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After eating for a while, Zi Yan asked with a smile, “Felina, how is your stay here Is it okay”

“Yeah, its quite good.

Thank you,” Felina replied.

“Tell me if there are things you cant get used to, such as food, accommodation, or going out to play,” Zi Yan said.

She was very hospitable toward Felina.

Although this elf was taciturn and sometimes sensitive, what she had done had touched Zi Yan and Zhang Han.

Filial piety is the most important virtue, while desire is the source of all kinds of evil.

That is a popular saying in the secular world.

Zi Yan felt that it also applied to the Cultivation World.

People, no matter which clan they are from, share the same emotions.

They chatted for a while.

Felina only said a few words.

The rest of the chatting was left for Nina to do.

Nina also found it strange.

She thought this younger sister of hers was a little cold at first, for she was very straightforward in accepting or rejecting others ideas.

But after getting to know her, Nina found that Felina was kind of unsociable and uncommunicative.

“Daddy, well go out to play later with Muen,” Mengmeng said.

“Go ahead.”

Zhang Han smiled.

Now that Mengmeng became a big girl, it was normal that she liked going out to have fun.

Before the meal was finished, Yue Xiaonao ran over.

Seeing that Mengmeng was about to finish her breakfast, she hastily grabbed a few bites.

Then, the small group went out to play.

Yue Xiaonao loved going out for fun.

In order not to miss the fun, she didnt mind eating less.

Soon, they arrived at the parking lot.

“What car shall we take today”

Looking at the various cars, Mengmeng didnt feel like driving the car she drove yesterday.

That car was high, and she had to step on the gas pedal very hard.

Driving that car was not a comfortable experience.

“You take one, and I take another,” said Yue Xiaonao.

“Its quite fun to drive such a big toy.”

“Okay, what about you Will you drive or ride with us” Mengmeng looked at Nina and asked.

“Ill drive,” Felina said.

“Ill sit in the back seat,” said Nina.

“Oh, okay.

Get the key to the car you want to drive,” Mengmeng said.

She cast her eyes over the cars.

Finally, her eyes rested on a limited edition red-and-black Koenigsegg sports car.

After thinking about it, Mengmeng felt that sports cars agreed with her.

“Ill drive this one.”

Mengmeng waved her hand, and the car key flew into her hand.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Mengmeng opened the car door and got in the car.

She felt good in the drivers seat.

“Ill drive a sports car, too.” Yue Xiaonao grabbed the key and got into a Ferrari.

Felina looked around with a specific goal.

She had long noticed a Lamborghini with a big black spoiler.

After getting the car key, she climbed into the car.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom!”

The engine roared irascibly.

Just like yesterday, Mengmeng felt a little overwhelmed at first.


She stepped on the accelerator.

Unlike the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, this Koenigsegg rushed forward at an extremely fast speed.

From the looks of it, Mengmengs car was going to hit the wall.

But Mengmeng had gained experience.


Her spiritual force gushed out from her body, lifted the entire car, turned it around, and made it fly out of the gate.

Yue Xiaonao and Felina did pretty much the same.

They couldnt control their cars very well.

But after familiarizing themselves with the cars for a while, they soon mastered driving.

After all, they were good at controlling strength.

“Its so simple.”

Felinas interest was piqued.

She accelerated and deaccelerated as she wanted until she entered the downtown area.

She was following Yue Xiaonaos car.

Suddenly, a taxi forced its way over, as though it was about to change lanes.


Felina frowned and released her spiritual force.


The taxi driver immediately sweated profusely.

“Whats going on Is the car broken

“The car is moving to the right despite my control.

What the hell”

Dumbfounded, the driver could only take the right lane and go along the traffic flow.

It was not until his car went dozens of meters away that he felt that the steering wheel was under his control again.

In this way, the girls went to the block where Li Muen lived.

They arrived at the gate of the block and got out of their cars.

“Wow! Wooooow! Mengmeng, you can drive”

Li Muen was shocked.

She ran to Mengmeng and said, “Oh, Mengmeng, I missed you so much.

You went away for so long.”


Well, I was busy.

I went out to uphold justice and see the big world,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

“Xiaonao, Nina, hello,” Li Muen greeted.

Then, she eyed Felina curiously.

