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Chapter 1158 Coming to the Northernmost Star to Be Punished

While meditating, Zhang Han waved his right hand.

Thousands of crystal stones and formation flags formed several Defensive Formations, which then followed Zhang Han forward.

Zhang Hans thoughts seemed to have integrated with the universe.

He felt the birth, flash, and perish of thunderbolts.

Although each of the thunderbolts only existed for seconds, the whole process inspired Zhang Han.

Zhang Hans eyes were gradually imbued with light.

In the end, the light in each of his eyes transformed into a Thunderbolt Mark.

But Zhang Han didnt notice that the Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea began to glow at the same time.

The Thunder Tower nearby began to glow, too.

Zhang Han took one step, two steps…

It seemed that he was moving forward aimlessly, or that his will had integrated with heaven and earth and was being guided to somewhere.

After God knew how long, Zhang Han strolled to a huge tree without any difficulties.

The shape of this tree was very similar to that of the Thunder Yang Tree.

It was large in size, yet its color was dazzlingly bright, as though it was made of flashes of lightning.

This was the Thunder Ring Tree, a special sixth-tier spirit treasure!

Zhang Han faced the Thunder Ring Tree and slowly raised his right hand.

A Thunderbolt Mark that corresponded with the one in his soul sense sea was flickering in his palm.

“Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle…”

All of a sudden, the hundreds of millions of thunderbolts on this entire planet flashed madly.

This planets own brilliance burst out, making it shine like a sun in a galaxy.

As for the Thunder Ring Tree, it released a pure thunderbolt devoid of the elements of Sources, which seemed to be the essence of all the thunderbolts there.

At once, the Thunderbolt Mark in Zhang Hans palm began to absorb it.

His Taiyi Wood Thunder was slowly upgrading.

At the same time, Zhang Han felt his body go numb.

His Immortal Body seemed to resonate with his Taiyi Wood Thunder from a distance.

Its strength actually began to be enhanced as well.

What Zhang Han didnt know was that in his body, his Yuan Ying, which was a Great Demon, suddenly opened its eyes, and the corners of its mouth curled up into a creepy, demonic smile.


Zhang Hans will seemed to have entered the world of soul sense sea.

In front of him was the huge Thunder Tower.

After entering the Thunder Tower, Zhang Han saw that the passage to the second floor had opened.

On the wall on the first floor, the records of the process of Zhang Han cultivating the thunder method were flashing.

He started from scratch and went from learning the basics to fully comprehending it.

Then, the Thunder Crocodile appeared.

The entire path of his cultivation was shown in front of him.

Reviewing the past could help one to understand the present.

Seeing the records, Zhang Han seemed to have gained new insights.

He stood on the first floor, observing the wall for a long time before going to the second floor.

The layout on the second floor was similar to that on the first floor, except that there were three walls on the second floor.

At this time, only the wall closest to the stairs was glinting.

Zhang Han came to this wall.

It was blank.

“Nothing is on this wall”

Facing the wall, Zhang Han sat cross-legged and slowly closed his eyes.

After a long time, a towering tree suddenly appeared on the blank wall.

It was none other than the Thunder Ring Tree.

Bolts of lightning began to flash, which were constantly changing.

The wall on the first floor seemed to be displaying Zhang Hans Thunder Crocodile Method.

However, the wall on the second seemed to be showing the moves Zhang Han had comprehended.

Gradually, as time went by, the thunderbolts near the Thunder Ring Tree turned into raindrops and converged into a vast ocean, just like the surface of the planet Zhang Han was on at this moment.

The energy of the ocean was ceaselessly channeled into the Thunder Ring Tree.

The shape of the Thunder Ring Tree kept changing.

Its size was enlarged again.

This time, it turned into a huge willow tree.

Every single willow branch flickered with thunderbolts.

The power in the tree was so strong that Zhang Han found it hard to breathe even though he was on the other side of the wall.

He scored a breakthrough in the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

His comprehension of it reached a higher level.

Shortly afterward, Zhang Han also received support from the supernatural power provided by the Thunder Ring Tree.

At the same time, his Immortal Body became even more powerful under the nourishment of the thunderbolts.

His cultivation progressed without him making any extra effort.


