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“I forgot.

Uh, thank you, my little sister.”

Mengmeng turned around and thanked Felina.

“I am not your little sister.” Felina tilted her head to the side.

“Ive done the math.

You are a little younger than me,” Mengmeng said.

Then, she shifted her focus to driving again.

“What did I do wrong Did I switch to the wrong gear”

After studying the gears for a while, Mengmeng finally understood the correct way.

On her second try, she stepped on the gas pedal cautiously.


The car set off slowly and went through the exit.

The road was broad.

Mengmeng switched the gear and the car accelerated.

“Turns out that driving is not hard,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

“Is driving fun Let me have a try later.” Yue Xiaonao was eager to drive the car.


Just like that, the car left Mount New Moon with some jolts.

At first, the car frequently turned left and right.

When it arrived at the foot of the mountain, the ride became much smoother.

In terms of learning, Mengmeng was really talented.

Zhang Han watched Mengmeng drive the whole time.

At this moment, there was a faint smile on his face.

“My girl is willing to try anything.

“She almost drove the car into the wall.

That stunned look on her face was really funny.”

Zhang Han laughed out loud when he saw that.

He didnt even use his powers to stop the car.

He was thinking that if the car hit the wall, Mengmeng would be even more dumbfounded, which must be more hilarious.

However, Felina directly put the car under control.

The others, such as Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and Yue Wuwei, had also watched this scene and couldnt help laughing.

It was very interesting to see those children playing together.

“Mengmeng, you are amazing!”

Chen Chuan said with admiration, “You drive so well that the car no longer sways.”

“Of course,” Mengmeng replied, then put her focus on the road again.

There were no cars passing by on the road, so this was a good opportunity for Mengmeng to practice driving.

Others drivers would travel through this road within seven minutes, but Mengmeng drove for 15 minutes.

The ride was smooth, but the speed was very low.

The car wandered all the way to the downtown area.

Mengmeng subconsciously drove in the direction of her school.

Half an hour later, when they reached a place where the traffic was light, Yue Xiaonao exchanged seats with Mengmeng.

“Where are we going”

“How about the Lanlan Ice Cream in the Longcheng District”


After reaching the destination, Yue Xiaonao parked the car on the side of the road.

Before getting out of the car, Nina reminded Felina to change the shape of her ears.

When the four little girls and a little boy got out of the luxury car, the passers-by on both sides of the road were flabbergasted.

“Such small kids can drive”

“Oh my god!”

Everyone was stunned.

It was dusk.

Mengmengs group strolled on the street while eating ice cream.

The car was left aside.

Even the door was unlocked.

This was the first time Felina had tasted ice cream.

Felina licked her ice cream bit by bit.

While eating, she said, “Thank you.”

Since she had thanked people more often, she began to get used to it.

“We always have this stores ice cream,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“It tastes quite good.”

Walking on the street, this small group turned many heads.

They walked to the edge of a square.

Suddenly, Mengmeng saw a yellow-haired girl and several tattooed men walking to a nightclub on the side.


Mengmeng let out a soft cry of surprise.

“Whats wrong” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“Is that girl Wang Yihan” Mengmeng said uncertainly.

Then she probed with her soul sense and said, “Its really her.”

“She is a friend of yours” Yue Xiaonao took a bite of ice cream and said, “Tell her to join us.”

“She went into that nightclub with some guys.

I wonder what she will do there.” Mengmengs tone was a little bemused.

“She has also dyed her hair yellow.”

“Oh, isnt that normal Some of our classmates have also dyed their hair,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“People here do have many different hair colors.

Their hair can be red, blue, yellow…” Nina subconsciously glanced at the street and remarked.

“Some colors are dyed.” Mengmeng became a little curious.

When she was probing the other side with her soul sense, she saw several acquaintances running past.

They were Wang Yihans male classmates.

“Hey, Ah Wu!”

Mengmeng called the last boys name.


That boy was taken aback.

After notifying his companions, he turned around and walked to the group.

“Mengmeng How come you are here too”

“We are shopping,” Mengmeng said.

“Are you also going to that nightclub I just saw Yihan go there.”

“Oh, yes.

