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Chapter 1220 The Unlucky Holy Son

“Holy Son, we can send a king vessel back to inform His Majesty of this situation.

The other two king vessels can track the Dark Elf Clans king vessel.

When our main force arrives, they will all be doomed.”

Seeing that the opponent also had a king vessel, they knew that they couldnt annihilate that king vessel by themselves.

Nevertheless, they had a way of tracking that king vessel.

They could pin down the space passageway the king vessel would take to keep an eye on it.

Unless that king vessel entered certain places that restrained this kind of tracking, it would never be able to shake off the tail.

However, something unexpected occurred.

“They didnt flee Why is that king vessel flying toward us”

“Whats this supposed to mean Are they challenging our Gutuo Divine Temple to a fight”

The faces of the dozens of people present turned slightly frosty.

“How audacious!”

The Dark Elf Clans king vessel slowly drew near and suspended on the opposite side, being neck and neck with Gu Kuns king vessel.

Seeing this, even Gu Kun showed faint anger on his face.

“This kind of action is indeed a provocation.”

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The other two king vessels flew over from afar.

The three king vessels formed a triangle that encircled the Dark Elf Clans king vessel within.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz.”

“There is a call.”

Gu Kun said, “Answer it.”

A trace of pride was suddenly revealed on his face.

The image of the other party was shown.

There were dozens of men and women in the main control room.

Some of those women were very attractive.

Gu Kun couldnt help but let his eyes rest on them for moments before shifting them to Felina.

Although pretty women were pleasing to the eye, Gu Kun knew that the Black Evil Seal was much more important.

“Elder Doman, youre with them Dont you think you should give me an explanation” Gu Kun questioned with a cool expression.

“What explanation do you want to hear” Doman asked with a smile.


Gu Kun shook his head and laughed as if he had heard something funny.

But in just two seconds, his smile suddenly disappeared, and his eyes turned cold, as though trying to deter the other party through the screen.

Unhurriedly, he said, “My uncle, Gu Yi, has died.

Felina, you once said that after your mother was rescued, you would get married with me.

But now, youre here with them.

Are you doing this to disparage me or the Gutuo Divine Temple If you dont give me a reasonable explanation, the Gutuo Divine Temple will make the Elemental Elf Clan and the Dark Elf Clan disappear from this world for good.”

Gu Kuns words put Olien, Doman, and the others under immense pressure.

The Dark Elves felt particularly stressed, for they had been suppressed by the Gutuo Divine Temple for a long time.

“Let me explain it to you.”

Having seen many ups and downs, Tricia opened her mouth to speak at this time.

“First of all, Felina did take Gu Yi and his people with her to rescue me, but the place I was in was highly dangerous.

That place took the lives of Gu Yi and his people.

I was rescued by other people.

Thus, the deaths of Gu Yi and the rest have nothing to do with us.”

Tricia was very tactful with her words.

The “other people” that rescued her referred to Zhang Hans group, while the “us” in the last sentence referred to her and Felina.

However, Tricias words gave Gu Kuns group the impression that she and her people had nothing to do with the deaths of Gu Yis group.

It was as if they had died in an accident.

“Second, Felina is my daughter.

Without my permission, she will not marry anyone.

Also, you should be the one who knows best about what youre up to.

I advise you to give it up.

Felinas Black Demon Seal can no longer be extracted by anyone.”

Tricias second remark caused Gu Kuns expression to alter slightly.

“It cant be extracted


“That cant be.

When Felina went off to save you, she still needed at least a year to completely integrated the Black Evil Seal into her body.

Merely a couple of weeks have passed since then.

How can things change so suddenly”

Gu Kun was very disappointed.

But his disappointment was soon surpassed by fury.

Although he knew a bit about how the Black Evil Seal worked, how could he get to know every detail of Felinas cultivation If he really couldnt extract the Black Evil Seal, he would really be “drawing water with a sieve”.

“Nothing is impossible,” Tricia said nonchalantly.

She disliked Gu Kun very much.

