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Mengmeng didnt seem to come to her senses until this moment.

She stared at the three majestic-looking white dogs without blinking her big eyes.

“You, you can talk” Mengmeng said in astonishment.


Is that surprising Human girl, you have delicate skin and a fair complexion.

You must be delicious, right Haha, I havent tasted human flesh for a long time.” The second king lowered its head slightly as if sniffing Mengmeng.


Hearing this, Little Heis hair stood on end.

It arched its back.

Its facial muscles tensed up, making it look ferocious, Its sharp fangs were shining with cold light.

Its sharp claws were shown, as though it was ready for a big fight.

“Second King, this black dog is too ungrateful.

We escorted it out of the domain, but it doesnt appreciate our kindness and still behaves like this,” the little white dog on the side said coldly.

“Woof, woof, woof, woof.”

Little Hei put away its fierce expression, barked a few times, and pawed the ground.

“Well, thats just an idea,” the second king said.

“With your puny strength, if I want to take on you, you two will be finished in the blink of an eye.

Thus, dont you try to threaten me.”


Little Hei barked again and put away its claws, looking much calmer.

“You have the aptitude of being a royal, yet you like being others pet.

The moral degeneration of dogs world is getting worse day by day.

Humph!” The second king snorted.

Then, it looked at Mengmeng and asked, “Human girl, what kind of magic potion did you give it Why is it so loyal to you”

“What magic potion Little Hei is my good friend.

We grew up together,” Mengmeng, who was standing next to Little Hei, looked at the three white dogs in a daze and answered without thinking.


The second king was slightly stunned.

But its expression was much more relaxed.

“Where did you come from” asked the second king.

“We came from Earth.”

“What kind of place is Earth” The second king pondered for moments but didnt think of any information about Earth.

Thus, it said, “Are you willing to let Little Hei join our White Dog Clan Its strength will improve very quickly if it cultivates here.”

“No, I am not.

Being with my Daddy, Little Hei can improve its strength rapidly as well.”

“Who is your father”

“My daddy is… Han Yang Immortal.”


Immortal Woof, woof, woof.” The white dog was shocked and subconsciously showed a flattering expression.

It flicked its tongue out and barked twice.

“Holy cow! Han Yang Immortal Those that can be called immortal are at least at high levels of the Tribulation Stage.

Oh my god!”

“Crap! This little girl has a strong backer.

We gotta run!”

“Why should we run away Did we do anything wrong” The second king glared at its two underlings and said, “Little black dog, you are weak, but weve noticed you can move fast.

We appreciate talents, so we want to take you in as a disciple of our clan.

In a few decades, you may even become a king of our clan and a member of the inner hall of the Demonic God Temple.

However, we didnt know that you were a pet of an immortal.

Just forget our offer.

Thinking from this angle, I now have a clear idea about how your aptitude is.”

Then, the second king added, “Little girl, since your father is an Immortal, why did he leave you here Your strength is poor.

Its very dangerous for you to be here.”

“Well, Daddy will pick me up later.

Im not in danger, because I have some protective treasures with me,” Mengmeng said.

“This is odd.

Why would an immortal come here” The second king was bewildered.

“You cant be lying to me, are you”

“Good point.

If you lie to us, we will be angry,” another white dog said.

“Well, I never lie to any per… to any dog,” Mengmeng said.

“Anyway, thats just a title.

You asked the question yourself.

It has nothing to do with me.”

“Little girl, well be here with you while youre waiting for your father.

If youve lied to us, Ill take the little black dog away with us,” the second king said.


Mengmeng thought for a moment and mumbled something, but she didnt openly object.

From the looks of things, the three white dogs would not leave even if Mengmeng tried to drive them away.

Obviously, they were determined to rope Little Hei in.

After a few seconds, Mengmeng asked, “How come you can talk Are you very powerful”

“Being able to talk is nothing impressive in the Demonic God Temple.

As for whether or not we are powerful…” The second king chuckled, its eyes gleaming with arrogance.

“Our White Dog Clans status in the Demonic God Temple is quite high.

Anyway, this place is beyond the territory of the Demonic God Temple.

This is the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

I can do as I please here.

Didnt you see that the black rhino fled when it saw me”

Mengmeng rolled her eyes and said, “You can do as you please here Like I would believe that.”

“What How dare you belittle our second king!”

“Second King, this human girl is not a person of vision.”

The other two white dogs were almost hopping mad.

