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Chapter 1214 A Deal


The aircraft fired a splendid and majestic Light Cannon.

Unfortunately, the power of this cannon was no more than that of Mengmengs Fireball Skill.

After all, the selling point of the Blue Butterfly was its beautiful appearance.

It was not very good at attacking, but its defense and speed were quite impressive.

“Youd better give up.”

Qin Changxiao waved his hand and easily made the Light Cannon disappear.

He sighed softly and said, “Youre members of the Heavenly Corporation.

Theres no need to risk your lives for a mission.

If you continue hunting me, you will be in life-threatening danger.”

“Do you think your bluff can work” Yue Xiaonao stretched out her palms.


Clouds and mists gathered, forming a one-hundred-meter-long cloud that bore down on Qin Changxiao.

“Fire Whip!”


A long fire whip materialized in Mengmengs right hand.

At the same time, she launched a soul sense secret skill.



Instantly, Qin Changxiao found that the views around him became different.


“This is truly an illusion this time, right”

“Not bad.

You are quite capable,” Qin Changxiao said.

Suddenly, his body vibrated, and two rays of light glinted in his hands like the sunlight.

Although the rays of light only shone for a fraction of a second, they still dispersed Mengmengs illusion and Yue Xiaonaos cloud.

Just like this, a hot pursuit was staged in the Spirit Beast Mountains.

Going after Qin Changxiao, Mengmengs team went deep into the Spirit Beast Mountains.

Roars that were perhaps made by spirit beasts sounded from all sides.

Qin Changxiao calmly said, “Little girl, if you continue chasing me, youll enter the area full of Yuan Ying Realm spirit beasts.

You and your friends all look quite delicate.

You wouldnt want to be harmed by those beasts.”


Hearing Qin Changxiao call her “little girl”, Mengmeng was miffed.

She scowled at Qin Changxiao and shouted, “You asked for this.



“Whats that”

With Qin Changxiao watching, a small black shadow flew out of Mengmengs schoolbag.

However, within one second, the black shadow became mountainous.

“Bam, bam, bam, bam!”

It pounded its chest with its giant fists.

Its ferocious face could cause anyones body and soul to quiver.


A loud roar was heard.

At the same time, palpitating pressure spread out in all directions.

Qin Changxiao was bewildered.

He stood there with a dazed look on his face.

When had Qin Changxiao ever seen this kind of creature


Scared, Qin Changxiao let out several cries and ran away as fast as he could.

“Arent you powerful Why run away”

Mengmeng snorted and said, “Dahei, come back.”


Dahei was confused.

“I just got out and havent even flexed my muscles.

Why are you asking me to go back”

“Hurry up.

Your job is only to scare the surrounding spirit beasts.”

After Mengmeng explained, Dahei came to its senses.

“I dont need to transform to frighten those spirit beasts.”


Dahei became smaller and climbed back to Mengmengs schoolbag as it was told to.

After that, Mengmengs team resumed this pursuit.

There seemed to be a mountain in the distance.

Surrounded by mists, it was partly hidden and partly visible.

On the mountaintop, smoke was rising.

It was a volcano!

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao figured that out at a glance at the mountain.

It seemed that there were no very powerful spirit beasts here.

After Dahei roared, the dissatisfied cries around all disappeared.

Mengmeng and the others had even sensed that many of the spirit beasts had fled into the distance.

They continued to chase after Qin Changxiao.

The latter seemed to be very familiar with this place.

He kept crossing mountains and rivers, making it hard for Mengmengs team to catch him.

Mengmeng tried a lot of fighting skills, so did Yue Xiaonao.

Both of them knew they couldnt do anything to Qin Changxiao.

“S-Stop chasing me.

I didnt do anything seriously wrong,” Qin Changxiao, who was running in the front, looked back and shouted.

He was a little short of breath as though feeling run down.

“Whether you did anything wrong or not is not up to you to decide,” Mengmeng refuted.

“Little girl, youre so pretty.

Can you stop chasing me” Qin Changxiao pleaded.

