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Chapter 1221 The Pitiful Golden-winged Eagle


The heavy sword had no sharp edge, but it unleashed a jet of extremely fierce sword light that was 1000-foot-long, which swiftly whistled forward.

Before it came close, people already sensed the aura of its formidable energy.

Felina instantly performed a secret skill.

A pale black round shield with spikes on it charged at the sword light.

But to everyones surprise, Gu Kuns strike was treacherous.

It was not just a jet of sword light.

Right before the collision would take place, the sword light suddenly morphed into four energy palms.

One of them went to block Felinas strike, while the other three whacked her from different directions.


Even though Felina put up her defense, she was still sent flying dozens of meters.

After she took this blow, her face turned slightly pale.

“However hard I tried, I still lost!”

Gu Kun was wearing a lofty expression.

He smiled provocatively at Felina and stuck out his tongue to lick the corner of his mouth.

In a somewhat wicked tone, he said, “If you want to deal with me, do as you wish in bed on our wedding night after we return to the Small Sky Dragon Region.

Now, move aside.”

“How dare you…”

Felina didnt show emotion on her face.

But Oliens face was a little somber.

He wanted to beat Gu Kun, but when he thought of his limited strength, he could only let out a long sigh.

Gu Kun stood at the center of the battlefield with an imposing demeanor.

He raised his sword and pointed it at Doman, blowing, “Doman, come and face your doom!”

He said the same words in the same tone, but this remark put Doman under great pressure.

The pressure didnt just come from Gu Kun but also from the large group of strong cultivators behind him.

“Very well.

Gu Kun, show me how powerful you are.”

Doman narrowed his eyes, took out his wand, and rushed over.

When he was within the optimal distance for casting spells, he launched five offensive secret skills in two seconds.

“Uncle Zhang, which of them is more powerful” Yue Xiaonao, who was standing beside Mengmeng, looked up at Zhang Han and asked.

“They are at about the same level regarding strength.

Lets watch the battle to see whose foundation is more solid,” Zhang Han commented.

“Foundation” Chen Changqing said, “Elder Doman is more than 1,000 years old, so his foundation must be stronger.”

“Not necessarily.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “The foundation Im talking about is similar to the opportunity one gets.

One foundation wont necessarily be directly proportional to the period of ones cultivation.

Many cultivators who have cultivated for merely 20 years can be defeated those who have cultivated for 1,000 years.”

When Olien and the others heard these words, the corners of their mouth trembled slightly.

“Why does it sound like he means that Elder Doman is no match for Gu Kun”

Things went as Zhang Han predicted.

Gu Kun brandished his heavy sword horizontally and vertically, issuing numerous jets of sword light that ran criss-cross and continuously destroyed Domans secret skills.

The two of them fought in the cosmos.

After making less than 30 moves, Doman was already at a disadvantage.

“Hes using the Formless Jade Sword Method!”

There was astonishment in Tricias voice.

“The Formless Jade Sword Method must be practiced with heavy swords.

It is the strongest of the three top sword methods of the Gutuo Divine Temple.

Its very formidable.

It is said that after mastering it, one can fight those at higher levels.

From Gu Kuns aura, he has mastered the Heavy Sword with a Cold Edge, which is the third tier of the Formless Jade Sword Method.”

“Cant believe he is using the Formless Jade Sword Method!” Oliens expression altered slightly.

He said in a heavy tone, “Now were in trouble.”

He had also heard of this sword method, which had a total of five tiers.

It was said that in order to comprehend the fifth tier, one needed to practice assiduously all year round.

Moreover, to learn this method, one should be at least in the Void-refining Realm.

“No wonder he has been so unscrupulous.

With his strength, he can be regarded as a talent even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province,” said another elder of the Dark Elf Clan with a wry smile.

“Doman is losing.

Its our turn to battle.”

He wanted to reinforce Doman.

But Gu Kuns men were faster.

Some of his subordinates dashed forward quickly.