Zhang Hans cultivation that was at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage soared nonstop.

Just as Zhang Han was about to break through to Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage, he subconsciously stopped himself.

Each time his cultivation rose, Zhang Han had to suppress his progress a little.

In his previous life, he strived to make breakthroughs as fast as possible.

But in this life, he aimed to deliver stability while pursuing progress.

The higher ones cultivation realm was, the harder it was to make more breakthroughs.

Zhang Han had decided to take the path of cultivating the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

To transform his current Immortal Body to the Immortal Body of the Five Elements was a huge project.

The five supernatural powers provided by his Immortal Body needed to be separately imbued with the Sources of the five elements.

The supernatural powers brought to Zhang Han by the Athanasia Demon Gong would then feed the Sources back to his body and convert his body into the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

Zhang Han was still in need of more Sources.

It just so happened that there were some on Earth.

Deep in the Northernmost Sea, there was a trace of will left behind by Yue Wuweis mysterious master.

Yue Wuwei had once said that one should not even think about going there before reaching the God Transformation Realm.

Although Zhang Han was not in the God Transformation Realm yet, he felt that he could go there and explore now.

Zhang Han started a session of all-around cultivation.

While Zhang Han was making a breakthrough in seclusion, this whole planet seemed a bit odd.

The people inside the Thunder King hovering in space were somewhat stunned.

“Holy cow! How come the thunderbolts are all gone”

“Just now, lightning seemed to be flashing in every part of the planet at the same time.

It was as if the end of the world was coming.

It was really scary.”

“Master should have succeeded, right”

“Its not just that the thunderbolts are gone.” Yue Wuwei did not expect this would happen so fast.

He muttered in surprise, “The Thunder Ring Tree is gone, too.”


Massive waves surged on this planet covered with boundless oceans.

From the screen, everyone saw that Zhang Han was floating in midair above the planet, meditating and making his breakthrough.

But only Yue Wuwei sensed how sharply Zhang Hans aura had risen.

“He absorbed the Thunder Ring Tree so quickly Hasnt it only been two days

“Hes… Hes freaking amazing.”

Yue Wuwei was astonished again.

After Tiny Tot transformed into its original form, it wandered around in space for some time before returning to the Thunder King.

“Oow, oow, oow.”

Dahei started to gesticulate.

It was asking, “Did you eat all those wolves”

“Coo, coo.”

Tiny Tot meant, “No, I saved some for you.”


Dahei was very happy.

Dahei never saw Tiny Tot as the mighty Ancient Cursed Roc.

In its eyes, Tiny Tot ranked third in their group, whose job was to prepare barbecues.”

Dahei waved its hand and ran to the pellet-refining room with Little Hei and Tiny Tot.

After a while, the delicious smell of roasted meat filled the room.

Li Mu looked over with curiosity and was startled at once.

“What the f*ck! Isnt the animal theyre roasting that alpha wolf

“These three beasts are too damn fierce.

They feed on spirit beasts.

But thats not enough for them.

Now, theyre even eating Starry Sky Beasts.


“How come Little Hei swallowed the alpha wolfs Inner Elixir as if it were a piece of candy

“What a reckless waste!”

Zhang Hans breakthrough was smooth and successful.

However, the Sea Dragon Star Area was once again in a complete uproar.

When Zhang Han and the others arrived in Chaotic Region, the families in the Chaotic Region suddenly made a move.

This was because they felt that they could repress Zhang Hans group after confirming that the people of Heavenly Dragon Star Province had left.

The Ma family, Guang family, Xuan family, Bai family, and Lin family made a declaration together.

“We will never tolerate the turmoil in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

We now order Zhang Hanyang and interested members of the Cloud Shadow Sky, who are the instigators of the turmoil, to come to the Northernmost Star to receive punishment within five days!”


That news instantly caused a sensation in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

Many forces were talking about this declaration.

“Sure enough, theyve made their move.

Didnt I say that those in the Chaotic Region wouldnt sit idly by”

“Zhang Hanyang and the Cloud Shadow Sky have thought theyve become the winner.

Theyve rearranged many forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

I heard theyre also working on many construction projects, especially on those planets that used to belong to the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Theyve also opened up the cities there to gain resources.

