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Chapter 1209 Level Death

“Its a very simple self-introduction,” Zhou Fei commented.

“If you want more, well, my name is Yin Ze, Im a male and fond of females.” After saying that, he laughed as if he were a very funny man.

Then, he quickly restrained his smile and said, “I think the most important thing about applying for the manager is not where I come from or what hobbies I like, but my work ability.”

“Oh, not bad.”

Zi Yan nodded slightly at this sentence and said, “Yin Ze, youve passed the Publicity Department test.

Tell us your understanding of the Publicity Department.”

“Im very interested and optimistic about the companys system, especially your companys strength.

It includes film and television, songs, post-production, publicity, promotion, management, and so on.

The Publicity Department I applied for is responsible for the general promotion of the companys brand, the overall publicity plans for film and television plays, the promotion projects in every Star Area, the development of network cooperation in Star Areas, and coordination and realization of some activities,” Yin Ze replied logically.

Hearing this, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei looked at each other, and the others were also a little surprised.

There was only one word in their minds: Talented!

How could there be such a person in the Sea Dragon Star Area

The smile tugged at Yin Zes lips.

He was very confident because what he said just now was all sorted out by the system, which obtained the information from the equipment right here.

He could even give more specific information about media companies, record companies, agencies, and so on.

However, it was too detailed and would arouse suspicion.

He believed that the plan proposed by the system was the best.

“After all, I have the system and I am invincible.”

“Where did you get this knowledge” Zi Yan was curious.

“I have loved literature since I was a child, and I have read countless books.

I have seen these things in some ancient books.

Originally, I thought it was an unreal thing.

I didnt expect that it would happen in front of me one day.

I have been fascinated by the company system for a long time.

Now I actually have a chance,” Yin Ze smiled and said.

It was a direct answer from the system.

This made Yin Ze quite surprised.

It seemed that the system was also a little nervous and excited and attached great importance to this interview.

“Whats going on”

He himself was also a little confused.

It didnt need to be so cautious.

With the knowledge in his brain, it was a piece of cake for him to deal with such a small interview scene.

“If there is a case now,” Zhou Fei said, “there is a film that will be broadcast in the Sea Dragon Star Area, how will you do initial publicity”

“First of all, there is an internal public network among every Star Area in the Sea Dragon Star Area for plans and publicity.

Every force group can also contact and cooperate with each other to carry out cover-up publicity according to the campaigns of film and television works.

It seems that this is just a normal method.

Everyone can come up with it.

It is relatively simple to implement.

The company is initially established and the scale is large.

I suggest that an entertainment company opens the communication stations of the entire Sea Dragon Star Area and goes along with the campaigns.

It contributes to long-term interests,” Yin Ze said with assurance.

As soon as he said that, everyone present looked at each other again.

The question was very simple.

At first, his answer was also in line with the expected standard, but the latter plan was a little scary, just like the companys plan, and they didnt expect that his judgment would also be so unique.

“Your interview is over.

Whether you succeed or not, we need to negotiate, and then we will let you know.” Zhou Fei nodded with a smile.

“Thank you.

I wish you all a pleasant afternoon.” Yin Ze stood up and greeted them with a smile.

After that, he left elegantly.

“Elder Sister Yan, this young man is amazing!” After he left the room, Zhou Fei returned to her original character and said, “He is definitely a capable person, but I dont know what his character is like.”

“Hes really amazing.

Its not easy to see such a person in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Just let him be the Publicity Department manager,” Zi Yan said.

“Its really interesting.” Zhou Fei stretched out and said, “There are more than a hundred people to interview this afternoon.

Its a little difficult to choose a few department managers.

Next one, and Yin Ze has been settled.”

As the president of the Entertainment Department, Zi Yan found that there were not many people working for her.

Since the company was interviewing for the managers today, they sneaked over to check on them.

With the Lady Boss here, the other interviewers were almost clerks now.

When Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were no longer interested, they would start a set of procedures.

Soon, more than 20 interviews were over.

They left one after another, waiting for news.

In fact, many people were nervous.

If they succeeded, they could not only get a high-paying job but also do all kinds of high-paying tasks.

Why not

The company didnt let them wait too long.

At noon the next day, appointment letters were issued.