When Yue Xiaonao heard those words, she immediately snapped, “Are you done talking Let me tell you, if Mengmengs father had heard this, you would have died by now.”

“Never mind.

Ill stop fooling around with you.

This game is boring.”

Mengmeng also felt bored, so she called out to the aircraft, “Little Hei!”


The cabin door slid open.

Qin Changan chuckled and said, “Dont take it personally.

I just like chatting with people.

Thats why I talk a lot even though youre going after me.”

Before his voice died away—


He saw a streak of black light fly past him.

“What is it”

Qin Changxiaos face paled.

He broke out in a cold sweat.

This time he was really scared.

He looked ahead and saw a black dog, which was staring at him with cold eyes.


Qin Changxiaos heart trembled with fear.

“Master, youre right.

I shall never underestimate anyone.

I was not thoroughly on guard a moment ago.

Had it attacked me, I would have been injured even if I dodged.”

Qin Changxiao showed a trace of solemnity in his eyes.

Then, he smiled wryly in his head.

“Its all because the little girl behind me is too pretty.

I dont have the heart to be hostile to her.”


Qin Changxiao paused, turned around, and looked the four girls up and down with a smile on his face.

“How I envy you for having two spirit beasts!” said Qin Changxiao.


Nina abruptly launched an attack.

Green energy suddenly rose from the two old trees beside Qin Changxiaos feet, which turned into vines and trapped Qin Changxiao, who hadnt put up a defense.

The target had been captured even before Felina took action.

“Mission completed,” Mengmeng said.

Right at this moment—

“Hiss, hiss, hiss…”

Qin Changxiao began to whistle.

“He is whistling a melody I have never heard before.

This melody is beautiful, isnt it”

Mengmengs and the others attention was immediately attracted by this.

A jade flute zoomed out from Qin Changxiaos shirt pocket and floated near his lips.

The music produced by the flute was melodious, as if it could purify ones soul.

Nina dispersed her secret skill subconsciously.

Little Heis eyes were also a little unfocused.

It looked at Qin Changxiao in confusion.

“Cant believe youre still in the mood to play the flute.

You are so funny,” Mengmeng said bluntly.


Qin Changxiaos pupils contracted.

“This didnt work”

“This guy is interesting.” Yue Xiaonao laughed and said, “He is the most composed suspect Ive ever seen.”


Qin Changxiaos pupils contracted even more.

He was a little dazed.

But when he saw the faint light the two girls were emanating, he realized that they were protected by supreme treasures.

In contrast, the Elemental Elf who cast the binding technique looked a bit lost.

As for the Dark Elf, her eyes had become clear again.

It seemed that she was about to strike.

“Shit, I only have one second!”

Qin Changxiao secretly bit the tip of his tongue.

Then, he spat out a drop of blood essence, and integrated it into the jade flute.


His figure suddenly became a little less real.


Little Heis eyes grew cold.

Suddenly, it looked back.

Next, it saw that Qin Changxiao appeared on the opposite shore of the river.

“How come…”

Nina snapped back to reality and realized that she had been tricked.

Her expression froze.

“Never thought Qin Changxiao could be this powerful.”

“Youre courting death!” Felinas face turned frosty.

Her killing intent surged.

“Dont attack me!”

Qin Changxiao said unhurriedly, “I can tell that you are all young ladies from noble families.

I dont want to get into trouble.

If you follow me, bad things will really happen to you.

This is my last warning for you.”

After that, he turned around and flew toward the volcano that was a short distance away.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Felina followed Qin Changxiao at once.

She swooped down on him.

Mengmeng and the others also went after them.

“Darkness Invasion!”

Felina launched a killing blow.

A jet of black light that was 100-meter-long shot out like a crescent moon to subdue Qin Changxiao.

Qin Changxiao, who originally looked confident and composed, suddenly showed horror on his face.

“Shes in the God Transformation Realm! Crap! Master, help me!” he shouted with fright.

Just as the black crescent moon was about to swallow Qin Changxiao—


A sigh sounded.


A gentle breeze blew, dissipating Felinas attack.

“Someone mighty is here!”

