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The Immortal Body Zhang Han was cultivating was considered an extremely mysterious and wonderful body even in the Cultivation World.

It could compete with many other powerful bodies, such as the Sacred Body, the Imperial Body, and the Godly Body.

How could Hu Tianji expect to vie with Zhang Han in Body Refinement with such superficial knowledge

Moreover, Zhang Hans cultivation of the Immortal Body had just begun.

He had not yet embarked on the path of the Figure Refinement.

His room for growth was extremely large.

Now, he was just beginning to show his might.

Yet, when they saw his performance, many peoples eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets.

“I dont believe it!”

Having his most prized skill been overpowered like this, Hu Tianji felt that his dignity had been ruthlessly trampled on the ground.

He charged again, carrying supreme power.

It was as if all of the energy in the area had been absorbed by his flesh.

Zhang Han deliberated for a moment and then rushed forward.

In the blink of an eye, the two began to fight.

With each punch they threw, terrifying rogue energy waves would spread.

In the rumbling collisions, sand and stones flew everywhere.

This fight exerted a lot of pressure on many Yuan Ying Realm cultivators around.

“Zhang Hanyang is actually fighting Tiger God!”

“We… Weve all underestimated Zhang Hanyang!”

“What realm is he in Has he reached the edge of the God Transformation Realm”

“Oh my God, no wonder Hu Zhiqiang and Hu Yuan had been killed by him.

How could they be safe when dealing with such a strong opponent”

All the members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family had grave expressions on their faces.

As for members of the Cloud Shadow Sky, they felt hopeful and energetic instead.

Zhang Hanyangs strength was beyond their imagination.

Li Mu was particularly excited.

His eyes lit up as he shouted, “Bravo! Senior Zhang is so strong!”

This fight had a massive visual impact.

Just when everyone was watching the duel—

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

A fleet of several spaceships suddenly appeared in the void not far away.

“Theyre here!”

The commander of the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys fleet narrowed his eyes.

“People from the Chaotic Region have arrived!”

“The dust is finally about to settle.”

“Hahaha, even though Zhang Hanyang has taken action, so what Even though he is strong, so what The will of those in the Chaotic Region represents the absolute law of the Sea Dragon Star Area! Zhang Hanyang and his people have already lost this battle!”

The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys alliance thoroughly perked up.

The arrival of the families from the Chaotic Region manifested their victory!

Even on the spaceship where Ye Longyuan was staying, though there were only a few people, they all exclaimed in astonishment.

“The families from the Chaotic Region”

“There are currently 11 families in the Chaotic Region.

Each family has some God Transformation Realm cultivators, but most of them are at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage,” said Chu Qingyi.

“Many God Transformation Realm cultivators are here Then, then why would they help the Tiger Talisman Royal Family instead of the Cloud Shadow Sky” Ye Longyuan asked.

“Thats because the Tiger Talisman Royal Family has strong connections with them, whereas the Cloud Shadow Skys backer is not reliable,” Chu Qingyi said coolly.

The look in her eyes seemed to contain a trace of disdain for the Guang family from the North Ice Star.

She had always looked down on such fence-sitters.

“Alas! I just felt that Zhang Hanyang was going to fight a battle that would be recorded in history.

He was this close to killing Tiger God.

But unexpectedly, a roadblock appeared in his way,” Yan Chen said with a soft sigh.

“Will Zhang Hanyang be able to bear the pressure if those people launch attacks” Su Beimu asked.

He didnt know how things would turn out either.

He felt that it was still not certain who would win this battle.

“People from the Chaotic Region are here Are they the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys reinforcements”

The Cloud Shadow Skys alliance was slightly flustered.

According to the high-position members, the arrival of those from the Chaotic Region was no good news.

“What should we do”

“Quick, notify our sect leader!”

Many people, including Li Mu, contacted their superiors at once.

Li Mu directly called Li Hao.

“Father, people from the Chaotic Region have come to the battlefield.

There are several spaceships.

It seems that the representatives of several families are here,” Li Mu said hastily.

Li Hao didnt speak for a long time.

“Father, say something.

What should we do now” Li Mu was anxious.


Li Haos soft sigh came from the communication device.

“Li Mu, maybe, maybe were about to be defeated.

There is no turning point that can lead to victory.

The Guang family is no longer supporting us.

Those in the Chaotic Region want the Tiger Talisman Royal Family to win.”

“How could this be Did the Guang family tell you this” Li Mus face turned pale.


But they let the others go over without telling me.

This precise fact has confirmed their attitude,” Li Hao remarked, whose voice sounded somewhat hoarse.

“However, try your best to fight for victory.

