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Chapter 1131 Abnormal Phenomena

“The God Transformation Realm

“You think too highly of him.

“But… should I answer that”

Zhang Guangyou pondered for moments.

Most of the people present knew Zhang Hans cultivation level.

Though there were still some people who didnt know, since they were no outsiders, he reckoned it was okay to tell them about it.

Thus, Zhang Guangyou coughed softly and said, “Sorry, Han hasnt reached the God Transformation Realm yet.

This recent breakthrough only brought him to the Yuan Ying Realm.”

“What” Lord Nan Shan, who was already baffled, was even more confused when he heard this.


“He was not even in the Yuan Ying Realm before

“How could it be Then how should we measure his combat strength”

“No way!”

Ninas countenance changed slightly.

“Uncle Zhang used to be only at the peak of the Elixir Realm Then, how did he manage to defeat those in the Yuan Ying Realm”

“Sometimes, ones realm accurately represents ones strength,” Yue Wuwei remarked as he walked in from the door.

The fleet had already entered the secondary space, so he had nothing to do for the time being.

Thus, he came to see how Zhang Han was doing.

“Yes, some people can overpower those at a higher level.

Ive heard that some at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage defeated some at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

Also, some at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage beat some at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

Occasionally, someone at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage may even overcome someone at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

But I havent heard that an Elixir Realm cultivator can defeat a Yuan Ying Realm opponent,” Nina said in bewilderment.

“Uncle Zhangs strength has been exceptionally powerful.

Before the breakthrough, he didnt look like an Elixir Realm cultivator at all.”

“Thats because his combat capability is too strong,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Besides, there are few incredulously talented cultivators in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Therefore, its not surprising that he was able to fight those above his level in the Cultivation World.”

“My daddy is, of course, powerful,” Mengmeng said.

“He used to be in the Elixir Realm.

I knew that he had long been able to break through to the Yuan Ying Realm at any time he wanted, but he didnt have the time.”

“He had no time for the breakthrough…”


This news was heart-wrenching.

Lord Nan Shan, Lord Liu, and others looked at their palms in silence.

If they had the ability, they would have made the breakthrough since a long time ago.

For example, right now, Lord Nan Shan had already sensed that he could break through to the real Yuan Ying Realm.

He didnt make the breakthrough yet because he wanted to see how Zhang Hanyangs breakthrough went.

Zhang Guangyou, Zhao Feng, Mu Xue, and the others didnt make a breakthrough either.

In their current situation, if they wanted to make a breakthrough, they had to digest the power of the medicinal pellets Zhang Han gave them before and absorb the energy of some treasures.

They were still a far cry from Zhang Han.

“Turns out he used to be only at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage.

Alright.” Lord Nan Shan laughed bitterly.

“Why did you laugh” Mu Xue snorted.

“My master could defeat you single-handed when he was at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage even if you had nine twins to help you!”

Lord Nan Shan was rendered speechless.

“Hans strength is indeed much higher than what his realm indicates.

As for where his limit is, well, no one has seen it yet,” Zhang Guangyou said softly.

“My daddy is the strongest,” Mengmeng added.

“Its almost an hour now.

Normally, it takes 15 to 30 minutes for an Elixir Realm cultivator to advance to the Yuan Ying Realm,” said Nina.

“He is not normal.”

Yue Wuwei chortled and looked at Zhang Han.

One hour, two hours, three hours… five hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Their conversation went on and on.

Just as they were excitedly discussing this topic—


All of a sudden, a heartbeat rang out from Zhang Hans body.


“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone fixed their eyes on him.


They seemed to have heard the crackle of electric sparks.

But their naked eyes and soul sense didnt detect any special aura.

“Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle…”

The subtle sounds of the electric current gradually became more and more resounding, as if thunderclaps were ringing.

The sounds became more and more ethereal, causing everyone to sink into a trance in an instant.

It was an extraordinarily mysterious feeling.

It was as if they had heard some kind of melody.

But when they thought about it, they couldnt recall anything.

