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When the Ninth Princesss cart went far away, the people in the field started to discuss enthusiastically, “My God, who spread the rumor that the Ninth Princess of Heze City is extremely ugly Ill strangle the person to death! Its really mean.

The Ninth Princess is obviously a god-sent fairy in the world!”

“Did you see her clearly just now Ive never seen such a beauty.”

“The Ninth Princess of Heze City is just stunning.”

“Alas, its a pity that she belongs to Heze City.”

After these words were spoken, City Lord of Hanchuan City smiled and said, “Why is that a pity”

“Ah City Lord, didnt you have some grudges against Heze City” The person asked.

“Grudges When did that happen Its just a rumor.” City Lord of Hanchuan City guffawed, “We both belong to the Myriad Mountains Palace and have always been compatriots.

How can we be hostile towards each other Its fine for the ordinary people to spread this kind of rumor, but as the administrators of the city, its better not to spread this kind of rumor.”

Everyone there was speechless…

It was obvious that Hanchuan liked “the Ninth Princess”.

But such manners were too shameless!

However, nobody would tell such a thought.

City Lord of Hanchuan City was very young.

At that moment, he was already at the peak of his power and was deeply beloved by a supervisor of the Myriad Mountains Palace.

The city was just a springboard for him.

Soon, he would go to the Myriad Mountains Palace to cultivate.

By then, he would be a big shot.

Nobody wanted to offend him, so they kept their mouths shut.

City Lord of Hanchuan City did not say anything but left immediately.

That night, many people saw the City Lords cart arrive at the Ninth Princesss residence in Heze City.

After staying there for half an hour, he came out with a complicated expression.

Later that night, a piece of news quickly spread over.

At noon the next day, City Lord of Hanchuan City was going to marry the Ninth Princess of Heze City.

They would hold a small wedding in Hanchuan City, and then a big one in Heze City.

When the news came out, many people in Hanchuan City were in an uproar.

“So fast” Zi Yan was also kind of surprised toward it.

She didnt even go out.

After showing up, she went to the side of the screen, sat next to Zhu Li, and listened to their conversation.

To put it bluntly, this was a blind date.

If Hanchuan wanted to marry the girl, he had to agree to some conditions.

Some of the conditions were very harsh, which made City Lord of Hanchuan City hesitate for quite a while.

In the end, he said yes to all the conditions, while nobody knew if he really meant it.

In short, he just agreed.

However, he asked to get married the next day in Heze City.

Zhu Li agreed.

City Lord of Hanchuan City left to prepare.

The entire City Lords mansion started to decorate with lanterns and colored banners.

Many celebrities were shocked and discussed how beautiful Zhu Li was so that the City Lord of Hanchuan City could be obsessed with her and wanted to get married on the second day.

No matter what, they were going to the wedding the next day.

It was going to be a bustling night.

On Zi Yans side…

After the City Lord of Hanchuan City left, Zhu Li said, “You dont need to do anything tomorrow.

Just wait for a good show.”

“Well, okay.” Zi Yan nodded slightly.

“When will your husband come to pick you up” Zhu Li asked curiously, “Purple Moon, youre so beautiful.

Your husband must be powerful, right”

“You guessed right,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

Zhu Li said excitedly, “Then what realm is he in With your appearance, he should at least be in the Integration Realm.”

Zi Yan was speechless.

Instead of answering, Zi Yan asked, “What realm are you in”

“Me Oh, Im at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage now.” Zhu Li said casually, “I dont cultivate much.”

“What about City Lord of Hanchuan City” Zi Yan asked.

“Hes at the Peak-Stage of God Transformation.

Hell reach Void-refining Realm soon,” Zhu Li replied.

“Its amazing.” Zi Yan was surprised.

This should be the amazing Cultivation World, and it was even more so than the Heaven Dragon Star Province.

“We are both weak.

Many Great Devils in the Demonic God Temple are much more powerful, especially the Demon Clan,” Zhu Li continued.

“Where is the earth The Domain of Seven Desolations connects to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.”

“Have you ever heard of the Sea Dragon Star Area and the Heavenly Dragon Star Province” Zi Yan asked.


Ive never left this place before.” Zhu Li thought for a moment and then said, “Wait for me to reach the Void-refining Realm.

By then, I might take a walk in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.”

“Since you came from the Seven Directions Sea Eye, there might be unusual movements over there,” Zhu Li suddenly said.

