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Chapter 1142 The Clown Who Is the Demonic Ghost King

Ye Longyuan then asked, “Which one is more powerful, Hu Tianshan or my Older Martial Sister Chu”

“I dont know for sure.

I think that Lord Hu Tianshan should be more powerful.”


Ye Longyuan immediately let go of this man and even straightened his collar for him.

Then, he said, “Well… Go back to your work.”


The Elixir Realm subordinate left immediately.

“A big shot has arrived!”

Ye Longyuan felt his scalp tingling.

“If he knew we werent members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, would he make a move against us Older Martial Brother Yan, what should we do now”

“Shall we take advantage of the chaos and take off” Yan Chen hesitated for a moment and suggested.

He didnt set up a soundproof cover because it wouldnt work anyway.

“Older Martial Sister Chu Are you there” Ye Longyuan asked in a low voice.


Chu Qingyis calm voice rang out.

“Are you as powerful as Hu Tianshan” Ye Longyuan inquired.


Ye Longyuans face lit up as he heard her plain answer.

He then asked, “What should we do if Hu Tianshan finds out were not members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family”

“Itll be fine.”

“Older Martial Sister Chu, youll protect us, right” Ye Longyuan asked in an undertone.

“You alone will be safe.”

Yan Chen and Su Beimu were speechless.

“Youre too outspoken.

“Do you mean that we two are no longer safe”

“Ahem, ahem.

Well, Yan Chen and Su Beimu treat me fine.

They also came from Earth.

Can you protect them as well”


“Thank you, Older Martial Sister Chu.”

Chu Qingyi did not reply.

Yan Chen and Su Beimu, however, breathed a sigh of relief.

They knew that this Chu Qingyi, who spoke in a very succinct way, was the kind of person truthful in speech and firm in action.

“Lets go take a look on the city wall,” said Ye Longyuan.

The three of them no longer intended to leave.

They rose into the air and flew to the city wall.

Standing on the top of the wall, they looked at the battlefield in the distance.

The battle line stretched as far as the eye could see.

Flames of war were everywhere.

“This is too intense.”

“People are dying every second.”

“Is Hu Tianshan really coming Then…” Su Beimu trailed off.

He was too scared to go on, but the other two knew what he meant.

“Should we inform the Cloud Shadow Sky”

Although they had nothing to do with the war between the two forces, Zhang Hanyang had joined hands with the Cloudy Shadow Sky.

Since they were Earth residents, how could they not hold Zhang Hanyang in reverence

Moreover, because of Zhang Hanyang, they had obtained much more resources than other cultivators.

It was thanks to Zhang Hanyangs communication with the Kings Domain and his eased relationship with the Ancient Mine, as well as some other reasons.


If they were to tip the Cloud Shadow Sky off, what method could they use

Chu Qingyi was a member of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Although she might have some kind of relationship with Ye Longyuan, would she remain aloof when it came to the war that involved her sect

They dared to gamble on her reaction.

“Forget it.”

Yan Chen sighed softly and said, “What will be will be.

This war is not our concern.

We can only be onlookers.”

“Who else is here” Su Beimu frowned and said, “I think I saw Shi Fenghou.

He is here.

With his speed, there should be no problem.”

“That guy is cunning.” Ye Longyuan snorted.

“Wait! Look up!”

Yan Chens expression changed.

He suddenly looked up at the sky.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz…”

They saw many transport spaceships were descending at a high speed.

In fact, they even saw that the battle between fleets in the void was growing increasingly fiercer.

It seemed that the number of spaceships of the fleet on the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys side had multiplied.

“Has Hu Tianshan arrived”

Everyone saw a blurred small red dot shuttling through thousands of the Cloud Shadow Skys aircraft like a streak of light.

In its wake were blazing flames.

After about five minutes, the red dot seemed to have enlarged a lot.

However, the Cloud Shadow Skys troops swiftly retreated like a tide.

One after another, transport spaceships flew rapidly toward the surface of the planet.

“He is coming!”

