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“Han, you and Elder Yue can go with Nina.” Rong Jiali thought for a moment and said, “Anyway, this can be regarded as a confirmation of kinship.

Dont upset them.

Well wait for you here.”


At last, Nina left with merely Zhang Hans family of three and Yue Wuweis family of three.

They boarded the Blue Butterfly and flew into the king vessel.

The inside of the king vessel actually looked quite similar to that of a main vessel.

But the materials of many parts of the king vessel were more high-end and looked quite sturdy.

Following the guidance given by the system, they went across two corridors and entered the main control room.



Lidas expression changed slightly.

She glanced around quickly and fixed her eyes on Zi Yan, feeling extremely jealous.

“If I were so beautiful, Holy Son Gu Kun would definitely make me his official wife!

“How could she be so gorgeous”

Lida was a little stunned.

She found that Zi Yan was even more stunningly attractive than her image shown on the screen before.

Even Gu Yi raised his head and looked at Zi Yan with a glint in his eyes.

No one spoke for a few seconds.

“Hi, Felina,” Nina called.

Her expression was slightly complicated.

“Hello, Nina.” Felinas expression was actually quite calm.

She stood up and walked slowly to Nina.

They looked at each other.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

However, the two didnt get emotional or confirm that they were sisters upon their first encounter.

“This is what Mother left you.

She asked me to hand it to you personally.”

As Felina spoke, her forehead suddenly lit up with dazzling white light.

She seemed to be casting a spell.

When the others observed this power with rapt attention, they discovered that this Felina, as Ninas younger sister, was actually at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.

Even Nina was surprised to find out about this.

The white rays of light flickered.

Then, wisps of black mist coiled around Felinas face.

Through the black mist, Nina seemed to have seen the silhouette of her mother, Tricia.

“What is she going to give me”

A jet of cyan light glimmered and darted out.

It seemed to be unstoppable, as though trying to break free from its cage.

A cluster of light the size of a palm appeared on Felinas forehead.

Everyone present felt an extremely deep and mysterious aura.

Gu Yi couldnt sit still anymore.

He abruptly leaped to his feet.

His countenance changed slightly.

“Its actually an Elemental Seal!”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stupefied when she saw this.

“What is an Elemental Seal”

At this time, Zhang Han talked to the others with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

“Felina has a Black Evil Seal in her body.

Now, shes also displayed an Elemental Seal.

The former seal is the Dark Elf Clans.

The latter is the Elemental Elf Clans.

That is to say, when Felina fully absorbs these two kinds of seals, her bloodline will be awakened.

She will become a member of the royal family.

After becoming a real royal, her upper limit will be dozens of times higher.”

“A royal…”

Zi Yan was lost in thought.

“Nina and Felina are sisters.

One is a royal of the Dark Elf Clan, the other is a royal of the Elemental Elf Clan.

Does this mean… their mother, Tricia, has double bloodlines”


The Elemental Seal floated into Ninas forehead.

In an instant, some aura circulated around Nina, and her eyes turned cyan.

In just three seconds, the Elemental Seal was concealed in Ninas body.

Absorbing and refining would take a long time.

“Its an Elemental Seal!”

Gu Yis expression instantly turned awkward.

Elemental Seals were extremely rare.

Elemental Elves were not the only ones that could absorb them.

Like Black Evil Seals, Elemental Seals could also be absorbed by people of other clans.

Holy Son Gu Kun was about to obtain the Black Evil Seal.

But who wouldve thought that Felina had an Elemental Seal!

If Gu Yi had known this, he would definitely have snatched it.

“The item has already been given to you.

You should leave,” Felina said flatly.

Her voice was devoid of emotion.


As soon as Nina came to her senses, she heard Felinas words.

Slightly taken back, she said, “Im here to see Mother.”

“You cannot go to the place she is in.” Felina shook her head.

“Go back.

I will pick up Mother myself.”

“No, I want to see her be brought out safely.” Ninas tone was firm.

“Theres no need.” Felina objected again.

“I havent seen her for 81 years!” Nina said stubbornly.

“With your little strength, how can you pick up anyone” Felina furrowed her brows.

She seemed annoyed.


Nina clenched her fists.

“You speak as if you were high and mighty.”

Seeing that Nina had been bullied, Mengmeng snorted and said, “Why does Nina need your permission”


Zhang Hans pupils froze for a second.

“These words sound quite familiar.”

“Nina, dont mind her.