“What kind of place is the Seven Directions Sea Eye” Zi Yan asked.

She knew too little about this place, so she didnt understand much of what Zhu Li had said.

But she didnt care.

She just wanted to ask so that she could tell Zhang Han about it later.

“The Seven Directions Sea Eye is located in an archipelago not far from the coast.

There is a deep cave with a natural formation guarding it.

It seems to be a seal or something.

Anyway, no one can go inside.

Many people also call it the Eye of Demon.

Being looked at from a high altitude, that place seems like a demons eye, which is very scary.

There are spatial laws there.

It is said that the deep cave of the Eye of Demon may lead to the center of the Domain of Seven Desolations.

There is a demon sealed there, so the Domain of Seven Desolations is also called the Land of a Sealed Devil.”

Zhu Li continued, “There has never been anyone in the Seven Directions Sea Eye.

The space is always shaking and the rules are changeable.

Every once in a while, some dark energy will emerge and the Demon Clan will absorb it to improve their strength.

Some of the energy can even help them make a qualitative breakthrough.

Therefore, every few decades, when the energy there surges, many people will go there, including some members of the Demon Clan, the three major sects, and a few Demon Masters of the Demonic God Temple.”

“Oh, I see.”

After chatting for a while, Zhu Li personally arranged a room for Zi Yan to rest.

It could be said that the place where Dahei appeared was full of dangers, which was very unlucky.

The place where Zhao Feng and the others showed up was fine, which was the outer area of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

Zi Yan was even luckier.

She rested in the mansion without any twists and turns.

On the other hand, what happened to Yue Xiaonao was completely different.

She was extremely lucky, but also extremely unlucky.

She had actually landed in a cave.

There was a pool with extremely pure energy inside, but Yue Xiaonao didnt care about it.

When she wanted to run out, she suddenly realized that she was surrounded by pythons.

She was so scared that she immediately retreated.

She hid in the corner.

She absorbed energy to cultivate from time to time, waiting for Yue Wuwei to come.

On the other side, Mengmeng landed beside a pool in a canyon.


She directly took out some defensive treasures and looked around vigilantly.

It seemed that there was nothing going on around.

It was just that this place was extremely quiet.

Mengmeng didnt dare to run around.

She came to a high spot and looked around.

What she saw were endless mountains and ravines.

The roars of wild beasts could be heard occasionally in the distance.

“I cant run around,” Mengmeng said to herself.

Mengmeng blinked her big eyes, hid beside a rock, carved the mark taught by Zhang Han, and waited quietly.

“I wonder when Daddy will come.”

Mengmeng pouted and was not afraid.

She looked up at the sky, which was light blue with a sun in the middle, but it was a little bigger than the one she had seen before.

Both of the girls were experienced and brilliant.


Yue Wuwei appeared in the sea.

His face darkened slightly.

He waved his hand, saying, “Bloodsource Magic!”

A drop of blood appeared.

It seemed to have turned into a red light, drawing out two strings in the air.

That was where Lisa and Yue Xiaonao were.


Yue Wuwei moved his body and flew extremely fast.

He seemed fearless and invincible.


A swordfish 50 to 60 meters long suddenly jumped out of the sea below.

“Get lost!”

Yue Wuwei was in no mood to waste time on fish.

There were dozens of swordfish in the sea.

As soon as one jumped out, Yue Wuwei glared at it, with bright light bursting out from his eyes.


The swordfish turned into a mist of blood and drifted away with the wind.

Then, an amazing pressure spread away from Yue Wuweis body.

“Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!”

The dozens of swordfish below instantly shivered and scrammed frantically.

Even in a small palace at the bottom of the sea, a man with fish scales on his face who had just opened his eyes quickly closed them again.

He said, “Why is another supreme expert here now”

No one could stop him.

Yue Wuwei rushed forward at an extremely fast speed.

After a while, he came to the surface of the sea and saw a tall cliff ahead.

He probed the area with his divine sense.

“How come there are so many Great Devils”

Yue Wuwei was shocked, but it did not stop his advance.

After thinking about it, he did not retract his aura.

Instead, his aura became even more robust.


Then he flew into the central region of the Demonic God Temple.


“Has an expert master come”

“How dare the person fly through the upper space of Demonic God Temple Does he think that were good-tempered”

It was as though many Great Devils were awakening.

“Ive come here to receive someone, and have no desire to fight.

However, if anyone dares to stand in my way, I shall kill!”

Yue Wuwei said in a clear voice.