Li Mu, once those people from the Chaotic Region land on the ground, give me a video call.”


Li Mus hand quivered as he hung up the communication device.

At this moment, he calmed down instead of panicking.

But his spirits were a bit low.

In silence, he controlled a large aircraft to fly to the sky above him.

He turned around to look at the center of the battle.

The Tiger Gods momentum continued soaring.

The longer he fought, the more powerful he became.

But in the fight against Zhang Hanyang, he couldnt get the upper hand for the time being.

The two were throwing all kinds of strikes at each other.

The energy they produced was extremely imposing.

It was simply an earth-shattering battle.

However, the people from the Chaotic Region arrived before there could be a winner.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Li Mus face gradually turned somber when he saw more than 10 figures directly flying across the void of the universe toward the Eagle Wing Star.

“Theyre really going to intervene.”


Under Li Mus command, the aircraft flew at those more than 10 people.

When they reached the sky above the planet, the aircraft was hundreds of meters away from them.


After seeing the scene below, a white-browed elder in the group frowned slightly.

“That man from the Cloud Shadow Sky is really something! Cant believe hes actually fought his way to this place.

That brat, Hu Tianji, has also taken action”

The person who spoke was named Ma Long.

He was the representative of the Ma family.

The Tiger Tally Royal Familys Grand Master was also the Ma familys Guardian Elder.

Ma Longs strength was at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Not everyone in the Chaotic Region had reached the God Transformation Realm.

In fact, there werent many God Transformation Realm mighty figures in the Chaotic Region.

But among this group of more than 10 people, seven of them were in the God Transformation Realm.

Except for Guang Po, a God Transformation Realm elder in the Guang family, the other six God Transformation Realm cultivators were all in league with Ma Long.

When he saw this, Ma Longs eyes were filled with contempt.

It appeared that he planned to say something like “the dust will be settled now.”

Inside the Thunder King at this moment.

“Elder Yue, those from the Chaotic Region are here,” Zi Yan parted her beautiful lips and remarked.


Yue Wuwei gave a bland response.

Zi Yan didnt ask more questions, because his calm attitude had already given her the answers.

But Yi Hou didnt understand this.

He thought the two were also under tremendous pressure.

He couldnt help feeling nervous.

Even his heart had jumped to his throat.

“Theyre coming!”

“People from the Chaotic Region are here!”

“We won!”

More and more people noticed the group of more than 10 people in the sky.

When they heard the updates, they knew that these people were their reinforcements from the Chaotic Region!


Li Haos figure was suddenly projected from an aircraft not far in front of the group of more than 10 people.

Li Haos scalp also tingled when he saw the image on the aircraft recorded.

He cast his eyes over the group and finally locked them on Guang Po.

Cupping his hand, he said, “Li Hao hereby greets Elder Guang.”

However, Guang Po didnt respond.

“You are the sect leader of the Cloud Shadow Sky” Ma Long said in a lukewarm tone.

“Yes, I am.”

Li Hao then cupped his hands toward the others and said, “Families from the Chaotic Region, youre the supreme leaders of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

But Id like to ask if you can give us a fair chance to battle.

If we win, Ill promise you more gains.

If we lose, Ill leave the Sea Dragon Star Area with the rest of my people and never come back.

For the sake of the former Grand Masters of the Cloud Shadow Sky, I sincerely hope that you can grant us this chance!”

His voice was a little sad, which even sounded pleading.

With their soul sense on, many people present who were paying attention to what was going on in the sky had heard this clearly.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Li Hao had revealed his despondent side in front of everyone.

Hearing those words, the people on the Cloud Shadow Skys side suddenly realized that they might have stepped into a crisis.


Guang Po suddenly sighed and said, “A thousand years ago, the seniors of the Cloud Shadow Sky did give our Guang family a lot of help.

Over the past hundreds of years, we have been taking care of the Cloud Shadow Sky in return.

Even if those seniors come back now, we can face them with a clear conscience.”

When these words came out, Li Haos hope deflated.

Ma Long even showed a mocking and disdainful smile.

“Now, hundreds of years have passed.

The Cloud Shadow Sky has also become a first-tier faction for centuries.

The debt we owed you back then has long since been paid off.”

Guang Po sighed with emotion.

His voice was loud and clear, spreading in all directions.

“In fact, the current generation of the Cloud Shadow Sky is in no connection with the previous one.

But because this sect is still called the Cloud Shadow Sky, our Guang family has helped you a lot.

We chose to help you because were grateful for your seniors.

But its also reasonable if we dont.

The Guang family has shown extreme forbearance to the Cloud Shadow Sky all these years.

Thus, Sect Leader Li, youd better not mention what the seniors of the Cloud Shadow Sky had done for us anymore.”