“She is my younger sister, Felina.”

After Li Muen and Feline were introduced to each other, Li Muen climbed into Mengmengs car.

There were not many people walking past in this block.

But several people were stunned when they saw Mengmeng and the other girls get into sports cars and drive away.

“Theyre so young.

Do they have drivers licenses”

They were bemused.

“The exam will take place tomorrow.” Li Muen took several close looks at Mengmeng and said, “People say that if a girl is good-looking in childhood, she probably will become less pretty when she grows up.

I havent seen you for a while, but you seem even prettier and taller.”

“Its a given that Im still growing taller.

My mummy is 1.75 meters tall.

My daddy is more than 1.8 meters tall.

Naturally, I cant be merely 1.6 meters tall,” Mengmeng said.

“Yes, of course.” Li Muen smiled.

Then, she asked, “Have you been studying these days If you fail the exam, you have to start taking classes in school again.

Alas, I envy you so much.

I feel bored every day in school.

Our Cloud Shadow Club is declining, too.”

“Ah Is the club going downhill Oh, so be it.” Mengmeng was a little taken aback.

Even Mengmeng, the president of the club, had basically forsaken the club.

She knew she couldnt ask the other club members to contribute more.

Besides, this club was not a serious club to begin with.

“Ill definitely get high marks in this exam,” Mengmeng said.

“Beibei has a girlfriend now.” Li Muen suddenly put on a gossipy look and said, “That girl seems to be in the third grade of junior high.

Shes also good-looking.

Well, she cant compare with you.

Ive realized that Beibei is a playboy.

Humph, he liked you first, then he fancied Nina.

After you both left, he shifted his attention to other girls and quickly got a girlfriend.”

“Really How did you know that” Mengmeng glanced at her.

“Hey, dont look at me.

Eyes on the road.

Dont crash other cars.” Li Muen hurriedly reminded Mengmeng.

After that, she added, “Of course I know that.

Once, I saw him walking hand in hand with that girl.

In the woods in our school, they kissed.”

Mengmeng was speechless.

“Well, seeing them being together, I feel that dating is especially beautiful.

There is a boy in the third grade surnamed Wang.

He is particularly handsome when playing basketball.

Im having a little crush on him.” Li Muen said, her eyes gleaming.

“How can you fall in love with a boy at such a young age” Mengmeng was surprised.

“No, I didnt fall in love with him.

Its just a normal crush, not love.” Li Muen shifted in her seat and said, “By the way, Wei in class…”

It was time to gossip.

Li Muen told Mengmeng all the interesting things that had happened in their class recently.

Mengmeng chuckled several times when she heard her classmates deeds.

Just like that, the cars drove to a mall in the Zhu Keng District.

“Well buy ice cream first.

Then, where are we going to have fun” Mengmeng thought for a moment and said, “Lets walk around in some unique places here.

There are some interesting places in the North Ring District, the Eastern District, and the Longcheng District.”

Anyway, they had nothing to do.

Taking a ride around would be nice.

For lunch, they ate some local street snacks.

It was the first time that Felina had had such food.

She felt it was good.

Though the food tasted ordinary and it could not compare with that on Mount New Moon, she had a great time in this special atmosphere.

Just like that, an entire day passed.

Li Muen had no worries about hanging out with Mengmeng.

When she told her family she was going to hang out with Mengmeng, her family immediately approved.

The next day, Mengmeng and the others went off to school to take the exam.

Felina stayed on Mount New Moon, sitting in the villa and cultivating all day long.

Mengmeng and the others drove past Li Muens house and gave her a ride to school.

When they arrived at the school, they parked their cars by the side of the road.

“Youre back”

The lead teacher, Bai Yilin, felt really happy when he saw them back in school.

“Remember our deal If you didnt do well in the exam, you would start attending school again.”

Recently, Bai Yilin had a chat with some other teachers.

In the past, they would unconsciously look at Mengmeng, Nina, and Yue Xiaonao during class.

They eyed Mengmeng most frequently.

People all like beautiful things.

Having a good-looking girl in class also provided the teachers with some fun.

Plus, that girl was also a straight-A student.

But now, with them gone, the teachers felt they could not get used to it.

In their private chat, the teachers even joked that they wished the girls would be off their game in this exam, because they wanted to have them in class again.

