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“There is an elder in that group who is suspected to be a God Transformation Realm master.

Its really extraordinary that they have spent more than one billion crystal stones on a fleet,” the old man in the group said in a soft voice.

“If they are really from the Sea Dragon Star Area, they may know something.

There seem to be some powerful families living in seclusion in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Maybe they are from one of those families.”

“Senior Loron, youve been to the Sea Dragon Star Area before” Lyu Qi asked with a hold fist salute.

His expression was respectful because the old man was a mighty master at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage.

His strength was strong.

He was here to protect Lorry on this trip.

“I just asked a few friends before I came here,” said Loron.

He didnt say anything more.

He just sat in his seat and looked ahead.

Every compartment had a unique soundproof cover, which was part of a formation.

When the Dragon Horse race was about to start, the soundproof cover would remind them and then disappear.

The race wouldnt be a race if there werent roars and screams in the spectators.

For those who wanted to have private conversations, they would need to set up a soundproof cover themselves.

“Zhang Hanyang…” Lyu Qi muttered.

If those people were ordinary people, he could take the lead to go over and chat with them.

But the other party was suspected to have a powerful figure at the God Transformation Realm, so he was not qualified to look into their business.

The word “suspected” was very perturbing.

As Lyu Qi was deep in thought—


Three beeps sounded.

More than ten seconds later, the soundproof covers dissipated one after another.


All of a sudden, the hubbub spread across the venue.

The number of spectators watching the race on the scene had reached about 500,000.

One could imagine how popular the race was.


The whoops were getting louder and louder.

Seeing this, Zi Yan said in surprise, “There are so many people!”

The number of spectators of this race was much larger than that of those who came to her concert.

The scene was indeed very shocking.

“How noisy!”

Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

With her big clear eyes blinking, she looked left and right, then focused her gaze on the first group of Dragon Horses that was about to race.

The 100 Dragon Horses looked aggressive.

They were all set at the starting line.

The tracks were not only just the flat ground.

There were all kinds of curved tracks and straight tracks at a low altitude.

The finishing line was very far away, but every round only took a few minutes.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

The walls on both sides of the compartment slowly descended, revealing the huge audience stand.

People in neighboring compartments could see each other.

It was just like an audience standing on a football field.

There were more than a dozen young men and women on the right side.

They were slightly stunned when they saw Li Mu.

Some of them also greeted him warmly.

“Hello, Young Master Li.”

“An Miao pays respects to Young Master Li.”

“Long time no see, Young Master Li.”


Hearing these greetings, Li Mu looked a little flabbergasted at this moment.

“Oh, yes, Im one of the Eight Great Young Masters of the Cloud Star Area!

“Im so embarrassed.

Having hung out with Senior Zhang and the others for some time, I almost forgot my status.”


Li Mus expression suddenly became indifferent, and he snorted nonchalantly with his nasal voice.

The pride he had not felt for a long time was finally back.

These people were used to this.

They smiled in return and then turned to look at the racecourse.

They also tapped the armrest to place their bets.

“Daddy, there are so many Dragon Horses.

How can we guess which one will win” Mengmeng asked curiously.

Her innocent voice and Zi Yans good looks instantly caught the attention of Lyu Qi, the red-haired man, and the others in their group.

“What a pretty woman!”

Lyu Qis eyes were fixed on Zi Yan.

Unfortunately, Zi Yan was married.

Lyu Qi had no interest in a married woman.

But he also turned his head and glanced at Lorry out of the corner of his eye.

Lorry was not as beautiful as Zi Yan.

After, such a stunner was quite rare.

Even in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province, there were few people as attractive as her.


“There are so many beauties here.”

The red-haired man looked Zi Yan up and down before shifting his eyes away with a stiff look on his face.

That was because he had sensed a trace of aura from Lord Loron, who was clearly warning him.

At this time, hearing Mengmengs question, Zhang Han smiled and said, “You just need to guess.

Its hard to say which one will win.”

“Uh-huh.” Mengmeng blinked and whipped out her mental calculation.

“There are 100 Dragon Horses.

The probability of winning the lottery is really low.”

“Sister Mengmeng, its actually very simple.”

Sitting in the seat and swaying his legs, Chen Chuan added, “There are 100 Dragon Horses.

If you bet on one, your chance of winning is one percent.

But if you bet on all the horses, your chance of winning will be 100 percent.”

“Youre right.”

Mengmeng looked to the right a few times and said with a smile, “Then ask your dad to bet on the 100 Dragon Horses.

This way, well definitely win.”

“Yes.” Chen Chuan was taken aback for a moment.

Then, he urged, “Dad, bet on all the horses.”

“Knock it off.” Chen Changqing rolled his eyes.

There were odds for each bet.

If he bet on all the horses, he would suffer huge losses!

