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Chapter 1235 A Sweeping Invasion

“Formation! Activate the formation!”

“Storm of Mecha Fire!”


Bullets shot out from countless mechas.

But the Iron Armor Dragons defense was too strong.

The hailstorm of firepower only made it slow down a little bit.

Tens of thousands of cultivators were working on the Heaven-earth Formation.

Instantly, the space around Peacock King was sealed.

Tens of thousands of beams of light dashed out, each of which was as deadly as a laser cannon.

It was no exaggeration to say that even a cultivator in the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage would die immediately if he or she was inside this formation.

However, the cold eyes of the Peacock King were filled with contempt and disdain.


Its tail feathers suddenly radiated with colorful light.

As its wings flapped, rays of light poured down, confronting the beams of light dashing out from the formation.


The Peacock King zoomed forward at a very fast speed like a bolt of dark green lightning.

At the edge of the sealed space, its huge beak glinted with a frightening cold light.

It raised its head and pecked.


The energy within the sealed space started to tremble.

When the Peacock King pecked the second time, the energy trembled even more violently.


As it pecked the third time…


The Peacock King tore through the sealed space and swiftly flew out.

Seeing this scene, the hundreds of thousands of people present felt a chill rising in their hearts, as if the cold light flew up along their spines and shot straight into their brains.


“Retreat, quick!”


Chaos befell.

The entire region was in a state of chaos.

The last move they could make was to speed up the firing of the main energy cannons.

The people in every area fled to the nearest king vessel.

But the squad close to the Iron Armor Dragon suffered hugely.


The Iron Armor Dragon was on a rampage.

No one could stop it as if it was invincible.

Just as the king vessel took off, the Iron Armor Dragon charged forward.

Though it was huge in size, its speed was extremely fast.

The strong impact ripped the king vessel apart.

Flames burst out, which made people tremble both physically and mentally.

“R-Run! Run for your life!”

Many people started to panic.

They had racked their brains and prepared for so long, but they fell short of success at the very last moment.

What caught them off guard was that the Peacock King was not their only enemy, for the Iron Armor Dragon also turned up here.

“Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Many king vessels took off.

They were the ones that reacted quite fast.

Apart from those in the area where the Iron Armor Dragon was, everyone else had boarded king vessels, preparing to flee.

“Well jump into the secondary space.

Five seconds countdown starts.




The Peacock King spread its wings and soared into the air, unleashing beams of colorful light.

As if super powerful Energy Cannons, the beams of light hit the king vessels that had just risen and brought them down.

The tens of thousands of people near the Iron Armor Dragon all began to roar after being bathed in the colorful light.

Their souls were burning.

In seconds, they turned into wisps of energy and were absorbed by the Peacock King.

They had served as its food.

The Iron Armor Dragon seemed only interested in vandalizing.

It dashed around madly, targeting the king vessels preparing to escape.

Its body was so strong that alloy was like scrap paper in the face of its attacks.

In just five seconds, the Iron Armor Dragon destroyed 13 king vessels.

Normally, the Iron Armor Dragon had no such chance to barge here and there at its will.

However, these king vessels had been parked on the ground, and the process of launching them into escaping mode was sort of intricate.

Thus, this was the best place for the Iron Armor Dragon to demonstrate its prowess.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

While the destruction went on, the remaining king vessels went several meters higher and jumped into the secondary space.

“Weak human beings,” the Peacock King said scornfully, “how dare you try to ambush me”

“Its boring.

Im going to another planet.

There are no gems I like here,” the Iron Armor Dragon said gruffly in human tongue and intended to leave.

Right at this moment…

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz…”

Many openings emerged on the ground, revealing the energy cannons that Taoist Deadwood and the others had long installed there.


The firepower covered the entire world.

The Iron Armor Dragon and the Peacock King were both under attack.

Ten seconds later, the dazzling light dissipated.

A few feathers slowly fell from the sky.

The Peacock Kings eyes reddened with anger.

“Dammit! Damn humans!”

The Iron Armor Dragon shook its head.

The bombardment had hurt it a bit and made it feel a little dizzy.

Fortunately, its defense was strong enough, so it wasnt injured.

The Iron Armor Dragon cast a sidelong glance at the furious Peacock King.

The Peacock King lost several feathers which were the defensive treasures the Colorful Peacock had given it as a gift.

Every feather damaged was a huge loss.


The Iron Armor Dragon took pleasure in the misfortunes of the Peacock King.

The Iron Armor Dragon turned and burrowed into the ground, preparing to eat the ores down there it had sensed earlier.


The Peacock King spread his wings and turned into a streak of light.