They were also somewhat looking forward to that.

However, the girls handed in their test papers before the time was up.

The invigilator collected their papers and checked them for moments.

He suddenly realized that… those girls were still top students.

They almost got all the answers right.

At a glance, he didnt find any wrong answer.


The invigilators sigh expressed his mixed feelings.

“Theyve really balanced studying and playing.”

After the exam, the girls returned to their cars and saw a long line of tickets.

“Eh I got a ticket again”

Mengmeng picked a ticket up, read it, and patted her forehead.

“We seem to have parked in the wrong place.

Parking is not allowed here.”


We should pay more attention to this next time.”

Yue Xiaonao took a few glances at the ticket.

She knew she still had to abide by the traffic law.

The exam went on for two consecutive days.

The girls didnt find the exam difficult at all.

On the third day, they also came to class.

The results of the exam were announced.

Mengmeng was still number one.

Nina was in second place.

To everyones surprise, Yue Xiaonao came third place in class and made it to the top 10 in the grade.

That astonished all the students in this class.

“Is it that this kind of suspension of schooling can help students get higher grades”

“Ill go home and check with my parents.

If I have to, Ill suspend my schooling to improve my grades as well,” said a student.

As a result, Bai Yilin retorted, “Youd better forget it.

You rank second from the bottom of the class.

What if you come first place from the bottom after suspending your schooling Mengmeng and the others are studying like this for special reasons.

As your teacher, I dont really approve of this method.

Of course, if your grades can surpass theirs and your parents will also agree on this, you can come to me and apply for my permission.”


Clamorous voices rang out in the class.

“Isnt this just a refusal Its impossible to get higher grades than them.

I wonder if their brains are different than ours.

Why can they get such good grades How strange!”

“Mengmeng, I have a girlfriend now.”

During breaktime, Bei Jinnan came over and said in a sneaky voice, “You girls rejected me.

But it turns out that Im quite charming in the eyes of other girls.”

“Go away.

Youre so shameless.” Mengmeng said with disdain, “Youre too young.

You shouldnt be dating.

Do you understand”

“Whats wrong with dating now Im not too young,” Bei Jinnan said matter-of-factly.

“Its normal for high school students to date.

Well be in the third year of junior high school in a year.

Besides, many boys in our class also have girlfriends.

If youre single, you cant fit in.”

“Your way of showing off is really cheap.” Mengmeng sneered.

“Ahem, Im not showing off.

How dare I show off in front of you” Bei Jinnan coughed dryly.

Then, he asked curiously, “Mengmeng, havent you watched teen dramas”

“Yes, of course.

I watched a few episodes of those popular ones, but I usually quit after watching the first episode,” Mengmeng said.

“You quit Why Have you watched Li Lvlvs recent drama” asked a female student with a mesmerized look on her face.

“He is so handsome.

He is also good at singing and playing basketball…”

“Why is that man handsome How childish you are!” Mengmeng said with resignation.

“Hey, do you think any man can be Prince Charming as long as he is good-looking, can sing, dance, play basketball, talk gently, and sometimes put on a wicked smile”

“Yes, yes.

I really like Lvlv.

He is my Prince Charming.”

“Thats what its shown on TV.

I dont think he is cool at all,” Mengmeng said disapprovingly.

“Many people are completely different from what they present on TV.

Im not saying its bad.

Its just… Anyway, theyre not like what youve imagined.”

Mengmengs mother was a big star.

When Mengmeng was young, Zhang Han often took Mengmeng to visit the filming crew and even other crews.

Mengmeng had met many celebrities.

One of them liked to put on airs.

One picked his nose in public.

One was very courteous.

Zhang Han had taught Mengmeng that those people on TV merely showed others what they wanted others to see.

The female celebrity who put on airs was merely a spoiled princess.

She was proud but had a kind heart.

The one who picked his nose in public had participated in many philanthropic activities.

As for the courteous one, he had a debauched life in private.

In Xiangjiang, Mengmeng also saw many top stars.

Many of them were honest and upright.

The little princess had seen those things and understood what was behind the surface.

Seeing her classmates infatuated look, Mengmeng shook her head repeatedly.

In fact, it was because Mengmengs horizon had become broader.

For example, in the secular world, people could only see an area up to 100 meters high.