We agreed to go there together.” Ah Wu smiled awkwardly and said, “An elder brother is taking us there.

We are on holiday, so we went out to have fun.”

“But arent nightclubs only for grown-ups” Mengmeng cast glances at that nightclub and asked.

She knew a bit about nightclubs.

It was a place for people to have fun, and it could always be on the news.

Many policemen went in and arrested a lot of people.

“Brother Peng took us here to have fun.”

Ah Wu lowered his voice subconsciously and said, “Brother Peng is very powerful in our school.

His younger brother is a leader in our school.

We often play with his brother.

Through him, we got to know Brother Peng.

He took us here to play some games.

Anyway, we have nothing to do during the holiday, so we came here to have fun.

Do you want to join us”

“Er…” Mengmeng hesitated.

She deliberated for moments and then shook her head, saying, “We wont go in.

Well just take a walk outside.”

“All right, bye-bye.” Ah Wu said bye and ran away.

Staring at his back, Mengmeng mumbled something in confusion.

Mengmeng had met Ah Wu once.

At that time, she was hanging out with Wang Yihan.

Mengmeng remembered that Ah Wu seemed to be a very shy and honest boy at that time.

Now, he seemed to have changed a lot.

His movements and his tone reminded her of a hooligan.

Mengmeng recalled that she had read an article on how parents could prevent their children from hanging out with loafing students at school.

That article said that if a child was associating with such students, his or her parents should be alerted, for the child was probably being bullied at school.

“Is Ah Wu being bullied at school

“I dont know.

But given Wang Yihans character, she couldnt let that happen.

“Or is it that they just like to have fun like this

“Come to think of it, Ive even traveled to the Sea Dragon Star Area to have fun.

It certainly seems okay for them to come here to have fun.”

“Lets go ahead and take Felina to see the customs of Earth,” Mengmeng suggested.

The group of children walked down the street leisurely, enjoying ice cream.

Felina nibbled at her ice cream.

Her eyes blinked with curiosity.

She was interested in everything in the surroundings.

“This is a society of ordinary people.

“Ive never seen a society like this before.”

Ah Wu ran to the nightclub.

His classmates were all waiting for him at the entrance.

Ah Wu was secretly gleeful about this.

“Lets go.”

He took the lead to walk into the nightclub.

When he saw a waiter, he said, “Were here for Brother Peng.”

“Brother Peng is in Room 301,” the waiter said.

After that, Ah Wu led the others to run to the third floor from the side staircase.

When they entered Room 301, they found the room was filled with smoke.

About 20 people were seated there.

There were men and women, who were all quite young.

Wang Yihan, who dyed her hair yellow, was also among them.

Some others were about the same age as her.

They had colorful hair and tattoos.

“Youre here.”

A thin man with tattoos on his arms, who could be considered good-looking, waved at the boys and said, “Go to Uncle Leng to fetch some chips for the card game.”

“Okay, Brother Peng,” Ah Hu said obediently.

“Yihan, youve also lost all of your chips.

You can go with that boy to get some more,” a woman said.

Wang Yihan threw the poker cards on the table in annoyance, turned around, and ran after Ah Wu.

The room was very large.

It was like a suite.

There were two bedrooms and two other rooms, one of which was used to assign chips.

This card game was simple.

Wang Yihan and the others did not know what the chips were for.

Anyway, they knew that they could get the chips for free as long as they signed their names on a sheet on the computer.

This was kind of like collecting the caps of beverage bottles to win a small prize.

When they gave the chips to Peng, Peng could give them money in exchange.

Almost everyone took many chips.

Wang Yihan fetched the largest amount.

Just like the others, when she lost all the chips, she would just go get some.

The chips were free anyway.

“Lets continue.”

Peng sat next to the players and said with ease, “Ill take you to the bar downstairs around seven oclock.

As usual, Ill get a car to send you home at 8:30.”

He spoke very confidently, as though he wanted to use his tone to give the others a sense of security.

He also knew the young boys and girls liked bars very much.

Half through the game, Peng got up and led a 16-year-old red-haired woman to a bedroom at the end of the corridor.

The other tattooed men all smiled knowingly.

