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At this moment, as if a huge machine, the fleet began to function at full speed.

The two sides seemed to have started a positional war.

All kinds of long-range attacks were launched.

Many combat aircraft from both sides collided with each other and burst into flames in the cosmic void.

Energy cannons fired relentlessly.

There started to be casualties.


They felt as if they could hear the muffled explosions through the screen.

The majestic battle in the cosmos kicked off.

However, the enemys fleet was relatively small in number.

After the two sides suffered some losses, they switched to guerilla warfare.

On the surface of the planet, many aircraft and even small corvettes zoomed out from several large cities to intercept transport spaceships.

“Kaboom, kaboom…”

The whole world was in utter chaos.

It seemed that every second, every place was covered in gunfire.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and others watched this in anxiety.

“Its fine.”

Zhang Han said softly, “Dad and most of the others are in the Yuan Ying Realm now.

Thus, they can stay in the void of the universe for a short now.

Moreover, they have treasures with them.

Even if their aircraft are blown up, they can reach the ground safely.”

“But I saw a lot of aircraft that were blown up, but no one came out of them,” Zhou Fei bit her lip and remarked.

“So this is war.” Yue Wuwei placed his hands behind his back and said, “You were born in a peaceful era.

You have never seen a war before.

But you will get used to it after you watch a few battles.

The peaceful times you enjoyed were also what countless people exchanged for with their lives.

I have seen too many wars like this with my own eyes.”

“I see.”

Zhou Fei forcibly stroked her face, sat on a chair, and pressed a button.

Suddenly, various patterns appeared on the surrounding walls.

These were the images recorded by the shooting aircraft that flew all over the battlefield.

The shots were 360-degree.

There were no close-ups because they could adjust the settings and get close-up shots if they wanted.

“Its so scary.” Yue Xiaonao curled her lips and said, “Even Nina has gone to fight.

Why cant I do the same”

“Who can you defeat with your lame skills” Yue Wuwei said, squinting his eyes.

“How dare you talk to me like that! Ill pluck your beard tonight!” snarled Yue Xiaonao.

Yue Wuwei couldnt speak.

“It wont work.

After you pluck it, it will grow back the next day.”

From all those cameras on the shooting aircraft, the entire battlefield was visible at a glance.

It could be seen that the hatches of many aircraft and transport spaceships opened after they penetrated the atmosphere.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh…

Countless people flew out toward their assembling places along with their legions.

“Show me what Li Mu is doing.”

A camera on the left turned to film an aircraft.

“Send out 50 surveillance aircraft to record these peoples actions here,” added Zi Yan, who was sitting next to Zhang Han.

With her words, the Thunder King sent out dozens of shooting aircraft again.

At this time, she and Zhou Fei were like two directors who shouted “action” and “cut”.

Well, they couldnt say “cut” for real.

This was a real war.

They couldnt repeatedly shoot the same scene.

Mengmeng didnt say anything.

She just watched in silence on the side.

All kinds of images on the screen were reflected in her big clear eyes.

Zhang Han, Yue Wuwei, Lisa, and Yue Xiaonao also sat down next to her.

Ten minutes later, the main force began to assemble, but the enemy was faster.

In front of a city, the warriors were like a raging wave or a soon-to-burst torrent.

In front of the crowds stood many people with extraordinary auras.

They saw mechanic martial artists, green-shirted old men with long swords, as well as armed teenagers with a fierce look in their hands.

There were even people riding various spirit beasts with overwhelming evil spirits.

This group of people was beast tamers.

Cultivators who kept spirit beasts would also gain a much higher combat capacity.

“Oow, oow-oow-oow-oow…”

Dahei climbed out of Mengmengs schoolbag, looked at Zhang Han, and pointed to the spirit beasts on the screen.

He wanted to eat them.

“Dahei, you cant go there.

You, you cant defeat them yet.”

Mengmeng was staggered.

“What level is Daheis strength at

“It seems to be at the peak of the Elixir Realm, isnt it

“But Yuan Ying Realm cultivators are everywhere outside, so I cant let Dahei take the risk.”

“Did you hear that Your Little Master is worried about you, so youd better stay here,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Dahei was not far from reaching the Yuan Ying Realm.

In this kind of war, Dahei would still be quite powerful.

But Zhang Han didnt want Mengmeng to worry.

Judging from Daheis expression, it seemed that it was just hungry and didnt want to fight at all.

“After the battle goes on for a while, Ill ask someone to bring you some spirit beast meat,” Zhang Han said.

The bodies of spirit beasts were also very nutritious.

Zhang Han looked at the screen and found that in the large herd of spirit beasts below, some were at the Yuan Ying Realm.

Perhaps Dahei and Little Hei could advance to the Yuan Ying Realm after they ate some.