But in the face of the fleets of the Gutuo Divine Temple, she knew she had to suppress her dissatisfaction.

If Zhang Han were handling this call, he would have unsheathed his sword and gone over to hack Gu Kun.

Tricias cool tone and composed attitude caused Gu Kuns anger to rise.


Gu Kun abruptly laughed.

Then, he said, “So what Even if I cant get the Black Evil Seal, Felina still has to marry me.

I think many people in the Dark Elf Clan and the Gutuo Divine Temple have heard about our engagement.”


These words altered the expressions of a few people.

Olien, Tricia, and even Doman looked a little stern.

“Are you daydreaming” Zhang Li couldnt help but berate, “Your hidden intentions have all been exposed.

How can you be shameless to ask Felina to marry you”

“My hidden intentions are exposed”

Gu Kun, the Holy Son, arched an eyebrow and said, “Thats true, perhaps.

Since youve given me two reasons, then, Ill tell you my two decisions.

First, Felina must go back with me and marry me.

Second, the Dark Elf Clan and the Elemental Elf Clan must return with me to the Small Sky Dragon Region and wait for punishment.”

At this point, Gu Kun sighed and shook his head before saying, “I hope you wont struggle in vain and follow me back.

If so, maybe many people here can survive.

But if you foolishly resist, how far do you think you can get before being caught by me Once I catch you, youll all die.”

“Oh, if we go back with you, will we be safe” Olien said with a faint chuckle.

“Most of you can survive.” Gu Kuns expression was calm again.

He looked around and said, “Will you cooperate with me or choose to die”

“Youre lying,” Olien suddenly contradicted.

“As the Holy Son of the Gutuo Divine Temple, you may be kind of powerful.

But your status is still very low.

The Gutuo Divine Temple has one king and eight lords.

They are the core leaders.

When I went to the Small Sky Dragon Region, I learned that Gu Yi was of the direct line of descent in Lord Kongs family and was his right-hand man.

Lord Kong is hot-tempered.

Given his temper and what he is capable of, Its impossible for him to spare the Dark Elf Clan and my Elemental Elf Clan.

That somber look you showed when you heard that Felinas Black Demon Seal couldnt be extracted revealed your true thought.

You were counting on the Black Evil Seal to help you make a breakthrough in cultivation and improve your status.

As I see it, we would be doomed if we chose to go back with you.

Besides, Felina is my daughter.

How dare you boss her around”


Gu Kuns face gradually darkened as Olien spoke.

A sinister smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

“Looks like you have made up your mind.

Well, who gave you the courage to defy me Is it Elder Doman Humph, since you dont intend to flee, lets battle.”


The screen became dark.

The Dark Elf Clan was quite small.

It had less than 100,000 members.

In the Small Sky Dragon Region, the Dark Elf Clan was considered a second-rank force.

The reason was that none of their members had reached the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage or higher levels.

They had a few elders in the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage.

Among them, Doman was the strongest, who was very close to the Last-Stage.

With the Dark Elf Clans battle techniques, Doman was even stronger than an ordinary cultivator at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage.

To elves, the God Transformation Realm was a huge hurdle.

The process of transforming their soul sense into divine sense was extremely difficult.

If one was not a royal but an ordinary elf, one would have to cultivate strenuously for hundreds or even thousands of years to enter the God Transformation Realm.

It could be said that Elder Doman and the other elders had built up solid strength in the God Transformation Realm.

As for Gu Kun, the Holy Son, he was a rising star of the younger generation with strong strength.

He was only 33, but he was already at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage.

Being young and powerful, Gu Kun loved fighting.

As the enemys strongest fighter was merely Doman, Gu Kun thought he could vanquish the other party as long as they did not run away.

“Open the cabin door,” said Gu Kun calmly.

“Holy Son, they wouldnt have the nerve to fight.

They were already scared out of their wits when they saw us.”

“Hahaha, how dare they put on airs in front of Holy Son Let those weak elves feel Holy Sons formidable power!”

