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Chapter 1161 Fellow Taoist, Dont Be Impetuous

“Oh no! Were screwed! Dont tell me an overlord that can subdue those in the Chaotic Region is about to appear in the Sea Dragon Star Area!”

“Who else can stop Zhang Hanyang”

“Im racked with regret! I shouldnt have gone with the flow and tried to seize the Cloud Shadow Skys planets.

Do I still have the chance to retract that announcement I made”

“He only used one move…”

“No!” cried the head of the Green Stone Sect, whose eyes gradually lit up.

“We havent lost yet! We havent! He can perform the Thunder Control Technique.

It is said that to display the Thunder Control Technique, one needs a long time to make preparations and absorb thunderbolts with treasures.

He has just performed such a powerful Thunder Control Technique.

Hahaha, it is impossible for him to make a second strike with it right away.

I bet he has exhausted the thunderbolts hes accumulated.

Next, he will face the counterattack of the five allied families.

Perhaps even the 11 families will attack together.

We have no reason to get worried.

He is the one who should be worried! Without thunderbolts, how can he fight against the 11 families”

This remark enlightened everyone!

The despair in their eyes was soon replaced by hope and then by avid anticipation.

What they were anticipating was self-evident.

They were not the only ones who were dumbfounded in the completely silent venue.

Li Hao and the others behind Zhang Han were also stunned.

“What happened”

Li Hao forcefully shook his head, asking himself inwardly in confusion, “Was I dreaming just now Is what I saw real”

He suspected that he had been deceived by his eyes.

To verify if he was dreaming, Li Hao even pinched his thigh secretly with his right hand.

“Hiss! Ouch!”

In one of the aircraft, the corners of Yue Wuweis mouth could not help trembling.

He seemed to be shouting in his heart, “Han is so powerful Is he a freak He is cultivating the Great Void Thunder Scripture! Geez! Master, what kind of magic method did you give him I want to learn it too!”

Even Yue Wuwei was dazed by what he saw.

One could imagine how shocking it was.

“What the f*ck!”

Li Mu exclaimed, “Senior Zhang is awesome and invincible!”

“Master is a devil king in the first place,” Mu Xue murmured softly.

“Han is really…” Zhang Guangyou took a deep breath.

He felt that he almost had a heart attack.

“Honey…” Zi Yans eyes were gleaming with pride.

As Zi Yan stayed in the Cultivation World, her understanding of it deepened.

At this moment, she sincerely felt that Zhang Han, who looked down on the world like an invincible king, was incredibly handsome.

“Wow!” Mengmeng also exclaimed.

Her big clear eyes were filled with boundless admiration.

Nina was dumbfounded too.

When she heard that those in the Chaotic Region would give Zhang Han and his people a trial, she was also very perturbed.


“Isnt this a trial”

Zhang Hans expression did not change.

It was as if he had just killed a few ants on the side of the road.

He looked at the silent scene and chuckled.

He was obviously mocking this trial.

Zhang Han said calmly, “Then lets continue with the trial.

Some sects seemed quite active in the few days of my absence.”


The faces of the members of the Green Stone Sect and the other sects who tried to seize more planets turned pale at once.

“He doesnt intend to spare anyone, does he”

“The Green Stone Sect, the Golden Flame Sect, the Heavenly Crane Sect… There is a total of 37 sects that hit us when we were down.

Ill punish all of these sects.

Sect Leader Li”

“Yes, sir,” Li Hao swallowed and hastily answered.

“Start the purge immediately.

Wipe out all the involved sects,” Zhang Han said flatly.


Li Hao nodded without hesitation.

Standing in front of Zhang Han, he had a feeling of deja vu at this moment.

He felt the same way when he faced the former head of the Cloud Shadow Sky during his early years when he was weak.


Zhang Hans remark was like a bomb that had been thrown into a silent lake, stirring up huge waves.

At that moment, the people from the other six families looked at one another.

They had also recovered from the shock.

They all thought that Zhang Han might not be able to launch another strike with that Thunder Control Technique.