“Is it a special piece of music”

Everyone was a little surprised and bewildered.

They were clueless about what was going on.

The melodious ring resounded in the minds of every single person on the scene.

It was composed of the sound of thunder and lightning.

It was partly audible and partly not.

“This is… the Ring of the Law”

Yue Wuweis pupils shrank.

“How could Zhang Han have triggered the Ring of the Law”

This time, he was really shocked.

The Law was something that could not be comprehended, guessed, or understood.

Even in the Cultivation World, there was no explanation of the Law.

Thanks to his master, he learned about the existence of the Law.

The Law existed on the Saint Warrior Planet.

It could also be called the Law of Heaven and Earth, which was controlled by the will of his master.

He had just sensed a trace of the aura of the Law from the ring Zhang Han issued.

“Isnt this too preposterous

“The Law is something only someone as powerful as my master can be adept at.

Youre only at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

How come youve already started to learn about the Law

“What exactly is this ring”

Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes, frowned deeply, and stared at Zhang Han.

However, the abnormal phenomenon had only just begun.

When the ring came to an end—




It was as if Zhang Hans heart was beating faster and faster.

The sound of his heartbeats seemed to make the air tremble.

“Why, why do I feel that a devil is waking up inside Master” Mu Xue asked in a low and hesitant voice.

“Gulp.” Instructor Liu swallowed and said, “Im having palpitations.

It seems that Im dreading something.”

“I feel the same way.”

“Is there something wrong with the breakthrough” Zhang Guangyou looked at Yue Wuwei and asked.

“Theres nothing wrong.

Lets keep observing,” Yue Wuwei said without turning around to look at him.

He was still looking fixedly ahead.



The intense heartbeats could still be heard.

Yet, Yue Wuweis expression became more and more solemn.

He found that he couldnt understand anything that was going on in Zhang Hans body.

He didnt even know anything about such a mysterious situation.

All of a sudden, Zhang Hans heartbeat sped up a little.

Yue Wuweis face also became even more serious.

With a stir of his mind, he conjured up layers of protective shields in front of these people.


Once again, the heartbeats sounded.

Yue Wuweis face darkened slightly.

“D*mn it, what is this”

He couldnt help cursing in his head.

Suddenly, he found that the defense set by his divine sense was quivering with Zhang Hans every heartbeat.

Breaking through to the Elixir Realm from the Innateness Realm was a relatively special process.

Entering from the Yuan Ying Realm to the Elixir Realm was a more special and important stage.

After one entered the Yuan Ying Realm, to a great extent, ones aptitude for further progress had been revealed.

But why had Zhang Hans breakthrough caused such a weird phenomenon

Even Yue Wuwei couldnt figure it out, let alone the others.

Seeing this, the crowd was at a loss.

“Will something this mysterious happen as well when we make our breakthrough later” Instructor Liu asked curiously.

“Well, as far as I know, when I and the others broke through to the Yuan Ying Realm, nothing special occurred.

It came very fast.

But after the breakthrough, we had to take some time to stabilize our cultivation,” Nina said.

“So there is no special phenomenon Elder Yue, whats going on” Instructor Liu eagerly approached Yue Wuwei and inquired.

“Dont speak.

Just watch,” Yue Wuwei responded in a muffled voice.

“Why would I know the answer Dont ask me!”

“Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump…”

Gradually, the heartbeats quickened.

Like drumbeats, the sounds were intense and soul-stirring.


In the end, a loud, dull blast sounded.

The entire spaceship seemed to have quaked.


Another strange phenomenon suddenly emerged!

A shadow abruptly appeared from behind Zhang Han.

It was pitch-black.

As if hidden in a black mist, the appearance of that shadow could not be seen clearly.

However, they could tell that it was a persons figure.

The figure gave them the impression that he was tens of thousands of meters high, overlooking everything in the world.

“The Great Demon!”

“An abnormal phenomenon also occurred when he made a breakthrough last time.”

“Seems that this Great Demon also appeared last time!”

Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Mu, and the others exclaimed in alarm.


