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As they talked, they stood up and left with the crowds.

It was not until this time that some people noticed the dishes on one table had been finished, while the food on other tables had barely been touched.

“Those people ate really fast,” they thought to themselves.

Zhang Hans group left the City Lords manor, walked down the street, and headed out of the city.

They saw many people exit the city and head for the right.

During this period, they heard a few people talking.

“Just now, I saw City Lord of Hanchuan City and Protector Hong depart.

It seems that theyre going to the Seven Directions Sea Eye.”

“That place is rich in energy and full of opportunities.

Maybe they can see some extremely pure energy burst out and absorb it.

That would do them great good.”

“Although only the younger generation will go there, as the Demon Clan is too strong and our Human Clan is too weak, the energy our youngsters can get is little.

Even many young Great Devils in the Demonic God Temple are capable of snatching some.”

“Our clan is indeed weak.

However, Taoist Lord of Dragon and his men wont be easy to deal with if they are really pissed off.”

“I heard that last time, a young demon obtained thirty percent of the energy.

His harvest was huge.

Then he became very strong.

It is said that, for some special reason, a person able to affect the Space Rules of the Seven Directions Sea Eye showed up.”

“No, that person was not able to affect but guide the Space Rules.

Ive also heard about that.

That has violated the rules of the competition in the Seven Directions Sea Eye.

Nonetheless, since the Demon Clan was too powerful, neither the Demonic God Temple nor the supreme cultivators of our Human Clan raised any objections.

Everyone tacitly approved of that.”

“In short, the strong prevails.”

Hearing those discussions, no one changed their route.

The crowd continued heading up the road.

Zhang Han and the others flew at a low altitude on the left side of the road.

The distance between them and the crowd below kept extending.

What they didnt know was that a figure was hiding in a dense crowd.

Staring at Zhang Han and the others, he whispered with bitter resentment, “Its you.

Its really you! Haha, youve come here, too.

Good, very good.”

“Nina, have you been able to sense the direction all the time” Mu Xue asked with curiosity.

She didnt really understand how Nina tracked the mark.


The connection is on and off.

I can feel the direction only after activating the mark about ten times.

The target seems to be far away,” Nina said, “and… and its moving.”

“The closer you are, the clearer the feeling of direction will be.

Dont worry.” Zhang Han looked at Nina and smiled.

“Well, thank you, Uncle Zhang.” Nina nodded slightly.

“I wonder where that Felina is.

Maybe she has found your mother.” Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “From what she said before, she seems to be familiar with this place.

She must know whats going on.”

“Its weird.” Instructor Liu scratched his head and said, “We landed in the same area safely only because we had the help of Boss and Elder Yue.

But Felina and her companions dont have such means.

They may have landed in different areas.”

Li Mu asked in wonder, “Can their king vessel remain intact after jumping into that space”

“Youve overestimated king vessels.

Without any special protection, that king vessel would definitely disintegrate when it got into that space.” Yue Wuwei sneered.

“That kind of Space Rule is too mighty.

It can tear 10 or even 100 king vessels up at a time, let alone one.”

“Those people do not seem on the same team,” Lisa abruptly remarked.

“The woman who has been taught a lesson by Zhang Han mentioned that Felina is the fiancee of the Holy Son in her sect.”

Lisas words reminded the others of that encounter.

“Those people are not on the same team”

“Boss taught somebody a lesson Boss, how did you teach her a lesson”


Master, which woman did you teach a lesson to this time”

Many peoples curiosity was aroused.

“Well, its a woman in Felinas group.” Yue Xiaonao offered them the answer.

“When we were on the video call, she said she didnt want so many of us to come to her spaceship.

She also said that Felina was that Holy Sons fiancee, and Mengmeng could become his concubine…”

Hearing this, everyone instantly understood why Zhang Han taught that woman a lesson.

“Haha, that woman deserved it.” Zhang Guangyou laughed.

“How dare she tease Mengmeng Master already showed her great mercy by not taking her life.” Mu Xue snorted.

The others looked enlightened.

Given Zhang Hans temper, he would definitely not tolerate it if anyone disrespected Mengmeng.

