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On the island beside Felina…

Protector Hong, Han Chuan, and a few others were standing together.

“How are your injuries” Protector Hong asked.

Han Chuan gritted his teeth and said, “My foundation has been damaged and my combat capability has been reduced by 30%.

I may not be able to participate in the competition this time.

Damn it! Zhu Qingze chose to take action at the time.

Protector Hong, he wants to kill me!”

Faced with the accusation, Protector Hong kept silent for a long time before he sighed, “As an outsider, it is not appropriate for me to say anything about your past grudges.

You will have to resolve this matter yourself.

After all, you are the only one who can actually solve it.

Sometimes, it is better to get it over with a sincere talk.

The both of you are in the Myriad Mountains Palace and it will not be good for anyone if you two keep fighting and arguing.

We will not interfere too much.”

“I know,” Han Chuan frowned and said, “there is no chance for us to negotiate.

Ill be more careful in the future.

I didnt expect to be tricked by the Ninth Princess of Heze City.”

“Actually, I am very curious.

Who is it that made you so anxious to get married” Protector Hong said confusedly.

In the face of this sentence, Han Chuan fell silent and the scenes of the past flashed through his mind.

He said painfully, “She has a peerless appearance.

Otherwise, how would I be so fascinated For some ordinary beauties, as long as I want, I can make them climb into my bed voluntarily.

Unfortunately, the people in Heze City will never tell me about that persons identity.”

Protector Hong thought for a moment and said with a smile, “No stunning appearance can avoid the erosion of time.

After a hundred years, the beauty will be gone.

Even we cultivators will leave the world after thousands of years.

Only reaching the highest point and pursuing the road to immortality are the things a cultivator should do.

So in your way of thinking, only by living long enough can you enjoy more beautiful girls.”

“I see.”

Han Chuan cupped his hands.

Protector Hong intended to cultivate Han Chuan and attached much attention to him, which could be seen by everyone nearby.

As disciples of Myriad Mountains Palace, they all envied Han Chuan, which could be seen from their eyes.

With the support of a protector, the road ahead for Han Chuan would be much smoother.

Just as they were talking, one of his men came over.

“City Lord, my three subordinates are here to report something important to you.”

“Who are those”

Han Chuan was slightly stunned.

“Nan Qinghai and the others.”

“Okay, let them come over.” Han Chuan looked calm.

“Those three” Protector Hong laughed.

Back then, Han Chuan had given Protector Hong a lot of great treasures, including sixth-tier gems, sixth-tier spiritual herbs and weapons.

Later, he learned that Han Chuan had just taken in three disciples from other places in Hanchuan City.

In the vast Domain of Seven Desolations, there were no other tunnels except for the Seven Directions Demon Sea Eye and the Ancient Road of Starry Sky.

However, something unexpected had happened.

Protector Hong personally brought them to the region of the sea where they appeared.

However, he did not discover anything.

In the depths of the sea was the territory of the Demon Clan, and he did not dare to venture too deep into the sea.

Thus, this matter was left unsettled.

Protector Hong guessed that it might be a worldlet with a lot of resources, but it was not something that the Human Clan could get.

He pretty much knew Nan Qinghai and the other two men.

After a while, the previous subordinate led the three men in.

“What is it” Han Chuan asked blandly.

“Your Excellency, I saw it.” Nan Qinghai seemed to be out of his mind at the moment.

With madness in his eyes, he said in a hoarse voice, “I saw it.

I saw the people there! Tut-tut… I saw those people in our territory.”


Han Chuan frowned as his eyes narrowed slightly.

“What do you mean”

“Yes, well.

Yes, the people from our world! They want to kill us!” said Nan Qinghai.

“Thats right.” Grand Master Zong Wushuang nodded in agreement.

“There are a total of several dozens of people! They definitely know the way.”

“Treasures! So many treasures! There are many sixth-tier treasures!” Nan Qinghai added.

“And theres a beauty.” Grand Master An Chen was much calmer.

Facing Han Chuan, he smiled and said, “The person who attacked us was an extremely beautiful woman.

She is stunning.

Youll definitely like her.”

“Where are they” Protector Hong narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Over there, there…”

The place he pointed at was precisely the island where Felina was.

At the same time, Zhang Han and the others had just arrived.

“Felina,” Nina said.

“Who is it”

Felina jerked around.

The moment she saw Nina and the others, she froze.

“What the hell All of you are here”

Gu Yis expression changed, and then he said gloomily, “You are all here How did you get together How come youre all safe and sound”

The more he thought about it, the more terrified he felt.

Could it be that they came up with a method of passing through that horrifying place

He had no choice but to think it over.

Gu Yi was very well aware of how difficult it was to survive in this world.

He had been heavily wounded and almost died.

He was barely able to maintain the cultivation of God Transformation Realm Early-Stage, and he didnt even dare to act boldly in case that he might draw too much attention to himself.

“Youre here”

Lidas expression changed slightly when she saw Zhang Han.

She was still scared by that slap.

“Stop! What are you doing here”

Seeing that they were moving forward, Gu Yi felt uncertain and shouted immediately.

“I have something to ask you.

Come here, Felina,” Nina said.

“What Haha, if you have something to ask, just ask now.” Gu Yi took a step forward and shielded Felina behind him.

“Whats your relationship with Felina Youre not qualified to make instructions here,” snorted Mu Xue.