Two minutes later, some kind of moaning at regular intervals came out from the bedroom, but it was faint and indistinct.

The moaning faded in one minute.

Five minutes later, Brother Peng walked out.

He left the room and went to a room on the fourth floor.

In that room, several men in suits and leather shoes were sitting on the sofa, one of whom was smoking a cigar.

“Boss, everything is ready,” said Brother Peng.

“Oh, good job.

When its done, send the round-faced girl over,” said the bald man smoking a cigar.


Brother Peng nodded and returned to the room on the third floor.

The atmosphere there was still very lively.

Since there was a task to do, after playing for a while, Peng clapped his hands and said to the man beside him, “Take them to the lounge to play.

Wang Yihan, you girls stay here.

I have something to tell you.”

He casually pointed at the three girls.

Since they had hung out with Peng for a long time, they were all sitting on the sofa at ease.

Ah Wu followed the others out.

He was deep in thought, for he had just heard something that two of Pengs lackeys said.

“These girls have swallowed the bait.”

“Maybe theyll begin to do part-time jobs here in a few days.


“Swallow the bait Part-time jobs What did they mean”

Ah Wu pondered over those words, feeling slightly uneasy.

He glanced at the man beside him and said, “Ouch, my stomach aches.

Bro, are we going to the gaming hall on the second floor But I need to go to the toilet first.”

“Hurry up.

Dont run about,” the man next to him said with disdain.

Ah Wu ran to the toilet and waited at the door for a while.

After the others left, he quietly returned to Room 301.

The door was slightly open.

He stood next to the small opening and subconsciously held his breath.

“Hiss… Phew…”

Ah Wu took a deep breath and listened carefully.

“There are some noises and cries inside.

What is happening”

“Do you know how much it costs

“Do you think the chips are free

“I shouldve made it clearer to you.

“But there is a solution.

“You just need to do some simple work, such as chatting with others, and…

“Youd better cooperate obediently, or youll be humiliated or even sent to jail.”

Pengs voice was very loud, so Ah Wu could hear him.

After hearing those words, Ah Hus expression changed drastically.

“What, what should I do”

Ah Wu was chicken-hearted.

At this moment, his hands couldnt help trembling.

He also heard Wang Yihan shout, “Go ahead and call my parents!”

They seemed to be quarreling.

In the end, the shouts died away.

As if disheartened, Peng said stiffly, “Ill ask elder sister Mei and the other girls to come over.

Youll understand after you talk to them!”

Then, he made a phone call.

Later, he said something in a low voice, which Ah Wu could not hear clearly.

“Is Brother Peng comforting Wang Yihan or threatening her”

“What are you doing there”

A stern shout came from nearby.


Ah Wu was startled.

The group of people who just walked downstairs had come back.

But Ah Wus male classmates were not among them.

They were Pengs lackeys and those girls he saw before.

Ah Wu saw some of them look rather fierce.


His heart skipped a beat.

He felt that his brain had frozen and he couldnt breathe.

Ah Wu was so nervous that he could even able hear his own heartbeats.

“Gotta Run!”

Ah Wu ran to the side corridor in a panic.


The man leading the group waved to the two lackeys next to him.

Ah Wu heard quick footsteps approaching from behind.


“Ahead is a dead end.

“Where can I run”

Ah Wu dashed down the corridor.

He had already broken out in a cold sweat.

In desperation, he saw the window beside him.

“On the side of the window was the outer staircase!”

Ah Wu hurriedly opened the window and pulled down the gauze window.

“Hiss, hiss…”

Taking two deep breaths, he gritted his teeth, jumped out of the window, and firmly grabbed the handrail of the outer staircase.

He was not strong.

But driven by adrenaline at this moment, he easily leaped over the handrail and ran downstairs.

Ah Wu ran out of the building and came to the back street.

In front of him was a residential complex.

The two lackeys were no longer after him.

They even shouted at him from the window, “Why are you running away We wont hit you.

Come back quickly!”

Their tone was kind.

But Ah Wu did not believe their words.

The noises in Pengs room had indicated that they had been tricked into this nightclub.


Ah Wu rapidly ran to the crowded street.

Seeing this, the two lackeys cursed and gave up.

