed to get fairly low prices.

With such a large fleet of spaceships, Liu Qingfeng reckoned that they should be able to go wherever they wanted in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

This Star Area was just a small part of the Cultivation World.

In truth, Liu Qingfeng felt that this place was more like a world dominated by science and technology.

There were few very mighty cultivators.

The main way to measure ones strength was to see what kind of fleet he owned.

It was just that this place was relatively poor, so there were not many fleets.

Moreover, Liu Qingfeng had seen a few fleets owned by other forces.

He found that few fleets were made by the Snowfall Alliance, most of which had only two or three main vessels.

They were the only party who owned such a large fleet completely manufactured by the Snowfall Alliance, including spaceships, main vessels, corvettes, and aircraft.

“Then lets get started with the procedures.”

Zhang Han nodded.


Alwar gave a friendly smile.

He then looked at Karn and said, “You deal with this rest of this deal.

Ill go inform the others.

Also, do your best to entertain these distinguished guests.”

“Yes, Your Excellency.

Rest assured.”


Alwar said goodbye and left.

He walked out the door and followed the corridor to the outer area.

When he stepped on a flying disk, an exquisite silver aircraft quickly approached him.

It was a mini aircraft.

Alwar got on.

As his eyes flickered, a sinister smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He muttered to himself, “Two billion.

Sixth-tier spirit treasures…”

“Go to see Lord Moore.”

The intelligent system instantly picked a route.

The aircraft flew straight out of Central City to the west.

After passing by two cities that were closed to outsiders, it eventually arrived at a towering mountain peak.

The mountaintop was a crater.

Inside it, something like lava was flowing.

There was a layer of flame in there.

The aircraft hovered over the crater.

Alwar said respectfully, “Your Lordship, I have something important to report.”


The layer of flame suddenly boiled, as though a volcano erupted.

All kinds of earth-shattering energies swept across the place.

Sensing the terrifying pressure in the energy beams, Alwar, who was inside the aircraft, lowered his head even more as if he was visiting a king.

This place was where the Snowfall Alliances trump card was, for Guardian Elders in the God Transformation Realm sent over here by the Heavenly Dragon Star Province resided here.

Normally, according to the hierarchy, a chief was not allowed to come here.

But Alwar was quite worldly.

Years ago, he earned the lords acknowledgment and became an honorary disciple.

Thus, he had clearance to come here to contact the mighty elder.

“What is it”

A calm voice came out from the flames, as though the horrible creature sleeping there was about to wake up.

The flames raged more vehemently and the pressure was getting steadily stronger.

Alwar almost couldnt catch his breath.

“We sealed a deal today.

By dusk, well receive two billion crystal stones,” Alwar said in a low voice.


Waves of flames surged to the highest heaven.

The outer surface of Alwars aircraft was scraped by the flames and turned into ashes.


Now the aircraft was damaged, Alwar hurriedly got out.

He turned on his defensive power and floated in the air, watching the aircraft fall into the sea of fire and melt into nothingness.

The mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm was just too terrifying.

Alwar wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

That was just a beam of rogue energy that figure released subconsciously.

But he, a Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage cultivator, could not resist it.

If that figure attacked with all his strength, what kind of horrific scene would it be

This Lord Moore had lived for 1,500 years.

His foundation and strength were extremely formidable.

A decade ago, he came to the Snowfall Star to carry out a mission that would take 20 years.

Alwar was very close to him.

It was said that there had been three people who came here to complete the mission, but only Moore had made it this far.


Endless waves of fire formed a storm, which kept descending and gradually converging into a streak of light.

Alwar saw him!

A man wearing a cloth gown was sitting cross-legged in midair about 100 meters below.

He had long hair and appeared to be in his 50s.

The moment he opened his eyes, a jet of dazzling light flashed through his eyes.

He looked around and asked lightly, “Two billion low-grade crystal stones or two billion medium-grade ones”

“I dont know yet.”

Alwar bowed and said, “I think these may be top-grade crystal stones, because Zhang Hanyang and his people used a lot of top-grade and medium-grade crystal stones to purchase clothes on the Dal Star last time.”

“Zhang Hanyang…” Moore raised his eyebrows slightly and repeated the name.

“I dont know where Zhang Hanyang came from.

His strength is unknown.

Hes engaged in fighting twice.

He should be in the Yuan Ying Realm.

There is an old man in his group, who is at least at the peak of the Yuan Ying Realm and suspected to be a God Transformation Realm master,” said Alwar.

“A God Transformation master Are you sure” Moores eyes narrowed.

“In a second, he killed more than 300 people, including Hu Yuan and six people at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.”

