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Those comments did not vex Gu Kun.

Anyway, Gu Yis death did have something to do with him.

This was also why Lord Kong was also hostile to him in the Gutuo Divine Temple.

But the news of Tricias return delighted Gu Kun.

He never thought that the traitor of the Dark Elf Clan would provide him with such valuable information; otherwise, it would have taken him more time to locate Felina.

He could not lose track of the Black Evil Seal.

The speed of king vessels was very fast.

Within just one day, the fleets arrived in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Found the coordinates of the Roland planet,” said the system.

“Well jump into the secondary space in five seconds.”

“Weve already entered the secondary space.

This flight will last two hours.”

Two hours was not a long time.

Many people on the spaceships were even ready for the upcoming battle.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

The three king vessels leaped out of the secondary space.

“Attack the space station,” Gu Kun commanded.

“Copy that!”

“Get Magnetic Cannons ready.”

“Get Light-splitting Cannons ready!”


Six streaks of light zoomed out from the king vessels at an extremely high speed.

When Elemental Elves on the space station first saw the three spaceships, they were already on alert.

When they noticed the energy cabins of the king vessels were operating rapidly…

“Alarm! Alarm!”

A defensive energy shield was quickly set up.

However, the king vessels cannons were much faster.

After six strikes were released, the defensive energy shield was bombarded into pieces in just 20 seconds just as it was formed.

Then, all kinds of bombs landed, blowing the space station up.

Countless metal fragments floated in the void and drifted in all directions.

Even the several aircraft and the people inside the space station were blown into pieces.

“Take aim at all the people on this planet.

Do not let anyone escape.

“Send out reconnaissance aircraft to look for Felina.

“Also, tell the King of Elves on this planet to get his butt over here to see me.”

Gu Kuns three orders were passed on swiftly.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Many reconnaissance aircraft in Gu Kuns king vessel quickly flew to the surface of the planet.

At the same time, the other two king vessels moved horizontally and activated all kinds of detection facilities, such as vibrational waves, which soon covered the entire planet.

At this time, on the surface of the planet, an alarm mixed with the sharp voice of the intelligent system was ringing in the palace of the Elemental Elf Clan.

“Alert! The space station has been destroyed.

The attacks were launched by three king vessels.

Alert! The space station has been destroyed…”

In an instant, the entire imperial palace was in chaos.


“Were under attack”

“Three king vessels! Who are the attackers”

Olien was astounded.

At this time, he was having lunch with three elders of the Dark Elf Clan, Tricia, Felina, Nina, Chen Chuan, and Mengmeng.

After hearing this news, everyone was shocked.

“Three king vessels.

Could it be…” Elder Domans face paled a little.

“Could it be that theyre waging war against us”

“Theyre probably members of the Gutuo Divine Temple.” Olien, the King of Elves, smiled wryly and said, “They caught us after all.

Mo Wen, pass down the order.

Everyone must come to the imperial palace within 15 minutes.

It seems we can only run away.”


Mo Wen rushed out quickly and informed his clansmen through the intelligent system.

“Weve been attacked”

Mengmeng blinked and said, “Gotta go back now!”

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Yue Xiaonao, Chen Chuan, and Mengmeng swiftly ran back to the place where Zhang Han was having his reclusive cultivation session.

“Everyone, come here! We are under attack!”

Mengmeng shouted, “Come on, we must run now, or it would be too late!”

Those words reverberated in the forest.

Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot, who were playing in the forest, galloped out quickly.

Dahei and Tiny Tot knew what to do when they saw Mengmeng fetch her schoolbag.

They quickly became smaller in size and climbed into the schoolbag.

Both of them were the carefree type.

As soon as they entered the schoolbag, they lay comfortably on the miniature beds inside and lazily looked out through the little “window” in the schoolbag.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and the others came running in 10 seconds.

“Mengmeng, what did you say Weve been attacked” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Yes, were under attack.

The space station has been destroyed.

Three king vessels did it.

Its said that they are from the Gutuo Divine Temple,” Yue Xiaonao quickly replied.

As her father was not around at this moment, Yue Xiaonao also began to feel worried.

If Yue Wuwei were here, she would probably be laid-back instead.

“What about Daddy He hasnt finished cultivating yet,” Mengmeng asked, looking anxious.

The expressions of the others altered slightly.

