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“Those in the Chaotic Region will not let the Cloud Shadow Sky continue to exist!”

“What do we do now If we want to survive, we have no choice but to attack the Cloud Shadow Sky.”

“How can we not bow our heads when were under someone elses roof Its too bad that the victory were this close to obtaining has vanished with the arrival of the families in the Chaotic Region.”

“We have to go against the Cloud Shadow Sky.

This is the only way for us to survive.”

“We have no alternative.

After all, the will of those in the Chaotic Region is the law in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

Those major forces were all discussing the matter within themselves.

Undoubtlessly, the war on the other eight planets had come to an end.

Countless spaceships slowly approached the Eagle Wing Star.

“Elder Yue,” Zi Yan said, “they wont influence Hans battle, will they”

“No, they wont.” Yue Wuwei shook his head and said, “Theyre merely a bunch of silly buffoons.”

Yi Hou was flabbergasted.

“What did you say”

On another spaceship.

Chu Qingyi asked nonchalantly.

“Is this what you want to see If Zhang Hanyang dies, you wont have to pay your debt.”

“No way.”

Ye Longyuan didnt panic at all.

He said casually, “Senior Yue hasnt made a move yet.

We used to think that Zhang Hanyang was not Tigor Gods match, so he couldnt defeat him and even would get killed.

But his performance has slapped all of us in the face.

Er, Older Martial Sister, that doesnt include you.”

“I know.”

Chu Qingyi said, “Zhang Hanyang is quite strong.

Even if those people strike, he can hold on until his reinforcement arrives.”

If a cultivator in the God Transformation Realm wanted to help, he wouldnt be able to do it from this far.

Chu Qingyi was somewhat curious about that elder surnamed Yue.

“Does he not care about the safety of the one fighting below at all

“He is still in the spaceship at this juncture.

How self-possessed he is!”

“Hu Tianji.” Ma Long looked down at the battlefield below and yelled.

“Weve already arrived.

Why are you still wasting time on this insignificant person”

In the face of his questioning, Hu Tianjis expression froze at once.

Rage surged in his chest.

“Fuck! How dare you say Im wasting time Why dont you come down and have a try yourself”

Hu Tianji knew Ma Long, so he was aware that Ma Long was at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

He believed that he could beat Ma Long into a pulp even if the latter had two twins to help him.

But in the duel with Zhang Han, Hu Tianji had been taking blows the whole time.

How could that be considered a waste of time

Thus, for a moment, he was extremely angry.

“Never mind.

At least this is a battle sort of worth watching.

Let them put on a good show,” said a cultivator at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.

As soon as this man spoke, Ma Long said no more.

Everybody began to watch the battle going on below.

The crowds around also shifted their focus to the two fighters.

The cameras on some spaceships coming over also captured clear images of the battle.

Hundreds of thousands of people were watching the two fighting.


In the Thunder King, Mengmeng suddenly walked out of the room.

She had sobered up.

Her big clear eyes were beautiful as always.

She looked around and asked, “Wheres Daddy

“Why is Daddy down there”

Seeing the images captured by the cameras, Mengmeng instantly became nervous and ran to Zi Yan and the others quickly.

“Its okay.

He went down to do some exercise,” Yue Wuwei said.


Mengmeng blinked quickly and swallowed all the words she wanted to say.

She intended to say that she had had a dream.

But at this moment, she completely focused her mind on the scene shown on the screen.

Even Nina and Yue Xiaonao did the same.

“Uncle Zhang is fighting with Tiger God”

Ninas jaw dropped in astonishment.

“Theyve been fighting for a while now.

They are in a stalemate.” Mo Wen answered and sighed softly.

“Is it a stalemate” Yue Wuwei said coolly, “do you believe that if I tell him one thing, this battle will end in no time”

“What thing” Mo Wen was taken aback.

He didnt know what he meant.

“Zhang Hanyang, your daughter is awake.

She wants you to come back now.” Yue Wuwei chuckled and remarked.

Then, as Yue Wuwei waved his right hand, Zhang Hans image appeared out of thin air in front of him.

Zhang Han raised his head slightly, looked in the direction of the Thunder King, and said with a chortle, “Okay, Ill end this in 20 seconds.”