“You dont believe me”

The second king wrinkled its nose.

“I cant believe your one-sided story.

Why dont you walk me around and let me see how powerful you are” Mengmeng said fluently.

She wanted to familiarize herself with the surroundings and see if she could find the other people in her group.


In that case, Ill show you the might of our White Dog Clan.”

The second king snorted, but its eyes were on Little Hei.

It seemed that it wanted to display its power to Little Hei.

After all, it had noted that Little Heis speed was unusually fast despite its poor strength.

Little Hei was a genius who was likely to become royal in the future.

Therefore, the second king wanted to persuade Little Hei to join its clan.

However, that did not seem easy to be done.

“You two, lead the way,” said the second king.


Little Hei shook its head and let Mengmeng sit on its back.

It also considerately cast mild energy to keep Mengmeng on its back.

Seeing that, the other two white dogs complained, “Oh, I cant bear to look at this!”

“The dogs morality is degrading day by day!”

They even raised one paw to cover their eyes as human beings would do.

They looked miffed and resigned.

After they set off, the two white dogs hesitantly put down their paws.

But the second king didnt seem bothered by that.

It walked by Little Heis side.

When the distance between them was shortened, Little Hei would move away a bit and put 10 meters between them again, which was the relatively safe distance in Little Heis opinion.


Little Heis vigilance annoyed the second king.

“With your puny strength, even my sneeze can kill you.”

“Whats your name”

Having traveled for hundreds of meters, Mengmeng looked at the second king and said, “You look cool.”

“Really I guess so.

Im the second king of the White Dog Clan.”

“Oh, oh, I see.

Youre Second King.

What about you two How should I call you” Mengmeng looked at the other two white dogs.

“Im White Fifth.”

“Im White Sixth.”

“Second King, White Fifth, White Sixth, hello.

Its the first time we met.

My name is… Whats my Taoist name again” Mengmeng was suddenly stumped for words.

After thinking for two seconds, she gave up and said, “My name is Zhang Yumeng.

You can call me Mengmeng.”

“No people asked what your name was,” White Fifth said.

“Youre not people,” Mengmeng replied.

White Fifth was lost for words.

“She has a point.”

“I like dogs.” Mengmeng chuckled and said, “We keep dozens of dogs at home.”

“Are they the same as this one” the second king inquired with widened eyes.

“No, theyre of different kinds.

Well, we have many different dogs, such as Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Corgis, Bichons… How many people, oh no, how many dogs are there in your White Dog Clan” Mengmeng asked with curiosity.

“Over a hundred.

In terms of population, our clan is quite large among those in the Demonic God Temple,” said the second king.

“Whats the Demonic God Temple”

“Its where we just came from.

Its the place where Great Devils dwell.”

“Since you can talk, what realm are you in” Now that the second king was willing to chat, and it didnt give Mengmeng attitude, Mengmeng thought of many subjects to talk about with it.

“We Great Devils dont use the cultivation rating system you human beings use.

But… Im able to kill those in the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage and Middle-Stage with just one bite,” the second king said indifferently.

“You can even bite a man in the Void-refining Realm to death” Mengmeng was shocked.

Her eyes widened.

“Are those in the Void-refining Realm very powerful” the second king said nonchalantly.

Faint contempt was shown on its face.

“Innateness Realm, Elixir Realm, Yuan Ying Realm, God Transformation Realm, Void-refining Realm…” Mengmeng muttered to herself.

She was in the Innateness Realm and had not yet reached the Elixir Realm.

Thinking of this, she realized that she was still several realms below the Void-refining Realm.

“Youre so powerful!”

“Of course, Im the second king of the White Dog Clan after all.”

“Then, you can really do whatever you want here, cant you”

“Whats wrong with you, human girl” The second king said with annoyance, “How can I, the second king of the White Dog Clan in the Demonic God Temple, lie to you”

“Haha, well, I was just a little surprised.

But I do believe you.” Mengmeng laughed.

“Little Hei, lets hurry up.

We gotta find the others.

Can you smell any of them”

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!”

Little Hei sniffed, shook its head, and motioned forward.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

Mengmeng, Little Hei, and the three white dogs traveled at full speed.

“Hiss, hiss!”

“Woof, woof.”

About half an hour later, Little Hei suddenly barked twice.

“Is someone ahead”

Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Lets go there.”


Little Hei sped up.


The second king still wanted to say something, but Little Hei was already gone.

In the end, it had no choice but to follow Little Hei.

