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Just like that, they embarked on the journey.

Because the place Chu Qingyi found to stay in before was far away from the Principal Battlefield, the journey took a total of five days.

Five days later, they arrived at the Principal Battlefield.

They came to the nearest planet.

“What the **!” Su Beimu screamed in shock.

As far as the eye could see, the two poles of the planet were where the fleets of the two opposing sides were gathering.

Transport spaceships were shuttling back and forth.

Looking down from the universe, the equator of the whole planet had been turned into a fiery line by the flames of war.

All kinds of mecha and aircraft were zooming in the air, but the fiercest battle was among the cultivators.

The battlefield had covered the entire planet.

This was truly frightening.

“In this case, it will take a long time to decide the winner,” Ye Longyuan took a deep breath and remarked.

He suddenly felt that even those at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage could have little impact on the battle going on below.

They could even die tragically if they were careless in the slightest.

“I figure the two sides are just trying to wear each out.

The battle wont end until one side cant afford the losses anymore,” Yan Chen said bitterly.

He was also surprised to see that the war in the Sea Dragon Star Area could be this fierce.

The battle among cultivators was simply too brutal.

It was like the collision of two planets.

Although they knew this was kind of a suicidal operation, they still rushed forward without hesitation.

Why did they do this

Was it because they longed for honor, strength, or just victory

“People are selfish.

But what has made them advance so bravely Do they not even care about their lives” Su Beimu asked slowly.

What he saw was beyond him.

“Theyre doing this exactly for the sake of strength, honor, and victory.”

Chu Qingyi looked at the scene with a calm face and said, “On battlefields, one can get many spirit treasures, and even spirit beasts Internal Elixirs, gems, mecha, aircrafts energy stones, and crystal stones.

Also, one can gain combat experience and deepen ones comprehension of martial moves.

The reasons are plenty.”

This seemed to be the first time that Chu Qingyi had made a long remark, which was highly inspiring.

“A person, even if he is an elder, will be tempted just by the many resources he or she can gain in a battle.

Otherwise, one may have to collect the resources over many years.

Also, for the sake of their sects victory, disciples will also fight without reserve.

War doesnt only have a horrifying side but also an attractive side.

Do you think this war that has spanned across the entire Sea Dragon Star Area has broken out just because Zhang Hanyang and his people killed a few high-level members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family Thats just the immediate cause or perhaps an excuse.”

“This…” Yan Chen scratched his head and said, “Thank you, Fairy Chu… Thank you for enlightening us.”

When talking to Chu Qingyi, Yan Chen and Su Beimu would measure their every word.

Ye Longyuan, however, was not so cautious.

“Older Martial Sister, what if we participate in the battle With my strength, I should be able to influence a small half of the battlefield, right”

“Huh” Chu Qingyi was stupefied.

“Who gave you such confidence”

“Ahem, I mean I can make a difference in a small part of the place where the battle is going on, not the whole battlefield.”

Realizing that he had made a wrong statement, Ye Longyuan smiled awkwardly.

“Those at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage are equivalent to generals on the battlefield.

They surely can influence part of the battle,” said Chu Qingyi.

“I wanna have a try.” Ye Longyuan took a deep breath and showed an eager look on his face.

“Which side do you want to fight for” Chu Qingyi asked nonchalantly.


“I…” Ye Longyuan froze in place.

After a while, he said, “It seems that I cant stand on either of the sides.

I absolutely dont want to go against Zhang Hanyang, while my Older Martial Sister is a member of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Forget it.

Lets just stay here and watch.”

“Im not a member of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Im merely cooperating with them,” Chu Qingyi said in a cool voice.


Ye Longyuans eyes lit up.

“Then I can take part in the battle, cant I”

“Do as you please.”

Seeing Chu Qingyis attitude, the three of them exchanged a look.

They were all tempted.

They had not fought yet since they recently reached Yuan Ying Realm.

