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Chapter 1199 A Business Empire

“Yes, she is our daughter.”

Hearing the positive answer, Olien laughed heartily.

“Felina, call him dad.”

“Humph.” Felina turned her head, not looking at him.

The King of Elves felt speechless.

Without commenting on that, he went straight to Zhang Han and bowed solemnly.

“I, Olien, extend my gratitude to all of you.”

At that moment, the aura of the King of Elves had changed somewhat.

The others found this a little bemusing.

If Olien was like scrap metal before, now, he seemed to have become a sharp weapon.

The brilliance he was exuding was different from before.

As the happy family reunion went on, many higher-ups of the Elemental Elf Clan arrived.

First Queen exclaimed, “Tricia Youre still alive Great!”

Second Queen said, “Tricia, I miss you so much.”

The scene was even weirder.

These queens were quite lofty when they met Zi Yan before.

But they became humble and meek the moment they saw Tricia.

It was as if the cowardness of the King of Elves had transferred to them.

In fact, many knew that the only woman Olien truly loved was Tricia.

“Is she our princess”

Looking at Felina, who was surrounded by elemental elves, they were all confused.

Felina was so different from them.

However, in fact, Felina was Oliens biological daughter.

There was no doubt that this was a day worth celebrating.

The King of Elves held a banquet and entertained Zhang Hans group that night.

The next day, Zhang Han and the others said goodbye and left.

Nina and Felina stayed in the palace.

They had also agreed to catch up with Mengmeng in a couple of days.

As for Zhang Hans group, they planned to take a tour in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

They went for the Dragon Base Star.

The company they had set up there was growing vigorously.

The round trip to the Domain of Seven Desolations and the time they had stayed there added up to more than half a month.

After contacting Liu Qingfeng, Zhang Han and the others found that everything was going smoothly there.

The company had been making fast progress, but Liu Qingfeng was still short of manpower.

Two days later, Yue Wuweis boat approached the Dragon Base Star.

At this time, Liu Qingfeng was reading job applications on the Internet.

Liu Qingfeng was happy to look for top talents.

The job applications would be screened by Xiao Ling before they were sent to Liu Qingfengs computer.


Another message arrived.

Liu Qingfeng finished a document in two minutes.

After having some tea, he clicked the message to open it.

“The Heavenly Corporation May Miss the Greatest Opportunity Ever!”

That was the title of the message written by an applicant.


This title aroused Liu Qingfengs interest in an instant.

“Could it be a very far-sighted applicant The Sea Dragon Star Area does have numerous talents.”

Liu Qingfeng chuckled and opened the message with a click.

Next, his smile froze.

“I attended the interview in your company, but I didnt get any feedback.

Your company told me to go back and wait for further notification.

I waited for seven days without any response.

Humph, if I dont receive the result of my interview, I will take a job somewhere else.”


After realizing what this message was about, Liu Qingfeng coughed up his tea.

“It turns out that the biggest opportunity you are talking about is hiring you!”

Liu Qingfeng wiped his mouth and pulled a wry face.

Looking at Xiao Ling, who was on the other side of the transparent French window, he wrote a reply.

“Tell this person to work for the press.”

It was just a joke.

Liu Qingfeng saw Xiao Ling cover her mouth and laugh.

He shook his head.

Though Liu Qingfeng was busy with work, he tried to create some fun moments.

This was something Xiao Ling and Liu Qingfeng both enjoyed.

After that, Liu Qingfeng viewed more documents.

“Alas, our employees are too few.

Oh, no, its actually because the Sea Dragon Star Area is too vast.”

Liu Qingfeng touched his cheek.

He had taken big strides in this project.

He opened many branches at the same time.

In the business circle in the secular world, those new branches would soon be targeted and be kicked out of the market.

However, there were no other companies in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

At present, Liu Qingfeng had no big competitors.

Although the moves he had made seemed in disarray, in fact, the progress was very steady.

Having read documents for half an hour, Liu Qingfeng received a call.

