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Chapter 1115 Shes Still a Child!

They walked into the restaurant.

All kinds of delicacies and hot pot ingredients had been placed on the table.

Smelling the delicious soup base, Zi Yan took a deep breath.

Her mouth watered.

It had been a long time since she last had a hot pot.

“Nina, help yourself.

Why are you just watching the pot”

Mengmeng glanced at Nina.

Seeing her observing the table, she explained, “The meat will be cooked in the hot pot soon.

You stir it like this…”

Mengmeng picked up a slice of fat beef with her chopsticks, dipped it into the pot, and stirred a few times.

Nina followed suit.

When the meat was cooked, she placed it in her mouth.

The aroma of the meat instantly filled her mouth, along with the delicious taste of the dipping sauce, which lingered for a long time.

“Try this mutton and black tripe.

Dip it eight times in the pot like this…”

The mutton was soft and tender.

It had a good texture.

Compared with the fat beef, Nina felt that the mutton was more delicious.

She then tried the black tripe.

It was kind of sticky and had the unique favor of the tripe.

The taste was quite special.

“This is a new ingredient, the Fish Bean Curd.

It tastes like tofu.

The sour and spicy fish sauce also goes particularly well with it,” Yue Xiaonao recommended as well.

The Fish Bean Curd tasted soft and smooth.

This was the first time that Nina had tried a hot pot.

On the whole, it tasted good, but what appealed to her more was the atmosphere around the table when everyone was enjoying the hot pot.

It was very lively.

They were chatting casually over the hot pot, juice, and wine.

Such a casual atmosphere would never be found in the Elf Clan.

There were a lot of rules to obey in the Elf Clan.

Thus, having a hot pot like this was a very relaxing experience for Nina.

“Im full,” Mengmeng said.

“Im full too,” said Yue Xiaonao.

“Me too.

I want to go out and play with you two.”

“No, were going out for business,” Mengmeng refused.

“I can also go out for business,” Chen Chuan said seriously.

“Have you finished your homework” Mengmeng squinted at him and asked.

Chen Chuans spirits instantly drooped.

“I… I just have a bit left.”

“How can you think about hanging out with us when you havent got your homework done” Mengmeng snorted.

Little did she know that Yue Xiaonao, who was sitting by her side, was staring fixedly at the plate in front of her, not daring to meet Lisas eyes.

“Why did Mengmeng have to talk about the homework But I cant really ask her that.”

“Chen Chuan, you should do your homework this afternoon,” Zhou Fei said.

“You can play with Sister Mengmeng and the others in the evening if you finish your homework.

But if you dont, you shall not step out of your room.”

As soon as Zhou Fei gave the order, Chen Chuan behaved and mumbled his agreement with reluctance.

He began to imagine all the fun he could have in the evening.

Also, he hoped he could grow up as soon as possible so that he could hang out with Sister Mengmeng and the others.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina walked out of the restaurant.

“Mengmeng, do I need to shorten my ears to look like you people so as to get that ID card” inquired Nina.

“Well, yes.

You also need to change your clothes.

The long dress you are wearing does not fit in here.

Lets go buy you some clothes first.

Wait, Ill take you to your residence first.” Mengmeng pointed to a blue-and-white villa on the right side of the castle and said, “Thats your villa.”

“Is mine the one on the side up there” Yue Xiaonao asked.

Zhao Feng had just arranged the accommodation for Nina.

There were several unoccupied villas on the right side of the castle.

Thus, he had assigned one to Nina.

But Yue Xiaonao also asked for one.

Regarding this, Yue Wuwei could only put on a resigned look.

“Yue Xiaonao is already 15 years old.

She has really grown up and wants her own space.”

But that was all for the better.

With Yue Xiaonao living in a villa herself, he and Lisa could enjoy some private time during their stay here.

“Thank you.”

Nina looked at Mengmeng and compressed her lips.

“Dont mention it.”

Mengmeng chuckled and led Nina to the villa Nina.

It was very clean inside and had all kinds of furniture.

It was like a model room for decoration, but the two bedrooms upstairs were not elaborately decorated.

“Lets go and have a look at my house.” Yue Xiaonao pointed to the balcony and said, “We can jump into that house from here.”

This was not an ordinary path.

The three of them jumped from the balcony into the villa next door.

The layout was basically the same.

After touring the villa, the three of them were ready to set off.

They went along the side of the castle to the foot of the mountain.