“He cant finish before he gathers up enough energy.

If he is cultivating in complete seclusion, he cant feel whats going on in the outside world,” said Zhang Guangyou, whose countenance altered drastically.

“If there is no other alternative, well have to fight to buy time for Master,” Zhao Feng said.

They couldnt run away and leave Zhang Han behind.

At this moment, as Elder Yue was not with them, no one could bring Zhang Han on the run with them.

A pearl suddenly appeared in Lisas palm.

After a moment, she shook her head slightly and said, “I cant get in touch with my husband.

But I have another treasure that can keep this place safe for some time.

If were attacked again, my husband should be able to sense it.”

Her words eased everyones tense nerves a bit.

But they were still kind of heavy-hearted.

“Daddy! Daddy, come on, finish your reclusive cultivation soon!” Mengmeng urged anxiously.

Seeing the little girls worried face, Chen Changqing heaved a sigh.

“Zhang Han dotes on Mengmeng very much.

Mengmengs care for Zhang Han is also bone-deep.

“At this time, the little girl must be the most anxious one.

“Sadly, her worries cant help.

“Zhang Han is cultivating in complete seclusion.

There is no way to wake him up.”

“Dont get too worried.


Just as Zhang Guangyou wanted to say something to comfort Mengmeng, all of a sudden, a light cough was heard.

“My little babe, why are you so anxious”

A voice with a hint of amusement and uncritically fondness sounded from an energy whirlwind.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

The surprise came too suddenly.




Everyone cried out in surprise.

With everyone watching intently—

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The whirlwind spinning rapidly gradually slowed down.

Zhang Han, who was inside the whirlwind, was revealed.

Zhang Han was no longer wearing the same clothes he wore when he started cultivating in seclusion.

His hair had even grown a little longer.

Wrapped in a black windbreaker, he unhurriedly stepped out of the whirlwind.

After the whirlwind dissipated, the remaining breezes made Zhang Hans trench coat flutter.

Zhang Hans hair was also fluttering in the breezes.

All that presented him as a sanguine and confident man.

“Youve finished your reclusive cultivation!”

Everyone suddenly felt that they were safe!

They all put their minds at ease.

With their backbone present, they were no longer panic-stricken.


Mengmengs big clear eyes were gleaming with surprise.

Gazing at Zhang Han unblinkingly, she ran into his arms.

“Daddy, youve finally finished your reclusive cultivation.

It had taken almost a month!”

“Huh I cultivated that long” Zhang Han was stunned.

He held Mengmeng in his arms for seconds before putting her down.

Then, he patted her on the head and said with a smile, “Were you worried I heard you calling me just now.

What happened”

“We are under attack.

The force attacking us is suspected to be the Gutuo Divine Temple.

They have three king vessels.

The size of their troops is still unknown,” Zhao Feng said tersely.


Zhang Han nodded slightly.

The news that the enemy might be the Gutuo Divine Temple did not even make him bat his eyes.

It was as if it was not worth mentioning.

He glanced around and asked, “Elder Yue is not here, is he”

“No wonder everyone was anxious.

As Elder Yue is away, this situation is indeed thorny to them.”

Zhang Han held Mengmengs small hand and walked to Zi Yan.

The couple looked at each other and smiled.

Zi Yan locked arms with Zhang Han and said, “Now that youve finished reclusive cultivation, Im completely relieved.”

“Elder Yue has gone to the Blue Sand Wind Domain.”

At this time, Chen Changqing said, “Almost right after you started the reclusive cultivation, something shocking happened to the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Its area has been shrinking rapidly.

It is said that it is now a hundred times smaller.

Elder Yue went to investigate the area of the Blue Sand Wind Domain facing the Sea Dragon Domain a couple of days ago, but we havent heard from him yet.”

“The Blue Sand Wind Domain is rapidly shrinking”

Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “There must be certain unusual changes.

Maybe some treasures or strange beasts are entering this world, or some secret realms are emerging.

Forget it, lets not talk about this now.

We should go out and see whats going on.”

Zhang Han had sensed that many people were heading for the imperial palace.

Mo Wen and Nina were running toward them.

When they saw Zhang Han, they were surprised and overjoyed.

“Uncle Zhang, youve finished your reclusive cultivation.

This is great!”

“Phew! Im so glad that youve completed it.”

Mo Wen breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Some members of the Gutuo Divine Temple have come here.

