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Chapter 111 Nail Down the Song

When Li Fan saw Zhang Han, with Mengmeng in his arms on the first floor, he walked towards him excitedly.

“Ha, ha, ha, Mr.

Zhang, nice to meet you.” Li Fan effusively held out his hands.

“Mmm.” Zhang Han drew out a hand and shook with him.

“Hello, Mr.


I dont know what you like since its our first meeting, so I just bought some fruit.” Xue Qian up the bag in his hand.

“Put it over there.” Zhang Han nodded and motioned for the tea table opposite.

“Fruit, Mengmeng wants to pick,” Mengmeng said, waving her small palms.

Zi Yan was rather a fruit lover and she used to eat some every day when she was in North America.

Simultaneously, Mengmeng had a passion for fruits for she had been eating fruits since childhood.

However, since she was with Zhang Han, she did not eat fruits frequently, because Zhang Han planned to plant fruit trees himself and turned up his nose at the fruits outside.

Besides, the fruit market was completely profitable but chaotic at the same time.

Not all fruits were as nutritious as explained.

Take apples, for example, many apples on the market suffered problems of pesticide residue, which could not be removed by washing with water.

Therefore, the organic fruits, as well as the fruits cultivated without pesticides, would be prohibitively expensive, but not all of them were of good quality.

You got what you paid for after all.

Zhao Feng, who was standing nearby, quickly took the fruit bag when he heard that the little princess wanted to eat fruit.

He then went to the kitchen, washed some grapes, bananas and other fruits and put them into a fruit tray.

He acted like a waiter, more importantly, his behavior meant “respect” for Zhang Han.

If a person respected him, he would treat the person equally.

Although Zhang Han never said anything about these things, he had seen it all.

Zhao Feng washed the fruit and put it on the tea table in front of the sofa.

“PaPa, PaPa, put Mengmeng down, Im going to eat fruit.” Mengmeng wriggled in Zhang Hans arms and looked really cute.

Li Fan and Xue Qian were overjoyed to see Mengmeng and they both exclaimed with admiration,


Zhangs daughter is really beautiful.”

“Thats right, its the first time I have seen such a pretty girl.”

If the two praised Mengmeng before, she would have been chuffed to talk with them, but now the little princess was focused on the fruit.

No sooner had Zhang Han put her on the ground than she ran towards it.

Zhao Feng hesitated, considering that he had better make himself scarce if the boss talked with others, but his curiosity stuck him on the sofa.

“Er… Mr.

Zhang, we…” Li Fan wanted to get straight to the point to talk about the song after a while.

However, Xue Qian directly interrupted, “Its not easy to compose such a high-quality song.

I think Mr.

Zhang has high attainments in music.”

“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded calmly.

But he felt a little… weird.

Arguably, he was only a “porter” of this song.

He just wrote the song in advance which did not emerge yet.

However, he felt enjoyable that people spoke highly of him.

“Well, I want to deliberate over some details with you.

Why dont we find a recording studio to listen to it” Xue Qian said with a tone of inquiry.

“No, just sing here.”

“Ah Here” Xue Qian was slightly stunned and said hesitantly, “How do I sing here”

“Play the music, you sing and Ill just listen.” Zhang Han said casually.

“Well…” Xue Qian gave a wry smile and said, “All right.”

Then he took the hat off his head.

Zhao Feng, who was already familiar with his voice, recognized him at once.

“Xue Qian Why does he come here Hes probably looking for the boss to study the song.

Is the boss still good at music”

Zhao Feng scanned back and forth in surprise on Zhang Han and Xue Qian, but then felt relieved.

He shook his head with a smile, accusing himself of making an unnecessary fuss.

“Boss must have an ear for music for he plays the piano very well…”

Zhang Han led Xue Qian and Li fan to the counter, opened the laptop and played the accompaniment.

“Do I sing unaccompanied” Xue Qian asked doubtfully.

People could hear the sound source with high quality in the recording studio.

Conversely, if he sang in this way, some details would not be displayed well, and he still felt a little awkward.


Hearing Zhang Hans response, Xue Qian nodded helplessly.

He cleared his throat and said, “Then Ill sing in this way, please wait a minute and let me simmer a bit.”

Zhang Han turned off the background music in view of his words.

“Ahem, um…” Xue Qian began to look for the feeling of this song.

In addition to Mengmeng who was nibbling at fruit at that time, Zhao Feng had been staring at this side with curiosity.

He had already realized that the boss wrote him a song, and he was still curious about the standard of the song.

Finally, a minute later, Xue Qian said in a slightly deep voice, “Lets begin.”

Zhang Han played the accompaniment.

As the background music boomed out from the high-quality audio, a low piano prelude sounded.

“Simply, lets speak in simple terms.

Please ignore the temperamental state of mind.

