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“Havent you ever watched a movie” Zhou Fei glanced at Li Mu.

“The kind of short video that plays on the screen Movie Oh, I see,” Li Mu suddenly understood.

“There were some people who produced movies several hundred years ago, and some of those movies passed down, but few people would be interested in watching them nowadays.

Thus, the industry gradually declined.”

“If you want to make a movie, I can play the main male part,” Li Mu said with interest.

He made the suggestion not because he was interested in the film industry, but because he thought it was good to stay with them.

Originally, he was very worried that he wouldnt be able to follow them after they went to Cloud Shadow Sky.

If he would play a role in their movie, then he would be able to stay with them.

“Look at you.” Mengmeng looked at Li Mu and sighed with emotion.

“You are neither handsome nor outstanding.

You have nothing special with you.

You are not cut out to be an actor.”

Li Mu was rendered speechless.

The words stabbed him in the heart.

How he wished he were a girl.

He felt quite frustrated.

“Mengmeng, dont be so straightforward though youre telling the truth,” Chen Chuan said with a pout.

The words stabbed Li Mu again.

He looked a little annoyed.

He took a deep breath and thought, “Dont take a childs words into the heart.”


Seeing Chen Chuans funny expression, Nina couldnt help laughing.

“This brat is quite interesting,” she thought.

She didnt know that Chen Chuan had learned from Mengmeng to speak in that naughty manner.

Liu Qingfeng looked at Li Mu and asked, “Isnt there anything like a publicity film in the Sea Dragon Star Area now”

“Yes, but its relatively few.” Li Mu thought for a moment and replied, “More than 70% of the places in the Sea Dragon Star Area have satellites that guarantee smooth communication.

Many forces, such as the Snowfall Alliance, have their own signal addresses.

Its convenient to check them, and you can always find what you want by searching through them.

However, some people would still get some influential people to shoot films for their products so as to make them more famous.”

“Because the Sea Dragon Star Area is relatively remote, coupled with the influence of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, the industry is not quite developed here,” Zhang Han chimed in.

“After we go to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, we would find that the industry is more developed there and they have some famous stars.”

“You must have been to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.” Yue Wuwei suddenly looked at Zhang Han and said, “I finally found out your secret.

Heh, you cant hide it from us anymore.”

“What secret are you referring to Besides, I have never hidden anything from you, have I” Zhang Han was slightly stunned.


Yue Wuwei was also stunned.

“Then tell me, how do you know so much”

Many people turned to look at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han thought for two seconds and then sighed with a serious face before replying, “I cant tell you.”


Zi Yan burst out laughing, regardless of her usual image as a lady.

Mengmeng also giggled, in a manner that was very similar to Zi Yans.

Just by looking at her delicate face, one could know that she would grow up into a pretty, otherworldly fairy just like Zi Yan.


Yue Wuwei snorted with a gloomy face.

He thought to himself, “I must find an opportunity to teach this kid a lesson.”

At this moment, Mengmeng suddenly asked, “Xiaonao, you didnt shave your fathers beard that day, right”

“In fact, I did, but its useless because it grew back again in the morning,” Yue Xiaonao said discouragedly, looking at Yue Wuwei with dissatisfaction.

“Whats the point of keeping that beard!” she wondered.

“Well, Madam.”

Seeing that everyone was distracted by the subject, Li Mu walked to Zhang Han, looked at Zi Yan carefully, and asked, “If youre going to make a movie, I can really try the main male part, or at least, let me play a walk-on part please.”


Zhou Fei was slightly surprised.

“You didnt know what a movie was just now, and now, you knew what a walk-on part is.

So you were just pretending.

We surely dont want a scheming person in our movie.”

“No, no.” Li Mu explained in a hurry.

“I just checked the history of the film industry.

There was a director who claimed to be the best director in Sea Dragon Star Area.

He had made quite a lot of movies, and I saw the detailed introduction and learned that there were leading actors, leading actresses, supporting actors, supporting actresses, and walk-on roles in those movies.”

“I see.” Zhou Fei nodded.

“Lets talk about it when Im interested in making a movie and Ill leave the main walk-on role to you.” Zi Yan joked.

Everyone joked with Li Mu from time to time.

That possibly was because of Zhang Hans attitude toward him.