“Up ahead is the edge of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range, right”

“Shall we fly there directly”

“Its on the right side.” Nina pointed to the right, which was just opposite the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

“If we go that way, wouldnt it be a detour,” Deep Flame stroked his beard and asked.

“Its not like were looking for a fixed place.

The target is moving as well.”

“Oh, right.

Good point.”

After exchanging some words, the group set off again.

During the flight, they also took several breaks.

The journey took more than 10 hours.

“There is a small town up ahead.”

Zhang Han glanced around and said, “Lets go and have a rest.

We can find a restaurant to eat something before we set off.”

They flew directly to the edge of the town.

Many cities and towns in this world forbad people to fly in those areas.

Although that rule only applied to people with low-level cultivation, Zhang Han didnt want to make trouble in this place.

After all, he was not on his own.

All the members in this group were his own people.

This world was not suitable for them to explore.

Therefore, Zhang Han decided to stay low-key.

There were a lot of people coming and going in the small town, but the group didnt think it was as prosperous as usual.

Yet, a lot of non-natives had come, which caused the town to be crowded.

Although it was a small town, it was not small.

It was about the same size as the south island in Xiangjiang.

The group walked around the town for a while.

Finally, when they came to the third tavern, they found it a good place to have some rest.

“Please come in.

What would you like to eat”

“Good wine.

Oh no, bring us good dishes.”


The waiter couldnt stop smiling.

He liked customers who ordered like this.

Since the customers didnt say exactly which dishes they wanted, he would serve them the most expensive ones.

In fact, Zhang Hans group from the Saint Warrior Planet had had a preliminary understanding of the price here.

They knew ordering food here was certainly not pricy to them.

Soon, numerous delicacies were placed on their table.

The waiter charged them 363 crystal stones.

To those in the Sea Dragon Star Area, this meal was undoubtedly too expensive.

Even Li Mu and Yi Hou were speechless with astonishment.

“Most of the dishes are meat.

Vegetables are too few.”

“But the food here tastes pretty good.

The meat seems to be high-grade spirit beast meat.”

“Whats this” Dong Chen picked up a small black ball with his chopsticks, which looked like a big meatball.

He sniffed it and smelled a special scent.

After swallowing it, Dong Chen said in confusion, “How come this doesnt taste like meat”

“The dish Uncle Dong just tried is the most expensive one on the table.

It cost at least 50 crystal stones.” The corners of Zhang Hans mouth twitched.

He wanted to laugh, but he tried to maintain his grace.

“Really Im the first one to taste it.

Im so lucky.” Dong Chen laughed heartily.

“Whats this” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Its a sheep organ.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “Well, its…”

He seemed to be weighing his words.

After all, several little girls were present.

As a result, Yue Wuwei said, “Its the sheeps private part.”

“Its a plate of sheeps balls,” Gai Xingkong said in a strange tone.

“What” Dong Chen was dumbstruck.

He suddenly felt sorry for himself.

“This thing is quite nutritious,” Zhang Han eventually said.

He waved at the others, indicating that they should drop the topic.

Suddenly, everyone around the table fell silent.

For that reason, the conversations going on at other tables could be heard more clearly.

“Have you heard this An immense evil spirit suddenly erupted in the Seven Directions Sea Eye.

Dazzling light swirled, as though a precious treasure descended in this world.”

“I remember that the last time the strange phenomenon occurred, a spirit treasure at the top grade of the sixth tier appeared.

Last time, there was only a small amount of light.

Do you think a higher-level treasure will show up this time Or could it be some kind of miracle-working medicine”

“Miracle-working medicine Maybe.

I also want to know if some of the high-position officials of the Demonic God Temple, the Demon Clan, and our Human Clan will go there.”

“That wont happen.

The Seven Directions Sea Eye is just the battlefield for young talents.

Our Human Clan is the weakest.

We certainly dont have the nerve to send our high-position officials there.

The Demonic God Temple has always abided by the agreement.

Their royals are dormant all year round, so their high-ranking members wont go there either.

The higher-ups of the Demon Clan are less likely to do that.

They are extremely arrogant.

They think breaking the rules is beneath them.

Thus, this is still a competition among the youngsters.”

“In our Myriad Mountains Palace, the strongest of the younger generation is none other than Qin Jun, right”

“Soul Expert Qin Jun is indeed the strongest one.