“Cultivators at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage can certainly kill those people.” Moore shook his head slightly and said, “Yet, we cant exclude the possibility that he is in the God Transformation Realm.

But this is no big deal.

Why disturb my cultivation with such a trivial thing”

There was a note of reproach in his tone, which instantly brought Alwar out in a cold sweat.

“No, no, no.”

Alwar quickly said, “Thats not why Im here.

Theres another thing.

Zhang Hanyang and his people have more than 10 kinds of sixth-tier spirit treasures, which are mainstream spirit weapons, such as swords and broadswords.”

“What Sixth-tier spirit weapons” Moores pupils shrank.

“Are you sure”

The aura around Moore soared.

In a flash, his figure appeared right in front of Alwar, his eyes glinting brightly.

“Yes, my lord.

Many people in the Sea Dragon Star Area know about it.

They have seen them use sixth-tier spirit weapons with their own eyes.

Most of them are swords.

Others include long sabers, spears, maces, short daggers, a set of cards, and so on.

They have many kinds of such weapons.

As for the quantity, the conservative estimate is at least 10.

Some people say they have seen them display more than 15 of them,” Alwar said in one breath.

His heart was also beating violently.

He was Lord Moores subordinate, so he had a strong backer.

This time, since there was a chance to get two billion crystal stones and many sixth-tier spirit treasures, he began to make other plans for himself instead of letting the Snowfall Alliance benefit from this deal.

If he snatched all the benefits, he and Lord Moore would be rich and powerful.

The world was vast.

They could totally go somewhere else.

“Hahaha, good, very good.”

Moore guffawed all of a sudden and said, “Tell me in detail about them, especially that cultivator suspected to be in the God Transformation Realm.”


Half a year ago, they took part in a trial on the Lost Continent.

Thats their debut in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Some other forces also sent people to that trial land.

But to everyones surprise, Zhang Hanyangs group was ruthlessly tough.

Zhang Hanyang himself killed Hu Zhiqiang, Hu Bin, and many others.

Its said that his wife, who is known as Moon Empress, is also very powerful…”

Alwar told Lord Moore everything he could find out about them.

After all, back on the Lost Continent, many forces had participated in the trial.

They talked about what they saw there after they got back.

Therefore, such information was no longer a secret.

“Zhang Hanyang.

Moon Empress…”

Moore frowned upon hearing this.

A pensive expression appeared on his face as he deliberated for a full minute.

“Your Lordship, we now have the chance to gain two billion crystal stones and more than a dozen kinds of sixth-tier spirit treasures.

Shall we take the chance” Alwar inquired, revealing a fierce look.

“Im your subordinate.

Although this would put me on the Snowfall Alliances wanted list, Im willing to fight for you as long as you tell me to.”


A trace of playfulness suddenly fleeted through Moores eyes.

“Two billion crystal stones is indeed an exorbitant sum, but Im a Guardian Elders of the Snowfall Alliance.

How can you incite me to betray the alliance for personal gains Are you tired of living”


Alwar gasped in horror.

He braced himself and said, “Your Lordship, I cant see my future or the hope of personal growth in the Snow Alliance, but I can see these things in your leadership.

So I put your interest before that of the Snowfall Alliance.

Hence, I came to inform you of this deal.”


Moore hummed in agreement.

After some thought, he said, “I still need to observe them a little bit.”


Hearing this, Alwar heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

Then, he spoke, “The transaction procedures of the two billion crystal stones will be completed this afternoon.

They promised to pay a deposit of two billion by dusk, so I can only take action before the crystal stones enter the vault.

Otherwise, I wont have a chance at all.”

“I dont need to teach you these basics, do I”

Moore furrowed his brows slightly.

“I see.” Alwar hurriedly nodded.

“What did that mean

“Anyway, I still gotta intercept those crystal stones in the end.”

“Then I will go and get started with it.”

After ascertaining Moores attitude on this, Alwar turned around and flew away.

No one else knew about this.

On Snowfall Star, the strongest person was Moore.

The Snowfall Alliance was a strong force.

It had other three Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage masters protecting it.

But Moore thought they werent worth his attention at all, for they were no threats to him.

Cultivators in the God Transformation Realm could easily draw the energy from heaven and earth.

They also possessed unusual powers.

Thus, even if the several Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage cultivators teamed up, they still could not rival Moore.

What Moore was more afraid of was the cultivator who was suspected to be in the God Transformation Realm.

Moore was merely at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.

If that man was also at that stage, he might not be able to do anything to him.


This was a chance to gain two billion crystal stones and more than a dozen sixth-tier spirit weapons!

It was too tempting for Moore.

From where he was standing, if he could really obtain those things, betraying the Snowfall Alliance would not be a big deal.