Zhang Han allowed him to join his team and taught him Highest Clouds Sketch, and even displayed Dragon Shadow in front of him when he left.

Those showed that he kind of trusted this man.

Now, Zhang Han didnt pay much attention to him and didnt teach him anything.

He just kept him in suspense.

However, Li Mu was an unbending, upright man with a strong will.

Thus, those people all loved to joke with him.

“Okay, Ill be at your service all the time.”

Li Mu patted his chest.

While they were talking, they walked along the corridor, passed through various areas, and came to the control room.

“Welcome, everyone, Im the intelligent system of the Thunder King.”

A ball floated in the air in front of them, scanned them, and addressed Liu Qingfeng as “master”.

“Han, Im the person with the highest authority here.

How about I give the authority to you” Liu Qingfeng asked.

“No, these fleets are for your company.

What do I need the authority for” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Zhang Han was not even interested in the main vessel of the Thunder King.

He had grown bored with all kinds of king vessels.

Hearing his words, Liu Qingfeng sighed with emotion.

“I might be considered a good leader, but youre the best boss behind the scenes Ive ever known.

Ive never seen anyone as excellent as you, Han.

Ah Hu, you should learn from him.”

“Well, I cant become as excellent as him no matter how hard I try to learn,” Ah Hu said with a smile.

“Ill just follow your lead.

I like to work effortlessly.”

“Oh, right, everyone has their own ambitions.” Liu Qingfeng shook his head slightly, looked at the ball in front of him, and said, “Put away all the aircraft and communicate with other main vessels and corvettes only through the signal.

Lets go to the Cloud Shadow Sky.”

“Order received.

Aircrafts boarding begins.”

An electronic voice rang out.

All kinds of aircraft flew to the main vessel of the Thunder King under the guidance of the intelligent system.

Thousands of aircraft were almost fully loaded.

“Youre heading towards the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Ten seconds left to set off.

The countdown starts.

“The energy device has been activated.

“Youll enter the secondary space in ten seconds.

“Now youre entering the secondary space.

“There are 13 hours and 20 minutes before you can arrive at the Cloud Shadow Sky.

“I wish everyone a pleasant journey.”

After that, the electronic voice stopped talking.

There was nothing interesting in the control room.

Thus, they went to the leisure area, to listen to music, drink coffee and cold drinks, and stroll around the spaceship.

It had to be said that the main vessel with a tonnage of over one hundred million was well equipped with all kinds of facilities.

There were luxury suites similar to those in the hotels.

Besides, those rooms were enabled to simulate the environment, such as a starry sky, a blue sea, and a flower field, so they could choose whatever environment they wanted when they slept.

What was more, they could watch what was happening outside while staying in the room.

It was just that after they entered the secondary space, all they could see outside was sparkling light.

It took them two hours to walk around the spaceship.

“Daddy, I havent played any games in the Game Capsule these days.

I went to bed early and got up early too.” Mengmeng pouted her pink lips and smiled at Zhang Han with a very cute expression.

There was a hidden meaning in her words.

Zhang Han laughed and cleared his throat before saying, “Uncle Liu, tell them to stop the spaceship at a nearby tech star.

We want to buy a Game Capsule.

Then, we can set off again.”

“Youve spoiled her.” Zi Yan smiled helplessly and rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

“No, Daddy is not spoiling me.

He is just showing his love for me.” Mengmeng walked to Zhang Han, wrapped her arm around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thats enough.”

Zhang Han said with a smile, “Youre already a grown-up.

Stop acting like a small child.”

Despite his words, he felt very happy in his heart.

It was a typical case of not expressing his feelings honestly.

“So what Ill always be your little daughter no matter how old Im,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Lets go to buy the Game Capsule.”

“Alas!” Yue Wuwei, who was standing next to them, sighed and looked at Yue Xiaonao, hinting that she should come over to kiss him.

However, Yue Xiaonao acted as if she hadnt gotten the hint.

“Xiaonao, do you want to buy a Game Capsule” Yue Wuwei touched his beard and asked.

“Game Capsule Mengmeng will buy one for me.

Her family is so rich, and she wouldnt mind buying one for me,” Yue Xiaonao answered in a flat tone.

Yue Wuwei was speechless.

“Dont you know that our family is richer than hers, my little girl” he thought.

“Go to the nearest tech star.”