Their blood began to boil.

Their fighting spirit was surging.

At that moment, they suddenly found that the question they posed earlier had been answered by themselves.

Which cultivator was not hot-blooded

They all yearned for cultivation, strength, battle, and an extraordinary life.

Moreover, they also wanted to find out why they were inferior to people like Zhang Hanyang and Yue Wuwei.

They were still young after all.

It suddenly occurred to them that Zhang Hanyang and Yue Wuwei seemed to possess very little youthful recklessness and arrogance.

When their blood boiled to a certain extent, they all wanted to go down and fight on the battlefield.

Just then, Chu Qingyi doused their passion again.

She said nonchalantly, “Hu Tianshan is here.”

“Hu Tianshan the unbeatable general is here Then wed better forget this.” Ye Longyuan chickened out at once.

After all, ones reputation followed one like his shadow.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family never lost as long as Hu Tianshan was on the battlefield.

The opponent Hu Tianshan was facing was the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Sometimes, he even had to deal with Liu Qingfeng, the freaking smart strategist.

In the face of such powerful opponents, Hu Tianshan still remained undefeatable.

How formidable he was!

Ye Longyuan and the other two knew that with their little strength, they couldnt withstand a single blow Hu Tianshan dealt at them.

“Can Hu Tianshan win this battle as well It seems that the Cloud Shadow Sky has more people coming and going,” Su Beimu stared at the battlefield below and inquired.

However, three hours later, the battle line began to move quickly from north to south.

The forces of Cloud Shadow Sky fled in a hurry.

“He won again!”

“He is amazing indeed.”

“He is also just in the Yuan Ying Realm.

But how could he have affected the outcome of the battle”

Hearing their questions, Chu Qingyi raised her eyebrows slightly and said, “He was born to be a warlord.”

Ye Longyuan asked, “Then what about me Older Martial Sister, based on the impression Ive left you, what am I cut out for”

He had gained a better understanding of Chu Qingyis personality.

She was a little cold on the outside but warm on the inside.

She also liked to eavesdrop on others gossiping.

But he was certain about one thing—regardless of the topic, Chu Qingyi would only tell the truth when she spoke.

Just like now, she was silent in the face of Ye Longyuans question.

Perhaps she didnt even bother to answer.

Ye Longyuan was embarrassed by this.

“Come on, dont make me look bad.”

But he didnt really mind.

Then, he and the others continued to watch the battle.

The battle line pressed downward at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Hu Tianshan brought his force victory again.

The Cloud Shadow Skys alliance suffered countless casualties.

In the end, only 20 percent of their fighters managed to escape.

“Lets go to our next stop,” Chu Qingyi spoke.

The fleet entered the secondary space.

Several hours later, they arrived on the second planet.

The whole planet was engulfed by flames of war.

At the sight of the intense battle, everyone felt their blood was boiling.

In this place, Ye Longyuan and the other two finally carried out their wishes.

They went down to the battlefield and fought for three hours.

When Chu Qingyi went to pick them up, they were disheveled and dejected.

“F*ck! That was truly suffocating!”

“I almost died just now.

Do you believe it”

“It was too fierce.

Just as I landed, I got bombarded two times and almost fainted.

That cost me a fifth-tier treasure tree.”

“But I got a lot of good stuff.

There were beast-tamers on this battlefield.

I snatched 10 Inner Elixirs of spirit beasts.

These are worth a small sum anyway,” Yan Chen said.


Ye Longyuan sneered at him.

“What you got is nothing.

I earned more than 30 Inner Elixirs and two Space Rings that contain tens of thousands of crystal stones.

Humph, at this rate, I can save up enough money to pay back Zhang Hanyang after participating in a few more battles like this.

Well, I must pay two million crystal stones off before I break through to the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.”

“Why do you need to pay off two million first Why not pay the two million four hundred thousand in one go” Chu Qingyi asked flatly.

