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Chapter 1100 Cloud Shadow Sky

“The benefits of Bone Demons…” Zhang Han slightly shook his head and said, “They also come in different grades.

Bone Demons behind Light Gates are low-grade.

To get a general idea of them, you should go see their core clan.”

“Hey, theres nothing you dont know.

You say its because you got the martial arts heritage of predecessors Are you sure youre not possessed” Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han suspiciously.

He now seriously suspected that Zhang Han had been possessed by an old monster.

“Your imagination has run wild.”

Zhang Han shook his head and smirked, not explaining more.

He found it funny to watch Yue Wuwei scratch his head with wonder and anxiety.

Zhang Han had two encounters with Bone Demons before.

He could still recall the first confrontation with Bone Demons when he was at the Mastery Realm.

He entered the Demon Skeleton Kings territory by mistake and was fiercely chased by him and his army of millions of Bone Demons.

The second time, he took the initiative to go into the Bone Demons territory.

At that time, the planet had just been invaded by Bone Demons.

There were treasures he prepared to collect.

At that time, Zhang Han was at the sixth tier of the Tribulation Stage.

Just then, he ran into the Vile Bone Demon King who was leading the army.

He was hunted again and forced to run tens of thousands of miles before shaking them off.

Both two encounters were close calls, which were still fresh in his memory.

The Saint Warrior Planet was connected with the Bone Demon Field.

Zhang Han kept thinking there was some special meaning behind this, but he couldnt see or figure out the mysterious masters thought.

Yue Wuwei didnt know much of this either.

It seemed that the Bone Demon Field was one of the top secrets on the Saint Warrior Planet.

Then, everyone went to play the game, the Bone Demon World.

Only Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han sat opposite each other at the small table outside, drinking tea.

“When will you break through the Yuan Ying Realm”

After chatting for a while, suddenly Yue Wuwei glanced Zhang Han up and down and said, “I think if you want to make a breakthrough, it should be about now.”

Zhang Han shook his head and replied, “No rush.

I want more time to prepare for it.”

“Well, breaking through to the Yuan Ying Realm is a big hurdle for others.

But for you, its something you can do at any time, as long as you want to.

Youre so capable.

No wonder youve won Zi Yans heart and had a child with her.” Yue Wuwei sighed with emotion.

It seemed that getting Zi Yan to marry him was a huge achievement.

“Hem, well, maybe its because Im charming.”

Zhang Han coughed softly.

Yue Wuwei didnt say a word.

He was rather speechless.

“Do you know about the Sea Thunder Star” Yue Wuwei changed the subject.

“No idea.”

“Its in the Chaotic Region, which was formed 100 years ago.

The whole planet is covered with a vast sea and wrapped in thunder and lightning.

Those below the God Transformation Realm cant approach it at all,” Yue Wuwei said slowly, “there is a sixth-tier treasure on that planet called the Thunder Ring Tree.

I think it can do great good to your Thunder Method.”

“Thunder Ring Tree” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“Thank you for telling me, Elder Yue.”

“Youre welcome.

To put it bluntly, since Mengmeng became the Heavenly Lord, we have been on the same team.

I surely can give you some help,” Yue Wuwei said calmly.

“Youre right.

Then Ill have to trouble you the next time I come here,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Huh Dont take me wrong.

I merely want to tell you about the Sea Thunder Star.

I didnt say I would take you there.

Cant you go by yourself” Yue Wuwei said grumpily.

“That would be a waste of my time,” Zhang Han immediately replied.

“If I have time, Id rather take Mengmeng to go to more fun places.”

“How come you dont have any aspiration for adventures” Yue Wuwei was a little exasperated and disappointed.

“Cultivators should keep fighting.

You cant indulge in your previous victories all the time.

Otherwise, it will not be good for the future development of your mentality.”

“I can find it myself, but I dont think I have to do it in person,” Zhang Han replied.

“Haha, now its dawned on me that youre bossing me around as if I were your subordinate, arent you” Yue Wuwei then added with a sneer, “You really look like that boneheaded King of Elves now.”

“Im flattered.”


Yue Wuwei quickly lost in the argument.

He did not know what else to say.

Of course, the last part of what Yue Wuwei said was just a joke.

He not only valued Zhang Hans ability but also admired him from the bottom of his heart.

It was already extraordinary for Yue Wuwei, who was incredulously powerful, to admire someone.


The first to get out of the Game Capsule was Mu Xue.

She scratched her hair with a mad look on her face.

“Im so miffed! Im gonna lose it! What the heck is this game Its not a fair game!”

Before she came back to her senses, she looked around and found that Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei were the only ones sitting there.

