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Chapter 119 Response of The New Song

At this time, every member present showed a greedy face like a hungry wolf.

Although they also wanted to eat those delicious parts, they were too proud to ask Mengmeng.

Besides, they were very surprised to get access to chicken.

Since Zhao Feng, Wang Qiang and his wife did not come for dinner, the rest of the people were able to enjoy themselves and everyone was given a lot of chicken.

Egg-fried rice and noodle soup were still sold fast.

After the new noodle soup blockbuster, the number of members in this restaurant had also increased steadily.

These days, the drawer of the computer counter had been filled with money.

So Zhang Han gave most of it to Zhang Li as pocket money at will.

At around eight oclock in the evening, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei arrived when Zhang Han had already prepared the food.

“Wow, it smells good.

Thats great.

Brother-in-law, do you know Elder Sister Yan and I didnt eat at noon.

Now were so hungry.” Zhou Fei deftly picked up a piece of chicken and chewed it.

“Why didnt you eat” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan, asking casually.

“Its all your fault.” Zi Yan snorted, giving him an angry stare, and said, “The dishes you cooked were so delicious that made me become fastidious.

Its all your fault.

The food in the company… was too hard to swallow.

As a result, I ate nothing and was hungry till now.”

While speaking, Zi Yans tone inevitably contained some grievances.

Others boyfriends, seeing their girlfriends toil, would deliver meals or pick them for dinner in person.

But this guy never paid attention to this respect.

Even if he was Mengmengs father, he did not know how to take care of others at all.

“Then you can come back for lunch afterwards.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said.

“Ive been very busy recently.

It takes two hours back and forth, so I dont have time to go back.” Zi Yan finished eating a piece of chicken, pouted and glanced at Zhang Han with beautiful eyes secretly.

“So…” Zhang Han drew out the first word as if he was pondering how to say it.

Zi Yans big eyes brightened at this point, filled with expectations.

It was happy to imagine…

“So stop messing about.” Zhang Han said coldly and then had dinner quietly.

Zi Yan froze up, looking at Zhang Han with her eyes unblinking.

She had never expected what he said, so she snorted angrily, casting a stern glance at Zhang Han, only ate out of spite.

Zhang Li, who had been observing secretly, gave a meaningful smile while enjoying the delicious food.

A woman knew a lot about women.

She understood that they would become a family soon for Zi Yan wore such look, which augured well.

But… Why did brother become as dumb as a post!

He should have said he would send Zi Yan a packed lunch every day at the moment.

How foolish of he.

In that case, Zi Yan would be with him sooner or later.

Where to find such a good sister-in-law What a fool!

After several meetings, Zhang Li did think highly of Zi Yan.

She was extremely good-looking and had the right disposition, who was absolutely a match for her brother!

It was the taste of life.

Zhang Han was not anxious while Zhang Li was worried.

The dinner ended in a happy atmosphere.

It was already over nine oclock after the meal.

Zi Yan planned to go to Yunyin Garden as she did yesterday and came to the restaurant early the next day.

While Zhang Li and Zhou Fei were clearing the table, Zhang Han sat beside Zi Yan and said, “Why dont you stay here at night.

It was inconvenient not only for you but also for Mengmeng if you make the round trip every day.”


Mengmeng ignored what Zhang Han said, playing with toys.

For she, as long as PaPa and MaMa could accompany her, it did not matter where they were.

While Zi Yan, snorted softly, “No.”

But she kept thinking though she refused Zhang Han.

“You wanted me to come to live here without sending me a meal.

Hum, nice try!”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly seeing this and said no more.

In fact, it was not a big deal to say that making round trips was inconvenient.

It just took more than half an hour to drive in the morning and evening.

After Zhou Fei and Zhang Li cleaned up, they left the restaurant.

They were speechless all night.

Early in the morning the next day, they gathered in the restaurant again and had breakfast.

Zi Yan went to work, while Zhang Han took Mengmeng to Mount New Moon to play.

Mengmeng was concerned about Dahei.

A big friend came, which meant she had another playmate.

Furthermore, Dahei could play the interesting game to throw Mengmeng about.

Not to mention they enjoyed playing on this side.

On this day, just after midnight, Xue Qians microblog which had not sent a message for a long time, eventually updated.

The brand-new “Actress” was quietly released.

At night, many people who surfed the Internet and paid attention to Xue Qian simultaneously, found the song shortly after the news was released.

In an Internet bar.

A college couple were surfing the Internet and the innocent horsetail girl was watching the TV play while casually browsing the microblog.

