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From the looks of it, these Deep-sea Beast Demons were prepared to kill anyone who got in their way.

They soon approached the seven islands.


The Deep-sea Beast Demons leaped up and floated in the air.

There were tens of thousands of them.

They were so densely packed that they looked like dark clouds.

Many of them even transformed into human forms while emitting flickering light.

Their appearances varied.

However, they had one feature in common.

Almost all of them had scales on their necks.

“It seems that the competition has already begun”

The young man at the front clasped his hands behind his back, looking ahead with a cool face.

“Demon Son Fuess Cant believe youre here.”

Prince Fengs fierce eyes darted over as he icily said, “You were a notch above me when we competed 10 years ago.

This time, Ill not only triumph over you but also recover both my principal and interest.”

“Hehe, I have no interest in dealing with someone I already defeated,” said Demon Son Fuess, the representative of the Deep-sea Beast Demons.

He turned to look at Zhu Qingze and said, “People call youDemon Killer.

That has annoyed me for a long time.

Now, I allow you to withdraw from the competition, otherwise… youll die.”

“Oh.” Zhu Qingze was picking his teeth with a broken broadsword.

There seemed to be some meat between the gaps of his teeth.

He indifferently replied, “Since you know my title, you should know that I like killing demons.

Youre the Demon Son of Deep-sea Beast Demons.


Ill kill you to prove that I live up to my reputation.”


Demon Son Fuess suddenly roared with manic laughter.

In a flash, he charged at Zhu Qingze.

Behind Fuess were hundreds of his clansmen, all of whom were from the younger generation.

They followed closely behind Fuess, looking aggressive.

The tens of thousands of Deep-sea Beast Demon at the rear all roared.

The roars shook the sky.

The members of the Demonic God Temple and the Human Clan on the scene were all astonished.

“At the end of the day, the Demon Clan is too powerful for us to contend with.”


When Fuess arrived, he immediately got into a brawl with Zhu Qingze.

The two of them didnt waste time doing trash talk.

As they fought, they frequently made various killing moves.

Surprisingly, the renowned Zhu Qingze fell into a disadvantageous position in merely three seconds.

This was a battle between talents as well as a contention for energy.

This was why the Sea Eye existed.

Every time the energy in the Sea Eye burst out, this place would become a meat grinder.

Only the strong could survive.

“The Deep-sea Beast Demon named Fuess is too strong!”

“Even Zhu Qingze cant defeat him.”

“Gosh, why is he so formidable”

“Zhu Qingze wont die, will he He has to hold on! Come on, kill Fuess!”

“There! Look! More energy!”

“Whiz, whiz, whiz!”

This time, nine jets of energy burst out.

All of the Deep-sea Beast Demons flew over to seize the energy, including Fuess, who gave up attacking Zhu Qingze for the time being.

Fighting for energy was the most important thing.

Killing was of secondary importance.

The white-hot battle lasted for dozens of seconds.

Five of the nine jets of energy were grabbed by the Deep-sea Beast Demons, three were snatched by the Demonic God Temple, and only one was obtained by the outstanding disciple of the Illusory Mansion.

This result was both incredulous and realistic.

“The Human Clan is weak.” Zhang Mu sighed softly.

“I didnt see it until now.”

Just as this round of battle ended—


A group of red-skinned people, who were about 30 thousand in number, leaped up from the sea not far away and quickly flew over.

“Blood Demon Clan!”

“The Blood Demon Clan has arrived!”

“Although I knew they would come, I feel that things are getting worse for us.”

“Alas, when could our Human Clan ever rise to prominence”

In the beginning, the tens of thousands of human beings were still spirited.

But their morale had gradually declined.

Many people felt a little sad.

The Demon Clan was mighty for real.


“Earthfiends! The Earthfiend Clan… has actually sent 20,000 of its members here!”


“Are there really 20,000 Last time, only a thousand of Earthfiends were dispatched here, right”

“Though about 20,000 Earthfiends have come, I wonder how many of them will take part in this competition.”