It was marked as the most urgent call, which directly blocked out the document he had been reading.

Liu Qingfeng answered the call.

“Zhang Han and the others are back”

“Haha, okay, you welcome them in first and take them to their residence.

Ill go over after finishing my work,” Liu Qingfeng said, laughing.

In the air, Yue Wuwei was controlling the boat in person.

With Lord Nan Shan leading them, they arrived at the main city where Liu Qingfeng was in.

A small mountain in a large botanical area attracted their attention.

“Ah! Is that Mount New Moon” Mengmeng was stunned.

She didnt expect to see such a familiar landscape.

“Its not Mount New Moon.”

Zhang Han took a look and said, “It looks the same, but its much larger.

There is also a small amusement park and a new place for entertainment.

Uncle Liu has been really considerate.”

“It looks great,” Zi Yan chuckled.

She was pleasantly surprised.

After traveling for a long time, everyone would be homesick.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and the others had the same interpretation of home, that home was a place where a family usually lived and would inadvertently make them feel at ease.

The environment here was quite familiar.

However, when the group smelled the air, they had different feelings.

“The landscape looks the same, but the buildings are different.

They are all high-tech products.

We can also easily notice that the ground and the lawn are different, too,” Zhang Guangyou looked around and said, “The key part is that there is no Thunder Yang Tree, but this small tree looks nice as well.”

“Isnt this the Flowing Light Tree” Li Mu was dazed.

“This kind of tree is very rare.

At night, it glows in all kinds of colors, and its light changes constantly.

Its a plant with high ornamental value.”

“The castle is merely three-floor,” Mengmeng pointed out another difference.

“Is it not big enough for you” Zhang Han teased.

“No, its large enough,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

Then, she released Dahei and Little Hei.

Together with Yue Xiaoxiao and Chen Chuan, they ran to the lawn.

The back mountain was also a bit different.

There were some spirit beasts there.

Sensing Daheis and Little Heis aura, they shivered in fear.

“Oow, oow, oow, oow.”

“You weaklings, the king is back!”

Dahei thought for a moment and transformed into an ape a dozen meters tall.

Then, it pelted over with great ferocity.

After displaying its might, Dahei finally began to play with Mengmeng and the others.


Tiny Tot flew out of Zi Yans wrist and transformed into a penguin.

“Coo, coo.”

It flew over to have fun with the others like a little kid.

This scene was quite lively.

Watching them play was also delightful.

Moments later, Liu Qingfeng, Xiao Ling, Sun Ming and the others came to the restaurant to have lunch together.

Liu Qingfeng filled them in on the most recent situation in a few words.

“Weve had a profound understanding of the prices, and the trade routes have been planned.

There will be several teams going to the nearby domains to trade soon.

“Medicinal pellets and talismans are still in preparation.

When the preparations are done, we will be auctioning them off.

“The mining of Energy Stones on the uninhabited planet has also started.

We are mining nearly 400 planets at the same time.

This is a long-term project.

“Ive also ordered spaceships and aircraft from the Snowfall Alliance, the Sea Spa Alliance, and the other three major spaceship manufacturers, which cost 500 million crystal stones.

I placed the orders mainly to get to know them.

“The other departments will also carry out the relevant projects at the same time.

It is conservatively estimated that our banks will be established in half a year or so.

Soon, we will control more than half of the crystals and resources in circulation in the Sea Dragon Star Area, which will be sizable.

“Currently, the population on our planet has been up to the standard.

Many are permanent residents.”

Having a large population was the result of Liu Qingfengs work.

Setting up banks could not be done only by getting large forces on board.

Although sesame seeds were much smaller than watermelons, if thousands of sesame seeds were put together, such quantitative changes would lead to qualitative changes.

It could be said that everything was under Liu Qingfengs control.

Liu Qingfengs plan had been carried out step by step.

The huge machine had begun to function.

As a result, everyone was swamped.

Although life was busy, seeing the companys development, Sun Ming and other elders still felt very honored.