“Hahaha, its time to end this.”

Gu Kun looked at Doman, shook his head, and said with a soft sigh, “Youre weak.

I never thought Elder Domans strength could be so mediocre.

I didnt even need to go all out.”

“Really That was just a warm-up.”

Doman suddenly laughed.


A tremor ran through him.

Domans body began to glow with starlight.

The brilliance of the starlight spurted from beneath his clothes.


A whirlwind appeared out of nowhere, making Elder Domans clothes rustle and causing his long hair to flutter.

His aura had entered the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage.

When his aura rose to a certain level, Doman held the wand in his right hand.

His eyes were shining with cyan light.

“Now, I will let you taste the power of our Dark Elf Clan.”

“Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Some of Gu Kuns men suddenly halted.

They were somewhat shocked.

“How come he has advanced to the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage”

“What secret skill is that”

“Things are tricky now.

A cultivator at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage is ten times more powerful than one at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage.”

Before, Gu Kun had merely gained the upper hand by a nose.

But his opponent had sudden ascended to a higher level.

Everyone felt that Elder Doman was going to suppress Gu Kun instead.

As for Gu Kun, he indeed felt stressed in the face of a God Transformation Realm Last-Stage cultivator.

“Bravo! Youre really good at hiding your strength.

Elder Doman, I must see you in a new light now.”

Gu Kun drew a breath and added, “Its a pity that I need to go back and enjoy my tea.

I dont want to waste time on you guys.”


As he said that, a black ball magically appeared in his right hand.

It was about the size of a palm and looked a little fluffy.

“Haha, this is a baby Golden-winged Eagle I asked our king to hunt for me.

He spent two years and finally captured it in the Strange Beast Abyss.”


A roar suddenly came from the black ball as if something terrifying was about to befall.

However, no one seemed to have noticed that Tiny Tot, who was in Mengmengs schoolbag, shook its head in a daze and opened its eyes to look out through the small “window”.

Then, it even began to drool…

“What A Golden-winged Eagle”


Elder Doman retreated rapidly.

While retreating, he raised his wand to put up more than a dozen layers of protective energy with a frightened look on his face.

Every Golden-winged Eagle was already in the Elixir Realm since it was born.

Golden-winged Eagles were a formidable species among Starry Sky Beasts.

Their population was very small.

It was said that once they came of age, they could even travel faster than 90 percent of king vessels.

“This baby eagle will travel around the Cultivation World with me in the future.”

Gu Kun looked at the black ball in his hand with a smile and said dotingly, “Ive raised it for 15 years.

It has consumed the resources I accumulated over many years.

Now, its time to display its power.

Elder Doman, its your honor to be killed by it.

Dont worry.

After Felina and I get married, Ill take good care of her.

Of course, the premise is that she will give me the Black Evil Seal.

But if she cant, well…”

As Gu Kun said the last few words, his eyes flickered with a cold glow.

The meaning behind his words was that if he couldnt have the Black Evil Seal, then, Felina and the others would absolutely be miserable.

“Little fellow, come forward.”

Gu Kun chuckled as he exerted his energy over the black ball.



A loud twitter echoed across the sky.

A tiny ray of golden light flew out of the black ball.

Then, it grew bigger at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In just a blink of an eye, it turned into a ten-meter-long Golden-winged Eagle.

It was a rare and very mighty Starry Sky Beast.

At this moment, directed by Gu Kuns will, it was staring coldly at Doman.


Doman gasped in terror.

He felt his scalp tingle.

He never expected this coming.

The other side actually had a Starry Sky Beast.

Judging from its aura, the Golden-winged Eagle was definitely at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage.


Zi Yan tugged Zhang Hans arm and subconsciously reminded him that the Golden-winged Eagle was perhaps about to attack.



Tiny Tot swiftly climbed out of Mengmengs schoolbag and floated in the void.

It did that effortlessly as if it were merely walking on flat ground.