“Spiritual Probe!”


After Alwar left, Moore made an incantation gesture with his right hand and cast a soul sense skill.

When one entered the God Transformation Realm, one would have a kind of divine sense.

But under normal circumstances, only those at the peak of the God Transformation Realm would possess the full power of this kind of divine sense.

From the Early Stage to the Late Stage, one would accumulate the sense and transform its power.

Even so, Moores performance of soul sense had already reached an extremely high level.

An enormous amount of spiritual sense energy gushed out, converged into a strand of hair, and quietly climbed onto Alwars head.

Alwar knew nothing about this.

He flew back to Central City and saw Zhang Han and the others in the recreational area.

The dozens of people were all there.

Zhang Han, Yue Wuwei, Zhang Mu, and some adults were sitting in chairs on one side, drinking tea.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Chen Chuan were playing nearby.

They saw a lot of interesting entertainment facilities and fumbled with each of them for a while.

“Whoa! Haha…”

When Chen Chuan was enjoying himself, he would always shout, “Ah, Sister Mengmeng, you are so awesome.

Why didnt you go easy on me Princess Nina, Im coming…”


Laughter and excited shouts could be heard everywhere.

At intervals, Mu Xue would run over to play with them for a while.

Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, Ah Hu, Liu Jiaran, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, were strolling and chatting in pairs.

This scene was like a picture of a leisurely afternoon.

“Your Excellency.”

Karn, who saw Alwar come back, quickly stood up and greeted him.

“Well, how is the transaction going” Asked Alwar.

“Were going through the formalities,” said Karn.

“Itll be over in about two hours.”

Alwar nodded slightly and went straight to Zhang Hans side.

He sat down at the seat where Karn had just sat, facing Zhang Han.

“Go to my place and bring me the treasured Qinghai tea,” Alwar said to Karn.


Then, Alwar asked cordially, “Do you feel comfortable here If you arent used to this place, theres a small lake not far behind.

Its quieter there.”

“Its okay,” Zhang Mu glanced at him and said with a smile, “well stay here for a while.

After we pay the deposit, well go the accommodations to rest.”

“Karn, have you arranged a place for them to stay” asked Alwar.


“Thats good.”

Alwar smiled and said, “I heard days ago that Zhang Hanyang was very powerful.

Now I met you today, I have to say that youre really a young hero, much more powerful than many young talents in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Your future is limitless.”

“You flatter me,” Zhang Han replied calmly.

However, he felt a little upset inwardly.

“Young hero

“I dont think Im that young.”

“Moon Empress is very beautiful.

Zhang Hanyang, I really envy you for having such a beautiful wife.

Oh right, you also have such an adorable daughter,” Alwar said with a chuckle.

Dong Chen looked around and didnt find anything interesting in the end.

Then, he looked at Alwar and said, “Thats no surprise.

Just dont get too jealous.”


Alwar laughed and said, “Envy wont help in this respect.

Zhang Hanyang, I heard that you are also from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Where exactly do you live If its inconvenient for you to fetch the goods when they are ready, our Snowfall Alliance will deliver them to you.”

“Theres nothing inconvenient about it,” Dong Chen said, “you cant go to our place even if you want to.

Well pick up the goods by ourselves.”

“I cant go there”

Alwar was taken aback.

Just as he was pondering, he suddenly heard himself blurted out, “Could that place be in the Chaotic Region”


Alwars heart trembled violently.

He knew it was Lord Moore who controlled him to pose that question.

“Good heavens!

“How could Lord Moore control my body without me noticing”

At the moment, cold sweat ran down Alwars back.

But in less than a second, he calmed down and relaxed his mind.

No one responded to Alwars question.

It was because they knew Alwar wouldnt understand where it was even if they answered.

“Its this man who killed Hu Yuan and the others, am I right” Alwar looked at Yue Wuwei and said hospitably, “Youre a God Transformation Realm master.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family cant do anything to you.

Even if they want to harm you, you will be absolutely safe on the Snowfall Star.

If you like, you can stay here for some time with ease.”

“Who said that Im a God Transformation Realm master” Yue Wuweis expression froze.

He shook his head and smiled faintly.

“He is not

“Is he at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage

“How could he say it just like that Did they choose to do business with us because the Snow Alliance has a good reputation and this is a safe environment”

Alwar was slightly dazed.

Sensing the faint presence of energy in his body dissipate, he knew that Lord Moore had dispersed that trace of his will.

Seeing that no one in the group was in the mood for conversation, Alwar got up and took his leave.

He went to Karns office to rest.

He stood in front of the window with a cup of tea.

He waited silently for the next two hours to pass.

“Im tired.”