“What should I do now

“They are still in that nightclub.

“Should I call the police… What if Brother Peng said is true Will I be sent to jail


“Should I still tell my parents about this”

At this moment, Ah Wu was scared.

He didnt know what to do next.

In a trance, he came to the street.


His expression suddenly altered.

He muttered, “Yihan once mentioned that Zhang Yumengs family was very powerful.

Zhang Yumeng is also here.

I can ask for her help first.

Yes, thats a solution.

If it doesnt work, I can only contact my teachers and my parents.”

Despite his anxiousness, Ah Wu got his ideas into shape.

Since he didnt know what he should do and he was aware that he couldnt do anything to help, he decided to find someone to help him.

Therefore, he ran down the street, heading for the place where he ran into Mengmeng before.

But there was no trace of Mengmengs group.

Still, Ah Wu ran several hundred meters more, as though he wanted to extinguish his fear with running.

After running for nearly a kilometer, Ah Wu was exhausted.



He collapsed on the roadside, gasping for breath.

Sweat had even wet his hair.

He was tired and stressed.

“What do I do”

Ah Wu pulled his hair in annoyance.

He didnt know how to handle this situation.

Now, he had no choice but to ask for adults help.

He didnt dare to tell his parents, so he planned to contact a teacher first.

Right at this moment—

“Didnt you go to that club to have fun Why are you here” a sweet and pleasant voice asked.


Ah Wu was startled.

He looked up in a hurry and saw Mengmeng and the others ahead.

“Youre here! Great!”

Ah Wu immediately got up and ran over with sweat all over his head.

He said, “Were in trouble.

It seems that weve been tricked.

Brother Peng was talking to Wang Yihan and the other girls alone.

It sounded like he forbade them to leave.

I have no choice but to run out.

I heard from Yihan that your family seems to be very powerful, so I want to ask you if you can do something about this.

I, I dont dare to tell my parents.

If my family finds out about this, they will beat the crap out of me.”

“What trouble are you talking about” Mengmeng was in a daze.

“Well, lets go to the nightclub first.

Come on, get in the car.”

“Get in the car

“What did that mean”

Ah Wu was a little stunned.

But he followed Mengmeng and walked for around 50 meters.

They came to a majestic-looking car on the side of the road.

“Eh What is this”

Mengmeng looked at a sheet of paper on the car window, picked it up, and said, “A ticket…”

“Alright, I shouldnt have parked here.”

Many passers-by on both sides of the road were watching the group.

They were shocked when they saw those little kids climb into the large car, especially when Mengmeng stood on tiptoe, opened the door, and got in the drivers seat.

“Gosh, such a little kid is already driving a G-Class!”

“Ouch, jealousy makes my heart ache!”

Many people were a little confused.

They did the math and found out how pricy the car was.

It seemed that even if they could save every penny they earned, they would still have to work for years before they could afford this car.

“Some people have already had everything since they were born.

We cant catch up with them even if we work hard for a lifetime.”

Many people shook their heads and sighed with emotion.

As the engine roared, the car raced down the street.

“What happened”

Yue Xiaonao asked Ah Wu, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Here is the thing.


Ah Wu told them the rough story—he and the others got to know Pengs brother at school and got along well with him.

Naturally, they were introduced to Peng.

Later, Peng invited them to this nightclub to have fun in the electric game room.

They often came here.

Gradually, they got closer to Peng and began to try card games.

Everything was fine until today, Peng, who used to be kind and tasteful, revealed his nature.

Ah Wu had realized that this whole thing was a trap.

“So youve been fooled, havent you” Yue Xiaonao snorted and said.

“How can you trust those people so easily”

“I didnt know this could happen either.

Mengmeng, can you help us” Ah Wu asked pitifully.


Mengmeng stepped on the accelerator.

The car ran straight to the entrance of the nightclub.

Another car prepared to take a turn at this place at first.

But when the driver in it saw the racing Mercedes Benz, he was frightened and quickly stepped on the brake.

He watched the Mercedes Benz whizz past by a hairbreadth and couldnt help but swear.

“Thud! Thud!”

The driver and the passenger in that car got out, preparing to give the driver of the Mercedes Benz a telling-off.