The red dot drew closer.

Everyone saw clearly that it was a huge red mecha holding a long energy saber in its right hand.

Like an invincible fighting robot, it swooped down from the sky and plummeted directly into the camp of Cloud Shadow Sky.

“Lord Hu Tianshan is here!”

“His Lordship has arrived!”

“Victory is ours!”

“He is invincible!”

“Victory is assured!”


The one who just arrived was indeed Hu Tianshan.

Seeing this, the fighters at the back acted as if they had had a shot in the arm.

They charged forward like crazy, as though they were launching a general attack.

The Cloud Shadow Sky had originally gained the upper hand.

But in an instant, the tide was turned, and they were at a disadvantage.

The situation of the battle changed really quickly.

“Swish, swish, swish, swish!”

Under many peoples gazes, the red mecha brandished the long saber in its hand, and its firepower was fully activated.

Every time the long saber was wielded, it produced nearly one-kilometer-long saber radiance, which looked extremely formidable.

He seemed to be unbeatable in war.

He swept away thousands of enemy troops.

On the battlefield, he seemed to have no rival.

Battles were going on in the cosmic void, in the sky high above the ground, and on the surface of the planet at the same time.

The Cloud Shadow Skys casualties had been rising really fast.

They couldnt do anything about this.

Only the people at the back had time to escape, while the group at the front could only watch as Hu Tianshan come closer and closer!

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The one-sided slaughter began.

One minute, 10 minutes, and half an hour passed!

Ye Longyuan, Yan Chen, and Su Beimu watched the battle for half an hour on the city wall.

They stood there until all of the Cloud Shadow Skys forces were annihilated.

Then, someone from the Tiger Talisman Royal Family shouted, “Were invincible!”

That declared their victory.

“The red mecha is heading our way”

“Why is he coming here”

“Could it be that hes spotted us”

Yan Chen and the other two were frightened when they saw Hu Tianshan flying straight toward them.


“Whizz, whizz, whizz!”

The three of them quickly flew toward Chu Qingyis house.

At the gate, Ye Longyuan shouted, “Older Martial Sister Chu, Hu Tianshan is coming.

Can we hide in your place”

Chu Qingyi felt rather speechless

It was because she knew Hu Tianshans destination was precisely her house.

“Come in.”

Hearing this, the three of them hurried in and saw Chu Qingyi in the small courtyard.

At this time, she was leaning lazily on the hammock made of flowers.

She was wearing a long dress, revealing her fair-skinned lower legs and smooth feet.

She was holding a book, and there was a glass of juice on the tea table next to her.

It was as if she was on vacation!

This serene courtyard formed a stark contrast to the battlefield they saw just now.


The three of them suddenly looked up and saw a red mecha rapidly approaching from the end of the horizon.

Toward this, Chu Qingyi didnt even raise her head.

When it was less than hundreds of meters away, the red mecha suddenly contracted.

It gradually shrank and disappeared from sight.

Then, Hu Tianshans real body was revealed.

The famous Hu Tianshan looked kind of cultured.

“Fairy Chu,” Hu Tianshan called in a calm and gentle tone.

After landing in the courtyard, he nodded toward Chu Qingyi and said, “I know you dont like war, so I took the matter into my own hands and swat the flies that had disturbed your reading.

I hope you wouldnt mind this.”

“Fine,” Chu Qingyi replied softly.

She was still reading the book and didnt even look up at Hu Tianshan.

“This is one of the most heavily-bombarded places on the Principal Battlefield.

It is also a place that the Cloud Shadow Sky will definitely strive to seize.

Fairy Chu, I suggest that you should go to the back area and leave this place to me.

What do you think” Hu Tianshan then glanced at the three people beside Chu Qingyi out of the corner of his eye and said, “This place is still useful to me.

Fairy Chu, could you do me this favor”


Receiving the positive answer, Hu Tianshan smiled and asked, “May I know who these three are”

“Haha, Im her Junior Martial Brother.” Ye Longyuan chuckled and said, “If nothing else, you can go back.