It disappeared into the void, heading for its next target.

On one of the king vessels…

Taoist Deadwood was silent.

The others looked rather pale.

Qin Changxiao, in particular, was in a daze.

This should be considered a narrow escape from death.

If they had been targeted by any of the two beasts just now, none of them would have been able to escape.

“Ma-Master,” Qin Changxiao said in a shaky voice, “is that Peacock King undefeatable”

“No.” Taoist Deadwood shook his head.

“Then why none of us could fight it” asked Qin Changxiao.

“Because… the Peacock King has the strength of the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage.

In addition, it has formidable supernatural power and many treasures, so no one can defeat it.

We are too weak.

Besides, we dont know the Peacock Kings weaknesses.

I may be able to fight against it for a while, but I have no chance to defeat it anyway.” Taoist Deadwood let out a sigh and said, “I might have the chance when I was in my prime.

But now, I dont.”

“Then, there is no one in the Small Sky Dragon Region, the Sea Dragon Star Area, or the Heavenly Dragon Star Province who can deal with the Peacock King” Qin Changxiao looked a little disappointed.

“Could the Human Clan be this weak in the Cultivation World”

“There are some who can fight against it, such as several mighty ones on the Omnipotent Troop of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Oh, right, my savior, Zhang Hanyang, is also a powerful cultivator.

Maybe he is able to put up a fight against the Peacock King.” Taoist Deadwood stroked his beard and said, “But it seems that… no one dares to kill those beasts because their backing is too powerful.

The Blue Sand Wind Domain is in turmoil.

If the horrifying creatures inside it come out, the areas nearby will all become dwellings of ancient demonic beasts.”

“I see.”

Qin Changxiao nodded subconsciously.

Zhang Hans figure appeared in his mind.

The boy recalled Zhang Hans easygoing demeanor, as well as the special aura he emanated when he made moves.

“That senior is still in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“Master, it is reported that many Star Areas have been drenched in bloodbaths.” Qin Changxiao suddenly felt a little sad.

“Could our Dragon Base Star in the Sea Dragon Star Area have also been attacked”

Qin Changxiao was worried because his Uncle Wang and the others were still living there.

“Good people will be blessed by heaven.

Its all up to fate.” Taoist Dead Wood drew in a breath and said, “Our next move is to retreat to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

When we see the members of the Omnipotent Troop, Ill ask them for information.

They should know more than us.

Changxiao, go cultivate.

One day, you will also become a great cultivator who can fight against the Peacock King.”


Qin Changxiao nodded and went back to the training room with jumbled feelings.

In the Heavenly Dragon Star Province…

“Shan, if the 15 of us attack the Sawtooth Tiger here, would something go wrong with the other defensive line”

In the void of the universe, more than a dozen people were floating in a small place at the center node connecting several planets.

This place was on the only path to those planets.

One of them was an old man, who spoke with a worried tone.

He was gazing at a man wearing strange clothes.

This man was the mysterious headmaster of the Dragnet Academy, Shan!

“Shan” was his Taoist title.

Shan rarely showed up in public.

But as something this serious had occurred, he had no choice but to step forward.

He was one of the core members and leaders of the Omnipotent Troop.

Shan was a strong man, whose strength ranked among the top 10 on the Omnipotent Troop.

“The Sawtooth Tiger is one of the most bloodthirsty beasts,” Shan said calmly.

“We went to the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain a few days ago and communicated with those Great Devils.

They were rather uncooperative and disdainful toward us.

Still, they agreed to warn their juniors that had gone to explore the outside world.

However, these ancient demonic beasts are unbridled because their elders are grounded and so cant go out to discipline them.

Well, since their warning doesnt work, well give those beasts a warning on behalf of their elders.

This time, well seriously injure the Sawtooth Tiger to remind them that they cant do whatever they like in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Hahaha, Ive wanted to do this for a long time!”

Those around him laughed.

“Its coming.”

As they looked over, a streak of light flew toward them in the dark void and arrived in no time.

“Seal the Heavens!”

Rays of light darted out from Headmaster Shans eyes, which suddenly appeared from the darkness and released a suppressing supernatural power.


The streak of light came to a halt.

It was the Sawtooth Tiger.

Its eyes gleamed with shrewdness, as though it had realized that the dozen or so people in front of it were not easy to deal with.

“What do you want to do” the Sawtooth Tiger asked coldly in the human language.

“What do you think” Shans eyes were cool, and his tone was even more indifferent.

The Sawtooth Tiger remained silent for seconds.

Then, it suddenly said, “I need to suck a great amount of blood until Im satisfied.

Dont try to stop me, or Ill launch a massacre in your territory.”