Thus, she ran over and said, “Master, this game is just annoying.”

“Why did it annoy you” Zhang Han asked in amusement.

“At the start of the game, the first task was to build our own strongholds.

As a result, thousands of mouse demons flooded over before I even made a move.

I couldnt resist them at all.

I was bitten to death six times.

To revive my character, I used up all the Revival Coins given to me when I created the character.

Now I can only wait in the Novice Village for my resurrection.

This is not a game played by people.

Bah, only freaks can play this!” Mu Xue yelled, bristling with anger.


Suddenly, another voice came out.

It was Elder Mengs.

He touched his forehead and said with lingering fear, “This game is really difficult.

I didnt get to explore the Bone Demon World.

There were too many monsters there.”

“Did you also die six times” Mu Xue asked.

“Its impossible to build a stronghold there,” Elder Meng said firmly.

“Yes, I also think its impossible.” Mu Xue calmed down and was no longer mad anymore.

Now, she felt a little amazed by the game.

“The Game Capsule made it so realistic.

I could even feel the pain.

Its just that the first task is too difficult.

Its not friendly to novices at all.”

“Didnt you check the guidance before playing the game” Zhang Han pulled a wry face.

“The guidance”

Mu Xue was stunned, then disheartened.

“We could check the guidance I didnt know that.

Master, why didnt you remind us before Humph.”

“Wow, this feels great.

Ive experienced the feeling of death six times.”

Xu Yong walked out of the Game Capsule and stretched.

After that, the others came out of their Game Capsules one after another.

All of them were talking about the game.

This group of novices seemed to have appeared on a planet that had not been explored by other players.

The first task was to establish their own stronghold.

After that, they could gradually begin to explore that world.

However, this first task of establishing a stronghold had stumped all of them.

Liu Qingfeng, Wang Xiaowu, Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, and the others soon came out.

All of them were defeated.

Now, only Li Mu, Zi Yan, Nina, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Chen Chuan, and Lisa were still playing in the Game Capsules.

“How come theyve been playing for so long”

Needless to say, they had overcome the first challenge.

It was not until there was an hours flight left before they reached the Cloud Shadow Sky that the seven of them walked out of their Game Capsules.

“Oh, Im a little dizzy,” Chen Chuan said in a daze.

“This game is quite interesting,” Mengmeng said, giggling.

“Interesting” Mu Xues eyes widened slightly.

“Did you succeed in your task Did you establish a stronghold”

“No.” Mengmeng shook her head.

“Oh, you didnt either.”

Mu Xue relaxed a little.

But the next second, Chen Chuan muttered, “Sister Mengmeng directly built a city.”


“Mengmeng, how did you build a city” Jiang Yanlan asked in confusion.

“It was simple.

I bought one.

Ive decorated it with a lot of buildings.

They were all beautiful,” Mengmeng replied matter-of-factly.

“You bought it”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Many people looked at Zhang Han immediately.

Even a fool could tell that Mengmengs loving father had top-upped the money for her.

“I saw the city Mengmeng built.

It was large,” Li Mu said with an impressed look on his face.

No one else among the new players had built such a large city before.

Mengmeng had even made it on the global radio in the game world for this.

The player named Princess Mengmeng built New Moon City at Node 312.36623.13216.

It could accommodate more than 100,000 people.

The radio broadcast meant that players who wanted to rest could go into the city.

If one logged out, one could take a break.

In addition, players could browse the scripts nearby.

When escaping, they could also go to the city.

Since the radio had announced the existence of that city, it meant that the city was absolutely safe, which was equivalent to an official shelter。

However, they had to pay the required sum of game currency to enter the city.

That was the source of income for strongholds.

“I led Mrs.

Zhang, Mrs.

Yue, Xiaonao, and Nina, to build their villages.

The safety of those villages is only average.

Itll take a lot of time to build up the defense.

But all we need to do is to strengthen the walls and get more weapons,” said Li Mu with a smile.

He had finally given them some help.

Of course, he would say it out loud to show off.

“You led them” Mu Xue asked, “You are all novices.

How could you be their leader”

“Im not a novice.

I used my own account to play.

I was not at a high level, but it was easy for me to build strongholds,” Li Mu said with ease.

“How can we establish a stronghold without any special help” Liu Qingfeng asked.

“Other than relying on luck or spending crystal stone, its impossible to build a stronghold.

All novices have to go through this,” Li Mu said with a smile.

“Sh*t! Isnt this a scam”


At first, the game was just a game.

Even Mu Xue, Zhang Mu, and a few others were not particularly interested in it.