My Older Martial Sister Chu wants to read now.”

Chu Qingyi was lost for words.

“Youre already driving him out”

Hu Tianshan was also stunned.

He didnt expect this young man could be so rude.

He felt a little uncomfortable about this.

Yet, his eyes narrowed slightly when he heard Ye Longyuan say he was Chu Qingyis Junior Martial Brother.

Meanwhile, Chu Qingyis silence toward this also caused him to wonder.

After three wordless seconds, Hu Tianshan cast a significant look at Ye Longyuan before nodding to Chu Qingyi again.

“Then Ill take my leave.

Ill stay at the space station.

Fairy Chu, may I know when youll leave The Heavenly North Star Area is relatively safe.

There are only two groups of traitors in that area.

If you feel bored, you can go there and have some fun.”

“Then Ill go there.”

Chu Qingyi seemed to have finished a page.

She put a bookmarker between the pages, closed the book, and put it away.

She then looked at Hu Tianshan and said, “Ill go there now.”


Hu Tianshan nodded.

He then leaped into the air and left in no time.

Moments later, a delicately made aircraft flew over.

“Lets go.”

Chu Qingyi unhurriedly flew into the aircraft.

“I gotta say, Older Martial Sister Chu, you are truly like a fairy.”

Since they were on the same side, Ye Longyuan was completely relaxed.

Thus, he made the comment without scruples.

The corners of Chu Qingyis mouth slightly twitched.

She wanted to say something, but she stopped herself.

They boarded the aircraft and flew straight to the cosmic void.

At this time, more than a dozen spaceships were all set.

They entered the main vessel and jumped into the secondary space.

The fleet disappeared.

They had finally left the Principal Battlefield.

Ye Longyuan and the other two were in a good mood because of this.

But when they arrived on the target planet, Chu Qingyis words rendered them thunderstruck.

“Youre in charge of this battle.”

“Me I cant do this!” Ye Longyuan smiled bitterly.

However, Chu Qingyi did not say another word.

The commander came to Ye Longyuans side and asked cautiously, “Your Excellency, how do you want to fight this battle Please give the order.”

Ye Longyuan was at a loss.

“How did I suddenly become the leader

“Are you kidding me”

“Just fight as you usually do,” he replied.

With no alternative, Ye Longyuan accepted the task.

He began to command a large-scale battle for the first time in his life.

It felt rather weird.

Doubtlessly, he was in luck.

Anyway, he had picked up an Older Martial Sister on the way.

Besides, she was a beautiful woman, who was pleasing to the eye.

Others might not be so lucky.

Shi Fenghou had finally recovered from his injury by absorbing all kinds of birds and beasts Inner Elixirs.


He began to set foot in the Yuan Ying Realm.

The wings on his back became increasingly substantial.

It was as if every single feather on his wings was extremely sharp.

After half a day, he finally succeeded in making the breakthrough.

He came out of the cave and looked around.

But he was a little confused by what he saw.

“Where are the people of the Cloud Shadow Sky”


As he was looking around, an aircraft nearby suddenly raised an alarm.

In less than three seconds, a group of people flew over at a high speed.

“Theres an enemy here!”

“Hes really good at hiding.”

“Kill him!”

Shi Fenghou was bewildered.

“How did they find out that Im their enemy”


He leaped up.

In an instant, his speed overtook the speed of sound.

He turned into a jet of light and flew away.

However, the entire planet had been occupied by the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Gradually, more and more people were after him.

How should he escape then

This was indeed a thorny issue.

The situation in war could change every second.

Ye Longyuan enjoyed himself to the full as he worked as the chief commander.

He subdued five planets within a week.

He even went to fight on the battlefield on two planets.

He did his best to imitate Hu Tianshans invincible aura.

He hoped he could descend from the sky and vanquish the opposing troops as well.

However, there was a huge difference between what he imagined and what the reality was.

As soon as he landed on the battlefield, he was faced with thousands of bombardments.