It was still in the form of a palm-sized penguin, but it directly ran toward the Golden-winged Eagle.

“Gee! Tiny Tot!”

Mengmeng was taken aback.

Zi Yans expression froze as well.

At this point, Zhang Han smiled and said, “Its said that Golden-winged Eagles taste good.

Their meat is juicy and tender.

Tiny Tot can have a good meal today.”

“Haha.” Zi Yan suddenly laughed.

Zhang Guangyou, Lisa, Rong Jiali, and others were also a little stunned.

“Is Tiny Tot hunting for food”

Gu Kun, whose attention was fully captivated by the Golden-winged Eagle, and his followers didnt hear their conversation at all.

“How mighty Holy Son is!”

“The Golden-winged Eagle is splendid.

What a powerful aura it has! Only Holy Son can keep such a divine creature.

I dare say that many ordinary people have never seen such an incredible creature.”

“The battle is about to end.

Once, I saw the Golden-winged Eagle tear the enemy up with a flap of its wings.

I wonder how long Doman can resist it.”

“Hahaha, kill those elders and all the men here.

Then, we can take all those women with us.

Ive noticed that the other party has many beautiful women.

I cant wait to take them into my arms.

Hey, whats that little thing”

“Where is it”

“Over there Look! A little thing is tottering over.”

“What is that”

“How dare such a little thing come to the battlefield”

As murmurs of discussions sounded, Gu Kun looked over, because he also noticed that the eyes of the Golden-winged Eagle were also fixed on the strange newcomer.


Gu Kun frowned.

Watching the palm-sized thing approaching, he gave a cold laugh and said, “Leave it alone.

Golden Wing, go kill Doman and the people around him.”


Gu Kun casually waved his sword.

A streak of sword energy cleaved the void horizontally and dashed toward Tiny Tot.



Tiny Tot let out two cries.

Seeing that the sword energy was getting closer and closer, it was lost in deep thought.

A second later, Tiny Tot came to its senses.

“What the hell The thing on that side is attacking me”


Hearing Gu Kuns words, the Golden-winged Eagle flickered its cold eyes to Doman again.

It seemed like it was going to display its might.

Just as it prepared to make a move, the sword energy had come to Tiny Tot.


Mengmengs pretty face was suddenly filled with concern.

“Dont worry.”

The moment Zhang Han said that—


An ethereal ring sounded from all directions at the same time.


Gu Kuns sword energy was dissipated.

A huge black shadow appeared.

“Chirr! Chirr! Chirr!”

The Golden-winged Eagle was about to swoop down.

But it suddenly felt an aura that made it tremble.

For a moment, it lost its nerve.

It stood there motionlessly for two good seconds.

The Golden-Winged Eagle, who had little combat experience, met Tiny Tot, who was also a green hand in combat.

Nevertheless, the aura of the Ancient cursed roc and the reflex of the Golden-Winged Eagle revealed that the end of this battle had already been decided.


Tiny Tots body was then 500 feet long.

That was about 150 meters long.

At this time, Tiny Tot was even much larger than Dahei.

Compared with Tiny Tot, the Golden-winged Eagle looked like a chicken at this moment.


Tiny Tot opened its mouth.

Infinite black light darted out as it devoured the Golden-winged Eagle.


Tiny Tot let out a cry again.


Then, it transformed into a small penguin the size of a palm, tottered back, and jumped into Mengmengs schoolbag.

“What” Chen Changqing widened his eyes in disbelief.

At this moment, almost everyone was dumbfounded.

Elder Doman thought in mind, “What the hell happened just now”

Olien, the King of Elves, shook his head heavily.

“Was I hallucinating

“No, that was not a hallucination!

“Good heavens!

“What is that thing that killed the Golden-winged Eagle in seconds”

Felina, Nina, and all of the other elves on the scene were stupefied.

“Tiny Tots fighting capacity is too terrifying, isnt it”

Gu Kun and all of his men were scared stiff.

“The Golden-winged Eagle is dead”

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