How laughable this is! They havent won yet!”

“I didnt hear it wrong, did I This is a declaration jointly made by the five families The Ma family, Xuan family, Bai family, Lin family, and the Guang family have all stood on the same side.

Even the Guang family, which is also the Cloud Shadow Skys backer, doesnt believe in them.

It has only been a few days since the war ended.

If these families take action, Im afraid that the Cloud Shadow Sky will perish before enjoying the taste of victory.”

“Theyre ordering Zhang Hanyang and the Cloud Shadow Skys members to go to the Northernmost Star to receive punishment.

This will cost many lives.”

“It is said that the Bai family is the most powerful among the 11 families in the Chaotic Region.

If the Bai family is getting involved in this, the Cloud Shadow Sky will have no chance to survive at all, unless they give up and escape right away.”

“The news is really scary.

Fortunately, it has nothing to do with us.

Those in the Chaotic Region only intend to punish the Cloud Shadow Sky and Zhang Hanyang.”

In fact, many forces that used to be in the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance heaved with sighs of relief.

They had no intention to help the Cloud Shadow Sky at all.

When a wall is about to collapse, everyone gives it a push.

With this announcement, the Cloud Shadow Sky and Zhang Han seemed to have become the “wall to push”.

Many forces were still sitting on the fence, including the Neutral Forces.

They all had their own agendas.

After the war, the Sea Dragon Star Area was once again hit by the aftershock.

The undercurrents of danger surged.

Several hours passed as the forces were waiting to see how Zhang Hanyang and the Cloud Shadow Sky would react.

Just then, another piece of news came.

“In five days, the other six families on the Northernmost Star will participate in the trial as well.

Thats to say, all of the 11 families in the Chaotic Region will be part of this.

All the major forces are welcome to send representatives to the Northernmost Star to watch the trial of Zhang Hanyang, Li Hao, and the others.

Those people have altered the development landscape of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The families in the Chaotic Region will not tolerate this.”


This news shocked too many people.

Many cultivators of the older generation were amazed.

“All of the 11 families in the Chaotic Region have been involved in this event.

It seems that the last time something like this happened was more than 800 years ago.

At that time, three sects that dominated the Sea Dragon Star Area were all wiped out.

This time, the targets are the Cloud Shadow Sky and Zhang Hanyang.

Alas, they really shouldnt have let the people of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province leave so quickly.

If they had begged those people to go to the Chaotic Region to talk to the families there and promise them some benefits, they would have perhaps had a chance to live.”


Their backer is too far away to help them.

Without the support of the family in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, how can the Cloud Shadow Sky go against the families in the Chaotic Region I thought that Li Hao must be really wise and meticulous because hes won this war.

Who would have thought that he, Zhang Hanyang, and their people are all reckless They didnt even consider the consequences.

Is it that theyve been carried away by their victory”

“The trial will take place in five days.

Even if they ask the Heavenly Dragon Star Province for help, it will still be too late.

Whats more, their relationship with that family from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province is not necessarily good.

Otherwise, how could that family have left so quickly”

“Hahaha, this will be a good show.

Regarding the trial, I guess that the high-position members of the Cloud Shadow Sky and Zhang Hanyang will be killed on the spot.

Dont you think so Even if they are not, they will be locked up in the Chaotic Region for hundreds of years.”

It could be said that more than half of the forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area were waiting to watch Zhang Hanyang and the Cloud Shadow Sky be humiliated.

The Cloud Shadow Sky and its allies had gained tons of resources from the war.

Who wouldnt be jealous of them

There were some forces in the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance who had held grudges because they saw that their gains were much fewer than what others had received.

Thus, when they heard this news, they laughed out loud and mocked, “The outstanding usually bear the brunt of attacks.

Zhang Hanyang and Cloud Shadow Sky have behaved too wantonly.

Theyve occupied so many planets by themselves.

Had they distributed those planets among everyone, the families in the Chaotic Region perhaps wouldnt have targeted them.

But their wild ambitions bring doom on them.

They want to dominate the Sea Dragon Star Area.

But have they asked for the approval of those in the Chaotic Region”

“This time, well absolutely not take the Cloud Shadow Skys side.

No matter how much effort we put in, what we will get in return will still be less than the rewards given to their own people.