They didnt let the others escort them.

As for the issue of their safety…

Even Zhang Han wasnt worried anymore.

Mengmeng had stepped into the Innateness Realm.

Her strength was quite strong.

What was more, she carried dozens of sixth-tier defensive treasures, a space door that had not been used yet, a precious pearl that could communicate with Yue Wuwei, and the most amazing and supreme treasure, the pearl that could control the whole world.

In this world, it would be very difficult to hurt Mengmeng.

As for Yue Xiaonao, since she was Yue Wuweis daughter, there was no need to worry about her safety either.

With Yue Wuweis means, she was perfectly safe here.

Nina, the future Queen of Elves, was now in the Yuan Ying Realm.

She had a solid cultivation base.

Even though her strength had been suppressed by the rules of this world, she was still among the strongest cultivators.

Therefore, what was there to worry about

The adults put their minds at ease and let them go out and have fun by themselves.

“Do you see that The New Moon Bay is over there.

Its a city in our world,” Mengmeng explained.

“Most of the people in cities are ordinary people.

Oh, by the way, there is a martial arts world on this planet, where martial arts prevail.

There are many people in the martial arts world, but they usually only spar on remote mountains and lakes.

Normally, they wont show their strength in front of ordinary people.”

“So we cant use our powers in cities” Nina nodded and asked.

“Well, just dont let others see it.

But even if others saw our powers, it would be no big deal.

Those in the National Security Agency will take care of it.

I heard that from Auntie Jiang.

Auntie Jiang used to be a very brilliant captain in the National Security Agency.

She was Captain Vermilion Bird.

Uncle Lei used to be the director of the National Security Agency of Xiangjiang.

My father used to work as the deputy director there,” Mengmeng said with a proud smile on her face.

Mengmeng knew a lot about her fathers glorious history.

She couldnt help it, because since she was a child, the adults around her frequently talked about what her father had achieved.

Thus, she had long memorized his achievements distinctly.

“Uncle Zhang is indeed powerful.” Nina nodded sincerely.

Then, she asked, “Everyones strength is suppressed here.

Then, would all the people in the martial arts world be amazing if they went to the Sea Dragon Star Area”

“No idea,” Mengmeng replied.

“I can answer that.

Very few people in the martial arts world are powerful.

The strongest of them are only in the Elixir Realm.

No one can reach a higher level.

If they want to break through to the Yuan Ying Realm, they have to go to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

In this world, there are only a few powerful ones, namely my parents and Mengmengs parents,” Yue Xiaonao said casually.

“Oh, I see.”

The three of them headed for the city not far away while talking.

It would take only a few minutes to get there by car.

But they roamed for half an hour before arriving there.

Nevertheless, it was only a little past 12 oclock.

They still had plenty of time.

“There are so many people here.”

“Gee, your ears! Your ears!” Mengmeng glanced at Nina and was staggered.

She hurriedly reminded her, “Make your ears shorter, or everyone would stare at us.”

“Okay.” Nina nodded and waved her right hand.


Two beams of fluorescent light floated to her ears.

She cast a simple spell that made her ears appear to be normal in size in others eyes.

On the side of the street, a little boy, who was looking at them, widened his eyes.

He hurriedly said to his father next to him, “Daddy, wow! The girl over there can do magic.”

“What magic Dont talk nonsense…”

The father led the boy away.

But the boy turned his head around to look at Nina with every step he took.

“Well, Mengmeng, it seems that someone has noticed my ears.” Nina grinned guiltily.

“Thats fine.

Dont worry.”

Mengmeng tilted her head slightly, not perturbed at all.

She mused for a moment and said, “Lets go shopping first.

You need daily necessities and clothes.”


Nina smiled.

The three of them strolled along the street.

Moments later, Mengmeng looked to the right and seemed deep in thought.

“Whats wrong, Mengmeng” Yue Xiaonao asked, bewildered.

“Why did Mengmeng stop walking”

She turned around to take a look and saw an ice cream shop.

Yue Xiaonao now understood that Mengmeng wanted to have ice cream.

“I was thinking, hmm, if we should eat ice cream now or later,” Mengmeng muttered.

As soon as she said that, Yue Xiaonao immediately replied, “Let have a scoop now, and another one later.”

“Hee-hee, okay.” Mengmeng immediately chortled.

“Lets go have ice cream.”