Among the six families present, there were 10 cultivators in the God Transformation Realm.

Moreover, many forces were sitting below.

It seemed that all of those Zhang Han referred to by name were among them.

Some were at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

Some were even at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

“Isnt Zhang Hanyang afraid that all the forces will unite and target him together

“He has only brought a handful of people here.

“If the 10 God Transformation Realm cultivators of our six families are to hold off the God Transformation Realm cultivators on Zhang Hanyangs side at the same time, all the people on the Thunder Kings will soon be slaughtered.

“But… is Zhang Hanyang really unable to make that move again”

They felt that there was a 90 percent chance that Zhang Hanyang wouldnt be able to do it.

But the remaining 10 percent chance that he could still hold them in fear.

At this time, an old man frowned.

He seemed deep in thought.

Some others exchanged a look.

The oldest one present was Hou Qiang, the representative of the Hou family who had spoken before.

His eyes were flickering.

The people of the major families were all waiting for Hou Qiang to speak.

However, Hou Qiang did not care about whether those forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area could survive or not.

Since the major families didnt say anything, the head of the Green Stone Sect and the others didnt dare to either.

They also understood that the ones who took the lead usually bore the brunt of attacks.

But when Zhang Han spoke again, finally, the people of the other six families couldnt sit still anymore.

“Now, Ill announce the last verdict.

Since the five families have joined hands,” Zhang Han said in a cool tone, “then Ill destroy the five families to warn the world.”


As soon as he finished speaking, all the people present were astounded!

Even Li Mu was frightened.

His heart contracted violently.


“Destroy the five families

“This is perhaps the first time in thousands of years that someone claims to destroy the forces in the Chaotic Region!”

“Watch your tongue!”

Hou Qiangs countenance changed slightly.

“Is he challenging the prestige of we people in the Chaotic Region

“How dare he!

“Could it be that he still has more trump cards”

Despite surprise and bewilderment, Hou Qiang took a few steps forward and said in a relatively mild tone, “Fellow Taoist Zhang, dont be impetuous.”


Zhang Han lowered his head slightly and looked at the speaker with indifferent eyes.

After Hou Qiang spoke, the members of the other families looked at one another.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little weird.


A middle-aged man holding a sword, who was the representative of the Shan family, cupped his hands and smiled.

“Fellow Taoist, please listen to me.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, those in the God Transformation Realm have to follow the rules of the God Transformation Realm.

The Ma family, Guang family, Xuan family, Bai family, and Lin family have already lost those mighty figures in the God Transformation Realm.

Fellow Daoist Zhang, youre the most powerful one now.

We can discuss how to deal with the five families in the Chaotic Region in detail, as well as how to punish the forces you just mentioned.

But why do you have to wipe all of the forces out”

“Thats right.”

A white-robed old man, who seemed to be surrounded by a faint cyan halo, took two steps forward and said, “Fellow Taoist Zhang, you have proved your strength in the battle just now.

You have also entered the supreme circle of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

With your illustrious reputation, you can overawe the world.

You have just taken over this Star Area by force, so you need to adopt the policy of mollification at this time.

Only in this way can you make many forces feel at ease, recognize you, and be wholeheartedly loyal to you.”

“Someone is speaking up for us!”

The mood of the head of the Green Stone Sect and the others picked up at once.

“The families in the Chaotic Region havent given up on us!”

But no one knew what information the six families had exchanged through eye contact.

Then, the members of the six families spoke one after another.

“Fellow Taoist Zhang, youre already in the God Transformation Realm.

The Sea Dragon Star Area has just undergone a great war.

Countless Yuan Ying Realm cultivators have perished.

Just now, even many God Transformation Realm cultivators died.

We really cant afford to lose any more top fighters.

Please show some mercy.”

“The five allied families have lost so many cultivators.

Now, they only have a handful of God Transformation Realm cultivators, so theyre no longer threats to you or the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Plus, each of those families has defensive formations in their territories.

Its hard to break their defense.