Having absorbed the spiritual Qi of the Thunder Yang Tree, these two would still need some time before they entered the Yuan Ying Realm.

Now it seemed that they could speed up the process by having some Yuan Ying Realm spirit beast meat.

“Hahaha, ooow!”

Dahei was elated in an instant.

Grinning from ear to ear, it patted its belly and gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up.

“Master, you are so generous!”

“Woof, woof.”

Little Hei also howled to flatter Zhang Han.

Little Hei was originally very cool and steady.

But Dahei liked to butter up others.

Thus, it followed suit so that it would be out of the trend.

As for Tiny Tot, it was still lying on the small bed in Mengmengs schoolbag.

The last time, it devoured so many dark creatures.

The digestion had not been completed yet, so it spent most of its time sleeping.

But what bewildered Zhang Han was that every time when Dahei got up at mealtime and patted Tiny Tot a few times, it would wake up very quickly.

Seeing Daheis smile, Mengmeng also felt happy.

Her negative emotions brought about by the battle subsided very quickly.

After hearing Zhang Hans words, Yi Hou remarked, “Troop Number One, send a team to collect the bodies of the spirit beasts.

Dont remove their Internal Elixirs.”

The order was quickly passed on.

The two sides personnel arrangements were well sophisticated.

Some would launch long-range attacks.

Some would deal with melee attacks.

Some were to disrupt and confuse enemies.

Some were in charge of defense…

Gradually, the battle of the aircraft on the Wood Spirit came to an end.

Like the waves of the sea, the troops eyed Li Mu like a tiger watching its prey.

The mood gradually became a little stifling and pressing.

It seemed that the air was permeated with the smell of blood.

Many pairs of bloodthirsty eyes were fixed on them, as though cruel wolves were watching them.

After half an hour, the legion on Li Mus side finally stood in a formation.

The number of soldiers Li Mu had was 30 percent larger than the other side.

This put some pressure on the enemy.

To cultivators, arranging troops into formations could be done very fast.

A small half of the soldiers here were from the Dark Shadow Clan.

They were divided into three vanguards.

The Dark Shadow Clan was good at martial arts.

With the help of the Spirit Battle Method taught by Zhang Han, their army could now be considered top-notch.

The soldiers didnt seem to know what fear was.

Standing at the front, they looked at the enemy with glacial eyes.


The Dark Shadow Clan was naturally good at fighting.

They liked to be sent to the battlefront.

On the Wood Spirit, 60 percent of the surface was covered with sand.

The area with plants accounted for only 14 percent.

Water was scarce here.

Li Mu and his army were in a desert.

The city ahead was located in a green forest.

That was the place they would seize.

“Lets start fighting.

Follow the plan and listen to our orders,” Yi Hou took in a deep breath and commanded.

The leaders all replied positively.


Li Mus voice suddenly called.

The camera gave him a close-up, which showed that he was staring at the surrounding shooting aircraft.

“Well… Im the protagonist.

Give me more shots.

Are we already filming” Li Mu said to the electronic bracelet on his right wrist.

Yi How didnt know what to say at this moment.

He felt a headache was coming.

“Have I made a wrong decision to bring you here”

“The shooting has started for a long time,” Zhou Fei said flatly.


“Im not ready yet.

“Can you delete the previous shots”

He was completely taken aback.

The next second, Li Mus expression changed.

His eyes were extremely deep.

Imitating Instructor Lius way of holding a weapon, he slowly removed the Dragon Blade from his shoulder with his right hand and glided forward in midair.

A ferocious gleam gradually appeared in his eyes.

When he flew to the front of the crowd, he channeled his spiritual force into the Dragon Blade.


A dragons roar spread across the field.

Li Mus expression had already revealed a trace of brutality.

The Dragon Blade in his hand was shining brightly.

The enemy was somewhat baffled by this.

“Li Mu, stop putting on an act!” an elder mocked.


“My heroic aura is ruined,” Li Mu cursed inwardly.

He also knew that his showtime was over.

He then suddenly pointed the Dragon Blade forward.

His thunderous voice spread far and wide.

“Ill conquer the world.

Who else dares to contend with me

“My army, listen up! Follow me and slaughter the enemy!”

His voice seemed to have become a bugle call for battle.

Yi Hou was rather speechless at this moment.

However, Zhou Fei and Zi Yan looked at each other in amazement.

Truth to be told, Li Mus acting was quite good.

With Li Mus words, the whole army began to act.

The war had begun!




The masses charged forward.

The enemy, however, was still motionless.

When Li Mu and his men approached the edge of the forest—



Tens of thousands of beams of light abruptly shot up from the opposite camp.

There came a rain of specially-made arrows.

As the arrows flew, the front lines of the opposite army unleashed all sorts of secret skills, causing the arrows to be set ablaze.

The entire sky changed color.