“Perhaps 500… Our odds of winning have dwindled.

Its even harder for us to win this competition in the Sea Eye.”

“Giant-horned Demons have arrived.

Their number has multiplied compared to the last time.”

“Here come Three-eyed Giant Demons.”

The branches of the Demon Clan arrived one after another.

The place they took up was several times larger than what the others occupied.

They accounted for 60 percent of the population of all the clans on the scene.

More importantly, there were still some branches of the Demon Clan that hadnt arrived yet!

As the demons arrived, two more energy eruptions occurred.

Fifteen jets of energy appeared the first time.

The Demon Clan took nine.

The Demonic God Temple got three.

So did the Human Clan.

The Human Clan seemed to be in luck.

Twelve jets of energy appeared the second time.

The Demon Clan seized nine, while the Demonic God Temple obtained three.

The contention had just subsided for a moment.

With the arrival of so many demons, the landscape of this competition had been altered.

The members of the Demonic God Temple seemed highly united.

They occupied an area on the side.

But the place where the Human Clan occupied was continuously being encroached.

The Demon Clan, on the other hand, had no qualms about flaunting their dominance.

“Daddy, why do these demons look very different” Mengmeng asked in a low voice.

“These demons also have flesh and blood.

They are dark creatures.” Zhang Han explained, “They are different from souls.

Yin souls and vengeful spirits dont have real bodies.

In short, the demons you see now are all dark creatures.

It can be said that they are demons with flesh and blood.”

“Then why do they look so…” Just as Mengmeng wanted to ask something—


“Theyre here!”

Suddenly, two cries came from Zhang Hans side.

Felina and Nina had spoken at the same time.

Excitement could be seen on both their faces.

In an instant, everyone present looked around.

Finally, they saw a huge wave quickly approaching from the sea area far away on the left.

“Stone Demons”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes.

A little taken aback, he said, “The Stone Demon Clan is a major branch of the Demon Clan.

Stone Demons are born to pursue Body Cultivation.

Theyre even more difficult to deal with than Earthfiends.”

“Thats right.”

Yue Wuweis voice suddenly came from beside him.

Yue Wuwei frowned slightly and looked at that side of the sea.

“Stone Demons are indeed very powerful.

They are also very famous among body cultivators in the Cultivation World.

They are very difficult to kill.

They have no soul and no soul sense.

They only have consciousness and physical bodies.

They are immune to soul sense attacks.

If you want to defeat them, you can only use physical attacks.

However, their defense is abnormally strong.

They are well-known for being difficult to deal with.

I thought that the Demon Clan here was already very advanced since it had Blood Demons and Earthfiends.

Yet, to my surprise, there are even Stone Demons here.

It seems that this world is more powerful than I had imagined.”

A trace of surprise flickered in Yue Wuweis pupils.

“I underestimated this world.

There are definitely some fierce guys in the Demon Clan.”

“Is your mother over there” Zhang Han asked.

“Y-yes.” Nina pursed her lips.

A complicated expression was shown on her face.

She never thought her mother would end up in the hands of the Stone Demon Clan.

According to Zhang Han and Yue Wuweis words, she also realized that the Stone Demon Clan was very powerful.

Even Felina looked quite tense.

Her hands were tightly clenched.

They were not the only people who were surprised.

The others, including Prince Feng, Zhu Qingze, Dai Wentian, Yuan Yi, and the second dog of the White Dog Clan, all looked grave.

“The Stone Demon Clan has come here”

“Geez… The Stone Demon Clan has come.

Were doomed.

How much more can our Human Clan seize”

“Doesnt the Stone Demon Clan think participating in this kind of competition is beneath them”

“The energy is of little help to them.

Why have they come”


Not only the Demonic God Temple and the Human Clan but also the Deep-sea Beast Demons, the Blood Demon Clan, and the other demons all stepped aside, making a long and straight path for the towering wave that manifested the arrival of the Stone Demon Clan.