“Eh A new song”

When she saw Xue Qians announcement, she clicked in it with curiosity, suspending the popular TV play she had watched before and played the song.

A piano prelude sounded, followed by a deep and fair-sounding voice, “Simply, lets speak in simple terms.

Please ignore the temperamental state of mind.

You arent an actress.

Dont make up any of those plots…”

The girls eyes were imbued with form curiosity to surprise and finally to intoxication.

“Hey, listen to this song!”

The girl could not help sharing the song with her boyfriend after listening to it.

“Im still playing games.

Just listen to it by yourself.”

“Listen to this song, please.

Its really melodious.”

On the girls insistence, her boyfriend said helplessly, “Okay, okay.

Put on the headset for me.”

Hence the girl put the headset on her boyfriend and played the song.

Her boyfriend listened to the song with rejection at the beginning, but when he heard the prelude, the first verse and the compact part, he gradually lost his mind, even his hands left the keyboard, and he gave up his computer game.

“What song is this”

After listening, her boyfriend looked at the girl in surprise.

“Hum, hum, does it sound great”

“Yes, please tell me what song it is.”

“Its a new song from Qianqian, called Actress!”

So the boyfriend could not wait to switch the game interface and played it again.

After finishing listening, he quickly looked up and yelled at several roommates.

“Brothers, I found a great song called Actress.

You should also listen to it.”

A few minutes later, the Internet bars song-ordering system played this music, making the people in all attracted by the song and began to search for its name.

It was really simple to listen to the song and shared with others.

Not only in the Internet bar, but also in peoples home, dormitories of universities and many other places, this song was discovered by them and fascinated them.

This song, like a hurricane, had been sweeping the network until over nine oclock in the next morning.

Although not all the people were listening to this song, but it would be played several times in the Internet bars, restaurants, leisure clubs, cafes and other places.

This deep and charming song roused peoples tender emotions, which spread rapidly from mouth to mouth.

It took only half a day to become popular.

Of course, its success also attributed to Xue Qians tremendous popularity.

In the meantime, multifarious comments were out.

“It sounds great and affectionate, striking a chord in my heart.”

“The lyrics are excellent, carrying me back.”

“Its a very pleasant song, giving people deep feelings.

Life is a performance that will never fall down.

Each of us is an actor, but some people obey themselves, while others try to please the audience.

One should walk step by step and throw rubbish bit by bit.

Life is not easy at all.

You dont need to be eager for others understanding and approval.

Just live your own life quietly.

If your heart couldnt be shaken, the wind will do nothing.”

“I just want to find a boyfriend who is not an actor.”

“TheActress sounds so great because it depicted the most real, most unbearable and most innocent side of love.”


In addition to the comments of ordinary netizens, this song had caused strong responses in various music studios and media companies.

At this time in Royal Entertainment Company.

Dozens of artists such as Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Xu Ruoyu and a few specified songwriters were all sitting in the conference room to have a meeting.

Meiqi was talking about the following development policy on the front side.

Suddenly a young man knocked at the door and came in.

He walked to Meiqis side and leaned down to say a few words softly in her ear.

Meiqi nodded and let him out.

“Ive just heard a news that Xue Qian released a micro blog after the midnight and he will release three new songs in the concert on the 15th this month.

Hell release the songs on the Internet today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

The first one has come out and received good repercussion.

Lets listen to it first.”

Meiqi controlled the projector system while speaking.

She searched for the song and played it.

A simple and fair-sounding prelude came out, followed by the deep voice.

“Simply, lets speak in simple terms.

Please ignore the temperamental state of mind…”

The people in the meeting room was indifferent at the beginning, then fully surprised and finally serious and dignified.

Even the songwriters had closed their eyes and listened carefully.

After the song was played, all the people were in silence.

“Can you play it again” One of the songwriters said in a deep tone.

Meiqi nodded and played it again.

After listening to it three times, the people in the conference room looked at each other and all saw a bit of horror in each others eyes.

“This song… is highly as the cream of good songs.”

In the end, the most qualified songwriter in the company firmly decided to comment.

“Yes, this song has several quintessence.” Another songwriter shook his head repeatedly and sighed.

“The first is the promotion of emotions, the second is the control of the timbre connection between the main song and the chorus, the third is the change of treble, bass and semi-falsetto, and the fourth is that the lyrics are very artistic.

In general, its a fine product.”

“Oh, its really a good song.” Meiqis countenance suddenly fell and she said, “Have you noticed the songwriter of this song”


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