He was so busy dodging the strikes that he almost couldnt find a chance to breathe.

After all, he needed time to get used to it.

But when he finally adapted to the battlefield, he realized that the battle was over.

“What should I do now that there is no enemy to kill

“Should I go to fight other opposing armies

“Can I go battle against the Cloudy Shadow Sky and stand on Zhang Hanyangs opposite side”


Ye Longyuan shivered in fear.

He found that he didnt have the nerve to go against Zhang Hanyang at all.

Thus, he went to Chu Qingyi and said, “I dont want to attack the Cloud Shadow Sky!

“The Cloudy Shadow Sky is backed by Zhang Hanyang.

“I cant fight against Zhang Hanyang.”

Hearing his words, Chu Qingyi raised her eyebrows slightly and asked, “Why”

From her expression, she seemed to think that Zhang Hanyang was not a very powerful opponent.

Ye Longyuan thought for a moment and said, “Because I still owe Zhang Hanyang crystal stones.”

“How much do you owe him”

“Two million and four hundred thousand,” Ye Longyuan said.

After that, Chu Qingyi fell silent.

Then, abruptly, she spoke, “Ill pay your debt.”

Hearing this, Ye Longyuang almost burst into tears!

Ye Longyuan felt that the Sea Dragon Star Area was really friendly to him.

This Older Martial Sister he picked up on the way treated him surprisingly well.

Yan Chen and Su Beimu, who were standing by him, both showed envious looks.

But after thinking about it carefully, Ye Longyuan put on a serious face and remarked, “No, how can I let you spend so many crystal stones for me”

“What dont you want me to pay off your debt” Chu Qingyi asked.

She seemed to have gained a better understanding of Ye Longyuan.

Ye Longyuan didnt speak for a long time.

In the end, he replied, “Earth is Zhang Hanyangs territory.

I have to go back to Earth sometime.

The fact that I owe him crystal stones actually serves as a talisman.

Well, because Im still in his debt, others usually dont dare to harm me.”

He seemed to have forgotten that he had also entered the Yuan Ying Realm.

When he returned to Earth, he would be regarded as a big shot as well.

Chu Qingyi said no more regarding this.

it was Ye Longyuans choice after all.

From this matter, Yan Chen and Su Beimu also realized that Ye Longyuan might really be Chu Tianyis Junior Martial Brother.

“Who on earth is the owner of the ring Ye Longyuan has obtained”

There were many questions in their minds, but no one could give them answers.

During the past week, they had learned everything about the war.

It was because Ye Longyuan had risen to the commanders position thanks to his female backer and gained profound knowledge of battlefields.

“We lost another three planets on the Principal Battlefield.

However, Lord Hu Tianshan took action again and seized five planets.”

“On the Second Battlefield, in the place near the Silver-winged Hall, Zhang Hanyang and his people made waves and conquered many planets.

It seems that our higher-ups have given that region up.”

“Lord Hu Tianshan just made his move again.

The entire Heavenly North Star Area of the Second Battlefield now belongs to our Tiger Talisman Royal Family.”

“Lord Hu Tianshan is invincible! Once he comes to the battlefield, victory will be his!”

“The defense in the Tianhu Star Area of the Second Battlefield has been destroyed by the Cloud Shadow Skys Third Elder.

We lost all the planets with rich resources.”

“Our losses are too high.

The number of our spaceships has been slashed again.”

“A super-mighty energy wave suddenly erupted in a place in the Chaotic Region.

Its suspected that a mysterious object has appeared.”


All sorts of sources of information in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area made reports.

Most of the reports were on the victory or defeat of the battles.

Both sides had famous cultivators who won one battle after another.

Among them, the most amazing one was Hu Tianshan.

He had fought in 48 battles and won them all!

He had killed at least 800 Yuan Ying Realm cultivators.

It was widely known that Hu Tianshan was a strong cultivator on the pinnacle of the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

He was very close to the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Moreover, Hu Tianshan was a mechanic martial artist.

He controlled large mechanical troops and had his specially-made mecha.