When Chen Chuan was done playing, he ran to Chen Changqing, took a seat, and started drinking juice.

After taking a gulp, he mumbled, “Daddy, tell me a story.

Sister Mengmeng has become so smart because she heard a lot of stories.”

“Huh Okay.” Chen Changqing could not say no to him.

After thinking for a while, he began, “Once upon a time, there was a frog.”

Chen Chuan said, “Youd told that one.

I want to hear something I havent heard.

You can tell me historical stories, too.”

“Oh, okay.” Chen Changqing thought for two seconds and said slowly, “In the Tang Dynasty, there was a frog…”

Everyone was lost for words.

“Emperor Qings reallygood at telling stories.”

Zhang Han thought of the stories he told Mengmeng back then.

The story-telling game went on for several years.

Now, he had brought Mengmeng to start exploring the Cultivation World.

“Time really flies.”

Zhang Han cast a gentle look at Mengmeng, who was playing on the side.

The little girl was more than 1.5 meters tall now.

She was slender and pretty, no longer as childish as before.

She was already like an adult and began to have her own ideas, which were quite many.

She was clever and impish.

That gave many people headaches but also brought them happiness.

As Zhang Han sat there, his thoughts drifted back in time.

He remembered that when he just returned to Earth, he appeared on Mount Lang Xing in Shang Jing and was about to participate in a racing game.

At that time, Mengmeng was dressed with poor taste.

Her clothes were very casual.

But that couldnt hide her delicate face.

She was very cute.

She looked at him with her big eyes and called out “Daddy”.

After that, to cheer the little girl up, Zi Yan began to guide her to call Zhang Han PaPa.

The little girl followed him around all day and wouldnt leave him for a second.

She was very obedient and did whatever he said.

She often played quietly beside him, as if she was afraid that he would disappear in the next second.

Even if she was playing with toys, she would turn around to look at him every few seconds.

Later, he and Zi Yan fell in love and became a real couple.

It was true love, only that the true love came after they had a child.

The sequence was somewhat reversed.

But in Zhang Hans opinion, only in this case could they tacitly understand each other in such a short time.

On her first day of kindergarten, Mengmeng cried very hard, as though it was the end of the world.

But after she had a friend, Wang Yihan, she gradually got used to the life in school.

Then, she entered primary school and now was in junior high.

Unknowingly, many years had passed.

“Alas, time went by too fast.”

Zhang Han sighed again in his head, but then he laughed again.

“But our lives are just beginning.

“Were family.

Well stick together forever.

“I dont have to become that high and mighty Han Yang Immortal again.

“Id be happy enough to you and your moms hero.”

As Mengmeng grew up, Zhang Hans mentality had quietly changed a little.

He had mixed feelings, but what he felt more strong was the hope of having more happiness and joy in his future life.

Seeing the gentle look in Zhang Hans eyes, Zi Yan smiled and whispered, “Are you thinking of the past”


Zhang Han looked back at the gorgeous woman.

With a stir of his mind, a soundproof cover cast upon them.

Zhang Han said playfully, “I remembered something.”

“What is it” Zi Yan was slightly stunned.

“Could it be some sort of secret”

“Should weshake the aircraft in a few days” A unique smirk appeared on Zhang Hans face.

“Shake the aircraft”

Zi Yans beautiful big eyes paused.

She was wondering about the meaning of Zhang Hans words.

She knew what Zhang Hans smile meant, but she couldnt figure out what he suggested for now.


Look, the aircraft we ordered can be picked up in a few days.” Zhang Han nodded.


Zi Yan was stunned.

Then, she groaned, “What are you thinking”

“Ahem, honey, when we first started dating, we did it several times a day, but now its once several days.” Zhang Han coughed softly.

“Geez, there are so many people here.” Zi Yan blinked quickly.

She lowered her head and looked around as if observing if anyone was peering at them or eavesdropping.


Zhang Han burst out laughing.


Mu Xue and the others nearby were slightly stunned when they saw Zhang Hans expression.

He was laughing so happily.

Logically, his laughter should be very loud.

However, they did not hear anything.

“Oh, it turns out that there is a soundproof cover.

“What conversation could they possibly want to hide from us as to cast a soundproof cover here”

Several people looked over at the couple.

Zhang Han then dispersed the soundproof cover.

But a white and tender hand stealthily approached his waist and pinched him.


Zhang Han let out a weird cry.

“Whats wrong”

Rong Jiali raised her head in confusion.

“Daddy, whats with you”

Mengmeng was startled.

She quickly put down the toys in her hand and ran over.

She looked him up and down, and then turned to look at Yue Wuwei.

“Did you bully my daddy”

Yue Wuwei felt very wronged.

“What do I have to do with this”

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