His words caused Li Hao to fall silent.

Ma Long sneered.

“You people of the Cloud Shadow Sky have overestimated yourself.

You started this war, disturbed the Sea Dragon Star Area, disregarded the rules.

You did not even ask for the approval of those in the Chaotic Region before you did all these.

What Do you think youre so powerful that you dont need to mind the views of the people in the Chaotic Region anymore Hmph.”

“That is not the case.

In fact, I communicated with the Guang familys seniors before the war,” Li Hao refuted.

“Sect Leader Li, dont talk nonsense.”

Guang Po said with a frown, “When did you communicate with my Guang family Who did you talk to You launched an attack without us knowing.

Do you really think we would let you make waves”


Li Haos countenance changed slightly.

There was a flash of anger in the depths of his eyes.

He took a deep breath and said, “I know perfectly whether or not I discussed this with your family beforehand.”

“Huh Are you indicating that Im lying” Guang Pos aura surged as he stared sharply at Li Hao.

“That I wouldnt dare.

However, I believe Ive done nothing to be ashamed of over this matter,” said Li Hao.

“The Tiger Tally Royal Family is force acknowledged by us.” Ma Long laughed and said slowly, “Had it not been for the Guang family, your Cloud Shadow Sky wouldnt have even made it to the first echelon.”

Li Hao said, “Seniors, over the years, the amount of cultivation resources that our Cloud Shadow Sky sent over each time has always been greater than the amount stipulated by the rules.

Im only asking you to let us have a fair battle.

If our Cloud Shadow Sky luckily attains victory, then we will double the tribute stated by the rules.”

The so-called offering tribute referred to sending cultivation resources to the families in the Chaotic Region every few years.

Li Hao had not begrudged the tribute during these years.

But now, those in the Chaotic Region didnt seem to value his tribute at all.

This made Li Hao feel greatly exhausted.

He had also awakened to the fact that there was no forever-loyal backer, and a mans strongest backer was precisely himself.

But now, it seemed very difficult to turn the tide.

“Sect leader Li, are you an idiot”

Ma Long scolded, “You think you are qualified to speak to us In truth, none of us really need the few resources you offered.

Let me tell you, even if a god comes to help you, your Cloud Shadow Sky is bound to perish.”


By now, he had practically shed all pretenses of cordiality.

Li Haos face turned pinched.

He gritted his teeth, took a deep breath to suppress the anger in his heart, and said, “In this case, we alone will bear all consequences of the Cloud Shadow Skys defeat.

You will let our allies go, wont you”

“That depends on our mood.

We dont need to ask your opinion.

With your status and position, you are not in the same echelon as we are.

How could you think youre qualified to negotiate with us”

After saying that, Ma Long abruptly stretched his hand forward.


The aircraft in front of him was crushed into pieces, which then burst into flames in the sky.

“How domineering!”

This was the only thought in many peoples minds at this moment.

Guang Po stepped forward and cast a voice-amplifying secret skill sound to make his voice spread throughout the battlefield.

“Everyone, after a discussion among our various families, we have decided that since this war was started by the Cloud Shadow Sky, it shall be ended by the Cloud Shadow Skys downfall.

There is no need for the Cloud Shadow Sky to exist anymore.”

Before he finished speaking, Ma Long chimed in.

“As for the allies of the Cloud Shadow Sky, their sins are not severe enough to sentence them to death.

But whether they can survive or not depends on their attitude.

Well, tell all the planets engaged in this war that we want them to take a stance.

If they come to the Eagle Wing Star and attack the Cloud Shadow Sky together with us, we will pardon them.”


This remark resounded in many peoples minds like a thunderclap.

Those on the Cloud Shadow Skys side were in a panic.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family reacted quickly.

They soon informed the other eight planets of the news.

The battles on those eight planets suddenly came to a halt.

Then, the opposing forces quickly separated.

Even the chief of the Silver-winged Hall also sighed on the main vessel.

“The Cloud Shadow Sky is going to perish!”

“But there is also a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm in Zhang Hanyangs group.

Do they really stand no chance” Zhong An asked.

“Their chance of winning is zero.

No one can contend with those in the Chaotic Region.

That man in the God Transformation Realm may be fine, but Zhang Hanyang and the others will not be spared.

The Cloud Shadow Sky… Alas, the Sea Dragon Star Area will soon have a dominating force.

That will be the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.” The chief waved his hand as if he was mentally exhausted.

“Retreat now.

Weve already lost.

There is no point in struggling.

Lets go to the Eagle Wing Star.”


The Silver-winged Hall made their move.

The other forces basically did the same thing.


“Were defeated.”

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