Mo Wen, Yi Hou, and Nina were instantly dumbstruck.

“What does he mean

“His opponent is Tiger God! How could he end the fight at his will


“Is he serious”

Hu Tianji attacked again, carrying incredible might.

“Youre capable, and the path youve taken seems powerful.

But in fact, your cultivation and your path are full of flaws!”

All of a sudden, Zhang Han displayed an overwhelming aura.

The pressure emanated by the aura caused Hu Tianjis pupils to contract!

He said in shock, “You didnt use your full strength”



Hu Tianji wanted to retreat quickly.

However, he found that it was too late.

He saw that Zhang Hanyang darted to him in a flash, then his right fist seemed to have turned into overlapped mountains.

“Oh, there really are overlapped mountains!”

An incomparably ancient and heavy aura assailed his nostrils.

“Is this an abnormal sign triggered by his formidable strength”

“No! Impossible!”

Hu Tianji roared as he used various secret skills and supernatural powers to defend himself.


A muffled thump rang out across the battlefield.

Everyone on the entire battlefield seemed to have heard it clearly.


Under everyones nervous gaze, the Tiger God spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew backward.


“Tiger God is defeated”

“No, this cant be!”

Everyone was scared out of their wits, especially the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

They gathered a few hundred Yuan Ying Realm cultivators, who quickly flew over in preparation to reinforce the Tiger God.

“Evil light in the world, summon the Ghost Soldier of the Wood Element!”

Zhang Han cast his supernatural power.

On the battlefield, some surging evil spirit suddenly condensed and then became erratic.

It affected everyones soul sense.

The Ghost Soldiers, whom no one could detect, rapidly reaped the lives of many Yuan Ying Realm cultivators.



The pupils of the several God Transformation Realm cultivators in the sky shrank abruptly, for they had sensed an inkling of what was going on.

Hidden within the surging evil spirit, there seemed to be countless blades, which were reaping the lives of those Yuan Ying Realm cultivators at a terrifying rate!

There was no way to fight back at all.

Seconds after this move was made, more than half of those cultivators died.

It happened so fast that the God Transformation Realm cultivators didnt have time to rescue them!

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Just five seconds later, hundreds of Yuan Ying Realm cultivators who rushed over were slaughtered, except for only a few dozens of them at the rear escaped when they realized that things were going very badly.

The others were all killed.

With a single strike, Zhang Han killed hundreds of Yuan Ying Realm cultivators!

“Hes still the same as before!”

Looking at Zhang Han as if he were worshipping a god, Lord Nan Shan murmured.

“Zhang Hanyang is born to be legendary.”

In addition to him, Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, and others also gave strong reactions toward this.

Zhang Guangyou said, “I knew it… I knew my son would be incredibly powerful after the breakthrough.”

Mu Xues eyes sparkled as she exclaimed.

“Master is invincible!”

With a smile on the corner of his mouth, Zhao Feng said, “Master is the king of the world.”

Jiang Yanlan said, “Master is really strong!”

Zhang Mu said, “Why do I have such a grandson”

Deep Flame replied.

“What did you say You cant be complaining about this, are you”

This scene was extremely staggering to everyone on the battlefield.

The members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family all trembled in fear.

“H-H-He can actually kill hundreds of Yuan Ying Realm cultivators in seconds”

“Then who on the battlefield can be his match”

“Good Lord, our Tiger God lost!”

As for those on the Cloud Shadow Sky, their blood began to boil.

“How amazing!”


“Kill them! Lets kill to our hearts content! Hahaha! So what if those in the Chaotic Region are here”

“We will not compromise, even if we have to die in battle!”

The more than 10 people in the sky were a little dumbfounded.

“How could his combat strength be so strong”

“Humph! How dare he strike even after we arrived Hes courting death!”

“Kill him!”

Someone seemed to want to take action.

But before that person could move, Zhang Hans right arm suddenly stretched forward, and his palm quickly clenched into a fist.

“Soul, separate!”


The Tiger God felt as though a thunderbolt had struck his body.

Yet, he was actually unable to control his body!

“Whats going on”

“No, this cant be happening!”