After climbing over a high mountain ahead, they came to a cliff that was thousands of feet high.

However, without hesitation, Little Hei jumped from the cliff.

The three white dogs followed suit.

Finally, after they landed, they heard muffled sounds coming from ahead.

“Thud, thud, thud…”

The noises came one after another, accompanied by the sound of trees falling.

The second king put on a slightly fierce expression and looked steadily ahead.


Mengmeng was frightened all of a sudden.

“How tall they are! What are they Are they gorillas”

Dozens of giant apes marched over from the front.

“Haha, never thought we would bump into some white dogs here,” the colossal Yuan Yi said slowly.

It seemed that Yuan Yi was eager to start a fight.

“Alas, I was wondering who it was.

It turns out its you lubbers,” the second king said coldly.

“Scumbag, you called whom lubbers”


One of the giant apes suddenly uprooted a large tree beside it.

“What You wanna fight”

The second kings fierce aura surged.

“Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Little Hei stared at Yuan Yi and kept howling.

It even pawed the ground as if trying to tell Mengmeng something.

Having grown up with Little Hei, Mengmeng could understand a lot of its gestures.

After glancing at Little Hei, Mengmeng abruptly said, “Little Hei, have you smelled Daheis aura from this ape”


After getting Little Heis response, Mengmeng looked at Yuan Yi in wonder.

“Did you see Dahei, my pet”

Mengmeng said in a clear voice, “Dahei is a chimpanzee.

It is this tall, and it can grow taller.”

While speaking, Mengmeng also gesticulated.


Yuan Yi was stunned.

“Who are you Are you that little things master”

“Where is Dahei” Mengmeng asked.

“It was near the coast by the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

It went off to the place where human beings lived.” Yuan Yi looked at Mengmeng carefully.

It felt that she was too small and her cultivation was not high.

“Lets go.”

Yuan Yi took a look at the second king of the White Dog Clan and said no more.

It turned around and walked to the side with the other apes.

The second king and the other two dogs just watched them leave without saying a word.

After they were gone, Mengmeng said, “It seems that many Great Devils are running amok here.”

“Are you doubting our second kings prestige” White Fifth shouted.

“No, Im not.” Mengmeng waved her hand.

“You clearly are.

You belittle our White Dog Clan, dont you”

“Geez, thats not the case.”

After walking forward for minutes, the second king glared at the talkative White Fifth and said, “The apes we just ran into are members of the Giant Ape Clan, which is also a big clan in the Demonic God Temple.

Their territory is adjacent to ours.”

“Oh, I see.

Are there many different clans in the Demonic God Temple” Mengmeng probed.

“Yeah, there are many.

On this continent, in terms of strength, the Demon Clan ranks first, the Devil Clan ranks second, and the Human Clan ranks the lowest,” the second king replied.

“Anyway, you are not from this continent.

You only need to have a general understanding of this place.

Oh, by the way, there are some places you cant visit, such as the sea area and the Demonic God Temple.

Little Hei is weak, but it has a striking aptitude.

Maybe it can become a dog king in the future.

It will be a waste of its aptitude if it dies young.”

“It wont, of course.

Little Hei is very strong,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

Having talked with the second king of the White Dog Clan all the way, Mengmeng was no longer afraid.

She felt that the second king was a good dog.

At the very least, it was kind to Little Hei and her.

“Human girl, watch carefully.”

White Fifth had been yearning for an opportunity to prove itself.

However, the Giant Ape Clan they met just now was too aggressive.

The dozens of apes looked too powerful.

Thus, after thinking for a while, White Fifth suddenly saw a Horned Elephant in the distance.

It ran over with a swoosh and released its aura.

The Horned Elephant was startled.

“Come here! Do as youre told! Or Ill bite you! Believe it or not!”

After hearing White Fifths threatening remark, the Horned Elephant obediently came over.

In terms of size, White Fifth was very small compared to the Horned Elephant that was over 10 meters tall.

Nevertheless, the Horned Elephant was extremely compliant to White Fifth.

“Sit down.”

“Stand up.”

“Stand on one leg.”

“Squat down.”

“Hold your head with your forelegs.”

After making the Horned Elephant do a series of movements, White Fifth said gloatingly to Mengmeng, “You see As I told you, we can do whatever we want in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.”

“Oh, thats amazing.”

Mengmeng blinked in a daze and applauded for White Fifth.

“Well, I guess so.”

White Fifth was finally satisfied.

