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Chapter 1120 The Sensation Caused by the Promotion Video

“Oh, nice to meet you.” Chen Changqing greeted her with a smile.

“Nice to meet you, too.”

Li Anna pursed her lips and looked a little shy and uneasy.

She wasnt sure if she should stay and chitchat with Zhang Han.

“Have a seat,” Zhang Han invited.

“No, thanks.

Brother Zhang Han, Im already very happy that you still remember me,” Li Anna said, smiling.

When she intended to leave, she looked ahead and saw several men in black passing by, peering at the roughly 30 customers in the bowling alley.

As Li Anna saw them, her countenance changed slightly.

“Is she in trouble” Chen Changqing glanced at those men and muttered.

“I…” Li Anna thought for a moment and said, “I dont want to bother you again.”

The word “again” made Chen Changqings expression alter slightly.


“Did something happen between the two before”

He glanced at Zhang Han and did not take the initiative to speak again.

“Just sit with us for a while,” Zhang Han said again.

Zhang Han knew that LI Anna had been exploited by others back then.

Even without her, those people would use someone else to harm him all the same.

He still remembered how she ardently helped him make contacts to rent the mountain.

Now, she was clearly in trouble.

Since he had run into her today, Zhang Han didnt intend to let her face it by herself.

From Li Annas expression, he knew that her trouble was quite tricky.

But for him, he could sort it out with a few words.

Hearing Zhang Hans suggestion, Li Anna hesitated for two seconds and then sat down.

“Is it really okay”

“Yeah.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and looked at her clothes.

It seemed that the black stockings above her knees were torn.

“Did you change your job” Zhang Han asked casually.


Im working in a private company now.

The payment there is relatively higher.” After saying that, Li Anna showed a complicated expression.

“Brother Zhang Han, last time…”

“Let bygones be bygones.” Zhang Han waved his hand.

“Shes there!”

At this time, the three men in black suits at the door spotted Li Anna and marched over.

The man in the lead had a crew cut and looked indifferent.

“Li Anna, youve got some nerve! How dare you use violence against Boss Mu!”

“Its because he went too far,” Li Anna replied, looking slightly flustered.

The man with a crew cut glanced at Zhang Han and Chen Changqing.

He didnt do anything outrageous.

Instead, he said with a faint smile, “Come back with us.”

“Sorry, I dont want to go back upstairs.” Li Anna refused.

“Why are you being so difficult Dont forget, your financial problem has yet been settled.”

What the man with a crew cut said made Li Annas face pale slightly.

Seeing her expression, the man with a crew cut sneered.

Then, he remarked, “Lets talk about our business after we get back.

Wed better stop disturbing these two gentlemen here.”

“Theres no need to talk.”

A voice suddenly came from the side.

There were about six people coming over, who were led by a bald fat man.

The bald man looked at Li Anna and said with a dark smile, “Since Miss Li has met her friends, dont bother her at the moment.”

The look in his eyes seemed to be saying that he would settle scores with her later.

Li Anna was in a panic.

She just sat there, not knowing what to say or do.

The bald man walked forward.

Just then, he saw a beige-suited man hurrying over from ahead.

He was taken aback, then put on a warm smile shocked, and quickly came up to greet him.


Luo, hahaha, long time no see.”

The man coming his way was none other than Luo Shan.


Luo Shan nodded slightly at the bald man but directly ignored the hand he extended toward him.

He walked past him and rapidly headed for the back to stand in front of the two people the bald man ignored before.

Then, he respectfully said, “Hello, Mr.



The bald mans expression changed.

He didnt expect that the two sitting with Li Anna would have such a powerful background.

Thinking of what just happened, the bald man began to panic.

Li Anna was his new secretary.

He didnt give her much to do because he didnt hire her for her ability but for her beauty.

It just so happened that Li Anna had made a little mistake in her work, which had caused some losses to the company.

Now he had got something on her, he wanted to take this opportunity to land this new secretary.