Suddenly, they saw several kids getting out of the car, and the driver was a little girl.

“Forget it.

“If we said anything harsh, the girl might cry.

That would make us look like bullies.

“Most importantly, now that such a young girl can afford to drive such an expensive car, her family is probably rich.”

Mengmeng and the others got out of the car and went straight toward the nightclub.

This time, Mengemng still didnt bother to lock the car door.

“Hey, hey, hey.”

Ah Wus countenance changed.

“Er, is it okay if we go in by ourselves How can we handle this”

“Who else do you think we should turn to” Mengmeng glanced at Ah Wu with bewilderment.

Judging from his nervous look, Mengmeng knew she couldnt count on him to lead the way.

She directly explored the whole building with her soul sense.

She quickly found out that Wang Yihan was on the third floor.


Two waiters came over and were about to say something.


The 100 Styles of Soul Sense Secret Skills Mengmeng had learned finally came in handy.

The two waiters stopped in their tracks, and their minds became a bit fuzzy.

Without obstruction, the group took the elevator to the third floor.

“This really cant work.”

Ah Wu said anxiously, “Lets find some adults to back us up.

Brother Peng is very fierce.”

“Dont talk nonsense.

Just follow us.” Yue Xiaonao glared at him and said, “You are a man.

Why are you so cowardly”

“Well beat them up!” Chen Chuan was not afraid of getting into trouble at all.

He shook his small fists, eager to punch the bad guys.

“Let me handle the bloody part,” said Felina coolly.

Her expression was aloof and calm.

“Pfft…” Ah Wus eyes slowly widened.

He was kind of horrified.

“What did this pretty girl say just now”

Felina had eaten many Mengmengs and Yue Xiaonaos snacks recently.

To repay them, she volunteered to fix this problem.

However, Nina quickly said, “You cant use your powers unscrupulously here.

Mengmeng and us can handle it.”

“Mengmeng is the best.

Beat them!” Chen Chuan said excitedly.

“If we couldnt fight, then learning martial arts would have been pointless!”

Chen Chuan felt that as the only man on the team, it was time for him to show his charm!

They walked down the corridor and came to Room 301.


A small figure rushed over quickly, accompanied by a childish voice that said, “Mengmeng, Ill open the door for you!”

“Bang, bang!”

Chen Chuan raised his foot and kicked.

The door was knocked down entirely.

It hit the floor inside the room with a thunderous bang.

Peng and the others were stupefied.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and the others were stumped for words, too.

Ah Wu was even more dumbstruck than the others.

“Can I believe my eyes

“This little boy knocked down the door with a kick

“Is the door made of paper”

Ah Wu felt that the scene inside the room was different from what he had imagined.

Wang Yihan and some female students were sitting on the sofa, looking a little aggrieved.

Two of them were still sobbing.

It seemed that just now, Peng and those girls who looked several years older than them were comforting them.

Ah Wu did not know what was going on exactly, so he was confused now.

But Mengmeng had been exploring this place with her soul sense.

At this time, her face was rather stern.

“Ah Wu”

One of Pengs lackeys frowned.

He stood up and said, “What are you doing How dare you break the door Can you afford to pay for it”

“Well, lets not talk about that for the moment.”

Surprisingly, Peng, who was sitting on the sofa, kicked that lackey.

Then, with gleaming eyes and a smile on his face, Peng looked at Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina.

He exclaimed inwardly, “They are the cutest girls Ive ever seen!

“How pretty they are!”

Different men were into different kinds of women.

Some men particularly liked young and cute girls.

Thus, Pengs big bro used all means to get cute girls into this “business”.

After seeing Mengmengs group, Peng became very thrilled.

Apart from Wang Yihan and the other students, there were about eight girls in this room.

They were quite young too.

But they could vaguely feel that the auras of Yue Xiaonao and the others were different from theirs…

Wang Yihans countenance changed.

She called out, “Mengmeng.”

“Yihan, why are you hanging out with this kind of group” Mengmeng asked in confusion.


Wang Yihans pupils froze.

Sitting on the sofa, she lowered her head slightly, and remained silent.

“Come in, come in.

Have a seat.”