Yue Wuwei was astounded.

Even his voice became a little shrill.

“There was a strange phenomenon the last time he made a breakthrough”


Zhang Mu quickly said, “When he made his last breakthrough, shadows of certain items emerged from the five elements he condensed.

They floated around him.

Then, all of a sudden, they became the images of the sun and the moon.

When the sun and the moon collided, there seemed to be a big explosion.

It gave me the feeling that the sky had been set on fire, or perhaps smoke was all over the sky.

Then, from the flames and smoke, a Great Demon stepped out.

That was horrible.”

“This… Well…”

Yue Wuwei was a little bemused.

“What the hell is going on”


Under everyones surprised and baffled gaze, the shadow of the Great Demon behind Zhang Han slowly dissipated.

It dissolved into faint starlight and merged with Zhang Hans body.

“Elder Yue, is this strange phenomenon a good thing or…” Zi Yan asked with concern.

Mengmeng suddenly became scared.

She crossed her fingers and looked at Yue Wuwei without blinking, asking, “Will Daddy be alight”

Yue Wuwei was the most knowledgeable person here.

If he didnt know about what was going on, no one else could.

But the problem was that Yue Wuwei didnt know the answer either.

After thinking for a while, Yue Wuwei said, “Dont worry.”

“Because God blesses the good man.”

But Yue Wuwei did not say that out loud, for he didnt want others to worry.

Then, he said confidently, “Regarding this strange phenomenon, well, how should I put it Its relatively advanced.

Its very amazing.

It heralds that Zhang Han will have great achievements in the future.

Its a good thing.”

“Oh, then Im relieved.” Zhang Guangyou exhaled deeply.

“Hee-hee, my daddy is certainly powerful.”

Mengmeng smiled when she heard Yue Wuweis conclusion.

“Well, everyone, dont worry.

Master is the devil king.

Hes incredibly awesome,” Mu Xue said, unconcerned.

“This is inconceivable.” Lord Nan Shan scratched his head, unable to understand the scene in front of him.

Lord Liu and the others were also stunned.

Who could have imagined that Zhang Hans advancing to the Yuan Ying Realm would cause such a drastic change

However, with Yue Wuweis positive comment, the atmosphere on the scene became much less tense.

“The breakthrough should be coming to an end now, right”

“I wonder when Master will wake up.”

“Daddy has been sitting there for so long.

Why hasnt he stood up yet” Mengmeng muttered.

In her view, cultivation and making breakthroughs werent very tiring.

Perhaps others would be exhausted, but her father never cultivated for long in one go.

Even so, his strength was especially great.

Mengmeng had inherited her fathers excellent abilities.

She cultivated by eating and sleeping.

Thus, her strength increased without any intentional cultivation.

But this breakthrough had taken a long time.

Thus, Mengmeng had become a little anxious.

“I suppose hell wake up soon.” Yue Wuwei cast several attentive looks at Zhang Han and nodded slightly.

Now, everyone was more looking forward to Zhang Hans waking up.

They wanted to ask him how he felt when he made the breakthrough and share his experience with them before they went to make their own breakthrough later.

As for the consecutive abnormal phenomena that occurred before…

They didnt understand it, nor could Yue Wuwei give an explanation.

Zhang Han was, in truth, also a little confused.

He knew about the ring.

It was produced by the Thunderbolt Mark coupled with the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

He had already grown used to it.

“But the Yuan Ying inside me…

“Oh my god, am I destined to go off the beaten track all my life”

Zhang Han was utterly speechless.

He uses his soul sense to feel the brand-new Yuan Ying inside his body.


“It isnt me but a Great Demon!

“Or rather, its the demonized me.

“The Yuan Yings facial features are the same as mine.

It looks like a small version of me.

But what the hell are the light black mist around it and the two horns on its head Is it the Bull Demon King”

The cute-versioned demon almost caused Zhang Han to sprain his waist.

The Great Demon was a legendary creature.