His figure was swift as he rushed over quickly.

Those thoughts slowly dissipated.

It was provocative behavior.

But since he had explained it, it would not cause a big fight.

The point was that he might not be able to win.

Yue Wuwei went straight to the place where the giant snake roared, where Dahei had first arrived.


Yue Wuwei stretched out his palm and got Yue Xiaonao out of the cave.

“Youre courting death!”

Just as Yue Xiaonao was a little surprised, she saw a huge snake raised its head, which was as big as a mountain, and even its tongue was dozens of meters long.


Yue Wuwei frowned.

Seeing that so many giant snakes were moving slowly, he hesitated for a moment, looked in the other directions, but still didnt make a move.

Instead, he walked forward.


The great pythons tail smashed apart a mountain to express its dissatisfaction.

Boulders flew everywhere, and only then did it calm down.

“What the hell is that Its such a big snake.

Its so scary.

Dad, where are we going now” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“Pick up your mother and find the others,” Yue Wuwei said, shaking his head.

Yue Wuwei could easily find his daughter and wife, but the others wouldnt be found so easily.

At the time, Yue Wuwei was not in a good mood.

In his opinion, it was difficult for them all to survive in such a dangerous place.

However, there was also a surprise.

Except for the Demonic God Temple, the other places were much weaker, which was a relief for Yue Wuwei.

After finding Lisa in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range, they began to search the nearby areas.

On the other side, the situation around Zhang Han was different.


Zhang Han was also in the sea, and he could see the land in the distance.

He took a deep breath, saying, “How did I end up here


He performed an incantation gesture with his right hand.


He could feel some faint connection coming from his incantation, and many marks appeared in his mind.

“Most of the marks are in the same place”

Almost everyone left the crescent seal that Zhang Han had told them.

In Zhang Hans senses, there were three marks in one area and two other marks were farther away.

“Ill pick up Mengmeng first.”

Having sensed that Mengmengs position was relatively close, Zhang Han didnt waste time.

He moved his body and flew forward at a high speed.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

The big fish came from the water one after another as if they wanted to devour Zhang Han.


Zhang Han didnt even look at them.

His body suddenly turned into thousands of shadows, while his actual body flew forward at an even faster speed.

It didnt take long before a 300m whale with a tigers head appeared beneath him.

Merely its aura caused many of the large fish in the surroundings to not dare approach it.


The whale leaped into the air.

It didnt approach Zhang Han, but a devouring power emerged from its opening mouth.

“Illusional Light Flash!”

Seeing this, Zhang Han began to operate his soul sense quickly.

A crystal blue light beam filled the mouth of the whale.


The whale cried out in pain as its body fell into the sea, creating huge waves and loud sounds.


It came up again.

“Illusional Light Flash.”

In the end, the whale gave up after being attacked five or six times.

At this time, there was still a long distance to the distant mainland.

Along the way, Zhang Han ran into all types of ocean creatures, including those in groups, single ones, Lords of the sea, etc.

Every creature was defeated by Zhang Hans restraining technique.

He quickly escaped, and his speed was not inferior to Yue Wuweis at all.

If Yue Wuwei were to see his various abilities and skillful movements, he would definitely be shocked.

After countless hardships, he finally reached the nearby coast and left the region of the ocean creatures.

But just then, dozens of big birds swooped down from the sky, as if they had regarded Zhang Han as prey.

“Disperse, you group of flame vultures at God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.”

Zhang Han waved his hand and made a stream of light, which burst under the big birds.

That power caused the flock of big birds to take off.

It was like they knew that the person below was not someone to be trifled with.

“Strange Beasts Land.”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and flew forward calmly.

At the same time, someone moved even faster.

It was a black shadow in the forest.

It looked like a stream of light.

That was Little Hei.

Every time it covered a certain distance, Little Hei roared, “HISS!”

At the same time, it sniffed from time to time.

All kinds of fragrances and even the smell of treasures filled the air.

However, Little Hei ignored the distraction and went on looking for the familiar smell.

It was very clear that Little Master and Mistress were the ones who needed its protection the most.

Along the way, Little Hei even smelled Dahei, Zhao Feng, and the others.

However, it ignored those.

As Little Hei was moving rapidly, it heard a voice.

“Wait a second, why are you moving so fast”

Suddenly, three white dogs appeared beside it.

The white dog in the lead was two meters long, but it spoke in the human language.


However, Little Hei still showed no reaction.