You arent an actress.

Dont make up any of those plots.”

A connoisseur did endow the song with life.

The first sentence of the song sang by Xue Qian made Zhang Han nod slightly.

The song was given strong emotions.

Xue Qian lost himself gradually.

His eyes narrowed slightly, showing and interpreting the beauty of this song.

“After all, I am the only audience for your show.

You express a slight disappointment of letting go.

It seems that our feelings for each are still lingering.

Clinging to the past.”

“Breaking up is easier said than done.

The more we try to hold onto, the more we fear to let go.

If we can predict how the show is going to end.

Is it still worth to watch”

“I am striving so hard to keep up with your performance…”

Except for Zhang Han, other people were all intoxicated in this song.

This was the charm of the song.

The loud dance music could set peoples wildness free, while the melodious music could let people relax both physically and mentally.

At this time, however, this “Actress” was a melodious song with strong deep emotions.

Li Fan breathed with his eyes closed and Zhao Feng was also somewhat dazed.

Even the little princess, put down the grapes at this moment, looking at Xue Qian who was singing.

A song ended eventually.

No one spoke within ten seconds because they were all intoxicated in the aftertaste of the song.

“Pia, pia, pia…”

Zhao Feng came to himself and could not help clapping his hands and praising, “Great, its really great.


Xue sings very well.”

“Youre flattering me.” Xue Qian smiled and saluted to Zhao Feng.

“I dont know if I listen to the song the first time, but I am engrossed in it when I heard it again.

The longing remains but the person who is my dream is missing.

The artistic conception of this song is wonderful and fascinating.” Li Fan opened his eyes and looked at Zhang Han with wonder and admiration.



Zhang was indeed a man of great attainments in music for he could write such a classical song.

Even Li Fan became more respectful.

He thought Mr.

Zhang deserved his respect.

“It sounds great, youre so awesome.” Mengmeng could not resist praising him.

“Thank you for your compliment.” Xue Qian smiled kindly at Meng Meng.

“Uh-huh, but youre no match for my MaMa.

My MaMa sings, uh… best in the world.” Mengmengs limpid eyes were brimming with seriousness.

She muttered and then continued to enjoy grapes.

In the little princesss mind, MaMa sang best and PaPa cooked best.

Furthermore, they were the best in various fields.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

Her words did evoke the laughter of several others.

Li Fan and Xue Qian did not think anything of it but just thought this was Mengmengs worship of her MaMa.

But if they learned Zi Yan was her mother, they would be shocked for a while.

“What do you think, Mr.

Zhang” Xue Qian looked at Zhang Han and asked, looking forward to his comments.

“No problem; this is your song originally.” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

It was originally his song, so there was not anything wrong.

Xue Qian, however, misunderstood that this song was specially written for him by Zhang Han, which made him excited.

“Thank you, thank you, Mr.

Zhang.” Xue Qian nodded repeatedly and asked again, “Is there any difference between what I sang and what you had thought”

“Theres no difference.

It sounds very well.”

“Then lets talk about the cost of the song.” Xue Qian glanced at Li Fan.

Li Fan took the hint and said, “Well, Mr.

Zhang, this song is very suitable for us, so we made a concession in price…”

“Its unnecessary.

That price is ok.” Zhang Han directly shook his head.

The purpose of writing the song so that it could be published in advance was just to listen to it while he was cooking.

As for making money, Zhang Han had never thought about it.

Even if he wanted to make money, he would not use this devious and troublesome method.

So he just asked for 100,000 yuan casually.

It was really profitable for Li Fan using just 100,000 yuan, but he felt sorry and embarrassed on account of its high quality.

The two, therefore, had discussed and decided to raise the price before they came.

After hearing Zhang Hans refusal, Li fan was shocked and said, “But…”

Before he had finished speaking, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “The rest needs no telling, give me 100,000 yuan and this song is yours.”

Li Fan and Xue Qian looked at each other hearing his words.

They found that Mr.

Zhang seemed not to care about fame and wealth.

After all, if this song became popular, Mr.

Zhang would get a lot of shares.


Zhang, listen to me.” Li Fan gave a wry smile and said, “Well, Ive come up with two ways to sign the contract.

One is using 100,000 yuan to sign a sharecropping contract, and the other is using 200,000 yuan to buy out this song.

What do you think”

“Then 200,000 yuan is fine.” Zhang Han simply replied.

“Okay.” Li Fan nodded in a daze.

Why did he feel so easy to negotiate a successful sale here

So Li Fan started the transaction process and the signatures were signed by Zhao Feng.

While Zhang Han went directly to the sofa and played with Mengmeng.

He really didnt care about the matter, which made Li Fan feel very uncomfortable.

Talking about a contract was either full of hidden dangers or filled with happiness.

But Zhang Han was cold at this point.


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