We can just follow her spaceship.” Mengmeng stepped forward and pulled Nina back to her side.

“You…” Felinas breathing became slightly hurried.

She frowned and looked Mengmeng up and down.

“You what” Yue Xiaonao widened her eyes and said, “Dont give us that attitude.

Let me tell you, we are no pushovers.”

The adults didnt say anything, but the two girls were really tough.

The corners of Yue Wuweis mouth twitched a bit.

He seemed to be smiling.

Lisa, on the other hand, shook her head with resignation.

She felt that since Yue Xiaonao befriended Mengmeng, though she still seemed to be unruly, in fact, she had become much more well-behaved.

If it were in the past, Yue Xiaonao would have started a fight.

All of a sudden, Lida, who was sitting on the side, laughed and said in a weird tone, “If you want to follow us, then Ill let you.”

She sized Mengmeng up and added, “Youd better follow us all the time.

Holy Son likes young girls.

Felina is about to marry Holy Son.

Little girl, I think youre quite pretty.

If you follow us for some time, Holy Son may accept you as his concubine.”


When Yue Wuwei heard this, for some reason, he swallowed hard.

Lisas face stiffened a little, and Zi Yan frowned slightly.

Even Zi Yan had been upset by this, let alone Zhang Han.

“What did you say”


The temperature in the king vessel seemed to have dropped sharply.

Zhang Han looked over in an instant.

In the face of Zhang Hans stare, Lida didnt lose her cool at all.

She gazed at Zhang Han and said slowly, “I said… Holy Son likes young girls.

Why dont you follow us for a while Maybe your daughter can be taken as Holy Sons concubine.

If so, it would be a pleasant surprise.


Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, I…”


Before Lida finished speaking, an extremely loud and clear whack sounded from Lidas face.

Lida was sent flying.

Like a rubber ball that had been thrown out unceremoniously, she hit the wall and bounced back.

Lida was dumbstruck.

Her face was lacerated.


Zhang Hans attack was too swift.

Even Gu Yi didnt have the time to help Lida.

Although he had sensed the trace of Zhang Hans attack, it was already too late.

He never thought that the other party would strike so decisively.

After all, they were still on his king vessel!

“They slapped a junior of mine in the face!

“This is a slap in my face, too!”

The whole place fell silent in an instant.

The two male disciples next to Lida were also dumbfounded.

“He taught us a lesson in our territory”

Several Dark Elves were petrified.

Two of them even flinched.

“This man is so fierce.”

Felina looked flabbergasted.

She was also very surprised that the other party had started a fight at the slightest disagreement.

Gu Yis face darkened.

Just as he wanted to question Zhang Han, Zhang Han said, “Who do you think you are How could you bark in front of me”

“Huh What the hell is going on”

Gu Yi narrowed his eyes.

“Uncle Yi!”

Lida let out a pained cry.


Gu Yis aura soared.

Daunting pressure spread out from him.


Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes and quietly watched as if he was expecting a good show.

Unexpectedly, seeing Zhang Hans calm face, Gu Yi withdrew his surging aura at the next moment.

But his face still seemed unfriendly.

He said with a fake smile, “Who are you”

“Zhang Hanyang.”

“Do you know that the person you beat is an outstanding disciple of my Gutuo Divine Temple” Gu Yi said as he slowly took two steps forward.


The expressions of the surrounding people changed slightly.

“Why are they giving tit for tat They may even get into a fight in the next second!”

This made the others tense up.

“Gutuo Divine Temple Never heard of it.” Zhang Han stared at Gu Yi and asked, “Do you have a problem with me hitting her”


Gu Yi was suddenly a little uncertain.

His eyes flickered as though he was hesitating on whether to attack.

Except for Lisa, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina, he could not see through the cultivation of any of the people in front of him.

In this strange place with so many uncertainties, Gu Yi chose not to fight.

Gu Yi altered his expression and showed a faint smile before saying, “Lida said something she shouldnt have said.

Its reasonable that you taught her a lesson.”


As soon as Gu Yi said that, Lida felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

She was completely stupefied.

She could not believe the noble and dignified Lord Gu Yi could say things like that.

“Lord Gu Yi, why didnt you attack”

“Since youve already taught her a lesson and Felina has also handed the item to Nina, I will not keep all of you here.”

Gu Yis tone was polite.

Yet, his eyes were still fixed on Zhang Han.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han didnt say anything more.