They also have cards up their sleeve that you dont know.

Fellow Taoist, you said you would wipe them out.

But why take things that far”

“Thats right.

Fellow Taoist, if you are to spare these forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area and take back your words of destroying the five allied families, peace can be restored in the Sea Dragon Star Area, and you will be respected and admired by many.

It is killing two birds with one stone.

I think you should not rashly start a war.”

The six families actually began to persuade Zhang Han at the same time.

They believed that one should make allowance for the errors of others if it was possible.

It was a manifestation of the demeanor of a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm.

Those in the God Transformation Realm shall not bully other sects for no reason.

If Zhang Han ruthlessly attacked those forces, he would attract more hostility instead.

The five allied families had solid foundations.

If Zhang Han insisted on attacking them, he would fail for sure, and even his life would be in danger.

Many expressed their views.

Some even threatened Zhang Han.

What they meant was that at this time, Zhang Han must talk with them amicably and make compromises.

If Zhang Han refused to come to his senses, then he wouldnt be able to handle the 11 families when they joined forces.

The six families spoke up one after another.

Zhang Han was still sitting in the chair.

He didnt intend to go down and stretch himself at all.

Yet, there was even a trace of an inexplicable smile on his face.

The head of the Green Stone Sect and the others who were in the second-class seats also voluntarily voiced their thoughts.

“The remarks those lords just made are well-founded.

The trial has already had a result.

Lord Zhang, since youre also in the God Transformation Realm, and you have initially established the forces under your leadership in the Sea Dragon Star Area, what you need is a stable environment.

Your reign hasnt been consolidated yet.

Whats the point of fighting and killing”

“A real mighty figure would not bully others in the Sea Dragon Star Area with the might of the God Transformation Realm.”

“Its said that the Bai family has a Grand Master at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage holding down the fort and a Starry Sky Beast guarding it.

The Bai family has prospered for thousands of years.

Lord Zhang, you may not be able to conquer that family.”

“Humph, if Zhang Hanyang refuses to see reason and decides to attack the various forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area, the Grand Masters of those families wont just let him do it.

After all, its not justified for a God Transformation Realm Realm cultivator to bully the weak.”

Many in the crowd also derided Zhang Han.

Subtlely, the sects that had been fighting over territories all resolutely echoed the words of the six families.

They were on the same team.

From all respects, they advised, warned, or even threatened Zhang Han.

They were all telling Zhang Hanyang the same thing.

“Youre in the God Transformation Realm, so youre indeed strong.

This matter can be negotiated, but you cant be so unbridled.

There are still many Grand Masters in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

You cant call all the shots by yourself.”

Several senior members of the six families, such as Hou Qiang, gave Zhang Han advice as if they were doing this for Zhang Hans sake.

But in fact, a sense of menace was hidden in their words.

The audience was in an uproar.

Still, Zhang Han remained composed.

Li Hao, on the other hand, felt a bit uneasy.

“Zhang Han,” he called in a whisper, as though wanting to give a reminder.

But before he finished speaking, Zhang Han raised his right hand slightly to stop him.

Then, Zhang Han looked down at the crowd below with a faint smile on his face.

“Youre saying that… I should let off those forces that tried to seize more territories and even sit down and have a proper talk with them, right”

“Fellow Taoist Zhang, your words are inaccurate.

Some of the forces didnt take advantage of the chaos to fight for more territories.

They merely wanted to get back what belonged to them.

Now, why dont you turn hostility into friendship” Hou Qiang narrowed his eyes and suggested.

The others nodded in agreement.

There came another wave of echoing voices, some of which were particularly loud.


We didnt try to fight for more territories.

We just wanted to take back the planets that belonged to us in the first place.”

“Yes! Those planets are supposed to be ours.

Why do you accuse us of snatching more territories”

The chaotic scene made Yue Wuwei and the others in the aircraft fall silent.

Some frowned and looked unhappy, while others gazed at Zhang Han, for it was all up to his attitude.

Li Hao was on tenterhooks.