It had many different names, including Demon King, Demonic Ghost, Demonic Spirit, Demonic God, Demonic Fiend…

The great demons vitality was extremely tenacious.

Its strength was terrifying to the extreme.

It was a creature that could fight against Strange Beast Kings in ancient times.

Strange Beast Kings were incredibly mighty!

Zhang Han had seen several records about these creatures.

Thirty thousand years ago, in a marginal area of the Cultivation World, a Divine-winged Roc King suddenly showed up.

Its strength was monstrous.

When it spread its wings, its size was comparable to a large planet.

When soaring in the sky, its body could blot out the sun.

It could fly anywhere and knock over everything standing in its way.

No cultivator could pose a threat to it.

Some groups of cultivators at the ninth tier of the Tribulation Stage even tried to kill it with joint hands.

In the end, they were killed the moment it flapped its wings.

This Roc King was indeed extremely terrifying.

However, its moment didnt last for long.

All of a sudden, a Great Demon appeared in the depths of the universe.

Its palm was as large as a planet.

It grabbed the Divine-winged Roc King.

With a jerk, it tore the Divine-winged Roc King into halves and gulped them down.

This news scared Zhang Han stiff at that time.

It was the first time he had learned the legend of the Great Demon.

Only the demons that could fight against Strange Beast Kings in ancient times were true Great Demons.

The Great Demon, the Demonic Spirit, the Demonic Fiend, and the like were all types of demons.

However, the Great Demon stood aloof from the world and only existed in legends.

At this time, Zhang Han was observing his Yuan Ying.

“What the heck is this

“Is it a Demonic Fiend No.

Maybe a Demonic Spirit But since it looks substantial, it cant be a Demonic Spirit.

The Demonic God and the Demonic Soul are also spirits, so I can rule them out.

As for the Demonic Ghost and the Demon King…

“I think these are types of demons.

“It couldnt be a Great Demon, could it

“This is my Yuan Ying.

How can it become a Great Demon No way.”

Zhang Han found it very strange.

“Whats going on Does this have something to do with the Athanasia Demon Gong Ive been cultivating

“The Immortal Body… The Demonic Figure…

“Is that so

“The Demonic Figure… The Great Demon… Er… dont tell me I am on the way of becoming a Great Demon, am I Will I be a mutant

“I dont think so.

“The highest probability is that its the Immortal Body has been upgraded to the Demonic Figure.

Only after one finishes refining ones body can one take the path of figure refinement.

The Demonic Figure seems to be quite powerful as well.

“If I really obtained the Great Demons Figure, I might have the ability to rival ancient demonic beasts.”

At this moment, a ton of thoughts crossed Zhang Hans mind.

He also felt a little helpless.

This revelation was a little scary.

In his previous life, he had worked hard to cultivate to the ninth tier of the Tribulation Stage.

In this life, Zhang Hans soul sense sea had undergone a weird change, which turned into the Thunderbolt Mark and swallowed the Taiyi Wood Thunder.

Luckily, his dantian was still the same one that he was familiar with.

His dantian and Elixir were perfectly normal.

But now, when he was advancing to the Yuan Ying Realm, things took a rather weird turn.

Normally, ones Yuan Ying was exactly the same as oneself.

But now, Zhang Hans Yuan Ying had transformed into a demonized version of himself.

Even though he had cultivated the Athanasia Demon Gong and pursued body refinement, why would it influence his Yuan Ying

It was truly bizarre.

Nevertheless, he had finally reached the Yuan Ying Realm.

After entering the Yuan Ying Realm, ones spiritual strength would rise dramatically.

One would have the ability to communicate with heaven and earth, as well as to conform to the rules.

Ones lifespan would be greatly increased.

Ones Yuan Ying could even leave the body and possess others.

One could also take on dark creatures more effectively and be more resourceful.

After entering the Yuan Ying Realm, one could be said to have truly become a cultivator in the Cultivation World.

With the power of the Yuan Ying Realm, one could travel in space without external equipment, though one could only do that for a short span at a time.