He led the others to the corridors, exited the king vessel, and returned to the Blue Butterfly.

“Uncle Yi, why did you let them go” Lida asked, feeling wronged.

“In a foreign land, do not depend on your status as a member of the Gutuo Divine Temple and act unscrupulously.

Moreover, do not joke with Gu Kuns marriage.” Gu Yi glanced at Lida and threw a medicinal pellet at her.

He happened to catch sight of Felina, who was just about to sit in front of him.

Then, he let out a cold snort.


Felina suddenly felt as if someone was holding her against the chair.

Pain flashed across her face.

The expressions of the surrounding Dark Elves changed.

They wanted to say something but did not have the nerve.

In a cold voice, Gu Yi said, “Felina, why didnt you report to me that you had an Elemental Seal”

“I… I didnt know what that thing was either.

Mother sealed it in my body but didnt tell me what it was,” Felina said intermittently.

Obviously, the pressure Gu Yi imposed on her was hard to bear.

“Dont forget your current status.” Gu Yi said in a frosty voice.

“Even if you bring your mother out, her life and death will be determined by a mere thought of mine.”

“I understand,” Felina uttered.


When Gu Yi withdrew his pressure, Felina felt relieved.

She limply leaned on the sofa with her eyes closed.

No one knew what she was thinking.

“So, the man who beat me can get off scot-free” Lida said with bitter resentment.

“Youre too impatient.

If you want to get back at someone, you should at least know everything about him.” Gu Yi glanced at Lida.

After saying that, he sat on the sofa before him and closed his eyes to rest.

Lida gave a few cold laughs when she heard this.

Gu Yi simply meant that he would take revenge after figuring out the opponents strength and background.

Lida stopped pondering over this.

She sat on the chair and began to heal her wound with the energy of the medicinal pellet.

She attached great importance to her beauty, especially how her face looked.

Now, she didnt even dare to look at herself in the mirror.

She just hoped to recover from her injury as soon as possible.

Because of how badly her face had been hurt, she was also filled with hatred.

“Their attitude was too bad,” In the Blue Butterfly, Lisa said, feeling a little indignant.

“Felina is Ninas younger sister.

She is a member of the Elf Clan after all.

Her attitude was indeed aloof.” Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “Dont be sad, Nina.

I can tell that Felina and some other Dark Elves seem to be controlled by others.

We dont know the specific circumstance they are in yet.

Lets just follow them for now.”

“Well, thank you, Aunt Zi,” said Nina.

“Who cares if she is under someone elses control” Yue Xiaonao grunted.

“We all went over.

If she had any problem, why didnt she just ask us for help”

“Silly girl, do you think everyone knows that we are powerful What if we are no match for them That Felina has managed to hide the Elemental Seal for a long time and handed it to Nina when she met her in person, which proves two things,” Yue Wuwei said with a smile.

He paused for one second, two seconds, three seconds…

However, no one asked what the two things were.

Yue Wuwei immediately felt a little upset.

In the end, it was Mengmeng who asked, “Which two things has it proved”

“First, Ninas mother, Tricia, still cares about Nina very much even though she is in an unknown place.

Second, Felina is not as indifferent to Nina as she seems.

After all, she and Nina have the same mother,” Yue Wuwei said analytically.

“How did you know that” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“Dont ask how I know it.

All you need to know is that Im right,” Yue Wuwei replied.

Could Yue Wuwei say that he sensed it with his divine sense


Otherwise, the others wouldnt think he was that mysterious anymore.

“The Black Evil Seal… The Elemental Seal…”

Zhang Han pondered for moments and said, “I suppose Tricia had gained these two kinds of seals from her own bloodline in a special environment.

Judging from the extent of Felinas absorption, perhaps she has only begun to absorb the Black Evil Seal after she got out of here.

She has not made much progress yet.”

“Thats right.” Yue Wuwei nodded.

“Perhaps the place where Tricia is in disallows the absorption of the Black Evil Seal.

Otherwise, Felina could have waited until she finished the absorption before she went out.”

“Where is Ninas mother on earth” Mengmeng muttered.

“Well know soon enough.”

Zhang Han stroked Mengmengs head, beaming.

He said, “Since her mother is alive, its good news.

At least, theres hope.

But we have to be mentally prepared for the worst, because accidents occur frequently in the Cultivation World.”

Zhang Han pointed out the worst scenario in advance.

Although Nina felt bad about it, it was better to be prepared for the blow now than to hear the worst news after she went to that place.