But now, Mengmeng had seen an area up to 1,000 meters high.

The guys she used to consider cool and handsome seemed much less attractive now.

“Who do you think is handsome Which guy do you like the most” the female student asked a little gossipily.

As soon as these words came out, Bei Jinnan knew what Mengmeng would say.

He couldnt help but laugh and sigh.

As he expected, Mengmeng said with a smile, “Of course, its my daddy.

Daddy is the most handsome and coolest man.”

“Dont ask her about this.

If you ask, she will say its her dad.” Yue Xiaonao curled her lips and said, “Mengmeng is the most loyal fan of her dad.”

“Well, youre saying this just because you envy me.”

After Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina came back to their classroom, they caused quite a stir.

The students knew that they would only attend classes for a couple of days.

Many of them felt that their returning had little to do with them.

Some students who had a crush on Mengmeng still could not pluck up the courage to tell Mengmeng their feelings for her.

They were already thankful for being able to see her in class every day.

On Mount New Moon, Zhang Han once again began to refine pellets under the Thunder Yang Tree.

He also refined some spirit weapons.

Every once in a while, the Deep Valley would deliver a large amount of the gems and other treasures.

The Kings Domain would also send spiritual herbs over.

Those things would be also put on Mount New Moon to be nurtured.

“Son, are you refining pellets again” Zhang Guangyou came over and asked, “When will we go to the Sea Dragon Star Area”

“In a couple of days,” Zhang Han replied.

“Well, an A-grade relic in Beichuan will open in a week.

Your mother and I are going to have a look.”

“Okay, go ahead.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “I happen to have planned to refine some medicinal pellets and spirit weapons these days.”

“Brother Han, I saw you bury the Seven-star Sword in the ground.

Why did you do that” Chen Changqing came over from the side and inquired.

“I want to nourish it with Thunder Yang Crystals.

Eh Youre already at the Middle-Stage” Zhang Hans expression changed.

He keenly picked up the clue from the little bit of aura that Chen Changqing had revealed.

“Yes, Im at the Middle-Stage.

Almost all the others in this batch have been on the threshold of the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

I guess they will make a breakthrough soon.” Chen Changqing forced a smile and continued, “Now that we are stronger, weve realized that the cultivation methods you gave us are really powerful.

Those methods have raised our strength ceiling significantly.”

“This also has a lot to do with your own aptitudes.

Dont belittle yourself.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “The cultivation methods are just auxiliary means.

You will find your own unique path in the future.”

“In that case, you should be on guard.

Maybe one day, I will overtake you and beat you hands down,” Chen Changqing joked.

Now the gap between his strength and Zhang Hans was getting bigger and bigger, Chen Changqing had long given up the hope of catching up with Zhang Han.

Thus, he felt it totally okay to joke about it.

“Youve made a breakthrough so soon.

Good for you, boy.” Zhang Guangyou rubbed his chin and said, “It seems that I have to work harder, too.”

“Brother Han, since we have to go to the Sea Dragon Star Area, we will often be away from Mount New Moon.

If were able to go to the Small Sky Dragon Region or the Heavenly Dragon Star Province in the future, well be back less often.

Wouldnt that be a waste of the Thunder Yang Treasure Land” Chen Changqing asked.

“Of course not.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “The Small Sky Dragon Region is very small.

Of course, its still bigger than the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province is larger, which is the major place.

Although the Heavenly Dragon Star Province seems very far away, in fact, it wont take us long to get there.

The trip only takes about 10 days.

The Blue Sand Wind Domain will only stop main vessels and the ships inferior to main vessels.

Thus, we can buy some king vessels.

Some racing king vessels are really fast, which can probably shorten the trip to about seven days.”

Chen Changqing said, “Oh, okay.

Ill also bring some ingredients with me this time.

Then, when Im free, I can cook for my naughty son.”

“The power of the Thunder Yang Treasure Land is just beginning to show,” Zhang Han said.

“As time goes by, it will become stronger and stronger.

The quality of the ingredients here will also be higher.

In the future, we can raise some edible strange beasts.

In the Cultivation World, the meat of many strange beasts, such as Flame-winged Chickens, Wolf-clawed Chickens, and Gale Ducks, are all delicious.