Later, they heard from Zhang Han that the Bone Demon World might be similar to the Bone Demon Field behind the Light Gates in the Kunlun Immortal World and the Kings Domain.

Thus, they reckoned could play this game in their spare time to gain some knowledge of that place.

That aroused their interest.

After they began to play, unknowingly, they were riveted by the games tasks.

Just like that, the group began to discuss how they played the game.

On the other side, in the Sea Central Star Area.

It was the largest Star Area in the Sea Dragon Star Area, which also had the largest number of planets with science and technology.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family was located there.

They controlled seven planets that were adjacent to one another.

The largest planet was where the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys biggest base was.

More and more fleets appeared near the space station.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

One after another, the fleets left the secondary spaces and turned up some distance away from the planet.

They slowly approached the space station and joined the group.

More than 500 spaceships had gathered there.

Among them, there were more than 50 main vessels.

The people present all knew that this was merely the beginning of the change.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys alliance was very mighty.

They were ready to attack.

There were nearly a hundred people in the largest conference room of the space station.

They were all seated together.

The room was very quiet.

Everyone was looking at the five people sitting in the honored seats, who were the most influential figures in the room.

Sitting in the middle was Hu Tianshan, a Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage master, the right-hand man of the king of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Hu Tianshan looked somewhat delicate.

He was slim, with willow-leaf-shaped eyebrows and small eyes.

He appeared gentle and tender.

However, those who knew him knew that it was an illusion.

Hu Tianshan was a complete bad*ss.

Back when the Tiger Talisman Royal Family first began to fight for territories, Hu Tianshan alone conquered seven planets in the Sea Central Star Area and had slaughtered countless people.

Many people had habitually called him Butcher Hu.

He was the person with the highest strength and status present and also the person in charge of the expedition.

“I just got the news.”

Hu Tianshans voice sounded soft, or perhaps distant.

It didnt make people feel pressured.

He looked just like an ordinary middle-aged man.

His right finger moved slightly, then a few pictures appeared on the screen behind him.

A large number of translucent, sparkling Thunder Kings and numerous corvettes were shown in the pictures.

“Someone bought 10 Thunder Kings, 60 corvettes, and thousands of aircraft from the Snowfall Alliance,” Hu Tianshan said calmly.

“Ten Thunder Kings That buyer must be rich.”

Many people present began to talk about it.

“It seems that these are the products the Snowfall Alliance sold to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Someone saw Li Mu from the Cloud Shadow Sky, Nina the Elemental Elf, and a group of people got on a Thunder King and left.

They were Zhang Hanyang and his group.

After that, they bought dozens of Game Capsules on a small technological planet.

They seem to be leaving the Falling Snow Star for the Cloud Star Area.

That is to say, Zhang Hanyang bought this fleet.”


As if a stone had been thrown into a peaceful lake, many people were shocked and stumped for words.

“How is this possible This fleet is worth billions of crystal stones.

They paid for all those ships in one go And they made the payment so soon”


“Haha!” An old man in the crowd suddenly laughed mockingly.

“Even if they have this fleet and it can bring us trouble, this war is unavoidable.”

“The war will occur, but not now.” Hu Tianshan gently tapped the table with his right index finger.

“The Cloud Shadow Sky also has a large-scale fleet.

With their alliance and the 10 Thunder Kings, even if we gather all the fleets we have, we may not be able to defeat them.

The loss would outweigh the gain.

Zhang Hanyangs background is also suspicious.

Maybe he comes from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Anyway, there is no one as rich as him in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

After that, Hu Tianshan stood up and said lightly, “This operation is put on hold.

Everyone, you can go back to your places.

If there is any news, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family will send someone to contact you.”


Hu Tianshan came and went without a trace.

His body gradually became transparent and disappeared from the conference room, leaving everyone staring at each other at a loss.

“They actually bought 10 Thunder Kings! Thats one billion crystal stones.

How terrifying!”

“Did Zhang Hanyang buy these alone Could it be that the Elemental Elf and the Cloud Shadow Sky have bought these with all their crystal stones”

“We cant rule out this possibility.

Its just that the Cloudy Shadow Sky and Elemental Elf Clan dont have many crystal stones in storage.

They may have 200 or 300 million at most, but certainly not one billion.

Moreover, those 60 corvettes are not cheap.

As Lord Hu Tianshan said, I think its more likely that Zhang Hanyang is from a rich and powerful family in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Thats right.

Wed better not act rashly.

Lets try our best to figure out their origins.”


After exchanging a few words, these people dispersed and went back to their fleets.

A war that would impact more than half of the Sea Dragon Star Area ended just like that.