When the staff member standing in front of Lyu Qis table saw Zhang Han and the others, his expression did not change at all.

But when he saw Li Mu, his eyes widened in surprise.

He seemed to have remembered something.

“Are they Zhang Hanyangs group


“Shall I tell others about that”

He eyed the people behind him.

These people were from the Dragnet Academy, an advanced force in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It could be said that they had an extraordinary origin.

On the other side, Zhang Hanyang and his people were the most mysterious force.

They had 10 Thunder Kings.

Besides, one of them was suspected to be in the God Transformation Realm.

“Shall I tell them

“These people from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province behind me are somewhat haughty and arrogant.

“If they had a row, given Zhang Hanyangs character…

“In the Elemental Elf Clans imperial palace, Zhang Hanyang made his move as he pleased.

He certainly wouldnt mind starting a fight here.

“I cant.

I cant tell them.

“If they got into a fought and found out that I was the one who leaked the news, I would lose my life, let alone my tips.”

After hesitating for a while, the staff member turned around and fixed his eyes on the racecourse.

“Daddy, tell me the number of the horse that you think will win,” Mengmeng requested.



“Why” Mengmeng asked, curious.

“Just a random guess,” Zhang Han said, pulling a wry face.

“Oh, okay.

Mummy, take a guess, too,” Mengmeng said.

“I say, No.

75,” Zi Yan thought for a moment and replied.

“Then I guess its No.


How about we play a game” Mengmeng became intrigued.

She sat up straight and said, “We each just said a number.

The one with the number closest to the number of the real winning horse will the winner, and the winner will be rewarded.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han almost burst out laughing.

“Whats this girl trying to gain in such a roundabout way”

“Ill play too!” Yue Xiaonao immediately said, “Dad, Mom, tell me a number.”

“Twenty-five,” Yue Wuwei said with a smile.

“No, give me another one.” Yue Xiaonao knew how powerful Yue Wuwei was, so she immediately replied, “I was about to say 25.

You cant snatch mine.”

“What” Yue Wuwei was stunned.

This made Yue Xiaoxiao very happy.


“I knew you played the fox!”

“Pick a number, quick.” Seeing that the race was about to begin, Yue Xiaonao prepared to yank Yue Wuweis beard.

“Then Ill choose No.

65.” Yue Wuwei sighed.

“I choose No.

55,” Lisa said, laughing softly.

“Hee, Ill choose No.


If I win, next time when I copy others homework, you cant interfere,” Yue Xiaonao said, grinning.

“What if you lose” Lisa asked lightly.

“If I lose, Ill just do my homework myself.” After saying that, Yue Xiaonao suddenly felt that something was wrong.


The first group of Dragon Horses started to race.

Chen Chuan, Nina, Mu Xue, and the others also wanted to play the game.

However, the race had already begun.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Dragon Horses spread their wings and soared.

They were so fast that they left faint afterimages in their wakes.

They crossed one block after another.

What was agitating was that many Dragon Horses had been in the lead once or twice.

Each of them displayed their own powers.

A Dragon Horses wings suddenly glowed, and its speed abruptly became even faster, allowing it to leap to the front of the pack.

But two seconds later, another Dragon Horse farted, which knocked the two Dragon Horses behind it off.

One could imagine how strong the airwave was.

As expected, the Dragon Horse that farted was in the lead now.

After a few seconds, a Dragon Horse on the side suddenly turned into a streak of light and overtook it.

The race was very fierce.


30 is in the lead!”


Mengmeng cheered in a low voice.

Now that this was a gamble, she suddenly became interested in the race.


25! No.

25! Yeah! No.

25 is so fast! Go, go, go!” Yue Xiaonao stood on her chair and shouted.

She felt that she had already won.


At the last moment, the white Dragon Horse No.

66 suddenly released an energy wave.

It spread out like a sound wave.

In an instant, the movements of the other Dragon Horse became sluggish, and Dragon Horse No.

66 leisurely crossed the finish line.



The big screen was lit by colorful light.


Yue Xiaonao was dumbfounded.

“How come its not No.

25 You tricked me!”

Then, Yue Xiaonao looked at Yue Wuwei angrily, her eyes locked on his beard.

“Why would I trick you” Yue Wuwei glared at her and said, “This is a matter of probability.

I wanted to choose No.

25, but you didnt let me.”

“Yue Xiaonao!”

Lisa cast a look at her.

Yue Xiaonao immediately felt discouraged and sat down on a chair.

“Do you remember what you just said” Lisa asked.


I wont copy others homework again,” Yue Xiaonao said in a defeated voice.

When she saw Mengmeng giggling, she immediately said, “This is not right.

Why didnt Mengmeng get punished She didnt guess it right either.

Actually, she lost the game, too.

But she doesnt have to pay any price.”

“Didnt you say you would be punished if you lost on your own accord” Yue Wuwei said with a serious face.


