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Chapter 118 Woe Betided Chickens

Little Hei was their eldest brother.

After all, they were of the same kind.

However, their eldest brother was slapped easily by the giant chimpanzee.

Then it got up, rushed up at a great speed and was slapped again and again.

While Dahei found it interesting, grinning widely.

Gradually, Little Hei became wiser.

It ran around Dahei at a high speed.

Although Dahei had great strength, it was clumsy in Little Heis view.

Dahei fought for a while but could not touch Little Heis ass, so he sat down on the ground.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei crooned, waving its arms, as if to say, “Its boring, I dont want to keep fighting.”

While Little Hei stopped and sat in front of Dahei, swinging its big tongue.


All of a sudden, Dahei slinkingly looked at the chickens on the opposite side.

Its mouth opened up gradually and it was ready to pounce on them.

When Little Hei saw its saliva was to flow out, it barked warily.

“Ow Woo Ow Woo!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” Dahei made a wry mouth, giving a sign to Little Hei that it was desired to eat chicken.

“Ow Ow.”

Little Hei shook its head at once and moved its front paws from side to side, which meant that they could not eat anymore for the owner had found out the truth.

After figuring out what it said, Dahei beat its breast in anguish.

“Whoa whoa…”

Dahei kept gesticulating with its hands, which meant that with so many chickens, it didnt matter to eat some more!

“Ow” Little Hei looked at the chickens and deemed that it was right after consideration.

Since there were large quantities of chickens, it did not matter to steal two.

Little Hei, therefore, nodded to Dahei.

“Hum hum…” Dahei laughed, stretching out its enormous fist in front of Little Heis head.

After a pause, Little Hei reached out its claw to the fist.

Suddenly, the two brothers sneaked to the chickens.

Because of Daheis large size, chickens were all in a mess when they came close.

“Ow woo…”

Little Hei let out a cry to Dahei in a low voice.

Its head leaned aside and motioned for it to stand aside.

“Whoa…” Dahei stepped aside.

At this time, Little Hei moved.


Little Hei came running with a chicken in its mouth after a few seconds and placed it in front of Dahei.

Then it ran to the chickens again.


A few seconds later, another chicken was caught.

Little Hei was somewhat complacent at this point.

Although Dahei had awesome strength, it was still awkward.

“Ow ow…”

Little Hei shook its head and headed for the dense forest, picking up a chicken.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei promptly stopped Little Hei and expressed its meaning by gesticulating with big palms.



Having gesticulated for a long time, Little Hei finally understood what Dahei meant.

It was seeking for a lighter to roast chickens.

After pondering for a moment, Little Hei barked to Dahei and gave it an expression of “waiting”, turning to run.

Where was it going

To find a way to get a lighter outside.

Little Hei quickly ran out of Mount New Moon and towards New Moon Bay.

A few minutes later, it saw a group of people who were having a picnic on a lush grass at the foot of the adjacent low mountain.

There were six people in all, with three cars nearby and a large barbecue grill beside, which was around by a folding table and six plastic chairs.

These six people, three of whom were males, were all with their girlfriends.

One of them was having a barbecue nearby while the others were drinking beer, eating and chatting.

Little Hei ran over here just because it saw the smoke.

As Little Hei approached, a plump man who was in charge of barbecuing discovered it first.

When he saw the big and powerful dog, his eyes suddenly widened and all the freshly baked kabobs in his hands fell to the ground.

“Hey, hey, hey…”

He whispered to his companions behind him with his face changing greatly.

When the other five persons looked over, three women among them turned pale and almost screamed out.


“Dont cry, dont panic, calm down.” A emaciated men said in a low voice and swallowed at the same time.

Obviously, he was also very nervous.

It was normal for anyone to shuddered with fear when he saw a dog as big as a bear.

“Everybody, get up quickly and move back slowly.

Dont run.

Slow down, slow down.

It probably means no harm.

Lets slow down.”

The thin man got up and reminded others simultaneously.

With a conductor, others seemed to have a tower of strength.

They all stood up and retreated slowly, looking at Little Hei with great vigilance.

These three men did have responsibility.

They were all in front of their girlfriends in the face of this dangerous situation.

Little Hei walked forward calmly under their gazes.

When he reached the table, these people were thrown into panic.

However, to their surprise, Little Hei picked up the two lighters on the table directly in its mouth, glanced at them and then left quickly.


The crowd exhaled a long breath deeply.

The plump man wiped his sweat away and said with fear, “Its really frightening.

Fortunately, its not hostile, or we may be bitten.”

“Thats right.