From what was shown on the screen, it was as if a sea of fire was pouring down on Li Mu and the others.


There were some dull noises.

The members of the second echelon cast a defensive move together.

A light green barrier was formed in front of the crowd.

“Sizzle, sizzle…”

The rain of arrows banged against the barrier.

Jets of blinding light of all colors forced people to subconsciously narrow their eyes.

One side was defending, while the other side was attacking.

The defending side still had a great advantage.

The shooting aircraft entered the skies above the forest.

Then, to everyones surprise, they saw that there were some hidden formations in the forest as well as many magnetic cannons.

These caused some casualties to Li Mus side.

But Li Mus army was still approaching the city rapidly.

They had blazed a path with their lives.

The soldiers charged fearlessly.

Finally, they were facing the enemy head-on.

At this moment, both Yi Hou and the enemys leader fell silent.

That was because they were clearly aware that two extremely enormous armies would soon collide with each other.


Every second, many in the armies collapsed to the ground.

But the number of soldiers on each side was too large.

In comparison, the casualties were simply negligible.


“Even ancient wars werent this intense, were they”

Instructor Liu was hit squarely in the chest by a magnetic cannon.

Fortunately, he had the defensive treasure Zhang Han gave him, which save his life.

Even so, he was covered with dust and seemed disheartened.

He couldnt help cursing, “Damn it, theyre firing too frequently.”

“Why didnt you duck” Jiang Yanlan frowned and asked from not far away.

“I didnt know that cannon could fire automatically.” Instructor Liu smiled awkwardly and said, “I just wanted to observe.

But I didnt expect that the cannonball would abruptly accelerate.”

“Be more cautious.

Dont joke with your safety!” Jiang Yanlans face was cold.

She was obviously a little angry.

Seeing this, Instructor Liu quickly said, “I know.

Ill be more careful next time.

Yanlan, you should also be on the watch.

You can stay behind me.”

“But you are not as strong as me.”

Looking at Instructor Lius heroic expression, Jiang Yanlan rolled her eyes with resignation.


Stop showing off your love for each other.”

Zhang Guangyou looked ahead with profound eyes and said, “We are about to collide with the other party.”

“Take care of each other.

Its our first time participating in a battle like this.

Dont act rashly,” Zhang Mu reminded them again and again.

It could be said that he was worried sick for the others.

His subordinates were all troublemakers.

He had also realized one thing.

The key issue was that since their headman, Zhang Han, was not here, he felt that he couldnt keep those people in check, so he could only give them a few more reminders.


The distance between them and the enemy was narrowed some more.

The ground suddenly cracked.

Then, many behemoths climbed out from the cracks.

They were enormous beast-shaped mecha.

As soon as they appeared, they fired without reserve.

The weapons of various special functions they had were great threats to Elixir Realm cultivators.

Seeing this, Yi Hou frowned slightly.

“It seems that the other party has guessed that we will send people to attack, so they are well prepared.

However… they probably didnt expect that the scale of our army would be so large.”

“Beep, beep.”

A message entered Yi Hous communication device.

He then showed a faint smile.

At the same time, the senior leaders of the opposite camp were a little flustered.

“Another opponent has arrived! Its the Bright Shadow Sect!”

“The southern city has been attacked.

Our force there wont able to hold on much longer.”

“The opposite army has shown up in the northern city!”

“Alarm! Enemies have appeared in the northern city.

We need reinforcements.”

After receiving these pieces of news, many high-level officials in the enemys camp were panic-stricken.

“We dont have enough soldiers.”

In the chaos, a cold voice suddenly sounded, “The fight on the main battlefield has begun.

As long as we win on the main battlefield, we will be the victor of this battle!

“Lets prove with the lives of their people that the force on the Wood Spirit is not to be trifled with!”

Soon, the order was given.

Li Mu and his force had just destroyed many beat-shaped mecha at a large cost.

They were still some distance away from the city.

At this rate, quite a lot of people on their side would die before the two armies clashed.

However, to everyones shock, the opponent party launched another five rounds of long-range attacks.

Then, the whole army swarmed out.

It advanced on them at an extremely fast speed.



The legions crashed into each other fiercely like monstrous waves.

All kinds of defensive moves and strikes collided before being neutralized.

The battle was in full swing.

The first ones to bear the brunt of the attack were the members of the Dark Shadow Clan.

At first, the collision was quite fierce, and many members of the Dark Shadow Clan died.

But later, their following counterattack was even more intense.

With their ruthless and desperate fighting style, the Dark Shadow Clans ferocious fighters forcefully created an opening in the other sides army and brought them a lot of casualties.

Yi Hous pupils froze slightly when he saw this scene.

He never thought these people could be so brave and good at fighting.

In other regions, what their troops were facing were a large number of spirit beasts.