It was as if the general died before he could even attain victory.

In the Sea Central Star Area, there were also many forces paying close attention to this matter.

After learning that they had retreated, they finally breathed a sigh of relief.

They wouldnt participate in the competition.

This could be an interstellar war between the party led by the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and the party led by the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Once the war started, the vortex could grow, constantly enlarging and expanding, which would affect the entire Sea Dragon Star Area until it ended.

Fortunately, the war didnt take place yet.

It wasnt that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family didnt want to fight, but rather that they felt they couldnt win.

Thus, Hu Tianshan decisively gave up on this operation.

Zhang Han and the dozens of his people were on the Thunder King.

Compared with the large fleet, they seemed rather short of men.

They were just sitting in the recreational area.

“We have arrived at the Cloud Shadow Sky!”

Finally, the fleet leaped out of the secondary space and reappeared in the void.

The Cloud Shadow Star was already visible in the distance ahead.

It was like a white planet.

Looking in the naked eye, it seemed to be the size of a crystal ball.

The fleet traveled fast, and the planet grew bigger and bigger in their eyes.

Before the fleet came close, Li Mu informed his father.

Thus, when they approached the space station, the fleet and aircraft coming and going made way for them.

They saw the 10 imposing Thunder Kings park near the space station, and then a Blue Butterfly and a row of other luxury aircraft that almost everyone recognized park there,

“What the heck!”

“A big wig has come to visit our Cloud Shadow Sky”

“How freaking rich!”

Many cries of surprise rang out in those aircraft nearby.

“Hey Isnt that Sect Leader Lis aircraft parked over there Did he come to welcome the newcomer in person”

“Seems that the visitor is a heavyweight.”

Under many peoples gazes, the luxury fleet led by the Blue Butterfly flew into the space station.

The people in the aircraft near it saw that Sect Leader Li Hao, who was usually elusive, entered the Blue Butterfly with his wife.

They didnt get into their own aircraft.

Then several aircraft flew across the space station and directly headed for the Cloud Shadow Star.

This interlude shocked so many people that their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

The Cloud Shadow Sky was also known as the Cloud Shadow Star.

It was just that people usually called it the Cloud Shadow Sky.

It was kind of a habit.

White clouds densely covered the sky.

The clouds were in various shapes and of various sizes.

The planet looked like a fairyland.

“The clouds are so beautiful!”

Mengmeng stood at the edge of the window of the aircraft and looked at the view outside.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were standing next to them.

As for Li Hao and his wife, they didnt disturb them.

They just chatted with the people around them.

“Daddy, look at the cloud over there.

It looks like a pony.”

“And the one on the right.

It looks like a sword.”

“That seems to be lion head, eh Dahei, look over there.

That one looks like you.”

“Oow Oow-oow-oow”

Dahei poked its head out of the schoolbag with a look of disdain.

“Why does that blurry thing look like me”

“Sister Mengmeng, its so beautiful here.

Shall we take a picture” Chen Chuan couldnt sit still, so he ran to Mengmeng.

However, Mengmeng didnt reply.

Instead, she rolled her eyes at him.

“Sister Nina, lets take a photo.”

Chen Chuan ran to Ninas side.

Looking into his innocent eyes, Nina couldnt say no to him.

After spending so many days with him, she found that Chen Chuan was like the funny one in the group.

Even Mengmeng sometimes showed care for him.


“Lets hold hands.” Chen Chuan held Ninas soft palm with a smile.


Ninas face turned slightly pinky.

Nina was not used to having physical contact with the opposite sex.

However, she had taken a lot of photos with Chen Chuan these days and held hands with him many times.

Gradually, she got used to it.

“Cloud Shadow Sky is so beautiful,” Zi Yan sighed with emotion as well.

This kind of natural beauty was always appealing.

“That is also how the Cloud Shadow Sky got its name.”

Li Hao smiled as he walked toward the window.

He looked outside the window at the scenery and said, “The Cloud Shadow Sky has a history of 10 thousand years.

The forces located in the Cloud Shadow Sky are either a cultivation sect or a clan.

This planet hasnt been tainted by the heavy industries.

Up to today, the Cloud Shadow Sky still has an ancient aura.

Thats thanks to the safeguarding of our seniors.”

“Its also amazing that Sect Leader Li has guarded this place against all the dangers for so long,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Hahaha, compared to those seniors, I still have a long way to go,” Li Hao laughed out loud.

“The Cloud Shadow Sky has many natural wonders.

In the next few days, Li Mu can give you a tour.

I have prepared quite a lot of good wine just to wait for you to arrive and have a taste.”

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