He wanted to roar, but he couldnt even make a sound.


All of a sudden, he saw that his body was three meters ahead of him.


The Tiger God was stunned.

He looked at Zhang Han in a daze.

He opened his mouth, as though asking.

“What kind of supernatural power is this”

“Yuan Ying, separate!”

A glint flashed across Zhang Hans eyes.


Hu Tianjis Yuan Ying and body separated!


This scene stunned everyone around.

“Is Tiger God about to die”

“Quick! Help him now!” Ma Long cried out in shock.

But it was too late.


Zhang Han activated another secret skill!

In this long fighting, Zhang Han quietly cast a formation in Hu Tianjis body when he made his numerous moves.

His aim was the third-tier Mind-clearing Heavenly Heart Flame!

As the secret skill worked, Hu Tianjis body suddenly turned into ashes and drifted away with the wind.


The Tiger God watched his body, which he had painstakingly cultivated for hundreds of years, be destroyed by Zhang Hans single blow.

It could be imagined how devastated he was.

He was bawling, but no voice came out.

He could only look on helplessly as the flames in his flesh and blood condensed.

“What kind of fire is this”

None of the God Transformation Realm cultivators in the air took action, because they knew they wouldnt be able to save Hu Tianjis life even if they went down there now.

Yes, he was already dead in the eyes of these people.

To rescue him would be a waste of time.

Thus, they thought theyd better watch what Zhang Hanyang was going to do.

“Qing Ming Seal!”

Zhang Han conjured up a seal.

With it, he suppressed the energy of the flames, sealed it, and absorbed it into his left palm.

Looking at the faint flame mark in his palm, Zhang Han, unexpectedly, gave several laughs.

It was because he would give it to Mengmeng as a gift.

It just so happened that she was studying the 100 soul sense secret skills Zhang Han picked for her.

With the help of the Mind-clearing Heavenly Heart Flame, her power and defensive ability would be improved massively.

Her learning speed would also pick up significantly.

“My daughters progress to success has become a bit faster again.” Zhang Han thought to himself.

He was in a pretty good mood.

He raised his right hand and whacked casually.


Hu Tianjis Yuan Ying and soul were destroyed at once.

“Lord Tiger God is dead”

“Tiger God!”

“How is this possible How could this be”

“Where is Lord Hu Tianshan”

“Crap, hes not here.

He, he went to the Cloud Shadow Sky.”


The Tiger Talisman Royal Family was in disarray.

If Hu Tianshan were here, he would probably be able to keep the soldiers under control.

After all, Hu Tianshan was the newly-acknowledged God of War in the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

However, the Tiger God had not made a move for a long time.

It was true that many people had forgotten the feeling of being held at his mercy.

But to everyones astoundment, he got killed in his first duel after he came out of his reclusive cultivation.

Now the Tiger God was dead, the only person who could become their second king was absolutely Hu Tianshan.

But those in the know were aware that Hu Tianshan had gone to the Cloud Shadow Sky to vanquish the enemys base.


A spaceship in the air suddenly sent out the signal for a call.

It was Hu Tianshan calling.

“Have the people from the Chaotic Region arrived” Hu Tianshan directly asked.

“Yes, they have.” the one who answered the call said in a shaky voice.


Then, Hu Tianshan intended to hang up.

“Wait, wait a sec, Lord Hu Tianshan…”


Two seconds later, the subordinate who spoke took a deep breath and said in a frightened voice, “Tiger God… Tiger God is dead! Tiger God is dead.

He was killed by Zhang Hanyang in front of everyone, including the families from the Chaotic Region!”

“What did you say”

A cry of surprise came from the communication device.

“How dare you kill him”

Ma Long became a bit irritable.

The Tiger Tally Royal Familys Grand Master also happened to be his Ma Familys Guardian Elders.

But Zhang Han had killed the Tiger God in the presence of him, the representatives of other families around him, and the tens of thousands of people watching this battle.

Ma Long felt that this was a slap in the face for the Ma family!

“How dare you”

“Who gave you the nerve

“You actually killed him right in front of me!

“Youre courting death!” Ma Long shouted furiously.

His voice, like rolling thunder, spread far and wide.