“Uncle Liu, Uncle Sun, if you are too tired, you can have a rest.

There is no hurry to deal with the companys affairs,” Zi Yan suggested.

Everyone was aware that Liu Qingfeng and the others were busy not only because working was their hobby, but also because they took this as their job, to pay back Zhang Hans kindly providing opportunities and cultivation resources.

Even Liu Qingfeng himself said that he was just an employee.

The big boss was laid-back, but his employees were worn out.

Zhang Han also agreed with Zi Yan.

“Perhaps you can take some time to cultivate,” Zhang Han said.

These words made Li Mu very envious.

“Now Boss has made this suggestion, it means he will teach them something!”

“Well, Im also a cultivator now.

How can I feel tired” Liu Qingfeng couldnt help laughing, “When I started my business in the secular world, I was really exhausted.

Todays hardship is nothing compared to that of the past.

I have no strong competitor.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is like a blank piece of paper.

Ill draw a beautiful picture on it.”

“I saw many people queuing up in front of the building over there.

What were they doing” Zhou Fei asked curiously.

On the way here, they saw a line that was hundreds of meters long in front of a building, just like a line in front of a popular cinema.

However, the line here seemed much longer.

“They were here for job interviews.”

Liu Qingfeng replied directly, “Our company still needs many low-ranking employees.

We dont have enough staffs, so were doing job interviews on every planet.

Yet, I dont expect that so many people would come for the interviews.

The people here seem very interested in the corporate system.

Though some posts dont offer high salaries, many still applied.

The people in the line are those who had gone through the first screening.

Even if we interview 100 people at a time, it will take a whole day to interview all those people in the line.”

“Wow, what a spectacular scene! Yan, shall we go and have a look later” Zhou Feis interest was aroused.

“Okay,” Zi Yan said casually.

Now, there was nothing urgent to do.

Before they came here, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei had said that after visiting the Domain of Seven Desolations that put everyone under pressure, they could take a break for days after returning to the Sea Dragon Star Area, so they wouldnt feel that the contrast between the two places was too striking.

It seemed that everyone was used to this.

Following Zhang Hans leadership, they had all adopted a casual way to cultivate.

They never spurred themselves on to cultivate.

Yue Wuwei also appreciated this.

He also believed that cultivation was not a blind pursuit of strength and immortality.

Living life to the fullest was also a way to cultivate.

Soon, everyone was almost done with lunch.

“Shall we go to play in the Game Capsules” Mengmeng asked, “I havent played for a long time.

I wonder how my city is doing.”

“Yeah, Ill go with you,” Mu Xue said.


Yue Xiaonao, Chen Chuan, Jiang Yanlan, Instructor Liu and a few others also prepared to enter the Game Capsules.

They came to the gaming hall together.

The hall looked nice.

The decoration was not splendid.

It had been painted blue-and-white.

There were also some delicate potted plants.

The left side of the hall was kind of a coffee shop.

On the right, there were dozens of highest-end game capsules.

They entered the Game Capsules and began to play.

Zhang Han, Liu Qingfeng, Yue Wuwei and the others sat on the side, drinking tea and chatting.

“Now, we all seem busy, but making this company thrive is easier than I had thought.”

Liu Qingfeng sighed with emotion and said, “Its relatively easy to establish a business empire.

However, its easy to take over a country but difficult to reign it.

The Cultivation World is changeable.

We still need a relatively safe business net.”

“Take it easy.

Uncle Liu, you can treat this as your hobby.

It doesnt matter even if the business fails in the end,” Zhang Han smiled.

“The probability of its failure is about one in ten thousand.

If it happened, it would be an accident,” Liu Qingfeng laughed before saying, “You have conquered the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

If I cant set up a mature business system here, then all those years I spent doing business in the secular world would be proved worthless.”

“Chairman Liu, I cant agree with you,” Sun Ming adjusted his glasses and said, “Ive been doing business for many years, too.

But if I were to run a business in the place as large as the Sea Dragon Star Area, I would certainly be perturbed.”

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