“Nina, you havent tried ice cream yet, have you” Yue Xiaonao said with a smile.

“Ice cream is very delicious.”

There was no doubt that Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao were both foodies.

Nina was not at first, but later…

After all, who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl.

Influenced by Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao, Nina became interested in food as well.

“Please give us ice cream for three.”

Yue Xiaonao bought ice cream for three.

“Its so cool.”

Nina took the ice cream and felt this food was cold.

But it tasted sweet.

That was a special experience for her.

Ice cream was actually very similar to a cold drink the elves had.

“Mengmeng, why are so many people looking at us”

After walking for a while, they came to a crowded commercial street.

Nina felt that the passers-by were looking at them in a strange way.

Each of the people who walked by them turned back to take another look at them… This caused her to wonder if they had a special aura or something.

“Theyre looking our way because were pretty,” said Yue Xiaonao.

“Oh, right.”

“Its also because your clothes are very unique.” Mengmeng swallowed the ice cream in her mouth and said, “Look at the people on both sides, they are wearing thin clothes.

Its hot here.

If the weather is cooler, we wear jeans and hoodies.

There are many different kinds of clothes.

Ill buy you some of every kind in a moment.”


Nina smiled politely.

After entering a fancy mall, the group of three went straight to the nearest shop and picked some clothes.

But Nina was stunned when it was time to make the payment.

“Dont they take crystal stones”

She had taken out several medium-grade crystal stones, ready to pay for the clothes.

However, the salesgirl didnt even look at the crystal stones.

“Whats going on now

“Could it be that the main currency here is not medium-grade crystal stones Do they only take top-grade ones Thats unlikely!

“Could the prices here be very high”

As Nina looked at the salesgirl in front of her, various thoughts crossed her mind.

But Mengmeng took out a golden bank card and said nonchalantly, “Well pay with this card!”

“Please come with me.”

They came to the counter, inserted the bank card into a machine.

Then, Mengmeng entered the password as the machine beeped.

After that, the payment was done.

The three of them walked out of the shop with many shopping bags.

It was not until this moment that Nina said, “We paid 65,000 yuan.

Does… Does it mean 65,000 crystal stones”

Nina was a little shocked when she posed the question.

“I only bought three outfits.

How could that cost 65,000 crystal stones

“Even if those are low-grade ones, the prices here are still too expensive.”

Mengmeng was stunned for a moment.

Then, she answered, “Its the local currency, not crystal stones.”

Hearing her answer, Nina breathed a sigh of relief.

“In this place, we pay with the local currency, not crystal stones,” Mengmeng muttered.

“My family seems to be particularly rich.

We can buy whatever we want.”

The rich and spoiled Zhang Yumeng wasnt aware of how wealthy her family was.

She had no idea how much money her family had exactly.

Anyway, she knew that she could spend as much as she wanted.

If her allowance ran out, she could ask her father for more.

She didnt know how much money was in the bank card either.

Zi Yan gave it to her just before she went out.

“Well, h-how can I let you pay for me” Nina said.

Her face blushed slightly with embarrassment.

“Its okay.

Mengmengs family is rich.

My dad said that you dont have to stand on ceremony when you go out with her,” Yue Xiaonao said casually.

“Xiaonao is right,” Mengmeng echoed, curling her lips.

“I knew it! Xiaonaos father was a joker.



When Nina was about to say something, Yue Xiaonao waved her hand and said, “There is nobut.

Uncle Zhang spoils Mengmeng.

He is very generous to us as well.

Money is of little importance to him.

It doesnt matter whether we spend it or not.

If you feel embarrassed, you can pay her back by giving us a treat when we go to the Sea Dragon Star Area next time.

Eh Look over there, there are several ATMs.

Mengmeng, lets check our balance and show it to Nina.

Then, she will know that what we spent just now is only chump change.”


Mengmeng looked at the ATMs in the mall on the right.

Her big clear eyes blinked.

Then, she nodded and said, “Well, lets go and have a look.

Nina, Xiaonao is right.

Dont stand on ceremony.

We will go to the Sea Dragon Star Area and play for a long time in the future.”

“Alright.” Nina smiled.

She felt a warm current coursing through her heart.

It seemed that she had never had such a good relationship with people from a foreign clan before.

Perhaps it was really fate that brought her to those group of people.

Since Zhang Han and the others appeared and saved her and her clansmen, they were destined to be friends.

“Lets check the balance.”