However, Li Anna turned out to be rebellious.

She resisted vehemently.

He thought that Li Anna was his toy, and he could twist her round his little finger.

But it turned out that she knew such a big shot.

If he offended a powerful man like Luo Shan, he would be dead meat for sure.

“Do you know these men”

Zhang Han glanced at Luo Shan.

“I guess I know who they are.” Luo Shan turned around and looked at them.

The meaning of his gaze was that he would not let them off the hook.

“She seems to have some financial problems.” Zhang Han pointed to Li Anna.

“Okay, I see.” Luo Shan bowed slightly and nodded.

“Well, thats it.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Lets go.”

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing got up and left.

Li Anna was left behind with a complicated look on her face.

In her impression, Zhang Han was very powerful, but he was not so powerful that he could order boss Luo Shan at will.

After all, who was Luo Shan

He was the right-hand man of Patriarch Luo of the Luo family, which was the number one family in Xiangjiang.

In the entire Luo family, Luo Shan was only second to the patriarch.

He had great power.

Even all the rich and powerful families in Xiangjiang were respectful to him.

But such a big shot acted like a subordinate in front of Zhang Han!

That was beyond her.

After Zhang Han and Zi Yan left, Luo Shans whole temperament changed.

He was no longer calm and steady, but a little aggressive.

He looked at the bald man with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth.

“So, what financial problem is it I think we can discuss it.”

“There is no, no problem.” The bald man broke out in a cold sweat.

In the next five minutes, under Li Annas watch, the bald man humbly made all kinds of concessions.

He voluntarily agreed to terminate the employment contract with Li Anna, double her salary, and fix all the issues bothering her.

Ten minutes later, the bald man and his men left in dejection.

“Thank you,” Li Anna said.

“You should thank Mr.

Zhang,” Luo Shan said.

“I, I dont have Brother Zhang Hans phone number.

Do you have it”


Luo Shan didnt turn a hair.

He said with a smile, “neither do I.”

He was wondering if he should give Li Anna a good job.

But now, Luo Shan had made a conclusion in his mind.

“Li Anna is someone Mr.

Zhang knows but is not close to.

“He only told me to fix her financial problems.

And she doesnt have his phone number…”

“Li Anna, when looking for a job, youd better not go to such a small company.

It looks good in size.

Still, you have to carefully study the backgrounds of the board of directors.”

Luo Shan glanced at Li Anna and said, “I still have somewhere else to be, so please excuse me.”

“Thank you so much.”

Just like that, this great trouble in Li Annas eyes was fixed by a few words.

After walking out of the club, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing ambled back to the company.

They had some coffee in the companys restaurant.

Their leisure time passed quickly.

At 3 p.m., a promotion video was quietly released on the Purple Moon Entertainment Companys official website.

Not many netizens paid close attention to the official website of Purple Moon Entertainment Company, but quite a lot of their peers did.

“Is it a trailer”

“Purple Moon Entertainment Company hasnt made any classic films or television works in the past three years.

Is it because its creative powers have dried up or it has made more than enough money”

“Maybe this is just a gimmick Purple Moon Entertainment Company uses to attract lots of attention.

In terms of shooting a movie or a TV play, Purple Moon Entertainment Company is really subpar now.”

“Yes, the Entertainment Circle changes every second.

Haha, it was only five years ago when I joined the industry.

Now, five years have passed.

Except for Sun Dongheng, who likes doing live streams, Purple Moon Entertainment Company has few influential artists.

Even Sun Dongheng is barely a first-rate celebrity.

But how many second-rate celebrities are there in that company Just a handful.

The rest are not even worth mentioning.

Five years ago, Purple Moon Entertainment Company was in full swing.

Pitifully, it missed the opportunity to expand, which led to its lasting sorrow.”

In an entertainment company, a director who was having a meeting with more than 30 people commented, “In the Entertainment Circle, we should grasp every business opportunity.