But if a cultivator had a spirit treasure, coupled with the power of the Yuan Ying Realm, he or she could travel between planets.

“My Yuan Ying is a 10-inch-tall brat.”

Zhang Han observed for moments.

Looking at his Yuan Ying, he felt it quite funny.

He never dreamed that his Yuan Ying would be demonized.

However, its power seemed to have become stronger.

With this Yuan Ying, the Athanasia Demon Gong, and the Immortal Body, his supernatural powers would be several times mightier than before.

“There seems to be a lot of energy left.

“Forget it, Ill just make the breakthrough.”

Zhang Han concentrated again.

He began to run the Athanasia Demon Gong.

Since his mind and soul were not intentionally watching the change, Zhang Han didnt know what was going on in his body.

The Yuan Ying didnt seem to be his at all.

With the operation of the Athanasia Demon Gong, all kinds of energy were gathered in his Yuan Ying.

Surprisingly, its hands moved, making some movements.

But the movements were stiff and intermittent as if the energy sent to it was neither pure enough nor sufficient.

After moving for a few seconds, his Yuan Ying became motionless, as though it was tired.

At the same time, more energy poured out of his Yuan Ying.

It rushed through Zhang Hans meridians.

Zhang Han began to absorb the energy gushing out of the Immortal Body again.


Just like that, he reached the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage without effort.

The energy continued to flow, pushing his strength to the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

He could make it to the Last-Stage, but it was unnecessary.

Zhang Han stopped running the cultivation method.

He exhaled a long breath.

Then, he slowly opened his eyes.

The moment his eyelids were lifted, a ray of dazzling light flashed, which lit up the whole training room.

“Everyone is here.”

Zhang Han stood up.

“Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack…”

A series of crisp sounds rang inside his body.

It was as if he had undergone a complete transformation.

As Zhang Han got up, an imposing aura spread out.

As Zhang Han entered the Yuan Ying Realm, his Immortal Body had also been improved.

Body refinement was a process that would consume plenty of resources.

But if one was able to attain some attainments in body refinement at a low level, then one would obtain many extra benefits every single time one made a breakthrough.

In other words, doing this could save a large quantity of cultivation resources and time.

“Weve been watching you.” Zi Yan smiled sweetly.

“My husband has become even more powerful.

“He is indeed a true man of indomitable spirit.”

“How long did my breakthrough take” Zhang Han inquired.

“Eight hours, Daddy, weve been standing here the whole time.” Mengmeng immediately ran over and looked him up and down several times.

After she saw that her daddy was fine, she smiled with satisfaction and said, “Daddy, you were so frightening just now.

There were strange sounds in your body.

I heard your heartbeats.

The shadow of a big demon also showed up behind you.”

“Oh, thats okay.

These were just some strange phenomena that occurred during my cultivation.

Its very normal.” Zhang Han smiled and caressed Mengmengs head.

“Its not normal at all!”

Yue Wuwei cursed in his head, “Like I will believe you.

I know you are cunning!”

As the saying goes, the connoisseur recognizes the artistry while the layman simply enjoys the show.

Yue Wuwei was the only one who was well aware that the absurd phenomena Zhang Han triggered were actually very incredible.

But others thought it was no big deal.

They surmised that it was because of some secret skills or supernatural powers that Zhang Han had been cultivating.

“You finally made the breakthrough.

How do you feel” Zhang Guangyou came over and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder with a smile.

“I feel great,” Zhang Han said, smiling.

“Master, youve reached the Yuan Ying Realm.

Were about to make our breakthrough in a moment.

Master, are you under a lot of pressure because youre in the same realm as your disciples” Mu Xue said with a grin.

As soon as she said that, everyone present burst into laughter.

If putting their combat abilities aside, in terms of cultivation level alone, the master and the disciple were on the same level now.

It was true that the disciples had caught up with the master.

However, their combat abilities were still poles apart.

“Well, to avoid that, I directly advanced to the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

For the time being, Ill still be in the lead,” Zhang Han said casually.


Everybody quieted down.

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