During the day, Yin Ze wandered around the city, constantly checking out women.

“85-mark Goddess.

The success rate of conquering her is 80%.

Good, lets choose her tonight.”

The system said, “I do not recommend.

The citys surveillance system has been perfected.

For conquering the perfect goddess, please strictly restrict your own actions.”

Yin Ze was stunned.

“That beauty cant stare at the surveillance camera all the time, can she”

The system said, “Any member of the Heavenly Group management is a contracted employee and will be inspected for a year.”


Yin Ze sucked in a breath of cold air.

“So strict For a year, if I cant take her, will I keep holding back”

After saying that, he sighed.

“Forget it, what can I do when my target is a perfect goddess Endure it for a while and try to capture her as fast as possible.

System, can this perfect goddess become a long-term plaything”

The system went silent, seemingly disdainful of answering his question.

Yin Ze was used to this.

The system would only communicate or even catch up with him in front of beautiful women.

Usually, it would completely ignore him.

He went back to the hotel to rest.

Yin Ze was also dedicated to his work.

He constantly hacked into the network system, searching for information about Zi Yan.

There was too little of it.

It was as if she did not live in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

There was not much information about her in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The next day, when he received the entrance notice, he was not surprised at all.

In the mall, he spent 12 crystals to buy a suit.

The next day, he went to the company and went through the admission procedures.

Unexpectedly, he didnt work directly.

He trained for a whole week.

This week was suffocating Yin Ze.

However, there was also some useful information.

The group of people training the department managers came from the earth.

There were five teachers in total.

The system hacked into all their personal equipment and even used its extraordinary abilities to pry into their memories.

“Zhang Hanyang, and Yue Wuwei, are powerful.

“Zhang Hanyang has swept across the Eight Great Families in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Hes so powerful.

Hes a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm, so he cant be underestimated.

Im just in the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage.

Id better be careful.

Hehe, I get excited when I think of cuckolding such an expert.

“System, cant you peep at a slightly higher level guys memory Why Wont I have a higher success rate if I know more information”

The system said, “They have specific sixth-tier defensive treasures.

Forcefully spying will only attract attention.”

“A sixth-tier defensive supreme treasure It cant be that everyone has one, right” Yin Ze was shocked.

The system answered, “Youre right.

Everyone has their own one.”

“Fuck!” Yin Ze cursed, “What kind of place is the earth So many treasures.”

Finally, he got to work.

There were dozens of people under his command and he held a meeting on the first day.

Yin Ze was very capable and used the systems calculation ability to give a few advertising plans, which were about the release of Interstellar War.

He didnt expect that the core network was really being built.

This saved him a lot of trouble.

Yin Ze had spent a lot of effort on this publicity task.

He had even stayed up all night to write a proposal and was ready to take his men to visit each Star Area in batches.

He had to finish this task neatly and attracted the attention of the goddess president.

Only in this way could he find more opportunities through contact.

During this period, Mengmengs team had already completed ten tasks.

The speed of upgrading from Level D to Level B was very fast, and it seemed that they were going through the back door.

Although they did not take the initiative, the leader of the law enforcement group, a member of the security group, personally watched and completed Mengmengs tasks.

The progress with that rule was as fast as that of dozens of other peoples tasks.

Of course, the improvement speed would be fast.

On this day, the Dark Elves arrived.

Elder Doman and the others, Olien, and Tricia went to Mount Double Moons in person.

They waited for a few hours, visited Zhang Han, and chatted with him for a while.

Felina wanted to go with them, but Tricia didnt let her and made her and Nina wait here.

They would go to the Chaotic Region, settle down, and come back.

Maybe they would also apply for jobs in the company.

As for the Dark Elves, Li Mu accompanied them to communicate with the three families in the Chaotic Region.

The Dark Elf Clan did not want to make a big deal out of it in the name of Cloud Shadow Sky.

Moments later, the three king vessels left for the Chaotic Region.

There seemed to be peace on this side again.

While Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were working, the others were cultivating one after another.

There were also many people patrolling their territory and checking the buildings.

Company buildings on many planets were basically built.

After several days, the network communication had been successfully built and became the first website across the entire Star Area.

“The great battle between Cloud Shadow Sky and Tiger Talisman Royal Family has been restored.”