Liu Qingfeng spoke to the intelligent system.

“Order received.”

“Youll leave the secondary space in three seconds.”

“Locating the nearest tech star.

Jessiburou Star is the nearest one.

It will take you 15 minutes to get there.”

“Ready to set off.

Youll enter the second space in five seconds.”

This time, it would take them 15 minutes to get there.

As a tech star, Jessiburou Star was as prosperous as the Dal Star.

However, Jessiburou was a more diversified star, while the Dal Star only consisted of two areas near the safe voyage tracks, and it was not always safe in its secondary space.

Take the Blue Sand Star Area as an example, if one traveled to the secondary space of that star, one had to face a violent sandstorm.

Even the Thunder King might not be able to survive the sandstorm, which would destroy ones Yuan Ying in several seconds.

Soon, they arrived at the space station of the Jessiburou Star.

There were only a few fleets passing by or patrolling for daily missions.

These fleets, consisting of small spaceships, only had one to five corvettes each.

Because the space station was not large, it looked quite crowded at the moment with spaceships coming from all directions.

The Sea Dragon Star Area could be said to be enormous.

Without a spaceship, a cultivator in the Yuan Ying Realm would have to spend more than a hundred years crossing through just two star areas of the Sea Dragon Star, relying on his mecha and his own strength.

However, with a spaceship and the technology of the secondary space, one could travel through the Sea Dragon Star Area at a much faster speed.

It would only take them eight to ten days.

The spaceship was very fast, but the universe was too huge.

Thus, it would take months to fly from the Sea Dragon Star Area to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, and would take another month to fly across the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

After parking their spaceships, some people entered the passage of the space station by aircraft, ready to enter the Jessiburou Star.

There were aircraft lining up at each of the ten passageways.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

Just as those people were chatting, sharp alarming sounds rang out through the whole space station.

Many people panicked at once.

“Whats going on”

They looked back and were shocked by what they saw.

“An enemy vessel is coming!”

“Oh my god, whats that Thun… Thunder King Ten main vessels with a tonnage of over one hundred million”

“How is this possible”

“Several dozen corvettes! Were finished! Theres no way we can stop them with our strength.”


A few spaceships that had just berthed immediately turned around, ready to flee.

Unexpectedly, the Thunder King, followed by ten main vessels, approached the space station slowly without any sign of launching an attack.

“Not an enemy”


The head of the space station turned pale and swallowed his saliva.

He felt as if his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

The combat power of this fleet was simply too terrifying.

“Could it be the people from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province Why would they come to this poor star Are they here to rob us” he wondered.

“Sir, the Thunder King released a signal, requesting to connect to our space station.”

“Connect to them.”

The head of the space station took a deep breath.

A figure appeared on the screen of the device in front of him.

“Sir, youre…” the head of the space station asked cautiously.

“We are here to buy some Game Capsules.”


The head of the space station was stunned.

“What did you say You came all this way here with ten main vessels just to buy some Game Capsules Are you kidding me I doubted it.”

However, he did not dare to say that he doubted his words.

“Sir, what kind of Game Capsules do you want to buy I can have someone bring them over here,” he said in a low voice.

“No need.

We want to select in person.”

“Then, sir, can you tell your fleet to stop at a further place Im afraid… they would accidentally crash our space station,” the head of the space station stuttered.

He was a little flustered.

Being only at the Peak-Stage of the Golden Core Realm, he couldnt withstand any blow from the Thunder King.


The head of the space station was surprised that the man agreed so easily.

The whole fleet approached the space station like a large black cloud, with a suppressing aura.

It slowly moved to the side and stopped in the void.

A moment later, five aircraft flew out from the Thunder King, which was at the center of the fleet.

The leading aircraft was crystal blue, flying like a dancing butterfly, looking very magnificent.

Many people were stunned after seeing the aircraft.

“Its the Blue Butterfly!”

“They must be from a highly-developed Star Area!”

“Theyre so rich.”

As the five aircraft slowly approached, the head of the space station thought for a moment before opening an emergency passage for them.

He got in an aircraft to receive them in person, and carefully led them to the cities on the planet.

“So they are really here to buy Game Capsules!” the head of the space station was surprised after seeing that Zhang Han and his companions bought several dozen Game Capsules of the best quality at a high price without hesitation.

“They are so rich!” he thought.