Then, it told the Horned Elephant, “Follow us.

Ill bite you if you fall behind.”

“Where are we going now” Mengmeng patted Little Hei on the neck and asked.

“Yuan Yi just said that the one you are looking for is near the coast by the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

There is still a long way to go,” the second king said.

“Good dogs do their best to help those who need help.

As a good dog, Ill walk you all the way there.

Well, as for Little Hei… you should consider if you can let it join our White Dog Clan.”

“Thats up to my daddy, not me.” Mengmeng did not turn the second king down right off, though, personally, she didnt agree with this plan.

They ran forward for more than 10 minutes.

The Horned Elephant followed closely behind.

It was tired and gasped for breath.

But it didnt dare to stop running, for it was afraid of being bitten by the white dogs.

“Human girl, watch.”

White Sixth looked right and said, “Come here, tiger!”


A giant tiger with deep blue fur reluctantly marched over.

“Behave yourself and follow us.”

After saying that, White Sixth look at Mengmeng and remarked, “Ill show you the might of our White Dog Clan.”

“I think Ive seen part of it.

Its really cool,” Mengmeng said in a much lower voice after casting a few glances at the tiger behind her.

Then, Mengmeng, who was riding on Little Hei, led the way, followed by three white dogs on the side.

They swaggered forward in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

At this time, on the coast by the Demonic Beast Mountain Range, Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, Mu Xue, Li Mu, and Elder Meng were gathered together.

They came here in three groups at first.

By chance, they ran into each other in this area.

At this time, they were wandering in the forest, from where they could see the sea not far away.

“Well, I wonder where my granddaughter is.” Zhang Guangyou sighed, looking depressed.

“The places we landed in are not far away from each other,” Mu Xue said.

“Master cast a spell before we jumped.

I believe the others should have landed in the same area.

Mengmeng has a lot of treasures with her.

She should be fine.”

“I know she has a lot of treasures, but I cant stop worrying.” Zhang Guangyou sighed again.

“Im less worried about my daughter-in-law.

After all, she can attack without stopping, and Tiny Tot is with her.

But Mengmeng doesnt have such protection.


“Sighing wont help,” Rong Jiali said.

“Han will pick her up soon.

We should just stay together and dont cause trouble.”

“Youre right, but…”

Before Zhang Guangyou could finish his words—

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

A pack of red-haired leopards suddenly jumped out from the side, staring coldly at those people as if they were their dinner.

At first glance, this pack had 40 or 50 leopards.

The leading leopard was five meters long and was emitting a frightening aura.

It was a strange beast in the God Transformation Realm!


“Retreat while fighting!”


Everyone whipped out their weapons and began to fight against the leopards.


“Bang, bang, bang…”

To everyones surprise, these red-haired leopards were able to attack with many kinds of secret skills, which were impossible to defend against.

Even Elder Mengs fifth-tier soul sense defensive treasure had been destroyed by them.

The next second, Elder Meng felt his mind go blank.

“Someone is attacking my soul sense!

“Its that Leopard King!”


Elder Mengs heart skipped a beat.

Just a second later, a pair of sharp claws whacked at him.


Elder Meng was sent flying backward.

Fortunately, he had defensive treasures protecting him.

When Elder Meng regained his consciousness, he became furious.

Once again, he rushed forward.

There were only a dozen people present.

Each one had to deal with multiple leopards and the obnoxious attacks that the Leopard King launched from time to time.

They were losing!

Just as everyone felt more and more downbeat—


All of a sudden, various rumbling sounds came from afar in the forest.

It sound like a powerful army was charging forward in an aggressive manner.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Many leopards felt their hair stand on end.

They instantly retreated to the Leopard Kings side.

They arched their backs and looked vigilantly at the front.

Up ahead was a canyon, a stream, and an even higher mountain.

Zhang Guangyou and the others, who had retreated a hundred meters, also locked their eyes on that place.

Judging from the noise, they reckoned that the number of leopards coming was at least several times larger than that of this pack.

“Lets run if there is a chance.”

“But its possible that we will encounter another enemy right after escaping from the leopards.”

“Brace yourself.

This might be a difficult battle.

Gosh, what kind of place is this”

The noise grew louder and louder.

The auras of the newcomers also became more and more oppressive.

Just as Zhang Guangyou and the others prepared to escape—


Suddenly, a familiar bark came into everyones ears.

“Little Hei!”


A familiar black figure suddenly leaped out of the forest ahead.

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