Mengmeng approached the ATM and took out the golden bank card.

There were several people in the queue.

The three of them stood at the end of the queue, waiting.

Just as there were still two people before them waiting to withdraw money, four young men in their twenties came from behind them.

They had colorful hair and were dressed in fashionable clothes.

While walking, they chatted with each other.

“Brother Lei, look over there.

There are three pretty girls! Look at the one in the middle.

That little girl is really beautiful.”


You really have sharp eyes.

I didnt even notice them.

Check out the tallest one on the left.

The dress she wears seems to be in a little ancient style.

Is she from a scholarly family”

“Haha, maybe she wears that costume to get a thrill and attract attention.

She has a unique personality.

She is definitely fun-loving.”

“We have nothing else to do in the afternoon, do we Why dont we…”

“Lets go!”

The four of them looked at one another.

They were at first waiting to use the ATM on the far right.

But after they exchanged a few words in whispers, they ran to stand behind Mengmeng and the other two.

Their leader was a yellow-haired man.

He stood in the middle, dressed in a famous brand outfit with a few platinum chains hanging on his neck.

That was the typical style of a guy from a rich family.

“Brother Lei, I heard that you invested in a company yesterday” The man in blue on his left started to put on his show.


They usually cooperated very well.

But this man called Lei was distracted by Ninas pretty profile.

Thus, when he suddenly heard that, he was slightly taken aback.

It took him several seconds to cotton on.

He coughed softly and said blandly, “Which company are you asking about”

“The one that you invested 18.5 million,” the man in blue said with a chuckle.

He even deliberately lowered his voice.

This lackey did know how to play his role.

“Oh, you are talking about the Shore Technology Company,” Brother Lei said nonchalantly.

“Its nothing.

I saw that the prospect of that company was not bad, so I invested in it.

My father is also eager to see me start my own company.

Alas, I have shares in seven companies.

I havent thought about what kind of company to start yet, so Ill only observe for the moment and invest in some that have a promising future.”

“Brother Lei, you are amazing.

Youve already become so rich and successful even before you graduate from college.”


Brother Lei, youre our role model.”

The others flattered Lei in carrying voices, which even caused two young girls in the other line to cast curious looks at them.

“Wow, it sounds like he is very rich.

“He is from a rich family.


After chatting for a while, the man in blue finally got to the point.

“Brother Lei, youre usually very busy.

Today, you finally have a break.

We gotta have some great fun in the afternoon.

Its just that were a small group.

We cant have much fun by ourselves.

Mo and the others still have something else to do.

I hope more people could join us.

You know, the more the merrier…”

After hesitating for a while, he looked ahead and said, “Why dont we find a few girls to hang out with us I think the three girls in the front might be interested.”

While speaking, the man in blue looked at Nina.

It was because Nina was also looking sideways at them.

“Where did you halfwits come from” Yue Xiaonao squinted at them and said.


The blue-clad mans face stiffened.

He was somewhat stupefied.

“Gosh, this girl has a temper!”

“Sweetie, your words hurt me.” The man in blue smiled and said, “Im not a halfwit.

Im a handsome.”

“Whats the difference” Yue Xiaonao challenged.

“A halfwit is dumb.

But Im smart, hot, and charming.” The man in blue laughed.

“Thats news to me.

Dont try to hit on us.

If you upset us, Ill beat you up,” Yue Xiaonao warned.

“Hey, youre so cute.

You even know how to hit people” The man in blue didnt panic at all.

He didnt know what kind of tough girl he was dealing with.

“Just ignore them.” Mengmeng turned around and said, “They are neither inspiring nor humorous people.

Theyre nothing.

I think they want to hit on Nina.

They were staring at her just now.”

As Mengmeng spoke, she put the bank card into the ATM.

“Huh Hit on me”

Nina came back to her senses.

Her expression was a little stiff.

“No, no, thats not it.”

The man in blue was eloquent.

At this time, he waved his hand and said, “How can you put it like that Its just… Pfft!”

While he was talking, Yue Xiaonao suddenly pointed to the screen and said to Nina, “Look, I told you, Mengmengs family is very rich.

See the number here The money in this card can cover our expenses for a long time.”

“Er…” Nina took a look at the number, which was 1,765,335,739.

It was more than 1.7 billion yuan.

That was a huge number.

“Uncle Zhang just spent more than two billion crystal stones.