They were getting closer!

The Stone Demons were riding the great wave.

Some of them seemed to be made of black stones.

Their color depth varied.

Some were slightly dim, while some were as bright as light.

There was even some whose body outline was the same as that of a human being.

They had black skin, black eyes, black hair, black teeth.

Their bodies were completely black.

The others could only distinguish them with the marks on their foreheads.

Some marks looked like stars.

Some were like sabers and swords.

The marks were in different shapes.

When Dai Wentian and the others saw the leading Stone Demon with the short-sword-shaped mark on his forehead, their expressions instantly changed.

Dai Wentian cried out in surprise, “Thats Stone Demon Clans Holy Son, Milo!”

“What Hes Stone Demon Clans Holy Son, Milo, the one who launched a massacre 10 years ago”

“No way! He is here But, does he still count as a young talent”


Many people present who knew about the background looked horrified.

Ten years ago, a Stone Demon made his debut.

He killed all his opponents in the Stone Demon Clan, the Demonic God Temple, and the Human Clan.

More than a hundred of his peers had died in his hands.

As he was the Stone Demon Clans Holy Son, even the Demonic God Temple remained silent.

No one dared to challenge him.

It was all because of the Stone Demon Clans daunting reputation.

The Stone Demon Clan was the most powerful one among all the branches of the Demon Clan!

The pressure issued by Milo, the Stone Devil Clans Holy Son, caused many people to feel suffocated.

Soon, quite a few talented disciples were sent to other places to temper themselves.

In fact, they actually went into hiding to protect themselves.

Many of the youngsters were unwilling to admit defeat.

Some even wanted to test how powerful Milo was.

But their superiors didnt allow that.

At this time, many people cried out in sorrow when they saw Milo coming in person.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Many of the Human Clans talents on the scene immediately took off.

They were indeed scared.

They didnt have the nerve to participate in this competition.

Milo, the Stone Demon Clans Holy Son, had yet come near, but his fierce aura had swept over.

It was true that ones reputation followed one like his shadow.

A wave swept directly toward the seven islands near the Sea Eye.

No one dared to stand in its way.

When it drew near, a cold voice spread out.

“Those on the seven islands, get lost!”

“The seven islands are reserved for spectators, which are not considered as the competition terrain.

Milo, dont push things too far!”

Still, some mighty cultivators of the older generation on the seven islands raised objections.

“The Stone Demon Clan never participated in this competition.

But you come here this time.

Were already making an exception for you by letting you compete.

Youd better play by the rules.”

Hearing those remarks, Milo, who was in the lead, narrowed his eyes and bellowed coldly, “All the members of our Stone Demon Clan, heed my command.

After we arrive on the seven islands, if there are still other clansmen on the islands, kill them!”


His voice was like a thunderclap, filled with his domineering and contemptuous attitude.

Even the participants of other branches of the Demon Clan quietly departed from the seven islands.

The faces of the several elders that protested before flushed and turned pale by turns.

In the end, they shook out their sleeves and flew away, floating in the distance to watch the competition.

Judging by the Stone Demon Clans attitude, it seemed that they did intend to launch a massacre.

However, some Great Devils put on a fierce look or clenched their fists, eager to fight.

But their elders pulled them back and forced them to leave.


In less than 20 seconds, the seven islands became completely deserted.

All the people, devils, and demons who were on the islands retreated to other places.

No one dared to stand in the Stone Demon Clans way!

It was as if the true overlord had arrived.


When the Stone Demon Clan came near, the huge wave directly engulfed the seven islands.

When the wave subsided, a somewhat striking view was presented.

Of the seven islands, only the one in the center was occupied by about 500 Stone Demons.

The other six islands were empty.

But no one dared to go to those islands at this time.

As the saying went, new officials enforce strict measures.

The Stone Demon Clan had just arrived.

This was the perfect time for them to stage a show of strength.

Of course, no one would like to be the victim they used for their show of strength.

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