“Eh They also opened their cabin door! Theyve got some guts!”

“They know they wont be able to escape, so they might as well fight to the death.

Perhaps they think killing us in this place is their only chance to survive,” a middle-aged man said while shaking his head.

“But thats just their wishful thinking.

If they choose to run, they might be able to get rid of us when they enter places like the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

But now, theyve opened their cabin door to fight us.

Its like theyre digging their own grave.”

Those in the king vessel voiced their comments.

Gu Kun saw dozens of people from the other party march out and float in the void.

He gave cold laughs and strode to the cabin door.

Before stepping out, he ordered coldly, “Cook some tea.”


Several maids bowed him out.

Gu Kun, the Holy Son, had a habit of having the maids cook tea for him before he went out to battle.

After he ripped off the opponents head and returned, he would have a cup of hot tea.

Since every time the tea was still hot when he got back, it indirectly emphasized how fast he defeated the enemy.

Speedy victory had been what Gu Kun pursued.

He liked to finish battles quickly.

This time was no exception.

Gu Kun led his men to fly out of the cabin door.

Some aircraft also zoomed out from the other two king vessels and rapidly approached the opponents.

“Daddy, there is gonna be a fight again,” Mengmeng leaned toward Zhang Han and said.

Every time unexpected changes took place, the Little Princess would always stand by Zhang Hans side.

For some reason, as long as Mengmeng could hold her fathers hand, she would not be scared when watching others fight.

She would even feel like she was watching a movie.

“They can put up a fight.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly and said, “Lets go outside and watch them battle.”

The group all walked down the corridor and went out of the cabin door.

Cultivators in the Yuan Ying Realm could move freely in the void of the cosmos, but their combat ability would be repressed a little.

Yet, the powerful figures in the God Transformation Realm were not subject to such repression.

Chen Chuan, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Zhou Fei were not yet in the Yuan Ying Realm.

Therefore, Zhang Han conjured up an energy cover, which wrapped them in.


Zhang Guangyou suddenly saw from the corner of his eye that Zhang Hans right hand moved slightly.

Something as small as a needle quickly swam away like a loach.

“Whats that”

Seeing Zhang Han smiling in silence, Zhang Guangyou suddenly realized something.

“Its the Seven-star Sword!

“Han has activated the Seven-star Sword.

What is he planning to do”

Zhang Guangyou glanced at the surroundings and suddenly fixed his eyes on the other partys three king vessels.

A look of enlightenment was shown on his face.


When the fighters of the two sides were only a hundred meters away—

A heavy sword appeared in Gu Kuns hand.

It was six feet long and half a foot wide.

The heavy sword had no sharp edge.

However, it was held in Gu Kuns hands like a ruler.

Gu Kun gathered his spiritual force in his throat.

Coupled with his soul sense, his voice rang through the cosmos.

He let out a wild laugh and pointed his sword horizontally at Doman, shouting, “Come and face your doom!”

The sound waves spread in all directions.

Gu Kuns tone clearly showed that he was determined to win this battle.

By contrast, Doman was wearing a frown.

There was a trace of concern in his eyes.

A mans reputation followed him like a shadow.

From what Doman had heard, he knew this Holy Son of the Gutuo Divine Temple wasnt someone to be trifled with.

However, Felina was not good-tempered either.

She was wearing a long face.

Suddenly, a small branch-like object appeared in her right hand.

It was her unique wand.

“I can kill you by myself!” Felina said coldly.


Gu Kun roared with laughter when he heard this.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The people on both sides halted in their tracks, leaving an empty space between them.

Two figures, namely Gu Kun and Felina, charged at each other.

Everyone on the scene couldnt help holding their breath.

Olien even raised his hand.


Before he could make a sound, Tricia waved at him and said, “Let her give it a shot.

Although she cant win, she is able to return safely.”

Tricia was very confident in Felina.

Even though Felina was merely at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage, she knew a lot of spells and fighting skills.

However, Felina seemed to have underestimated her opponent this time.

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