“When I pay off the two million first, the rest of the debt will be 400,000 crystal stones.

Then, when I break through to the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage, my debt will double, so I will need to pay him 800,000 crystal stones.

But if I keep owing him 2,400,000 crystal stones, my debt will pile up to 4,800,000 when I make my next breakthrough,” said Ye Longyuan.

“Your debt will double” Chu Qingyi slightly puckered her brows.

She seemed to be a little discontented.

“Yes, my debt doubles every time I make a breakthrough.

When I was still a Grand Master, Zhang Hanyang cast a curse on me.

Because of the curse, I would be plagued by my inner demon every time I entered a higher level.

Although the spell was removed later, I was used to calculating my debt like this.

Anyway, it actually serves as my protective talisman.

Besides, I, Ye Longyuan, will definitely be rich in the future.

These few crystal stones are just small change to me.”

Ye Longyuans face turned serious as he said, “There is someone worse off than me.

Shi Fenghou now owes Zhang Hanyang four million crystal stones now.

When he reaches the Middle-Stage, his debt will be eight million.


Ye Longyuan made it sound like it was an honor to be in debt.

Chu Qingyi did not know what to say at the moment.

“Why does this nominal Junior Martial Brother who has received Masters martial arts heritage appear so useless”

“After youre done watching this war, we will leave the Sea Dragon Star Area for the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and stay there for a while,” Chu Qingyi said brusquely.

“What Where is the Heavenly Dragon Star Province”

After Chu Qingyi gave them the explanation, Ye Longyuan and the other two were a little lost.

“Ill only take you there,” said Chu Qingyi indifferently.

“Older Martial Sister, please take them too.

They are the people I know.” Ye Longyuan was startled when he heard this.

Feeling guilty, he quickly said, “Well, Older Martial Sister, can you treat them as my servants Id be bored if I didnt have anyone I know around to talk with.”

The corners of Yan Chens and Su Beimus mouths quivered when they heard this.

They didnt say that they wanted to go anyway.


Chu Qingyi was silent for a moment before nodding in agreement.

“Older Martial Sister, when will we come back”

“It depends.”

“Dont tell me we wont come back again, will we”

“We may come back very soon or very late.

Were going to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province to deal with some affairs.

It may take a year or two,” said Chu Qingyi.


To him, one or two years was completely acceptable.

They were going to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province to visit the more vast and advanced world.

Yan Chen and Su Beimu also began to get excited.

They never thought they would have such an opportunity because of Ye Longyuan.

Then, they went to see the battles on another three planets.

Ye Longyuan and the other two went down to fight for a long time.

They gradually got used to this kind of high-intensity and highly-charged battle.

When they came to the seventh planet—

“Some Thunder Kings are here.”

“Its Zhang Hanyangs.

Are they here”

Ye Longyuan and the other two were taken aback.

“I heard a few days ago that Zhang Hanyangs fleet had also been robbed.

He only has a few Thunder Kings.

There are five here, so Zhang Hanyang and his people are most likely on this planet,” Su Beimu said.

“They are on the one in the center,” said Chu Qingyi.

“Holy sh*t.

Now Zhang Hanyang and his people are here, they will probably win this battle,” Ye Longyuan scratched his head and remarked.

“Since theyre here, should we still go down to fight”

“Of course, well go.

After all, weve helped the Cloud Shadow Sky before,” Yan Chen said.

“Maybe we can see Mu Xue, Emperor Qing, and the others on the battlefield.

They seem to have made a breakthrough as well.

We can compete with them on the battlefield.”


Ye Longyuan and the other two solemnly made the decision.

They soon came to the battlefield with imposing auras.

However, it was difficult to locate the few people they were looking for on this boundless battlefield.

When they finally saw Instructor Liu and the others—

“He is this fierce”

Holding his Mace, Instructor Liu was pummeling the ten-meter-high mecha opposite him.

He directly reduced it to scrap iron.

How fierce he was!