“Who do you think you are Do you think you are qualified to speak here” Lida looked at Mu Xue coldly.

“Hahaha.” Mu Xue suddenly laughed.

She looked up and down at Lida with her eyes, which seemed to be filled with fierce killing intent.

The place seemed to quiet down.

Gu Yi glanced around and said, “Ask whatever you want to ask.

Dont even think about applying Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

Ive already isolated her energy, so no more tricks here.

Gutuo Divine Temple isnt something that the Sea Dragon Star Area can offend.”

“Are you sure” Yue Wuwei said lightly and touched his beard.

Gu Yi had always been uncertain and felt that their team was kind of special.

Otherwise, after Zhang Han slapped Lida, Gu Yi would have killed Zhang Han long ago if Zhang Han was really regarded as a force of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

In the face of Yue Wuwei, Gu Yis expression changed slightly, and his eyes flickered.

Then he took a deep breath and said, “Ive finished my words.

If you want to ask me something else, ask me in person directly.

I cant afford to fail when it comes to my return.

Besides, if you want to fight, hahaha, its doable, but I have to tell you one thing.”

As he spoke, Gu Yis face turned calm, as if he was stating a fact.

“In the Small Sky Dragon Region, Dark Elf is just a small clan.

What about the Gutuo Divine Temple As a top force, its scale is beyond your imagination.

After Felina goes back, she will become Gu Kuns Cultivational Partner, which is known to almost everyone in the Small Sky Dragon Region.”

“So what” Zhang Han said lightly.

“Therefore, this time, many people know that I took Felina here.

If we do not return on the day of the wedding, the Dark Elf, the entire clan… will be annihilated with abang.” The corner of Gu Yis mouth was curled into a cold smile.

“I see.”

However, there were no changes in their expressions.

Zhang Han just nodded slightly and said, “You dont have to be too nervous.”

He wanted to ask directly about her mother and the situation here.

However, Zhang Hans calm attitude, coupled with the fact that they came from the Sea Dragon Star Area, seemed to have hurt Gu Yis feelings.

He was originally a proud man, but he was seriously injured here.

Thus, such a situation made him rather sensitive.


Before Zhang Han could speak…

Gu Yi suddenly stretched out his right hand and grabbed Felinas neck.


A hint of pain appeared on Felinas face.

It was as if her neck had been stabbed through.

She could sense a strand of blood flowing through her veins, and could also sense something piercing into her skin.

“Okay, okay, okay.”

Gu Yi laughed sinisterly and said, “Felina, you can go over and talk to them.

Dont try to do anything.

I have sealed the Twin Pearls within your body.

If you die, I will die, and vice versa.”

He hadnt expected that that useless treasure would be of great use today.

Gu Yi always felt that the reason why these people were his enemies was probably related to how Zhang Han had taught Lida a lesson before.

Since he had been injured, he was not sure if he could leave this world safely.

Since so, placing the stake on Felina would undoubtedly increase his chances of survival.

At the very least, these people were standing in front of him, safe and sound, which was enough to show their capabilities.


The expressions of Jiang Yanlan and the others changed slightly.

Although nobody had much of an impression of or interaction with Felina, this kind of behavior seemed mean in their eyes.

However, Gu Yi didnt know that those who fancied themselves clever always ended up overreaching themselves.

A cold light inadvertently flashed across Zhang Hans eyes.

He sneered and took two steps forward.

He glanced at Felina who tumbled over.

Then he looked at Gu Yi, Lida, and the others, and said slowly, “The Gutuo Divine Temple…

“You think too highly of yourself.

No one will treat you as an opponent.

You are being arrogant.”

“Haha.” Gu Yi laughed.

His eyes were cold and indifferent.

“I dont want to poke my nose into other peoples business.” Zhang Han raised his right hand and pressed it on Felinas neck without saying anything.

At the same time, he fixed his eyes at Gu Yi and said lightly, “But Im very annoyed to see someone messing around in front of me.

And it happens that all of you are living under the protection of the Gutuo Divine Temple like flies and think that you are higher above others.

It seems that you havent been attacked once in this world.”

“Ill keep your words in mind,” Gu Yi said meaningfully.

The meaning behind Gu Yis words was that the high-position officials of the Gutuo Divine Temple would avenge him.

“Hahaha.” Mu Xue seemed to have sensed something.

She chuckled and made the shape of a gun with her right hand.

She pointed it at Lida and said quietly, “Puff!”

“I wouldve needed two moves to kill you.”

It seemed that some people knew that Zhang Han was talking about saving with one move and killing with the other.

They all looked at Zhang Han.

From what he said, it seemed that one move was enough for both now.

But Felinas and Gu Yis lives and deaths were tied together.

If he hurt Felina and saved Tricia, they would have some other trouble.

However, no one expected Zhang Hans means to be so magical.

Zhang Han stared at Gu Yi and said in a disdainful tone, “Your so-called Twin Pearls, hehe.

In my opinion, you are very good at risking your life.

Since you used Twin Pearls against the Dark Elf who possesses Black Evil Seal, youre doomed to this.”

As Zhang Han spoke, a loud sound came.


Numerous faint black imprints suddenly appeared on Felinas body.

It was as if there was a soul roaring.

The marks suddenly merged into one.

Everyone suddenly came to a realization.

“The picture consisting of the marks is actually Gu Yis face!”

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