Purple Moon Entertainment Company is a typical negative example.

What is the biggest mistake it made Any of you know that”

Several subordinates sitting at the table issued their opinions one after another.

“I think its that it failed to make any good films or TV works.

Since the Pirates of the Caribbean Zi Yan played in broke all box-office records, the company has been going downhill.

What a pity!”

“Maybe its because the new artists it hired are not very good.

Sun Dongheng participated in a few movies, and the box office incomes were just average.

In the current era, things are changing rapidly, but the works the company produced are old-fashioned.

The audience wont pay to watch those.”

“I think that after Zi Yan, the top female star, backed out, no artists in the company could become the next mainstay, so it has gradually declined.”

“Yes, the major reason is that Zi Yan went to work behind the scenes.

She shouldnt have quit being a star so early.”

Listening to these analyses, the director nodded and said, “Youre right.

Purple Moon Entertainment Company has declined because of those reasons.

To be honest, a few years ago, all the people in the industry predicted that Purple Moon Entertainment Company would become a super-large international enterprise.

But things changed too fast.

Just like a has-been, its very difficult to return to Peak-Stage.

Purple Moon Entertainment Company has remained quiet for a long time.

Though it just released a promotion video, its already too late.

Because the company is trying to get out of a slump after it had its moment, the public will appraise it with slightly stricter standards.

Oh, by the way, we havent watched this video yet.

Lets see what that company is playing at first.”


He clicked the video open.



The screen was pitch-black.

Low rhythmic voices could be heard.

The directors pupils froze for a moment.

“The background music is not bad.

“But the quality of the content matters more.”



When the music reached the second meter, an image emerged.

“Its the universe”

Everyone was surprised and stopped talking.

They all looked at the screen intently.


As the music came to the third meter, the image suddenly flashed to the right.

A huge space station appeared in front of them!

There were all kinds of huge spaceships, which seemed to be bursting out of the screen!

The camera slowly approached the space station in the void.

Behind the space station was a… planet they had never seen before.

Numerous aircraft flew out of the space station and headed for the land behind it like bees.

The camera was getting closer and closer to the space station.

It came to the nearest spaceship.

Everyone, including the director, felt their scalps go numb.

This spaceship was too gigantic and real!

It was shaped like a python and was completely black, as though it were a giant beast living in the universe.



The bottle of water in the directors hand fell to the ground and spilled all over the floor, but he didnt pay attention to it at all, for he was shocked by the first scene of the video.

Everyone was thinking about one thing at the moment.

“Its too real!”

The first shot ended.

It could be seen that the storyboard designed for it was extremely professional.

Then the second shot started, which showed the Roland Star from far!

It was an emerald-green planet.

When looking at it from the void of the universe, it was like a green diamond.

The camera approached the Roland Star.


“What a beautiful place!”

“Oh my god, where did they shoot this Its incredible!”

The video showed the Elf Clan, the Fluorescent Trees, and the side of the waterfall.

It was astonishing.

The scene changed again.

It now displayed the Cloud Shadow Sky

Behind layer upon layer of clouds stood precipitous and strange peaks!

The spectacular view dazzled everyone.

Finally, with the rhythm of the music coming to an end, the video ended.

It lasted for two minutes and three seconds.

The entire meeting room fell into dead silence.

The director looked a little lost.

He wailed in his head, “I just used Purple Moon Entertainment Company as a negative example.

Now, it has proved me wrong with this video.

“Oh, that doesnt seem to be the case.

I should have played the video first!”

The more he thought about it, the more terrified he felt.

He had actually humiliated himself instead, hadnt he

Fortunately, he was the director, so no one dared to say anything.

It was just that he was a little embarrassed.

“Ahem, ahem.”

The director coughed lightly and said with a normal look, “to continue with what we discuss, I want to point out that there can be another scenario.

If Purple Moon Entertainment Company makes a classic film or TV work, it will promote the companys reputation and bring it to the peak.”

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