“Eh You are also here,” Instructor Liu saw them and said in a slightly surprised tone.

“If you can be here, why cant we” Ye Longyuan gave a cold laugh.

“Oh, then you should back off a little in case you got hurt by the rogue energy waves,” Instructor Liu warned them.

Next, he jumped forward, darting to the mecha in front of him.


But before he got near, Ye Longyuan smashed the mecha into pieces.


“Hes entered the Yuan Ying Realm”

Instructor Liu, Jiang Yanlan, Zhang Mu, and those who were not far away were a little taken aback.

They didnt expect Ye Longyuan and the other two could also make a breakthrough so soon.

“Could it be that cultivators on the Saint Warrior Planet are all gifted”

“You guys made your breakthrough very quickly,” Instructor Liu said in surprise.

As a former military instructor, he admired and respected many talented people, including Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, Ye Longyuan, and Mu Xue.

He also found it quite surreal that he had also reached the same level as they did.

He found it particularly incredible that he had married Jiang Yanlan.

Truthfully, Instructor Liu began to have feelings for Jiang Yanlan after several encounters with her.

In order to make her his girlfriend, he got beaten up so many times when he tried to sound her out.

But in the end, he won Jiang Yanlans heart and married her.

The pleasure he had after the hardship was something that only he could understand.

Jiang Yanlan didnt fall for Instructor Liu at first.

Since when did she fall in love with him

Perhaps it was since that day she saw his mighty figure outside Mount New Moon.

At that time, he knew he couldnt win, yet he still foolishly guarded their last position.

She still remembered that he yelled, “I, Liu Qi, may die today, but Ill die as one of the Five Great Generals”.

His voice carried the kind of sadness and majesty that usually appeared in TV series.

That scene was the turning point in their relationship, which brought them together.

Even now, Jiang Yanlan was still mesmerized by Instructor Lius heroic demeanor on the battlefield.

She didnt show off much.

But when Instructor Liu was in danger, she would definitely come to his rescue at once.

After all, she had married Instructor Liu, so she would follow him no matter what happened.

However, coincidentally, those who made the breakthrough the soonest were the ones who followed Zhang Han closely.

Still, they couldnt help but feel amazed when they saw Ye Longyuan and the other two had also made a breakthrough.


Hearing Instructor Lius words, Ye Longyuan showed a complacent face and said, “You think youre the only one who has a powerful backer Ha, I, Ye Longyuan, also have a powerful backer, who is also a knockout.”


Chu Qingyis face darkened as she heard this from the spaceship.

She even could no longer focus on the book she was reading.

Putting it away, she seemed both angry and amused.

If anyone else had said such things, she might have taught them a harsh lesson.

But the one who said this was her Junior Martial Brother whom she abruptly bumped into…

Chu Qingyi was more tolerant toward him than toward others.

“You got a backer”

Ah Hu laughed out loud and said, “Well, good for you.”

Ye Longyuan chuckled but said no more.

He decided to go somewhere else to fight.

He headed for the inside.

Then, he saw Mu Xue, someone whom he also knew.

“Mu Xue!”


Of course, he also showed off his power to Mu Xue.

The battle here was relatively easy to handle.

After more than three hours of fighting, the enemy retreated like a tide on the ebb.

Many of them were killed during the fleeing.

At this time, the two sides were not bound by battle rules.

As for those fleeing for their lives, they ran as fast as they could.

Those who were slower were basically used to block the other partys firepower.

Looking at Ye Longyuan and the other two on the side, Ah Hu said, “Ye Longyuan, you guys are quite powerful.

Have you really found somebodys coattails to ride on”

“Yes, of course!” Su Beimu chortled and said, “But only Ye Longyuan is riding on her coattails.

Brother Yan and I have just benefited by association.”

“Haha, lets not discuss this.

Is Zhang Hanyang in one of the Thunder Kings above” Ye Longyuan asked bluntly.