After they returned to the Thunder King, they explained the general situation to the others.

Everyone fell silent.

“Wait! You mentioned the Gutuo Divine Temple, didnt you”

Li Mu was a little taken aback.

“Do you know about the Gutuo Divine Temple” Rong Jiali asked in confusion.

“I think Ive heard of it before.”

Li Mu fell silent as he searched his memories.

Everyone fixed their eyes on him, waiting for his reply.

“Ah! I remember now!”

A few seconds later, Li Mu patted his thigh with excitement.

“About 10 years ago, when I was on the Dragon Horse Star, a young man of the Snowfall Alliance told us about the Gutuo Divine Temple.

At that time, I didnt take it to heart.

He said that the Heavenly Dragon Star Province was huge, and there was a place called the Small Sky Dragon Region nearby, which was merely about half the size of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

But there were many powerful forces there, one of which was called the Gutuo Divine Temple.”

“Small Sky Dragon Region” Yue Wuwei was slightly dazed.

He said, “That place is not big indeed, but many planets are rich in spiritual Qi and cultivation resources.

Some sects there are pretty powerful, but they cant compare with those in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Those sects are no threats to us.”

“Then, lets follow them.”

“Well play it by ear.”

Everyone expressed their opinions.

After the discussion, they resumed their journey.

The Thunder King flew along the enormous cave, following the drifting black light.

All of a sudden, the group felt as if they had entered a bigger space.

The place suddenly became spacious.

Ahead of them was an ink-black circular hole.

It looked like a Devouring Star outside the cave.

“You have a call to answer.”

The system issued a prompt.

“Answer it,” Zhao Feng said.


Felinas figure appeared on the screen.

“Nina, do you really insist on going there” Felina asked straightforwardly.

“Yes, Ive put my foot down,” Nina replied.

“The entrance is right in front of us.

There is still one hour to go before the passageway opens.

After we get in, our spaceships wont appear in the same place.

To find Mother, you need to carefully feel the Elemental Seal.

It will guide you to Mother.”

After saying that, Felina hung up the call.

“There is still one hour to go.”

“Well get there soon.

I wonder if we can fight side by side this time,” Chen Changqing approached Zhang Han and said.

“Nina, dont worry.

Ill protect you.” Chen Chuan was the opposite of his father.

He liked hanging out with girls.

“Really” Mengmeng reached out and flicked Chen Chuans forehead with her fingers.

“With your poor strength, how can you protect anyone”

“Im also quite strong.

I can protect Nina.” Chen Chuan grabbed Ninas hand without feeling awkward.

“Just dont get in our way.” Mengmeng curled her lips.

They waited in the Thunder King for an hour.

In this dark space, in addition to the faint light on the stone walls in the distance, all they could see was the big hole ahead that was getting bigger and bigger.

Tens of thousands of rays of black light, which did not exist in this space, swam over like water snakes and gathered here.

They rushed to the stone walls and vanished.

“Those people are setting off.”

“Its about time.

Lets follow them.”

“Move forward.”

The system warned, “Alert.

There is unknown energy in front.

Well collide with it in seconds.

Countdown 10…”

When the countdown came to one, the bow of the Thunder King plunged into the hole and then disappeared.

“Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!”

It was as though they had entered a secondary space.

The monitors in the Thunder King showed nothing but colorful light.

“I wonder how long we will have to travel.”

Zhang Mu looked around and said, “Im also curious about what kind of place our destination is.”

“Haha, well know it soon.” Gai Xingkong laughed heartily.

His laughter was somewhat demonic.


The sound of something breaking was heard by everyone.


Yue Wuweis expression altered.

“The wing of the ship is broken! An unknown attack has penetrated my protective energy!”


Zhang Han narrowed his eyes.

The others present were also frightened.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz…”

Zhang Han waved his hand in an instant and cast more than a dozen defensive secret skills, which shrouded the group.

Yue Wuweis movements were also fast.

In an instant, he conjured up 100 layers of defense.

But it didnt work.

Yue Wuweis face turned stern.

“All of my defenses have been shattered by the unknown energy.”

The system warned, “Alert.

The main energy cabin has been damaged.”


Eighteen deputy energy cabins have been damaged.”


In the face of this emergency, Zhang Hans expression became a little stiff.

In a solemn tone, he said, “Turn on the Space Traction Secret Skill.”

“Can you fend it off” Yue Wuwei asked with a wry smile.

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