It also carried towering rage.

Everyone could tell that he had a strong desire to kill.

However, in the face of these questions…

With everyone quieting down and watching intently…

Zhang Hanyang, the demon king who had just killed the Tiger God, the demon king who ruled the battlefield, abruptly raised his head and looked at Ma Long in the face.

“Who do you think you are” he said nonchalantly.

“What did you say” Ma Longs face darkened.

Before he could say more, Zhang Han frowned slightly and said, “If you cant stand it, then come here and fight me.”


Ma Longs countenance changed again.

His eyes showed uncertainty.

“Go down to fight him

“Even Tiger God was no match for him.

I definitely cant defeat him either.”

Ma Long then looked at the others, indicating.

“Do you still want to look on In this circumstance, if my Ma Familys dignity is impaired, all the families in the Chaotic Region will be disgraced!”

Some of them would definitely step forward to deal with Zhang Han.

But what surprised the Cloud Shadow Sky was that the first one to come forward was the elder of the Guang family.

“Oh my god, how could the Cloud Shadow Skys previous backer be so ruthless to its former friend”

“Zhang Hanyang, you are too arrogant.”

Guang Po said slowly, “As a newcomer to the Sea Dragon Star Area, you still dont know the reputation of the families in the Chaotic Region.

Boy, sometimes a loose tongue is a source of disaster.

When you speak like this, you must bear the consequences.”

“He is calling me a boy”

“So what then” Zhang Han looked at Guang Po and asked.

At this moment, even Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Li Mu, and the others basically held their breath.

The battle Zhang Han had just now had been very fierce.

Yet now, an even greater battle was about to occur!

“Dont tell Zhang Han can even defeat those in the God Transformation Realm, can he”

Looking at Zhang Hans calm expression, Zhang Mu, Zhang Guangyou, and the others suddenly felt this might really be the case.

“Hahaha! You saidso what How audacious!”

A God Transformation Realm cultivator in the air laughed wildly.

His daunting aura filled the air as if he were about to attack right off.

“You cant win by arguing.

There is only one thing awaiting you—death!”

“You think you can kill me with just you guys” Zhang Han asked lightly.

“Ill go kill him!”

Guang Po leaped, attempting to charge at Zhang Han.


Just at this moment—

All of a sudden, the earth quaked and the mountains shook!

It was as though the entire battlefield was trembling.

“Whats happening”

“Could it be that someone has made a move No way!”

Even a God Transformation Realm cultivator couldnt possibly shatter such a huge battlefield with one strike.

But the next second, everyone saw that somewhere far away on Zhang Hans left, flames were bursting out as if a demon king was descending to the world.


The fireball was so big that it was close to burning the upper layer of the atmosphere.

The fierceness of this strike caused the crowds to gasp in terror.

All of a sudden, someone exclaimed.

“Look over there! Its the spaceship there that launched this strike!”

“Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!”

As everyone looked over, they saw three enormous spaceships in the void not far from the Eagle Wings Star.

The spaceships were quite angular and were sparkling brightly.

Among them, there were two steel behemoths.

Their fangs seemed to be gleaming with coldness.

The huge disc in the middle was obviously a representation of high-end technology.

“Main vessels

“Which kind of main vessel possesses such might

“Even the most expensive Thunder King doesnt have this might.

“In that case…

“Are these legendary king vessels”


Most of the people present had never seen a king vessel before.

At this time, they were all deeply shocked.

“These are king vessels!”

“Holy Moly! King vessels are coming!”

“What the heck is going on Why are king vessels here”

“Could they be one of the Cloud Shadow Skys trump cards”

For a time, everyone was at a loss.

Even the God Transformation Realm cultivator who had attempted to make a move stopped short in his tracks.


Under many surprised and doubtful gazes, in a few seconds, the three king vessels leaped into the secondary space and appeared not far above the Eagle Wing Star, which was near the Thunder King.


The hearts of those in the Tiger Talisman Royal Family sank when they saw this.

Even those from the Chaotic Region remained silent, for they suddenly felt that the situation had exceeded their expectations and gone out of their control.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Then, more than 10 figures abruptly leaped off from the round spaceship in the middle.