In addition to the good taste, people like eating such meat because having one bite of it can increase their strength as much as diligently cultivating for days.”

“Now you put it that way, I hunger for such meat.” Chen Changqing laughed and looked into the distance.

“I heard recently, in the Kunlun Immortal World, the vampires from the west have attacked the Deep Valley.

Im going there to help.

It seems that there are some places in this world that havent felt your terrifying power.

This time, Ill just let them feel my terrifying power.

Alas, some forces still dont know whats right and whats wrong.”

In Hua nation, the nearby countries, the martial arts world, and the worldlets, everyone knew that the Luo Fu Sword Sect, the Heavenly Knights Sect, the Shuiyun Sect, and even the National Security Agency were all forces under Zhang Hanyangs leadership.

Most of the time, they acted on behalf of Mount New Moon.

However, Zhang Han didnt continue to conquer the world at that time.

In the Kunlun Immortal World, he merely dominated the East Domain.

The Deep Valley had become the bureau of the Mount New Moon in the Kunlun Immortal World.

Therefore, when Chen Changqing heard the Deep Valley had been attacked, he decided to go over and suppress the villains.

“Geez, an opportunity finally showed up.

If I dont seize it, maybe the world will forget who Emperor Qing is.”

After saying that in a slightly bitter tone, Chen Changqing took off.

Seeing this, Zhang Guangyou smiled with resignation.

“Han, its truly inevitable to be eclipsed by you when we stand by you.

Your brilliance is too dazzling.”

“Really” Zhang Han was dazed.

He seemed to be considering this issue.

While Zhang Han was lost in thought—


A muffled sound came from the furnace.

It turned out that the furnace had exploded.

This meant the spiritual herbs had gone wasted, but Zhang Han was not bothered by it.

After pondering for seconds, he sighed and said, “I felt that I had been very low-key, yet I didnt expect…”


“My strength didnt allow me to be low-key,” Zhang Han said with a helpless look on his face.

Zhang Guangyou was speechless.

“I dont want to talk about this anymore.

Your mother and I will go to Shang Jing to visit some old friends.

Then, well go straight to the relic.”


When you get back, itll be about the time for us to set off.” Zhang Han nodded.


Zhang Guangyou returned to his villa.

A while later, he left with Rong Jiali.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went shopping and then went to a cafe to enjoy their ordinary leisure time.

Chen Changqing went off to flaunt his strength.

Zhang Li and Liang Hao had long gone to have fun with their friends.

Mengmeng and the girls were in school, while Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali went off to visit their old friends.

Zhang Han was left alone on Mount New Moon.

He had nothing to do at the moment.

But was he really idle


Zhang Han continued to refine pellets.

If one observed carefully, one would find that the color of the fire below the furnace was constantly changing.

At the same time, two clusters of flames were burning in the depths of Zhang Hans pupils.

Zhang Han had been absorbing and refining the Elemental Sources all the time.

He had completed the most basic absorption.

Now, he was waiting to thoroughly integrate the Elemental Sources and form the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area…

Olien, the King of Elves, held Tricias tender and smooth hand and said, “Lets go.

If we can make proper arrangements for them, well have nothing to worry about.”

“I heard from Felina that the Dark Elf Clan only has over 30,000 members now.

The number is much smaller than before.

I dont know if we can transfer them to a safe place without anyone noticing.

It might be easier if Elder Doman were here.

If they come to the Sea Dragon Star Area, where can they stay Hiding them is easy, but each Star Area has its own network of relationships.

If their whereabouts got exposed and the news attracted the Gutuo Divine Temple, things would be very tricky,” Tricia said with a frown.

“I have a good hiding place for them.”

Olien, the King of Elves, thought for a moment and said, “Its the Chaotic Region.

Only three of the 11 families in the Chaotic Region have survived till today.

The other eight families have been destroyed by Zhang Hanyang, and their planets have been left there, unoccupied.

The location of that region is very good, and no signals can reach there.

Although Zhang Hanyang doesnt intend to take over those planets, none of the remaining three families dares to touch the planets because they fear that Zhang Hanyang may kill them as well.

Lets discuss this with Liu Qingfeng.

We can tell him that the Dark Elf Clan will give him some local specialties, cultivation resources, or perhaps crystal stones in exchange for the right to live in the Chaotic Region.”