“Hu Tianshan is actually behind while both parties are engaging in an intense battle…”


The reason the Tiger God came out from isolation is actually that…”

Seeing that the overwhelming publicity was made by Yin Ze, Zhou Fei and others were a little surprised.

“Why is it so similar to the way some press company does things”

It was really eye-catching.

In just a couple of days, Interstellar War had been hyped up.

“Releasing day!

“One crystal per person in the cinema.

At present, the amount of ten days has been sold, and there are 590 million crystal stones.

The rest are cultivation resources, which are relatively low-level and can be traded for several days.

The overall number is still rising.

The estimated overall price of the materials is nearly 8 billion crystal stones, but unfortunately, not all of them can be exchanged for crystal stones.”

Liu Qingfeng had a meeting.

Many presidents and senior officials were there, and even Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were sitting next to them.

Liu Qingfeng quoted some data.

“Currently, in Sea Dragon Star Area we have obtained a total of thirteen billion crystal stones.

Thats more or less enough.

There are not a lot of crystal stones in circulation in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Currently, goods that are worth close to five hundred billion crystal stones will all be sent to other Star Areas for trade.

However, the price will be reduced.

“Most of them are obtained from the immigrants on each planet.

The expenses of building cities and other projects, at present, are about five billion crystal stones.

“After Interstellar War, we can start preparing the bank matters.

The crystal stones are almost collected, and its time to release some.”

Mortgages and loans had been introduced here.

“The talisman auction and the medicinal pellet auction are also about to begin.

“Collecting and selling resources on the Internet is in progress at the same time.

Fixed resident registration has been temporarily open.

According to their reputation value, loans are available.

We should also let them enjoy the fun of loans.

They didnt know before, but they were shocked when they heard that.

They didnt expect the company to be working on so many projects at the same time.

As for the people in the branch company, they felt that they did not have much work, especially Zi Yan.

The release of Interstellar War won a lot of attention.

It received positive reviews.

“An epic film.”


On the first day, many comments appeared on Heavenly Entertainment Companys website.

The rating remained high.

More and more people chose to go and watch.

Their gain in crystal stones was still increasing.

This series of actions shocked many forces.

Snowfall Alliance announced: Build a public website in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Sea Spa Alliance: You can order a flying ship online and enjoy a home delivery service.

Many of them followed suit to earn the crystal stones, which all of them envied.

There were even other forces that set up companies in their own Star Areas.

They just followed suit.

Liu Qingfeng chuckled and didnt care about it at all.

This kind of situation was within his expectations.

The others were no fools.

There would even be some business rivals in the future.

It was inevitable, and Liu Qingfeng would also find it more interesting in this case.

Interstellar War was like a documentary, letting the people of the Sea Dragon Star Area experience the horror of it.

It could be said that the success of Heavenly Entertainment Company attracted more peoples attention.

“Youve all been working hard recently.

Youve done a good job.

The president and others will also come to the celebration banquet in the evening.

This months bonus will be doubled.”

This simple sentence elicited many cheers.

The last sentence especially made everyone pleasantly surprised.

They were calculating how much the bonus would be.

“Yin Ze, come over here for a moment.”

He was called to the office by the deputy director.

Naturally, he was showering Yin Ze with praises.

Yin Zes attitude was modest and his performance was excellent, which was favored by some senior executives in the entertainment company.

Some positions were still vacant.

Perhaps after training for a period of time, this subordinate could assume an even more important position.

That night.

The celebration banquet began, and there were hundreds of people from the entertainment company in total.

In the lobby of a luxurious hotel.

A buffet banquet with sumptuous food.

Not only the staff, but also Mu Xue, Leng Yue, Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, and a few others were there, eating and drinking for free.

At such a banquet, people were dressed in suits and leather shoes, talking eloquently, just like elites.

It was the first time that many of them participated in it, and they couldnt help but feel a sense of pride.

“Tut-tut, there are so many beauties.”

Yin Ze narrowed his eyes as he scanned the women present.


Suddenly, a sneer came from the side.

He turned his head and took a look.


It was the Logistics Department manager, the woman with a ponytail who had been behind him during the interview.

They almost couldnt meet each other at ordinary times, but they had to attend the celebration.

For some reason, this girl seemed to be hostile toward him.