What kind of dog is it Why is it so big”

“It looks like a Black and Tan dog, but its size is so amazing, isnt it”


How can a rural dog be so giant Judging from its appearance, it may be fiercer than a wolf.”


They vied with each other.

Perhaps they would never forget this scene.

Many years later, they might remember that they met a big majestic dog during a picnic on a certain day.

Little Hei held the two lighters in its mouth, running quickly with four legs, and soon returned to Mount New Moon.

When Dahei saw the lighters in Little Heis mouth.

“Hum hum…”

Dahei patted itself on the leg a few times and gave Little Hei a thumbs-up sign.

“Ow ow…”

Little Hei responded drawlingly, as if to say that it was a cinch.

So the two brothers sneaked into the thick forest.

Dahei set up a support with some branches behind the stone they first met.

Recalling the way the people who grabbed it barbecued, it set up several brackets and bunched the chickens and roasted them.

A few moments later, when the chickens were cooked, the smell made their mouths water.

So the two started their own dinner.

Seconds later, on the edge of the thick forest, Little Heis mouth was full of oil.

It rolled eyes and rushed into the flock again and went back with two chickens in its mouth.

The animals shuddered with fear at this time, as if there were some wild animals in the dense forest.

However, there were indeed two wild animals, which were especially fond of eating meat.

When the two brothers were enjoying their meat meal, on the other side, in Zhang Hans restaurant.

Since Zi Yan called in advance, saying she had to work overtime at night and would come later, Zhang Han postponed their dinner time.

Today was a very nice day for members.

“Wow, two chickens.

Thats great.

The boss is so kind.

I love you so much.” Liang Mengqi and Yu Qingqing stood in front of the bar with expectation and aspiration.

Fortunately, Mengmeng was playing with Zhang Li on the second floor at this point.

Otherwise, if the little princess heard these words, she might be dissatisfied with Liang Mengqi.

“I can eat drumsticks today! How happy I am!”

After Zhang Han chopped the two chickens into pieces, Yu Qingqing stared at a big drumstick with her eyes twinkling and said.

However, as soon as she stopped speaking, Zhang Han lightly placed the drumsticks in a small basin on the back.

“No, leave me one!”

After seeing Zhang Han take another drumstick, Yu Qingqing said sadly.

Zhang Han, however, just ignored her and put out his hand to the two wings in chops.

“Boss, brother, I want to eat chicken wings.” Liang Mengqi was startled and said quickly, “Leave me one, please.”

At last…

A few seconds later, the two ladies looked at Zhang Han with hidden bitterness in their eyes.

Their expressions were so intoxicating that others hearts would be definitely softened if they saw them.

But Zhang Han turned a blind eye and was busy doing his own things.

“PaPa, why dont you come up to play with Mengmeng”

Mengmengs small body appeared in the corner of the stairs at this time.

She blinked her big limpid eyes and said to Zhang Han in a disgruntled tone.

“Ill come in a few minutes.” Zhang Han responded, then set up a frying pan, put oil, poured the chops into it and began to stir-fry.

When caught sight of Mengmeng, Liang Mengqis eyes brightened.

She said kindly, “Extremely beautiful little princess Mengmeng, can I ask you a favor”

“Well What is it” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Er…” Liang Mengqi was a little coy and embarrassed, but for the sake of the chicken wings she had been dying for a long time, she signed herself over.

She whispered, “I want to eat a chicken wing but your PaPa refused to give me and said it was left to you, so…”


“So can you give me a chicken wing Just one.” Liang Mengqis face became slight red.

It was common that children asked adults for gifts.

Why the phenomenon became converse in this restaurant

However, she was cornered.

Cola chicken wings was one of her favorite dishes.

She liked chicken wings very much.

Especially after eating chicken made by Zhang Han, She could not bear the temptation of delicious chicken wings.


Mengmeng, after hearing what she said, thought for a while and said to Zhang Han in a childish tone, “Well… PaPa, then, give the little sister a small piece.”

“Okay.” Zhan Han looked at Liang Mengqi with a smile and shook his head, taking a chicken wing and throwing it into the pot.

For Liang Mengqi, Mengmeng was like an angel at this point.

“Thank you, Mengmeng, Its very kind of you, I love you so much.” Liang Mengqi said, smiling.

“Ahem, Mengmeng, I want to eat a drumstick…” Yu Qingqing whispered.

“Uh-huh, PaPa.” Mengmeng waved her small hand casually like Zhang Han, saying, “Then also give a drumstick to this sister.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han took a drumstick once again and threw it into the pan.

With Yu Qingqings appreciation, Mengmeng walked back to the second floor step by step.


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