“Huh” Tricia was taken aback.

“They have lots of resources anyway.

They wouldnt mind.

But if they insist on staying…” After thinking for a moment, Olien shook his head and said, “They wont stay.

After all, they cant handle the Gutuo Divine Temple.”

“Theres no time to lose.

Lets go there.

Do we need to tell Mo Wen and the others” asked Tricia.

“Ive already told him.” Olien chuckled.

He no longer looked cowardly but somewhat shrewd.

He added, “This time, we will travel alone to pick them up.

After we come back, I really need to spend some quality time with Felina.”

“Thats very thoughtful of you,” said Tricia with a smile.

“Lets go.

This is a trip only for the two of us.”

Olien, the King of Elves, led Tricia into a bamboo grove atop a mountain on the Roland Star.

The scenery was very beautiful.

They began to stroll across the bamboo grove.

Half an hour later, they arrived at a round clearing.

Olien chuckled and stretched out his right hand.


A dull sound came from the ground.

A strong wind suddenly blew from ahead, making sand and stones fly in all directions.

The ground cracked open to both sides, revealing a round door.

From inside, a small round spaceship slowly appeared.

“You took good care of it.” A smile spread across Tricias face.

This was the small-sized king vessel that the two of them had taken during their adventures back then.

They entered the king vessel.

Then, the white small king vessel turned into a streak of light and soared straight into the clouds.

Five seconds later, it jumped into the secondary space and headed straight for the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Even though the Blue Sand Wind Domain prevented people in the Sea Dragon Star Area and other nearby Star Areas from crossing it, for those who had king vessels, the Blue Sand Wind Domain merely made the trip a little bumpier.

Their destination was the Small Sky Dragon Region.

They were making this trip to move the Dark Elf Clan to the Chaotic Region.

Their enemy was the Gutuo Divine Temple.

Thus, they had to temporarily go into hiding.

On Earth—

This was the girls first day back in school.

Nina felt very good.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao were used to it.

They didnt have any special feelings about returning to school.

Since they hadnt been at school for a while, they planned to attend school for several days.

Soon, they would go to the Sea Dragon Star Area again and wouldnt come back until the final exam.

Now, the girls no longer needed others to drive them to and from school.

With their strength, they wouldnt have any problem living in the secular world by themselves.

In Zhang Hans words, there was no need to worry about them being bullied, for it was more likely that they would bully others.

That was how strong they had become.

Their cars were still parked near the school gate.

Since there was no parking space, they parked the cars by the side of the road.

After school, the girls went to their cars and saw the tickets on the car windows.

Mengmeng began to brood on this issue.

“We got tickets again,” Mengmeng said.

“This is the third time.”

“Parking is not allowed here.” Yue Xiaonao looked around and said, “Ill talk to our lead teacher and ask if we can park our cars on campus.”

“Oh, okay.

Thatll do.” Mengmeng thought for a moment and muttered, “I have to tell Daddy about this.

If we got more tickets, perhaps we wouldnt be allowed to drive the cars anymore.”

“Lets go back first.”

The three of them got in their cars.

Li Muen also rode Mengmengs car.

When they approached the New Moon Bay, Mengmeng first dropped Li Muen off at her house, then drove all the way back to Mount New Moon.

“Daddy, are you refining pellets” Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han and asked, “Did you miss me”


“Humph, Ill walk away then.” Mengmeng pretended to leave.

Zhang Han turned around in a hurry and said, “Im not finished.

‘No is certainly not my answer.”


A muffled noise came from the furnace, and wisps of faint black smoke rose up.

The furnace exploded again.

If Zhang Han had been doing the usual pellet-refining, chatting wouldnt have affected anything.

However, today, Zhang Han had been constantly testing the attributes of flames he had absorbed.

Gaining precise control through pellet-refining was also a way of cultivation.

“Daddy, after we parked our cars and went off, someone always put tickets on our car windows.” Mengmeng went over to Zhang Han, held his arm, and complained, “Its been three times.”

“Tickets Hahaha, thats because you parked at the wrong place,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“But theres no other place to park our cars,” Mengmeng said with a snort.

“Theres no clearly marked parking space at the school gate.

In the neighboring block, there is marked parking space, but that parking space is always taken.