He has many ace cards in terms of body movements, illusions, and powerful offensive skills.

I heard that he reached the Void-refining Realm three years ago.

At that time, he was only 31 years old! He is deeply favored by Elder Mu.”

“What! Soul Expert Qin Jun has ended his reclusive cultivation I wonder if he can help our Human Clan double our gain.

In all the previous competitions in the Seven Directions Sea Eye, the Demon Clan was always the dominant one.

Their youngsters took away more than half of the energy.

I remember someone once did a calculation.

In every competition in the Seven Directions Sea Eye, the Demon Clan monopolized 60 percent of the energy, the Devil Clan took 30 percent, and the Human Clan only secured 10 percent.

The numbers are horrible.”

“I heard that the War Saint Abyss and the Illusory Mansion will also send some real talents there.

If our Human Clan manages to snatch 20 percent of the energy, our morale will be boosted considerably.”

Hearing those discussions, many people at Zhang Hans table exchanged a look.

The Human Clan only took 10 percent.

The Devil Clan took 30 percent.

However, the Demon Clan took 60 percent.

That did sound unbelievable.

Zhang Guangyou waved his hand, and a soundproof cover was conjured up.

Then, he said, “The Demon Clan took 60 percent.

It seems that those people are already used to that.

Is this world really dominated by the Demon Clan”

“As far as I know, that is the case.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “The real situation is more striking.

Perhaps the Demon Clan can wipe out the Human Clan and the Devil Clan if they want.

But for some reason, they havent done that, so the balance of power has been maintained.”

“The majority of the Demon Clan are bloodthirsty.

Why have they refrained from taking out the other two clans” Yue Wuwei frowned with bewilderment.

Hearing this, Zhang Han merely said, “We dont need to know the specific reason.”

“By the way, I forgot to tell you something.” Zi Yan suddenly put down her chopsticks and remarked, “When I was chatting with Ninth Princess Zhu Li, she asked me if I was from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

I said no and asked her about the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

She said that most of the non-locals here came from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

There seems to be something called the Ancient Road of Starry Sky connecting the two domains.”

“What An Ancient Road of Starry Sky”

Yue Wuwei was stunned.

“So, this world is connected with the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven”

Yue Wuwei then told the others what the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven was.

“We have been to the Sea Dragon Star Area several times by far, and we have roughly understood what it is like.

Star Areas are only the most basic unit in the Cultivation World, namely the smallest geographical region.

As you know, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province is a large area, which is an advanced Star Area.

According to the rules, each Star Province has many Star Areas in its surroundings, which belong to the Star Province.

Its like a circle.

But there may be only one Astral Domain among many Star Provinces.

Some even dont have any Astral Domains.

Astral Domains belong to the real planets in the Cultivation World.

On those planets, the power of science and technology is infinitely reduced.

The people there can destroy king vessels effortlessly.

However, they still have some king vessels for transportation.

Those king vessels are merely low-tech products to them.

Many powerful people there use their treasures to travel.”

“I see.” Zhang Mu and others showed an enlightened look on their faces.

They were deeply impressed, for they didnt expect the Cultivation World to be so huge.

“Let me give you a simpler illustration.”

Zhang Han glanced at Mengmeng and drew a vivid analogy.

“Ive compared the Sea Dragon Star Area to a county on Earth.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province is equivalent to a provincial city.

The Astral Domain is like a first-rate metropolis.

The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is above the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Its far away.

If you ride the Thunder King and the journey is unimpeded and safe, it will still take you one or two years to get there.”

“Thats the ideal scenario.

The journey normally takes three to five years,” Yue Wuwei said.

“But its really surprising that there is such a place in the Chaotic Region that has an Ancient Road of Starry Sky leading to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

Its incredible.

What kind of place is this continent I feel that this place has big secrets.

The Ancient Road of Starry Sky is not something that can be found everywhere.”

Yue Wuwei looked a little surprised.


This place has an Ancient Road of Starry Sky.

Its certainly unusual.” Zhang Han drew a light breath and said, “Thats why I want to leave as soon as we get the work done.”

Yi Hou whispered, “Well… how should we go back We were here because we fell from the sky…”

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