“What Do you want to challenge my master” Mu Xue raised her eyebrows.

Considering Ye Longyuans disposition, he was the kind who had been looking for continuous challenges.

Now that he had advanced to the Yuan Ying Realm, he might really do such a thing.

However… who had given him such confidence

But Mu Xue guessed wrong this time.

Ye Longyuan was arrogant, but he was not stupid.

“I want to talk to Zhang Hanyang about something,” Ye Longyuan replied.

His expression was still calm.

But his imposing manner had weakened.

“Fight him Are you kidding me”

Ye Longyuan thought disdainfully, “I wont fight Zhang Hanyang even when I enter the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

Nor will I do that when I reach the Last-Stage or even the Peak-Stage.

Ill never duel with him unless Im two stages ahead of him.”

“Well, my master is on the Thunder King in the middle.”

Mu Xue snorted and flew to the aircraft in the air.

“Ill go back and ask my Older Martial Sister if she wants to go or not.”

Ye Longyuan and the other two also soared to the air.

The three of them entered a red aircraft in the sky.

They arrived in the cosmic void and entered Chu Qingyis spaceship.

“Older Martial Sister, Im going to Zhang Hanyangs Thunder King to talk to him.

Are you coming with me” Ye Longyuan asked.

“We have a projection communication device here.” Chu Qingyi pointed at a floating ball next to her.

“Oh, I can use this to talk to him then.

How should I call him” Ye Longyuan had never used this device before.

He looked it up and down in confusion.

“Just tell it your request,” Chu Qingyi said coolly.

“The system, call the Thunder King in the middle over there.” Ye Longyuan pointed at the Thunder King.

“Applying for communication.”


“The call has been put through.

Countdown 3, 2, 1.”


The small floating ball began to shine and projected the image on Zhang Hans side.

It was an image of the lounge.

More than 30 people were there, including Mu Xue and the others.

When the projection appeared—


Chu Qingyi looked at it.

She glanced at Leng Yue, Mu Xue, Jiang Yanlan, and Zhou Fei before finally fixing her eyes on Zi Yan.


Even with Chu Qingyis calm nature, she still couldnt help but quicken her breathing.

“What a beautiful woman!”

Chu Qingyi faintly narrowed her eyes and gazed at Zi Yan for a full three seconds before looking away.

Even she was stunned by Zi Yans beauty.

Now she understood why Ye Longyuan showed that envious expression before.

“Whats the matter”

Zhang Han took a look at the inside of the spaceship on the projection.

He glanced at Chu Qingyi and then looked at Ye Longyuan.

“Zhang Hanyang, I have to leave the Sea Dragon Star Area to go on a journey with my Older Martial Sister.

It may last for as long as two years.

Ill pay the crystal stones back to you after I come back.

Ive found a way to quickly earn crystal stones, so I can definitely pay off my debt,” Ye Longyuan vowed solemnly.

“So this is just about the crystal stones he owes me”

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Dont worry.

Just focus on your cultivation.

Youre also from Earth.

Dont get left behind in cultivation and disgrace Earth people.”

From the literal meaning of his words, others might think he said this purely out of friendly concern.

Even Chu Qingyi thought this way.

“Judging from their tone when they talked to each other, they seem to be on good terms.

“Zhang Hanyangs attitude is not the same as what they described either.”

However, Ye Longyuan knew it best.

Zhang Hanyang only said such words to two people—he and Shi Fenghou.

They were both his debtors.

Every time they advanced to a new stage, their debt would double.

That only benefited Zhang Han!

“With my Older Martial Sisters guidance, I wont be left behind,” Ye Longyuan patted his chest and promised.

“Okay,” Zhang Han said and hung up.

“Thats it” The corners of Yan Chens mouth twitched slightly.

Even Chu Qingyi was taken aback.

“Ye Longyuan, you initiated the call, but that was all you got to say

“Are you here just to amuse us”

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