We have no place to park.”

“Why didnt you just park your cars on campus” Zhang Han asked in confusion.

“That didnt cross our minds.

The school doesnt allow external cars to go in.”

“Then Ill mention this to the principal.” Zhang Han smiled.

No matter how knotty a problem was, Zhang Han could fix it by making a call.

The hundred-year-old Li family in Xiangjiang and the other families that once opposed Zhang Han had thoroughly proved that.

What happened to them had even been recorded and regarded as a standard teaching material of negative examples by those prestigious families today.

Many of their family members were required to study it.

The Luo family and many major families under its leadership had submitted to Zhang Han.

Even though they didnt visit or contact Zhang Han often, they certainly wouldnt dare to offend him.

“Xiaonao has told our lead teacher.

Then, our lead teacher told the vice-principal.

The vice-principal would give us a gate pass.

We can drive into our school tomorrow.

But what about the tickets” Mengmeng pursed her lips and said, “I dont want to pay the fine.”


Zhang Han almost choked on his saliva.

He pulled a wry face and said, “How did you become a little miser”

“Thanks to Mummys good education, I never waste a penny,” Mengmeng shook her little butt and said.

To Mengmeng, money was well spent when she paid thousands for things like clothes, hats, and schoolbags, for she really needed those things.

“Dont think about it.

Ill ask others to deal with the tickets later.”

“Well then, Ill go to play with my friends.

I came first place in the exam again.

Alas, studying is so easy to me.”

Mengmeng happily went away to play with Dahei and the others.

After a while, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came back.

Then, everyone had dinner together.

“Well continue going to school for several days.

Felina, are you coming with us” Yue Xiaonao took a bite of the braised pork.

It had just the right amount of fat and lean meat, so its texture was perfect.

The sauce was also rich and tasty.

While eating, Yue Xiaonao said to Felina, “Are you bored when youre alone here”

“School is also quite fun,” Nina glanced at Felina and said.

“Sure, Ill go to school,” Felina said briskly.

After remaining silent for two seconds, she added, “Thank you.”

Toward people who were not close to her, Felina was still quite aloof.

Sometimes, she would even refute harshly.

But toward those who were kind to her, she didnt know how to communicate with them.

She hadnt gotten used to living with others.

She was bored when she was left alone in the villa.

Although the effect of one days cultivation here was as good as dozens of days cultivation outside, Felina still couldnt clear her mind and focus on cultivation.

Thus, she thought shed better go out and have fun.

“Ill call the teacher and tell him about this later.”

Zi Yan laughed.

“Mengmengs class would take in another new member.

Now, two elves would be in her class.

As time went by, would Mengmengs class become even larger”

Zi Yan found this a little strange.

In truth, she had never thought that life could also be so complicated and colorful.

As a result, the next day, the four girls drove four fancy sports cars to school.

They turned many heads on their way.

They had also found that since they were quite small in size, sports cars suited them very well.

They stopped by Li Muens block.

Mengmeng had agreed to give Mengmeng a ride to and from school these days.

This way, they would have more time to chat.

Li Muens parents, that were Li Kai and his wife, were standing before the block with Li Muen.

When they saw four supercars pull over, they looked at each other.

Days ago, they had been on tenterhooks, for they worried if the girls would get into a car crash.

Now, they found that the little girls were good drivers.

They both felt relieved.

“Mengmeng, you know what Zhang Xiaojun in our class has become famous.” Speaking of this, Li Muen became excited and her eyes lit up.

“Zhang Xiaojun” Mengmeng thought for a moment and said, “Oh, you mean the boy who is a little chubby, about minus three point five diopters near-sighted, and seldom talks, right”

“Yes, thats him.”

“He is quite introverted.

How did he become famous” Mengmeng asked in confusion.

“Last month, someone from the Education Bureau held an art performance in school.

It was quite simple.

Since you were away, no one in our class could sing well.

Thus, we sang in chorus.

The song was the Yellow River.

Zhang Xiaojun was the leading singer.

He looked kind of like an artist.

But it was his first time performing on stage.

He got nervous and shouted,The wind is roaring, the horse is braying… Everyone, bray! Hahaha, then he became famous.\'”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned and then burst out laughing.

“Thats really funny.”

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