Peng welcomed them in enthusiastically.

“The door is broken.

But its no big deal.

Its nothing expensive anyway.

Well, uh… Liu, report the loss as usual and deduct it from my salary.

Make yourselves comfortable.

Come in and have a seat.

Ah Wu ran out just now.

I thought something was wrong.

Maybe there is some misunderstanding.

Lets talk things out.

I do like making friends.”

“Who wants to make friends with you Who do you think you are” Mengmeng glared at Peng and snapped.

Mengmengs face was peerlessly exquisite.

Even when she glared at someone, she still looked pretty.

Peng was still smiling.

He was not angry at all.

“Mengmeng, punch him!”

Chen Chuan shook his fist and said, “How about I take on him Ill knock his front teeth off.”

He seemed eager to give it a try.

“What a hot-tempered girl, hahaha!” Pengs lackeys roared with laughter.

“Yihan, lets go,” Mengmeng said.


Wang Yihan got up and was about to walk out with the other female students.

Seeing this, Peng understood that they didnt want to talk at all.

He gave his lackeys a look.

“Since youve come, why leaving so soon”

They walked over with sinister smiles as if trying to stop them from leaving.

“Yeah, you broke our door.

We havent settled that problem yet.”

“If you dont have money to compensate us, you must work part-time here.

You can make a lot of money.”

“Cute girls…”


“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Chen Chuan made moves simultaneously.

Each of them kicked two lackeys, sending them flying backward.

Some landed on several girls.

Some hit the sofa.

The unluckiest one crashed into the one-meter-high vase.

The sharp fragments fell and left several cuts on his arms.


Miserable screams rang out.

“How dare you!”

Peng and his men were slightly dumbfounded.

They hadnt come to their sense.

“What the hell is going on”

Peng saw Chen Chuan charging at him.

Normally, he could kick such a little boy off the floor easily.

“How dare he come to provoke me He is asking for suffering!”

Peng was a little mad.

He got up, ready to take action.

When had he ever been bullied in his own territory

To his surprise, he felt drained and his legs had gone limp at this time.

“Damn it! Ive had sex too often lately.

I dont have much energy now.”

But that wouldnt stop Peng from fighting.

He raised his fist.

At this moment, Chen Chuan was already in front of him.

“Take my punch!” Chen Chuan shouted.

Her small fists pounded on Pengs face, arms, and chest.

Most of his punches hit Pengs face.

In just three seconds, Chen Chuan hit Peng countless times.

“Bang! Bang! Bang…”

Peng was completely dumbfounded.

“I got beaten by a kid”


“His teeth are so firm.

I didnt knock them off.”

Chen Chuan felt that he had used too little strength, so he increased it.


“This time, I made it!”

Chen Chuan made a cute little snort as Mengmeng usually did, turned around, and made his way back happily.


Peng felt as if a lot of his teeth had fallen off.

His entire body was numb.

“This devilish brat is too vicious!”


Several girls in the room screamed in shock.

Since the falling of the door just produced a thunderous bang, more than a dozen people quickly gathered from the other side of the hall and were hurrying toward this room.

Not only Peng but also Wang Yihan and the other girls were stunned.

“They are so mighty!”

“Lets go!”

Mengmeng glanced at Peng disdainfully and was about to leave with the others.

“Y-You cont ko!”

Peng was tough after all.

He struggled to stand up.

Even though his teeth were knocked off, he managed to finish his words.

Waving several sheets, he said, “They owe me money.

A total of 18 million.

If they dare to leave, they will never have peace.”

“Dont you know why they owe you money” Mengmeng asked.

“This is a swindle!”

“We have their signatures, records, documents, and records of all the formalities.

Hehehe, none of them can get away.” Peng saw the astounded look on the faces of the newly arrived subordinates and said, “Dont let them leave!”

“Brother Peng!”


“Fuck, who are making trouble here Do they want to die”

“Whats going on”

More than a dozen men rushed into the room with fierce looks on their faces.

Among them were several doorkeepers.


Chen Chuan rubbed his fists and asked, “Mengmeng, should I punch them”

He knew he should ask for Mengmengs permission before he made a move.

If Mengmeng approved, he could beat those guys however he wanted.