“Young Master Li.”

“Princess Nina.”

“They are Zhang Hanyang and his companions.”

The head of the space station did not relax until Zhan Han left with his companions in their luxurious aircraft.

“Does Zhang Hanyang have such a large fleet”

The thought frightened many people.

After they thought about it carefully, they were extremely scared.

Since Zhang Hanyang had a large fleet, the actions the Tiger Talisman Royal Family had taken against him were really ridiculous.

Even if they joined hands with more than ten forces, their fleets couldnt be a match for Zhang Hans.

Zhang Hans fleet was simply too strong.

However, this was just a small episode during the journey.

Zhang Han stopped there and got off simply because Mengmeng wanted some Game Capsules.

“This pink Game Capsule is yours.”

Zhang Han, standing beside Mengmeng, pointed to a pink Game Capsule, bent down, and whispered in her ear, “Ive topped it up, so you can slash at your targets freely.”


Mengmeng widened her big shining eyes, and then she raised her index finger and said, “Shh.”

She was suggesting her father keep it a secret.


Zhang Han coughed softly and stood up.

He was satisfied to see Mengmengs happy look.

“Guys, go in and have a try if you want to play the game,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“This is the new Game Capsule that Ive mentioned.

It is said that its main game is Bone Demon World,” Nina said with emotion.

Mo Wen and Li Mu had grown numb toward how Zhang Han spent money like water.

“I want to have a try too.” Liu Qingfeng was also interested in this kind of Game Capsule.

He thought he should try the thing that he had never experienced before.

Deep Flame and Zhang Mu entered a Game Capsule each, too.

“This capsule looks like a coffin,” Mu Xue muttered, opened the capsule, and lay down, finding that it was quite comfortable.

Even Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Liu Jiaran, and others all went to play the game in the Game Capsules.

While Zhang Hans Game Capsule was a big, black one, Zi Yans was a big, blue one, and Mengmengs was a small, pink one.

The others Game Capsules all were milk-white.

“I think the Bone Demon World is kind of related to the Bone Demon Field behind the Space Portal of Saint Warrior Planet.”

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei were chatting.

Except for the two of them, others all had entered their Game Capsules.

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “I think Bone Demon is something exaggerated.

Logically speaking, it shouldnt exist in a place like the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Since it exists because of the Saint Warrior Planet, there should be some secrets behind it, right”

“Oh, now you wanted to ask me about this.

Dont you know everything Why did you ask me” Yue Wuwei snorted.

“It seems that you dont know much either.” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“Ahem, Ahem! You are really so smart.”

Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and sighed softly.

“The Bone Demon Field is one of the few places that I dont know in the Saint Warrior Planet.

The energy of the Light Gate is carried by a sheer force of will of the old master and has existed for a long time.

I dont know how the Bone Demon Field came into being.

The Bone Demons in it have been lying down these years, but earlier than that, they had been a headache to the Dark Shadow Clan and the Kunlun Immortal World.

The latter had joined hands with all the forces they could to suppress the reproduction of the Bone Demons.

These demons are really scary and rare in the Star Areas.

There is an entrance leading to the Bone Demon Field in the Chaotic Region.

Its possibly generated from the same source as the Bone Demon Field behind the Light Gate in the Saint Warrior Planet.”

“The entrance leading to the Bone Demon Field in the Chaotic Region should be sealed now.

Otherwise, it would only be a matter of time before the Bone Demons swallow the whole Sea Dragon Star Area, considering their fast reproduction speed,” Zhang Han said.

“Normally speaking, thats the case.

Its just that the Bone Demons behind the light gate are a little different.

They have the ability of resurrection but they cant reproduce.

If Im right, their ability to reproduce has been suppressed by the old master,” Yue Wuwei said with a frown.

There were some things that he had to observe and guess in order to reach a conclusion.

He did not know whether his conclusion was correct or not.

“Since that mysterious old master regarded the Saint Warrior Planet as his back garden, why would he allow the existence of the Bone Demons” Zhang Han was puzzled.

“I dont know.”

Yue Wuwei curled his lips and thought for a moment before he said, “Maybe it was because the Bone Demons had already grown strong when the old master came So he just sealed them.

Its strange that the old master didnt destroy the Bone Demons while he could do so easily.

Could it be that the existence of the Bone Demons could be beneficial”

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