In the cosmic void, they flew so fast that they seemed to have turned into rays of light.

“Theyre in the God Transformation Realm!”

The eyes of those from the Chaotic Region grew somewhat grim.

As far as they were concerned, it was very likely that these people were from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province because they had king vessels.

The pressure they felt was increasing sharply!

It seemed that even the wind in the upper air had slowed down a lot.

“Is it that even the wind is scared”

At this time, no one dared to say anything.

They could only watch as those people come closer and closer.

“Elder Yue, who are they” Zi Yan asked immediately.

Her husband was still on the battlefield below.

She certainly would not allow any accidents to happen to him.

“Its just Lorry and her people.”

Yue Wuwei chuckled.

“Huh Lorry” Mengmeng was stunned.

Then, she asked.

“Are they here to help us”

“They should have come to thank us in person.

After all, its your father who taught Lorry how to refine the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet that saved her mothers life.

In the Cultivation World, many people also have a warm heart and know they should be grateful to those who have helped them.

Yet, they saw this situation right after they arrived.

Thus, they could not just sit idly by,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Oh, I see.

So is the war coming to an end” Mengmeng asked again.

“Yes, it can already be considered over.

But maybe the fight will continue for a bit longer.” Yue Wuwei replied.

All of this somewhat stupefied Mo Wen and Yi Hou.

The battle was truly full of twists and turns, which made their hearts jolt with fright and anxiety.

Inside Chu Qingyis spaceship.

“The Lo family is here” Chu Qingyi said as soon as she saw the round spaceship.

“Who is the Lo family”

Ye Longyuan whispered.

“Older Martial Sister, what kind of spaceship are the three”

“King vessels.” Chu Qingyi replied.

“Whats a king vessel”

“Its even fancier than a main vessel.”

Ye Longyuan couldnt stifle his curiosity, so he probed.

“Where is the Lo family from”

After thinking about it, Chu Qingyi explained it in detail.

“King vessels are the products of highly developed Star Areas.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is just a remote place with few resources.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province is the only highly developed Star Area in the vicinity.

There are some king vessels in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The Lo family is a family living there.

Its not a large family, but its quite powerful.”

“They are from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province!”

Ye Longyuans eyes lit up.

“Then Zhang Hanyang and the others will be alright, wont they The people in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province should be able to subdue those in the Chaotic Region.”


Chu Qingyi paused for a moment, and then said, “The Chaotic Region cannot be compared to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The Lo family alone is not a force that those in the Chaotic Region can afford to mess with.”

“Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!”

Three gasps were heard.

“Moreover, we dont know why they have come here yet,” Chu Qingyi said in an unflustered voice.

She had adopted a nonchalant attitude toward this as her personal interest was not involved in it.

Thus, without any mental burden, she prepared to just be an onlooker.

She soon found out why the Lo family had come.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

The more than 10 people soon arrived in the sky above the Eagle Wing Star.

Right after that, they spread out.

About eight of them surrounded the less than 20 people from the Chaotic Region as if besieging them.

The rest of them looked down calmly.

Yet, a middle-aged man from the group flew downward alone.

He was flying straight toward Zhang Han.


“They might not be here to help Zhang Hanyang! The dust hasnt settled yet.”

Ma Long, Guang Po, and the others thought of another possibility.

“Could it be that Zhang Hanyangs provoked a force more powerful than us from the Chaotic Region”

The people of the Cloud Shadow Sky all held their breath, for they knew that whether they would live or die might depend on the next few minutes.

Those in the Tiger Talisman Royal Family also ceased breathing temporarily.

They were well aware that the people from the Chaotic Region were no longer able to keep the situation under control, so what brought those newcomers here was very important.

The people in the Chaotic Region were waiting with bated breath, too.

Their hearts were thumping.

This was because they had already sensed the hostility and coldness from the several God Transformation Realm cultivators near them.

Everyone was watching attentively.

Before he even approached Zhang Hanyang, the middle-aged man laughed heartily and said in a warm and courteous voice, “Zhang Hanyang, my benefactor, Ive heard so much about you.

Im Lorrys father, Loshanwu.

Ive come uninvited.

Hope you wouldnt mind.”


Many people instantly fainted.

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