Why did I say that…”

Yue Xiaonao wriggled with exasperation in her seat.

“How troubling this is!

“I have to do the homework by myself now.

When can I ever finish it if I dont copy others answers”

“Daddy, you won.”

Mengmeng said with a beam, “Humph, you and Grandpa Yue really know how to play tricks.

Im done with gambling.”

The little girl was extremely smart.

She thought for a moment and realized that her father and Grandpa Yue didnt select their possible winning number for no reason.

Hearing this, Zhang Han put on a wry face and said, “That number was really just my random guess.”

“Really” Mengmeng looked suspicious.

“Of course, when have I ever lied to you”

“Then lets continue to play.” Mengmeng smiled sweetly.

She began to think about what they should bet on.

At this time, the red-haired man at the left side table looked their way and said, “Its not fun if you only gamble with your own people.

Why not let me join the game”


Mengmeng glanced at those on her left.

At the sight of them, she didnt feel anything.

Then, she said, “We wont bet with you.”

“You wont Why” The red-haired man raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “If you gamble with your own people, there is no real winning or losing.

Isnt it boring Why not gamble with me We can have some fun.”

“What do you want to bet on” Mengmeng asked.

“Just bet on crystal stones.” The red-haired man chuckled.

“Considering the financial state of the Sea Dragon Star Area, well, we wont bet big.

There are five minutes to go before the next round.

Why not we bet 100 medium-grade crystal stones on the horse we think will win”

As he spoke, the red-haired man unconsciously showed a hint of pride on his face.

It also revealed his contempt for the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The people around him, including Lyu Qi, Lorry, and even Elder Loron, did not say anything, because what he said was all true.

For the people of the Heaven Dragon Star Province, the Sea Dragon Star Area was a poor place with scarce resources.

It was not that there were no rich families in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The Snowfall Alliance, for example, was quite well off and famous.

What they meant was that most of the people in the Sea Dragon Star Area were relatively poor.

“Arent 100 medium-grade crystal stones a little too expensive”

The person next to the red-haired man guffawed and said, “Anyway, its just a game.

You can bet with 100 low-grade crystal stones.”

“Youre right.”

The red-haired man frowned slightly.

After thinking for two seconds, he looked at Mengmeng and said, “Little girl, Im fine with 100 low-grade crystals.

Anyway, its just a game.

You name the stakes.

What do you say”

Mengmeng was now a very adorable teenage girl.

Her pretty face was very pleasing to the eye.

Thus, the red-haired man wanted to tease her a bit.

Fortunately, he did not look like a lech.

Otherwise, Zhang Han, who had stared at him for a few seconds, would have said something.

Now that the red-haired mans tone was quite friendly, Zhang Han decided to let Mengmeng tease him.

“Well, a hundred medium-grade crystal stones”

Mengmengs big, benevolent eyes quickly blinked several times.

She showed an innocent look and said, “Arent 100 medium-grade crystal stones just worth one top-grade crystal stone Well… Daddy…”

Mengmengs expression suddenly became hesitant.

In terms of acting skills, she had really inherited Zi Yans excellent genes.

Zhang Han almost burst out laughing when he saw the little girl trying to lead others into her trap.

The corners of Zi Yans mouth curled up slightly.

She pursed her lips to hold back the urge to laugh and looked at the second group of Dragon Horses in the front that was ready to set off.

Seeing Mengmengs hesitant look, the red-haired man said, “As I just said, we can bet with only 100 low-grade crystal stones if you think 100 medium-grade crystals are too high a price to pay.”

“No, you may have misunderstood me.” Mengmeng wrinkled her nose and said, “A hundred medium-grade crystal stones are only worth one top-grade crystal stone.

Thats so boring.

The game is not fun if the stakes are too low.”


The red-haired man thought that he didnt hear it clearly.

He was stunned for two seconds.

The corner of his mouth couldnt help trembling.

“Are you toying with me”

His gaze grew a bit colder.

He felt that their small team was able to move about unhindered in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Haha, you want to raise the stakes Well, lets do it.

Id like to see if you can really pay all those crystal stones when you lose!”

“How many crystal stones do you want to bet You name it,” the red-haired man said indifferently.

“Well, how much shall we bet with Wait a minute, I have allowances.

Let me see.”

Mengmengs big, clear eyes looked into her Space Bracelet.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The red-haired man and the two behind him took a glimpse as well.

“She has a Space Bracelet

“Well, the fact that she has a Space Treasure shows that she has a fairly high status in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

However, hearing Mengmengs words, Nina, Li Mu, Mo Wen, and the more than a dozen people on that side looked slightly stiff.


Li Mu sighed softly.

He was a little upset when he thought that he was a renowned young master.

“Isnt this kind of game what I used to be best at

“But now, I didnt even dare to chime in.