By now, the trial had taken a sharp turn.

Zhang Han was so powerful that the people of the six families present all began to yield.

“Do you mean that I cant attack the five families”

Zhang Han seemed to have watched enough of the show.

The smile at the corner of his mouth gradually disappeared.

His eyes became cold and detached again.

Seeing the look in Zhang Hans eyes, Li Hao suddenly realized that some matters were about to be settled.

“Fellow Taoist Zhang, you came to the Sea Dragon Star Area not long ago.

I must remind you that sometimes, its more important to rule others with virtue.”

Hou Qiang stroked his beard.

He was controlling the pace of this matter, as though he was a senior lecturing Zhang Han.

Some others echoed him.

“Five hundred years ago, there was a cultivator at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage.

Even he didnt dare to fight against the alliance of the Bai family and two others families in the Chaotic Region.

Fellow Taoist, you should think about this carefully.

There are some things you cant joke about.”

“Fellow Taoist, you are still young.

Do consider this with caution.”

“What if I insist on attacking the five families” Zhang Han asked.

He leaned forward slightly and looked straight at the members of the six families.

“Then you would defy the will of the Chaotic Region,” Hou Qiang narrowed his eyes and said slowly.

“Although you may look imposing by doing that, in the end, you will become the enemy of the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

Although you are strong and have the help of another mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm, your people are too few in number after all.”

The other three members of the Hou family, who were standing beside him, said with solemn faces, “Fellow Taoist Zhang, what you just said is simply too unwise.

Youve just taken over about half of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

There are still a lot of rules that you dont understand.

Bear this in mind, to conquer the world and to rule the world are completely different.”

“Yeah.” Another person sighed softly and said, “If you adopt the policy of mollification now, you might be able to gain a firm foothold in the Sea Dragon Star Area in a decade or two.

“Even you are in the God Transformation Realm, you are not strong enough to go against the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, let alone to violate the rules of the God Transformation Realm.”


Zhang Han laughed as if he had heard something very funny.


The hundreds of thousands of people present thought that Zhang Hanyang would compromise the next second.

“Strength and means are not the same.

Does Zhang Hanyang think he can establish a firm foothold by conquering the Sea Dragon Star Area and destroying a few sects Compared with the seniors in the Chaotic Region, Zhang Hanyang is still too inexperienced,” many people thought to themselves.

But sometimes, the disparity between imagination and reality was big.

“Violate the rules of the God Transformation Realm

“Go against the Chaotic Region”

Zhang Hans eyes flashed with coldness.

“You think you can stop me by yourselves”


The faces of the members of the Hou family and the other five families instantly darkened.

They looked up at Zhang Han, who was in the air.

Hou Qiang finally couldnt stand the humiliation.

He and the other three of his family members slowly rose to the sky.

In a cold voice, Hou Qiang bellowed, “How could you say that Fellow Taoist Zhang, dont ask for trouble.”

As Hou Qiang spoke, the members of two of the other five families rose to the air without hesitation.

There were a total of 15 of them in midair.

All of them were the ones who expressed their views most actively.

As for the other three families, they fell silent.

They felt it was okay to echo others words.

But they were unwilling to go up and confront Zhang Han, because the people they brought here were not strong enough.

But they didnt know that sometimes remaining silent could save their lives.

“If you refuse to come to your senses, then we will have to….”

Hou Qiangs aura flared up.

It seemed that he wanted to suppress Zhang Han with his fierce aura.

However, Zhang Han interrupted him before he could finish his words.

“Youre just buffoons,” said Zhang Han flatly.


These few words made everyone gasp.

“It turns out that Zhang Han has considered those people down there buffoons!”

Under everyones gaze, two flashes of lightning appeared in Zhang Hans eyes.

The supernatural power called Thunder Willow that he just displayed consumed half of the energy in his Thunderbolt Mark.

But after running the Great Void Thunder Scripture for minutes, he already recovered 80% of his strength.

At this time, Zhang Han waved his hand and performed the first style of the thunder-oriented supernatural power—the Thunderbolt Crocodile.