Now, back in his world, he also gave Mengmeng a bank card with so much money.

“The ice cream she bought cost 210 yuan.

The clothes cost tens of thousands of yuan.

Based on the local prices for goods, the money in this bank card is still a big fortune.”

As for the local princes, Nina would have to live here for a few days to figure it out.

But now, she felt that Mengmeng was really rich.

“Well, lets go.

We still have a lot of shopping to do.”

Mengmeng put away her bank card, turned around, and left with Nina and Yue Xiaonao.

Before leaving, she took a glance at the man in blue who couldnt speak because he had choked on his saliva and the stunned Lei and others.

“You wanna pursue Nina Step up your game then.”

Mengmeng waved the golden bank card in her hand at them encouragingly and then bounced away.

The four were left in a daze.

“Holy **!”

The man in blue clutched his own neck, his face completely red due to lack of oxygen.

“Jesus, they scared the hell out of me.”

“Did, did you see it clearly”

“I seem to have seen a very, very long number.”

“Really Could it be that something was wrong with the machine But if there was nothing wrong with it, how much money was in that bank card”

“I saw it clearly.

It seemed to be 1.7 billion.

That was the deposit.” The man in blue looked rueful.

He patted his thigh hard and moaned, “But she is still a child!”


“How hurtful this is!

“Youre just a little girl.

How could you already have so much money

“What do you make us look like then

“Are all pretty girls born with a silver spoon now


Lei swallowed as he listened to the discussion of his companions.

He put his bank card into the ATM with his numb hand.


Banknotes came out.

Under the gazes of the two girls in the other line, the ATM spat out five hundred yuan.


A girl with a ponytail curled her lips.

She turned up her nose at those young men.

“Turns out they were just putting on a show.

“I thought they were rich guys and even wanted to hang out with them.

“But it was a show.

Just a show!”

After they walked away from the ATMs, Nina felt more at ease.

“Since they have money, they can afford whatever they want.

Mengmeng and Xiaonao do have a point.

Theyll go visit and stay in the Sea Dragon Star Area for a very long time.

“The next time Mengmeng and Xiaonao come to the Sea Dragon Star Area, I shall just do everything I can to entertain them.”

“Lets go to this shop.”

Mengmeng pointed to a magnificent-looking shop on the right.

Yue Xiaonao read the sign out loud, “Chanel.”

It didnt ring a bell.

Even Mengmeng didnt know much about luxurious brands.

To her, what those brands sold were just clothes.

“Nina, why not try this”

“Isnt it a little too revealing” Nina timidly tucked her chin.

It was a one-shouldered dress made of thin gauze.

Nina didnt dare to try it on.

“Then lets try something else.”

The saleswoman led the three little girls in.

She felt a little strange.

“Would these little girls buy anything here”

But to her amazement…

“Well, well take this one, um, and this one.

Well, this piece looks okay.

Well take it, too.”

“Its a total of 173,800 yuan.

How will you pay”

“With my bank card.”


The payment was done in a second.

The three of them headed out carrying many shopping bags.

They attracted a lot of attention as soon as they walked out of the door.

“They bought so many”

Many women looked at them enviously.

They also wished they could afford to have a shopping spree in such an expensive shop like them.

But their time hadnt come yet.

The three turned around and walked into a corridor.


They placed the shopping bags into a Space Ring.

Now they could walk around with ease again.

Just like that, they went to other shops and bought shoes, hats, purses, and even underwear.

The clothes they bought added up to more than 20 sets.

In the beginning, Nina, the future Queen of Elves, did not feel this was fun.

However, as they made more purchases, she gradually began to feel the joy of buying stuff.

“So it turns out that shopping in a spree can make one happy both physically and mentally.

Yeah, Ill bear this in mind.

Next time in the Sea Dragon Star Area, Ill buy things like this.”

As a result, the conduct of the entire Elemental Elf went off track after Nina became the queen.

What about their rules and traditions

They were cast aside.

Who said elves couldnt have hot pots

As for clothes, well, every elf had to have dozens of them.

Otherwise, how could they go out to play

This shopping trip took more than three hours.

Nina also changed out of her dress and put on a pair of tight pants, a camisole, a black gauze jacket, a pair of crystal sandals, and a small round hat.

“How do I look Is it too revealing”

Every time Nina passed by a mirror, she checked her reflection in it.

She felt that under the black gauze jacket, her camisole made her look kind of sexy.

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