Weve helped them to win such a great victory.

However, they only gave us three planets as rewards.

Do they really think were idiots”

“Hahaha, they said they rewarded us according to the contribution we made.

Screw them! Also, that person surnamed Li, who does he think he is This trial targeting them serves them right!”

Some forces were discussing this matter among themselves.

Even many sect leaders were being cold onlookers.

Deep down, they also agreed with these opinions.

Of course, there were also great powers like the Silver-winged Hall that maintained silence through the whole time.

They didnt discuss or judge this matter, nor would they be part of it.

But some made more radical moves.

The Green Stone Sect, which was about the same size as the Silver-winged Hall, was one of the Neutral Forces in the war.

At this time, the First Elder of the Green Stone Sect declared, “Our sect doesnt want to get involved in disputes.

But we cant stand this anymore.

We have rented 24 planets to Tiger Talisman Royal Family, including the Valley Star, the Basin Star, the Coda Star, the Splendor Star… Among them, ten are planets with rich resources, and 14 have large cities.

But now, they have all been taken by the Cloud Shadow Sky! Does the Cloud Shadow Sky really think of us as a pushover Ill give you seven days to return the 24 planets to us.

Otherwise, our sect wont mind starting a war.”

As this event was brewing, this news spread throughout the entire Sea Dragon Star Area like wildfire.

Many forces were startled by it.

“Fuck, the Green Stone Sect is really shameless!”

“Didnt the Green Stone Sect cede these planets to the Tiger Talisman Royal Family two hundred years ago”

“Now theyre asking the Cloud Shadow Sky to give the planets back to them”

Many forces scolded the Green Stone Sect.

Such an action was too despicable.

Even so, the possibility of making gains was quite tempting.

The next day, the Jingyao Sect became the second force to make such an announcement.

“The Cold Lush Faction is a subordinate force of ours.

Back then, it was forced to join in the alliance of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

After the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was destroyed, all of the 26 planets under the Cold Lush Factions control were taken over by the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Among them, five are planets with rich resources.

This is actually robbery.

We hope that the Cloud Shadow Sky will return the ownership of these planets to us within five days, or we wont mind waging a war.”

This news soon swept through the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Another shameless fellow has stepped forward.”

“Which is more important, resources or dignity”

“Haha, I want both dignity and resources! Spread the word that our Shabo Sect asks the Cloud Shadow Sky to return the 18 planets theyve taken from us within five days.”

“Why five days”

“Isnt the answer obvious Lets see how the trial in the Chaotic Region goes first.”

One after another, many sects scrambled to announce their ownership of important planets.

It was as if they were in a competition.

The Sea Dragon Star Area had been once again thrown into chaos.

However, there were some sects that refused to get involved in this, such as the Silver-winged Hall, the Snowfall Alliance, the Sea Spa Alliance.

They remained silent the whole time, as though this matter did not concern them at all.

The Cloud Shadow Sky made no response to this.

The masses were in a fluster.

Yet, a large number of people were furious.

It was because too many forces showed their shameless side.

Like mice, they jumped out of their holes one after another.

While those people were furious, they were also worried about their own safety.

How to handle this became a difficult problem.

In the face of these changes, Liu Qingfeng ordered many people from Earth, including the Dark Shadow Clan, to hide in safe areas.

Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han were still absent, so they went into hiding as planned.

The next day, the Guang family sent 13 people to the outer space of the Cloudy Shadow Sky by spaceship.

“Theyre in action!”

“Those in the Chaotic Region have been made up their minds.

A lot of their members have been dispatched to keep an eye on the Cloud Shadow Sky.

The trial on the Northernmost Star that takes place in days will be very interesting.”

Soon, some people came to the Dragon Base Star.

Looking at a large area below that was under construction, a cold-faced man in the air waved his hand to cast his power.


A huge palm print destroyed the foundation of the buildings.

“Im Bai Xi, the person in charge here.

Zhang Hanyang and Liu Qingfeng, come here to face me.”

This man had brought dozens of subordinates here to suppress the Dragon Base Star and catch the leaders.

The Bai Family was the most powerful family in the Chaotic Region.

It had a strong foundation.