“Shes really sick.”

Yin Ze ignored her, got up, walked to the side, and found a corner.

As soon as he sat down, Liu Qingfeng, Sun Ming, and others arrived.

A moment later, in the latter part of the venue, in a place similar to a stage.

Liu Qingfeng spoke up.

Now he was a Qi Strength Master and possessed low-level strength.

With spiritual force activating his throat, he said, “Congratulations, everyone.

The success of Interstellar War is the achievement of everyone present.

General Manager Sun and I just came to have a look and act as guest hosts.

Next, please welcome our beautiful female president, Zi Yan.”

Applause broke out.

Zi Yan was wearing a red evening dress and high heels and looked tall.

She wore a necklace that Zhang Han had given her around her neck and matched earrings.

The bottom of her long hair cascading down was curly.

She hadnt dressed like this for a long time.

It wasnt very comfortable, but just for showing off.

At this time, Zi Yan smiled and said, “The previous production of Interstellar War was entirely due to a sudden idea.

Feifei told us that it should be recorded.

Later, many people gave us suggestions.

This kind of war that involves the entire Sea Dragon Star Area is very rare, so we recorded it.

As for the shooting problem, Elder Yue helped us…”

It only took her two minutes to finish her speech.

It was mainly to praise and encourage many new employees to continue working hard.

There was another warm round of applause.

Then Zhou Fei, Sun Ming, and others also gave their speeches one after another, and the banquet officially began.

During this time, Yin Ze sat alone in a corner, sipping wine as his gaze constantly swept the area.

“System, how many points is this”

The system answered, “95-point Goddess.

Difficulty: Level Nightmare.

Success rate: 10%.”

“This beauty is really good.

She has big breasts.

I like her.

What about the one next to her”

The system said, “89-point Goddess.

Difficulty: Level Nightmare.

Success rate: 10%.”

“Ill love riding on a cold-faced princess like her.

How about the one beside her” Yin Ze sized them up.

The system said, “90-point Goddess.

Difficulty: Level Nightmare.

Success rate: 10%.”


Yin Ze let out a soft cry of surprise.

“Why are they all at Level Nightmare Why are the success rates the same”

The system answered, “They dont like younger men.

The success rate comes from the Heaven-sealing Stone.”

Yin Ze was speechless.


It was heart-wrenching.

His heart ached.

Would his handsome appearance not work one day

As for the Heaven-sealing Stone, it was a seventh-tier spirit treasure that he got by chance.

It could seal space for an hour.

But if there was an external force, the time would be reduced, and the greater the impact, the more it would be reduced.

Even a God Transformation master was unable to break through.

This was his most powerful life-saving trump card.

He had never expected that the success rate mentioned by the system was actually all from this Heaven-sealing Stone.

Didnt that mean that he had a success rate of 10% for all the goddesses present He himself didnt add any points at all

Using Heaven-sealing Stone



How could a life-saving item be used on a woman

“Oh, no.

If its her, then Ill use Heaven-sealing Stone if I have to.”

Yin Zes eyes drifted to Zi Yan.

There was a fiery passion in his eyes.

After a few glances, he quickly withdrew his look; he couldnt express too much.

He looked at the other girls.

There were some new employees and others.

“How is that sharp-faced woman”

“Face: 79 points; difficulty: Level Normal; success rate in conquering: 100%.”

“A woman who can be taken in a few hours, haha.” Yin Ze grinned.

Seeing the woman looking at him, he raised his glass to signal her to drink with him.

There was a deep meaning in his eyes, and her eyes were a little shy.


Yin Ze looked away.

Suddenly, he saw a group of children coming.

“Eh Those little girls are not bad either.” Yin Zes eyes lit up.

“How is that one with long black hair, system”

The system said, “Face: 95 points.

Difficulty: Level Nightmare.

The success rate in conquering: 10%.”

“Its really tough.

That round-faced girl”

The system said, “Face: 89 points.

Difficulty: Level Nightmare.

The success rate in conquering: 10%.”

“Its all the same.

The most beautiful little girl is the presidents daughter.

How is she” Yin Ze asked casually.

The system replied, “Face: Full marks.

Difficulty: Level Death.

The fatality rate in conquering: 100%.”

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