Felinas eyes turned slightly cold.

Yue Xiaonao and Mengmeng looked at each other.


The two girls activated about seven defensive treasures of their own accord.

“Little Hei, go back!” Mengmeng called out.

She wanted Little Hei to return to the aircraft to protect Chen Chuan.

However, Little Hei didnt move.

In its eyes, outsiders were always outsiders.

Its only duty was to protect its master and its masters family.

Even though Chen Changqing was its masters good buddy, it still put the safety of its masters family before others.

Mengmeng had no choice but to control the Blue Butterfly to fly backward for 1,000 meters while turning on layers of defense.

After that, the girls also slowly stepped back.

“Master, they just wanted to capture me.

They never intended to kill me.

Let them go, will you” Qin Changxiao said hurriedly.

From the moment that the God Transformation Realm elf attacked, Qin Changxiao knew they didnt mean to kill him.

However, he knew why they were after him.

It was not really a big deal anyway.

With everyone watching intently—


A puff of smoke appeared beside Qin Changxiao.

Then, a figure was revealed.

It was merely a fuzzy profile, which seemed to be an extremely aged person.

“Halt!” the old man said softly.


A wave of powerful oppressive might spread out.

Nina and Felina couldnt move at all, but Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao could.


Everything is fine.”

The old mans voice was calm.

Sensing the old mans tone, Qin Changxiao suddenly let out a sigh of relief and said, “Master, you woke up!”

“Yeah, I woke up,” the old man answered.

Then, he said, “You little girls remind me of a conversation I once had with a good friend of mine.

That friend told me that when he was a child, he was taught to speak politely, such assorry andits alright.

But after he grew up, reality taught him that things would only be alright for those who had connections.

If you were ordinary people, I would let you go.

But now… little girl in purple, can you launch another fireball”

“Why would I” Mengmeng asked cautiously.

“I think Ive sensed a faint special aura, but its erratic.”

Mengmeng thought for a moment, then launched a palm-sized fireball, which flew out more than 10 meters before disappearing.

The old man didnt say anything after that.

A long while later, he sighed softly and said, “Its really extraordinary that you already possess Elemental Sources at such a young age.”

“What are you up to anyway” asked Yue Xiaonao.

“I have a deal to offer.

Im sure the elders of this girl in purple will be interested.

You can ask your elders to come here.

I dont have much time,” said the old man slowly.

At the same time, he lifted the oppressive might.

“Master, you…”

Qin Changxiaos pupils quivered.

It seemed that he was sad.

“Dont say anything.

Just watch,” the old man said calmly.

Qin Changxiao seemed to be very obedient to the old man.

He stood aside in silence, his head slightly lowered, looking a little downcast.

“Ill tell Daddy now.”

Mengmeng gazed at the old man with her big eyes.

She still seemed on high alert.

She controlled the communication device with her right hand and called her family.

In just two seconds, the call was answered.

“Daddy, I didnt catch the target.

But I met a strange old man.

He said that he could make a deal with the elders in my family.

He is asking you to come over.”

A moment later, Mengmeng hung up and said, “Daddy is already on his way.

He will be here soon.”

“Then, lets wait.” The old man nodded.

Silence befell.

No one spoke.

About a minute later, the old man looked at the boy beside him and said, “What did you do Why were they trying to capture you”

“I, I…”

Qin Changxiaos expression froze.

He didnt know what to say.

He didnt want to lie, nor did he dare to tell the truth.

Yue Xiaonao, Mengmeng, and the others were also a little curious about the answer.

“Qin Changxiao doesnt look like a bad guy.

But why has he become a Level A wanted criminal”

At last, Qin Changxiao reluctantly told the whole story.

“The Heavenly Group has only just taken over this place.

They are not very familiar with the main control system.

When they were upgrading the system, I took advantage of a bug in the system and got authority over their transport fleet.

I secretly swapped the crystal stones in the energy cabins of those fleets with energy stones, which added up to about 400,000 crystal stones.”

“There is a bug in the system

“He swapped the crystal stones

“That explains everything.

“He is a thief, isnt he”

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