It directly sent people to confront Zhang Hanyang and his group, even though it was reported that there was a cultivator in the God Transformation Realm in the group.

However, to their surprise, there were only some panic-stricken residents on the planet.

Liu Qingfeng and his companions were nowhere to be seen.

To catch Liu Qingfeng, one had to at least outsmart him.

“None of them is here”

Bai Xi frowned deeply.

He then fired another three palm prints at the area with the landmark.

“Send out the order.

If Zhang Hanyang and the other evildoers dont appear, after the trial on the Northernmost Star, the Cloud Shadow Sky will be eliminated, and all other related forces will be wiped out!”

Bai Xis words represented the attitude of the Bai family.

He was indeed arrogant and haughty.

But he was qualified to do so.

In an instant, the Cloud Shadow Skys allies could no longer remain calm.

Even the Silver-winged Hall became anxious.

Many second-rate forces voiced their opinions at the same time.

“Zhang Hanyang, do you know that Sect Leader Li Hao and the others have been trapped in the Cloud Shadow Sky If you dont show up, everyone will be implicated.”

“The war was started because of you.

But youve gone into hiding since the others prepared to punish the culprit.

How could you do this”

Some also suspected if Zhang Hanyang had left for some business.

However, this suspicion had been refuted.

When the order was issued, some people saw a large number of the members of the Dark Shadow Clan and many who fought in the war went into hiding.

Obviously, Zhang Hanyang and his people had chosen to hole up.

On the third day, each of the five major families in the same league from the Chaotic Region had dispatched people to keep an eye on many of the Cloud Shadow Skys allies.

These forces were in a complete panic.

“Zhang Hanyang, are you still not going to show up Do you want to drag all of us down”

“Werent you quite domineering on the battlefield Why are you so cowardly in front of those in the Chaotic Region”

“Haha, Zhang Hanyang, get over yourself! I thought you were somebody, but you turn out to be just a coward.

If you dare, come forward and defend yourself.”

Another day passed, but there was still no response.

It was very close to the date of the trial.

Those forces kept stating their views.

Even many elders openly expressed their thoughts.

“Zhang Hanyang, if you dont show up, you will be the mortal enemy of our Dark Sorcery Sect.

In the future, if anyone related to you appears, we will kill him or her for sure!”

But no matter what the others said, Zhang Hanyang still didnt respond.

The people of the Neutral Forces all sneered.

“He doesnt have the nerve to show up.”

“The families in the Chaotic Region are the supreme lords of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Without the help of the people from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, what can Zhang Hanyang and the others do How dare they be so unscrupulous in the Sea Dragon Star Area”

“Just wait and see.

They definitely wont dare to show up.

They dont even care about their loyal ally, the Cloud Shadow Sky, which is on the same boat as them.

Haha, their behavior is truly despicable.

Even if they escaped to another Star Area, they would definitely not have an easy time.”

“Werent they quite arrogant just a few days ago Why are they holing up like mice now As soon as the families in the Chaotic Region made a move against them, they dived into their hole and refused to go out no matter what.

Haha, the Cloud Shadow Sky has been tricked big-time.

They are careless when making friends.

Thats why theyre about to be wiped out.”

Many forces had stated their views.

It put people under the impression that half of the Sea Dragon Star Area was condemning Zhang Hanyang.


Wang Xiaowu slammed his fist on the table.

“Fuck! These jerks! Im so mad! Uncle Liu, shouldnt we say something to defend ourselves Everyone is trashing our reputation!”

“Indeed, theyve gone too far,” Jiang Bing said with a cold expression.

“Never would I have imagined that so many of our allies would denounce us as well.

Furthermore, what they said is even more scathing than anyone elses.”

“Uncle Liu, when will Boss and the others come back Shall we make a response”

In the face of their suggestions, Liu Qingfeng shook his head slightly and gazed at the Star Map.

“There is no rush.

The more severe the situation is, the more forces will reveal their real attitudes.

Zhang Han and the others should be coming back soon.

If they cant make it in time, we can still wait for a couple of days before issuing an announcement.

Lets wait for them to come back first before we handle this matter.

Five of the families in the Chaotic Region have joined forces, and the other six have also sent representatives over to watch the trial.

This show is really lively.


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