He was very smart and knew who his backing was.

“No need.

If you fight them off, you will draw more people here.”

Mengmeng thought for a moment and did not allow Chen Chuan to continue to fight.

Instead, she snorted and said, “Okay.

I wont leave even if you want me to.”

“Were n-not leaving”

Wang Yihan and the other students, including Ah Wu, had never seen anyone react like this before.

Some of them were frightened and couldnt speak, so they merely stood aside in silence.

“Show me the sheets,” Mengmeng pointed at the sheets and said.

“Well, read the sheets all you want.”

Peng was really tough.

He endured the pain and walked over to hand the sheets to Mengmeng in person as if he had not been injured.

“Is this nightclub yours” Mengmeng glanced at the sheets but didnt understand the content.

Anyway, there were people here who understood, so she asked Peng first before she went to look for the boss.

“This is my big bros territory.”

Peng shook his head.

He was still in a daze.

Thinking of how powerful his bro was, he said, “Let me tell you, this is not over.

None of you can get away.

Im looking forward to seeing you work part-time here.

Hahaha, I will take good care of you…”


Mengmeng casually gave him a kick.

Next, Peng flew backward.

“Youre ugly.

Why running about to scare people”

Mengmeng darted another disdainful look at Peng, who was struck dumb again.

Then, she said, “Lets go upstairs to find the boss.”

“What are you doing”

“You dare hit Brother Peng Guys, kill them!”

The lackeys were also taken aback.

“Whats with Peng How come he was knocked down by a little girl”

Just as they were about to take action, they saw a little boy kick their strong fellows down one by one.

Soon, the room was filled with howls.

Mengmeng led the group to the elevator, heading for the seventh floor.

It was not until this time that the people in the room stood up.

“How can that little brat be so strong”

“Ouch, I think my arm has been dislocated.”

“Ah! My ribs are broken.”

“How could he be so powerful”

“He cant be a child.

He must be a dwarf.

Is he a top bodyguard that only the rich can hire”

“Brother Peng, your lips are still bleeding.

Go treat your wound.”

“Tell other bros to block the exit.

Dont let them run away.”

These people supported each other and stumbled to the hall.

They all looked so miserable that they couldnt bear to look at each other.

Who on earth was in charge of this place

Well, someone was making trouble in his territory.

The leader of those lackeys was upstairs.

As soon as he heard the news, he immediately ordered the others not to let any of the troublemakers off the hook.

The bald man smoking a cigar had a fierce look in his eyes.

“Where are they”

“Big Bro, they went to the seventh floor.”

“What Boss is still entertaining guests up there.

Hurry up and stop them.

Dont let them upset the big shots.” The bald mans expression altered.

His job was to run the nightclub, but he was not the boss.

He merely had a good relationship with the boss and had been doing some sordid deals for the boss.

At this time, more than a dozen people had gone to the seventh floor to stop the troublemakers.

But as soon as they reached the hall, they saw the door of the Supreme VIP Room was pushed open, and those little kids ran in.


“Were late.”

“Lets go there and take a look.”

When they ran to the room, the door was still not closed.

What they saw next made their faces turn pale.

There werent many people in the Supreme VIP Room.

The decoration in this room was quite tasteful.

Two people were sitting on two adjacent sofas and chatting.

They each had several subordinates standing behind them.

The boss of this nightclub was standing on the side, carefully attending to their needs.

The two were discussing business cooperation.

They were the top big shots in Xiangjiang.

The boss of this nightclub also wanted to hear what the big shots usually talked about.

Just as the chat was going very well, the door was pushed open, and a group of kids scurried in.

One of them even asked, “Mengmeng, who shall we beat this time”

“What did that mean


“Theyre troublemakers!”

The bosss face darkened drastically.

If those kids upset the two big shots, he would suffer bigtime.

“Uncle Luo.”

Mengmeng walked over first and waved at one of the men.

As the boss watched in astonishment, Luo Shan was taken aback at first, then he smiled warmly.

He hurriedly got up and said with a hearty laugh, “Good Lord, little princess Mengmeng! What brought you here Have a seat, please.”

The warm expression on his face was over the top.

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