“I, Li Mu, the famous Young Master Li, am actually worried about not having enough crystal stones.

Comparisons are truly odious.

“Man, you wanna gamble with Mengmeng God bless you.”

Li Mu looked at the red-haired man with mixed feelings.

“You dare to make a bet with her

“You must be crazy!”

The red-haired man was short-tempered.

After Mengmeng mused for two seconds, he pressed, “How much will you bet”

“Hmm…” Mengmeng considered it based on her “savings” and said, “I dont have much pocket money.

Can we reduce the stakes a little”

“Sure, lets do as you say.”

The red-haired man, however, felt that Mengmeng was very lovely, so he became much more patient with her.

This had rarely happened before.

In Dragnet Academy, no one could calm his hot temper.


Noticing the red-haired mans patience, Lyu Qi showed a curious look on his face.

Then, his expression became strange.

“Gosh! Could this Junior Martial Brother of mine have taken a liking to that little girl

“He likes the underaged”

Lyu Qis imagination was on the verge of running out of control.

Lorry, who was sitting in the middle and wrapped in a cloak, was looking ahead in a daze.

There was a trace of sorrow in the depths of her eyes.

The old man, Loron, checked the group out several times.

His eyes lingered longer on Zhang Han, Yue Wuwei, and Zi Yan.

Perhaps he had somehow sensed something different about them.

Cultivating in the God Transformation Realm was a process in which ones soul sense transformed into the divine sense.

That kind of vague sense was a bit mysterious.

Just as he looked away, he heard the little girls clear and pleasant voice come from the right side.

“Then lets bet small, just 100 top-grade crystal stones,” Mengmeng said seriously.

She looked a little conflicted.

“Am I gambling

“Am I a bad girl now”

She stole a glance at her mother.

“Phew, Mummy is not angry.

“There is no change in her expression.”

“Oh, okay.”

The red-haired man laughed out loud and turned his head to the front, staring at the 100 Dragon Horses below, as though looking for the one he would bet on.

The usher in the front sighed with emotion.

“Surely he is from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

He just casually bet 100 top-grade crystal stones on the game.

How rich he is!”

Li Mu, Nina, and Mo Wen were also stunned.

It was normal for Mengmeng to spend 100 crystal stones at a time.

After all, they were used to this.

However, this red-haired man just bet 100 top-grade crystal stones on the game just for fun.

Besides, from his look, it was no big deal for him.

They suddenly felt that this man was unfathomable.

“They might have some sort of strong background.”

The three of them drew the same conclusion in their head.

But the next second, what happened made them feel a little odd.

The face of the man in black beside the red-hair man changed.

He nudged the red-haired man with his right hand and whispered, “Bro… Bro, are you gonna bet 100 crystal stones She means 100 top-grade crystal stones!”

“Eh What did you say”

The red-haired man was dazed.

Then, his expression changed drastically.


“A hundred top-grade crystal stones

“The crystal stones I brought with me are only worth about 120 top-grade crystal stones in total, most of which are medium-grade ones.

“Can I bet all my fortune on this

“Hell no!”


The red-haired mans face turned liver-colored, and then it turned blue and red.

He moved his stiff neck with difficulty and looked at Mengmeng.

With a fake smile, he said, “Little girl, are you sure youre not joking You wanna bet 100 top-grade crystal stones instead of medium-grade ones”

“Yes, 100 top-grade crystal stones.

Anyway, its not a huge sum, so it doesnt matter if I lose,” Mengmeng said.

Then, with a torn expression on her face, she added, “Do you think its too little If so, why dont we raise the stakes to 200”


Li Mu just took a sip of tea.

Hearing this, he almost spat it out.

“What is Princess Mengmeng up to”

The red-haired mans face turned a delicate shade of green.

“Two hundred top-grade crystal stones I dont have so many crystal stones!”

“Still not enough”

Mengmeng lowered her head and hesitated for two seconds, then said hesitantly, “How about 500”


Lyu Qi looked over.

“She said she could pay 500 crystal stones without batting her eye.

Is she playing with us or is she serious”

The red-haired mans face seemed to have turned dark green.

“If you want, I can bet 1,000 crystal stones.” Mengmeng looked even more hesitant.

“But I cant offer more.

If you raise again, this wouldnt be just a casual game.”


Her words caught Lorrys attention.

Lorry turned around and looked at Mengmeng with a strange expression.

A thousand top-grade crystal stones were equivalent to 10 million low-grade crystal stones, which were not a small sum.

The two ushers in the front felt their hearts palpitate when they heard that.

“Good heavens, they are truly rich and imposing!”

The red-haired mans face darkened.

He opened his mouth in an attempt to say something, only to find that his tongue was too heavy to move.

“A thousand top-grade crystal stones Who are you kidding

“Even I couldnt be sold for so many crystal stones if I were put on the market!”

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