Therefore, he was simply a killing machine.

The public had also heard about what Zhang Hanyangs team had achieved.

They were also invincible in the Star Areas near the Silver-winged Hall on the Second Battlefield.

The Dark Shadow Clan had established its prestige and stood in the limelight again.

The various legends about the Dark Shadow Clan quickly bandied about.

This clan had attracted the attention of many forces.

On this day, Ye Longyuan was strolling on the Second Battlefield with his fleet.

Shi Fenghou just shook off those who were after him and sneaked to the Second Battlefield.

He had no choice, for the Principal Battlefield was too much for him.

As for Zhang Han and his people, they were still conquering the nearby Star Areas.

Liu Qingfeng and Li Hao were making arrangements.

Hu Tianshan was also in action.

The battle line continuously extended both in length and in width.

It was as if a real grand contention was about to take place.

But on this day, a shocking piece of news spread out.

“The Snowfall Alliances Black Shade Star has been attacked.

All the creatures on the planet have been wiped out.

leaving not a single trace of life on it.

The planet seems to have been turned into a patch of the Deadland.

“The Black Shade Star used to be a planet covered by green plants.

But now, it has become pitch-black.

“The Snowfall Alliance is furious.

“They issued a notification, which says that if no force comes forward to take responsibility for this crime, they will wage a war and send out their fleets while asking for reinforcements from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

After hearing this news, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and the Cloud Shadow Sky sank into silence.

Who did this

Nobody knew.

If the Snowfall Alliance were to participate in the war, it certainly would be bad news.

The Snowfall Alliances fleets were very powerful.

It was the strongest among the neutral forces.

The Sea Spa Alliance and the others might also get involved.

If they took part in the battle, there would be too many variables.

It would be more so if the forces of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province also joined in.

The situation would become precarious if this war had attracted the forces from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

But that afternoon, another piece of news came out.

“One of the Cloud Shadow Skys planets with rich resources has been invaded by some dark energy and turned into a barren star.”

“Which force is it How dare they attack planets with rich resources like this Arent they afraid that the families in the Chaotic Region would step forward and punish them”

That night, more pieces of shocking news were reported.

“On one of the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys planets, all the spaceships at the space station have been taken.

No one knows where those spaceships went.”

“The Sea Spa Alliances space station has been robbed of 50 spaceships, including 10 main vessels.”

“The spaceships parked at the space stations on three planets owned by the Cloud Shadow Sky have been snatched.

Its still unknown which force did this.

But some people say that they saw a cluster of dark energy engulf the spaceships and fly away with them.”

The next day, the discussion about those pieces of news became more and more heated.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys another space station has been invaded.

Their fleet has been robbed! How on earth did someone manage this”

“Good Heavens! This is terrifying!”

The battles on the Principal Battlefield, the Second Battlefield, the Third Battlefield, and even the entire Sea Dragon Star Area suddenly came to a halt.

No one knew which force made those moves.

Many high-level members of the forces were confused.

On the same day, there was another piece of news.

“There is a witness!

“Someone saw it! The culprit is a Demonic Ghost!

“Hes a clown! Geez, hes a real clown! He commands an army of millions of demonic ghosts.

They devoured all the living creatures on the spaceships and drove the spaceships away.

He has made those fleets the lair of his demonic ghosts!”

“A Demonic Ghost has appeared.

What should we do”

All the forces were shocked when they heard this.

Even the Snowfall Alliance fell silent.

“Older Martial Sister Chu, what is a Demonic Ghost” Ye Longyuan asked.

“Demonic Ghosts are an extremely dreadful kind of creature,” Chu Qingyi said with a frown.

“Demonic Ghosts normally do not gather in groups, nor do they possess much offensive power, unless there is a king among them.

The Demonic Ghost King has consciousness, who is at least in the Integration Realm.

But why did someone in the Integration Realm come to the Sea Dragon Star Area”

“Pfft… In-Integration Realm” Ye Longyuan was scared out of his wits.

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