The battle was getting heated.

Long-range attacks were still going on.

Everyone frenetically cast defensive skills as if these skills didnt cost energy and money.

The area with the heaviest firepower was still the place where the mecha were.

The enemy had mechanics, so their losses could only be the machines they had accumulated over the years.

But there were no mechanics in the force of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

They only had several groups of mechanic martial artists who stood at the front line, dealing with the overwhelming attacks.

All kinds of colors could be seen on the battlefield.

The moves the soldiers were making were simply countless.

The strikes were so intense that they swept over like a rainstorm.

It was bone-chilling.

Li Mu was no longer acting cool.

He was now fiercely killing enemies.

Every time Mu Xue launched a sword style, dozens of the enemies would be knocked down.

Yuan Ying Realm cultivators were top fighters here.

Chen Changqing had activated the all eight drought demonic dragon and made stunning battle achievements.

Instructor Lius Mace cast a 1000-foot-long shadow.

When he hammered with the Mace, more than a dozen Elixir Realm spirit beasts were reduced to mince.

Zhang Guangyou was brandishing his Seven Sages Broadsword.

Every time it flickered, the enemies in the area within a hundred meters ahead would be eliminated.

Jiang Yanlan seemed to have turned into a firebird.

In the name of Vermilion Bird, she performed her secret fire controlling skill.

The power of her moves was even stronger than those made by the mecha on the side.

Ah Hu was like a tiger being released from its cage.

Each one of the group possessed incredible battle prowess.

They were reaping lives on the battlefield like harvesters.

Yi Hou heart trembled as he watched the battle.

“Every single one of these people could be considered great generals in war!

“Theyre really amazing.”

Yi Hou even got goosebumps while watching them fight.

He never thought that the dozens of them alone could keep the enemies in that area downtrodden.

Their means were too ruthless and incredible.


All of a sudden, Yi Hou seemed to have noticed something and kept zooming in the camera.

At last, his countenance changed slightly.

He had seen a figure standing in the midst of the enemys camp.

That figure seemed to have turned into the shadow of a human that was attacking enemies from the darkness.

“That is a ghost on the battlefield!


Yi Hou never knew that someone actually had such an ability.

After some careful deliberation, he slowly turned his head and asked, “Isnt she the woman that came here with you people”

“Thats right.” Yue Wuwei nodded with a praising look on his face.

“Shes a talent with great potential.”

“She is Leng Yue,” Zi Yan compressed her lips and said.

She also held people like Leng Yue in high regard.

Who said that women were inferior to men

Leng Yue was a very good example to disprove that.

She was usually quiet and only lingered in the background.

But at critical moments, she could give the enemy the fiercest blows.

Instructor Liu was deeply shocked by her when they were on the Hidden Dragon Island.

At that time, he already said that Leng Yue was a ghost on the battlefield.

Now, Leng Yue had traveled to the Sea Dragon Star Area to participate in such a grand war.

Her power had multiplied.

“She is really strong.

The people she killed were all Yuan Ying Realm cultivators.”

Yi Hou drew in a deep breath, feeling a bit fearful.

In war, fighters like Leng Yue were the most terrifying kind.

They were also what the enemy feared the most.

In open combat, it wouldnt be surprising that some would be very powerful.

But this type of assassin was rare.

“Demonic Dragon Subdues Vast Universe!”

Chen Changqings momentum was magnificent.

He displayed his most powerful secret skill.

The hundreds of Elixir Realm cultivators in front of him were taken down.

He was in the limelight at this moment.


Chen Changqing burst out laughing, then pelted forward.

“Taste my hammer!”

With a savage look on his face, Instructor Liu struck with the Mace.

A spirit beast at the peak of the Elixir Realm was sent flying backward and directly fainted, knocking down dozens of spirit beasts when it fell on the ground.

The battlefield was horribly chaotic.

“Sword Strike of Azure Rainbow!”

Mu Xue, Zhang Mu, and the others all shone on the battlefield like stars.

Each of them vanquished a myriad of enemies.


In the enemys camp.

Some Yuan Ying Realm cultivators soon discovered them.

It could be said that Yuan Ying Realm cultivators in both parties were exerting a lot of pressure on the opponent side.

They were like generals.

When soldiers fought against soldiers, generals contended with generals.

Those Yuan Ying Realm cultivators soon began to target Zhang Mu and his companions.


A violent energy fluctuation swept across the area within a thousand meters.

It made everyone dizzy.

Zhao Feng also shook his head to sober up.

He then looked at the young man in the front.

He seemed in his twenties.

He was holding an ice cone in his hand, his face displaying a sneer.

Although his weapon was merely a fifth-tier spirit treasure, his cultivation was at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

Zhao Fengs expression became serious at this moment.

Finally, there came a tough opponent.

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