A bolt of dazzling lightning flashed past and transformed into a huge monster.

The huge Thunderbolt Crocodile opened its terrifying mouth.

Hou Qiang and the others immediately made defensive moves.

However, they had underestimated the might of the Thunderbolt Crocodile.


The gigantic thunderbolt in the shape of a crocodile appeared, devoured the targets, and dissipated.

It took Hou Qiang and the other 14 people with it.

The audience fell silent in an instant.

Even the faces of the members of the remaining three families turned ashen.

They were trembling all over as if theyd fallen into an ice cave.

Zhang Han waited for seconds before saying in a cool voice, “When have I ever taken orders from you people”


Many people gasped in horror.

They even felt their scalps go numb.

“Dead Theyre all dead” Li Hao cried out in disbelief.

His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Hearing his cry of shock, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “I merely wanted to use this move to teach them a lesson.

But I didnt expect that they were even unable to take a single blow of mine.

The God Transformation Realm cultivators in the Sea Dragon Star Area are simply too weak.”


In total, there were 12 people left in the remaining three families.

Many people found that their throats were extremely dry, so they swallowed hard.

“Those in the God Transformation Realm are too weak They cant even withstand a single blow of Zhang Hanyangs

“What level is he at on earth

“Where did he get so many thunderbolts from”

“Tell me, which are the three families I just killed” Zhang Han looked straight at an old man in a black robe and asked.

The old mans expression changed drastically.

“So he didnt even know who these families were before he killed them!

“Why is he asking about it now

“Could it be… he actually wants to go to war with the other eight families in the Chaotic Region

“He wants me to answer the question

“How should I answer him

“But if I dont, given his temper, will he attack me

“Has he used up all of his thunderbolts I suppose so.”

When this old man was hesitating, the last member of the Hou family standing beside the three families felt that he was about to get killed.

Thus, he took a few steps forward with a grim face and gritted his teeth before saying, “Zhang Hanyang, Elder Hou and the others just wanted to talk to you.

Why did you kill them for no reason Elder Hou had always been kind to others.

He was merely judging the case as it stood.

The dozen of others didnt even say anything.

But you killed them all.

Please give me an explanation! Even if I have to die, I want to know exactly why!”

This man was merely at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Just as he took one step forward, Zhang Han said, “You want me to explain myself to you Who do you think you are”

Then, Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly and waved his hand.

A complicated black mark instantly engulfed this man.


This member of the Hou family directly collapsed onto the ground.

Zhang Han looked around and remarked, “Is there anyone else who thinks I should explain why I kill people”

As soon as these words came out, no one, not even the remaining members of the three families, dared to speak.

The hundreds of thousands of people felt a chill penetrate their hearts.

Zhang Hanyangs tough attitude was beyond everyones expectations.


Zhang Han abruptly spoke again, “Since you want an explanation, I, Zhang Hanyang, will give you one.”

“Sect Leader Li!” he called.

Li Hao said, “Yes, sir!”

“Tell me all forces that tried to seize more territories.”


The head of the Green Stone Sect felt that his heart skipped a beat.

At this moment, he thought, “F*ck the Hou family! Why ask him for an explanation”


In an instant, the hundreds of thousands of people began to move.

In a fluster, they all tried to get away from those forces that tried to seize more territories.

Almost everyones hearts were trembling with fear.

“Zhang Hanyang is planning to launch a massacre!

“Geez, is Zhang Hanyang a devil king”

In an instant, dozens of forces were isolated.

As the others had moved away, they were sitting in groups by themselves.

“Seems that these are the forces youre looking for,” Li Hao said as he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Holy Moly! its so scary!

“My heart is hammering.

I cant help it!”

The members of the three families, including the two God Transformation Realm cultivators, all lowered their heads and did not dare to look at Zhang Han.

“In that case, things will be simpler.”

Zhang Han clapped his hands several times.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The head of the Green Stone Sect was killed.

All the high-position members of those forces present died before they could utter a word.

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