It turned into a stream of light and rushed forward.

“You damned bastard, Im asking you a question!”

The white dog suddenly showed a grand momentum.

With a boom, Little Hei was suppressed on the spot.

It couldnt even move.

“You are also a member of the Dog Clan.

I asked you a question, but why didnt you respond” The white dog walked slowly to Little Hei.


Little Hei bared its sharp fangs and growled in a deep voice.


The suppression force of the white dog was even stronger.

Little Hei was pressed flat on the ground.

“Boy, youd better behave yourself.” Another white dog, which was smaller than its leader, warned Little Hei, “The second king is asking you a question.

If you continue to be stubborn, dont blame us for hurting you even if youre one of us!”

“The second king”

The leading white dog had long hair, and there seemed to be a layer of light gold on its chest, which made it look majestic.

But Little Hei who was stubborn would never yield.


Little Heis expression became even more ferocious.

It would rather die than submit.

“Why did you do that” Another white dog said, “In the Demonic God Temple, its rare for anyone to kill their own clansmen.

But if you dont respect the second king, some physical pain is sure to come.”

“Is this black dog unable to speak” The second king said, “Its too weak.

Oh, it cant speak.

“There is no Black Dog Clan in the Demonic God Temple, but only us white dogs.

Its strange.

Where does it come from From the Demonic Beast Mountain Range”

After thinking for a while, the second king loosened the suppression power.

“Little black dog, I mean you no harm.

Seeing that you can run faster than me in such a low realm, I think you must be very talented.

Would you like to join us…”


Before it could finish the words, Little Hei turned into a stream of light and flew forward quickly.

“What the hell Why did it run away

“Its not good to run around here.

Lets escort him for a while.”

The second king said hurriedly, and the three white dogs followed Little Hei with all their strength.

Gradually, the second king found that Little Hei ran really fast.

Fortunately, Little Hei stopped and sniffed around every once in a while.

“What are you looking for”

By the fifth time Little Hei stopped, the second king and the other two dogs caught up.

Just now, Little Hei had faced a crisis that was resolved by the second king who was following behind.

As it knew that they had no malice, Little Heis gaze eased a little.

“Ow woo.”

Little Hei barked twice.

“Youre looking for your Little Master You already have a Master”

The second kings gaze turned a little fierce.

When it was about to say something, Little Hei ran away again.

The second king caught up with it again.

“How can you find your Little Master in this way”

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!”

Little Hei sniffed.

“Ah!” Little Hei let out a cry of surprise.

It moved as fast as lightning, twice as fast as before.

“So… so fast”

The three white dogs were stunned.

The second king muttered repeatedly, “No, no way.

It definitely has the aptitude of royalty!

“We must save it.

We cant let it go astray and acknowledge a person as its master.

“Be quick! Catch up!”

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The three white dogs followed Little Hei at an extremely fast speed.

However, Little Hei did not stop for a second and disappeared from their sight in an instant.

“Its running much too fast!”

Little Hei ran forward for another 20 minutes.

They seemed to have lost it.

Just as they were about to give up…


All of a sudden, there came some sound of fighting ahead.

“Lets go and have a look!”

The second king took the lead and ran over.

It was only when the second king got closer that it realized that Little Hei and a black rhino that had reached God Transformation were confronting each other.

Mengmeng was hiding in the rock behind the black rhino.

As soon as Mengmeng saw Little Hei and was about to come out, the black rhino appeared.

Mengmeng didnt dare to move.

When Little Hei wanted to come over, the black rhino stood in the way and looked at Little Hei contemptuously.

The black rhino thought it would escape.

However… Little Hei dared to provoke it.

In a short one second, Little Hei had attacked 10 times!

The black rhino was furious.

Just as it was about to lose its temper…

“Get lost!”


The black rhino glared.

It was shocked when it saw the second king of white dogs.

It couldnt help wondering if the second king was a helper of the black dog.

The black rhino was frightened.

Its four legs fiercely stomped on the ground as it hurriedly fled.

“Is this girl your Little Master” the second king asked.

“Ow ow.”

Little Hei glanced at it gratefully, then made a happy sound and came to Mengmengs side as fast as it could.

“Little Hei!”

Mengmeng was so happy that she hugged Little Heis neck and said, “Its so great that youre here.

I was a little scared just now!”


Little Hei roared in a low and soft voice.

Seeing this, the second king seemed to be a little unhappy as it said, “Can you behave more like a dog”

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