Just now, Gu Kun ordered His Majesty to go see him.

Thus, His Majesty sent me here to wake you up.

He told me that if you couldnt be awakened, he would go out to battle to play for time.

Now, youve ended your reclusive cultivation.

This is great news.

We should go to the Central Lake as soon as possible.

A king vessel of the Dark Elf Clan is hidden there.”

Zhang Guangyou and the others nodded.

Moments ago, they were all tense.

But at this time, they were more relaxed and planned to escape with the main force.

However, at this moment, Zhang Han said, “They are just a group of small potatoes.

Why should we flee”

“Huh” Mo Wen was dumbfounded.

Everyone turned to look at Zhang Han.

“I just probed the void with my soul sense.

The enemies are not many, nor are they strong.

We dont need to flee at all,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Oh, okay.

How many fighters do they have exactly” Mo Wen asked without thinking.

“More than a hundred, but only five of them have reached the God Transformation Realm,” Zhang Han replied.

“Pfft… Cough, cough, cough…”

Mo Wens eyes widened, and he suddenly began to cough.

After a good five seconds, he finally raised his shaky hand and said, “Gosh, how can you feel people that far away”

As soon as he said that, several people around looked shocked.

Nina asked, “Uncle Zhang, does this mean your soul sense can reach the void in the cosmos”

“No way!” Chen Changqing said incredulously.

“My soul sense can only feel things within 2.5 kilometers.

To reach the cosmos, ones soul sense has to cross more than 1,000 kilometers.”

The disparity was simply too striking.

Zhang Han deliberated for a moment and said, “I cast my soul sense with the help of a secret skill.

Dont forget that I have a treasure.”

Zhang Han was talking about the Seven-star Sword, which could control the power of the cosmos.

It was a very powerful Profound-grade treasure.

It had been Zhang Hans for many years and had amazing functions.

With the Seven-star Sword, Zhang Han could even sense everything within 10,000 kilometers, let alone those within merely 1,000 kilometers.

“They only have about a hundred fighters.”

Mo Wen fell silent.

But soon, he said excitedly, “Mr.

Zhang, now that youve ended your reclusive cultivation, a few God Transformation Realm cultivators really cant be your match.”

“But they have three king vessels.” Nina reminded them.

Hearing that, Mo Wen was silent again.

His excitement slowly wore off.

In battles in the cosmos, king vessels were highly destructive.

If the enemies didnt come to the surface of the planet but attacked from the cosmos, how many elves would be killed

Mo Wen wasnt sure about the answer to that question.

The group soon rushed to the imperial palace.

After hearing the updates, Olien and the others were also a little shocked, but they soon became more relaxed.

“Now that they only have five God Transformation Realm cultivators… we truly dont have to escape.”

Olien pondered for a while before saying, “Lets fight! They only have five God Transformation Realm cultivators.

Even if Mr.

Zhang didnt participate in this battle, we still wouldnt lose.

The enmity between us and the Gutuo Divine Temple cant be resolved anyway.

Why dont we bury those enemies here After that, we may also need to go to the Chaotic Region and lay low.”

After saying that, Olien let out a bitter laugh.

After the masses were assembled, they boarded dozens of aircraft and quickly headed for the Central Lake.

It was only a two-minute journey.

They arrived in the blink of an eye.

A large king vessel slowly emerged from under the water.

All the cabin doors opened, and all aircraft flew into the king vessel.

Seeing this, Gu Kun and others on the king vessels in the void above looked exasperated.

“Humph! Sure enough, they are in cahoots.” Gu Kun cursed in anger.

“They have hidden a king vessel in the lake.”

He was a little cross because he knew that things had become troublesome.

With merely three king vessels, he had no chance of taking down the enemys king vessel.

Moreover, he came only to investigate the case and confirm what had happened, so he didnt bring many fighters with him.

Besides, the Gutuo Divine Temple wouldnt allow him to take more fighters and spaceships with him anyway.

King vessels were of strategic importance in the Gutuo Divine Temple.

If Gu Kun werent the Holy Son, he might not have had the three king vessels on this journey.

“That is the Dark Elf Clans king vessel.

“This is concrete evidence that the Elemental Elf Clan and the Dark Elf Clan have colluded with each other.

Perhaps they are the ones who killed Uncle Gu Yi.”

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