“Will you”

All of a sudden, Shan showed a hint of mockery in his eyes.


He and his men attacked in an instant.

The more than a dozen people surrounded the Sawtooth Tiger from different directions and made their moves simultaneously.

Even though the Sawtooth Tiger was at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage and highly talented, it was still unable to withstand the all-out attacks of Headmaster Shan and his group.

The Sawtooth Tiger didnt have the strong defense of the Iron Armor Dragon, nor did it have the speed or mysterious supernatural powers of the Peacock King.

Compared to those more gifted ancient demonic beasts, the Sawtooth Tigers strength foundation seemed much feebler.

However, it also had its unique strengths, which were its strong body and saw-like teeth.

It had refined every single tooth it had for a long time.

Its senior, the Sawtooth Tiger King, had even attained the level of storing an innate supernatural power in each of its teeth and thus possessed incredible strength.

But this Sawtooth Tiger was much weaker.

As supernatural powers were fired at it one after another, the Sawtooth Tiger eventually understood that it was no match for those people, especially the Headmaster Shan standing in front of it.

Headmaster Shans strikes always confused it.

His attacks came like never-ending huge waves.

Some were fake, while the others were real.

It was difficult to tell which ones were really detrimental.


Blood gushed out from the Sawtooth Tiger.

It was in extreme pain.


An earth-shattering roar spread in all directions, making about six peoples ears bleed.


The longer the fight went on, the angrier the Sawtooth Tiger became.

No matter how hard it tried, it could not turn the situation in its favor.

Gradually, the Sawtooth Tiger fell to a complete disadvantage.

There were countless wounds on its body.

“Grrr! Grrr! Grrr!”

The Sawtooth Tiger roared again and again.

Finally, it realized that if things went on like this, it would die in the end.

The Sawtooth Tiger bellowed, “You dare kill me

“Do you really have the nerve to kill me

“Once you kill me, our king will immediately know about this.

It will flatten the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province and kill every human being here with all the lords in our clan!”

This was an undeniable truth.

So far, the seniors and lords of the ancient demonic beasts had not shown up.

Thus, everyone suspected that there was some type of restriction forbidding them to go out.

But what if there was no restriction What if the seniors and lords could leave the Blue Sand Wind Domain at a very small price and start mopping-up operations

No one dared to take the risk, not even Headmaster Shan.

However, some people could not control their temper.

“Wham! Wham! Wham…”

A middle-aged man holding a black stick, which was a spirit treasure, was pummeling the Sawtooth Tiger madly.

The sound of bones breaking rang out nonstop.

Blood began to come out from the Sawtooth Tigers mouth, nostrils, eyes, and ears.

If this went on, the Sawtooth Tiger would probably die.

Headmaster Shan took a deep breath.

Then, his will flew out to communicate with the middle-aged man attacking the Sawtooth Tiger, and he sent the man a few words through the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

Only then did the middle-aged man slowly retreat.

He still stared at the Sawtooth Tiger with cold eyes, as if wishing he could kill it.

“But the big picture is more important!

“The damn big picture!”

The middle-aged man wanted to shout that out loud.

But he could not bear the consequence of plunging the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province into misery.

“Since your seniors didnt warn you, Ill give you the warning instead.

Remember my name.

My Taoist name is Shan!”

Headmaster Shan said aloofly, “Next time, if you dare to appear in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province again, I will kill you.



Sawtooth Tiger growled weakly.

With its bloodshot eyes focused ahead, it slowly backed away while saying, “Hahaha, I wont forget your name.

Wait for me to kill you.”


The Sawtooth Tiger left that fierce threat and then turned tails.

When it flew here, it traveled very fast.

But on its way back, it tottered and staggered.

The warning operation had begun!

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province was extremely large.

It was also very populous.

Countless reconnaissance aircraft were in motion, monitoring the Heavenly Dragon Star Province from all directions.

Almost all the reconnaissance aircraft and equipment in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province had been employed.

It was all for the purpose of detecting the movements of the ancient demonic beasts.

The task changed from merely repelling the beasts at the beginning to injuring them.

Yet, they still didnt dare to kill those beasts.

However, there were only over a hundred people on the Omnipotent Troop.

Every one of them was very swamped.

They had to move to the next battlefield almost right after they finished off the enemies before them.

There werent too many ancient demonic beasts, but they had to be on guard.

It was not until the Sawtooth Tiger was injured that the terrifying strength of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province was displayed.

The cultivators in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province did have enough power to confront the ancient demonic beasts.

“Lets head for the next place.”

With a wave of his hand, Shan led the troop away.

“After we cripple several ancient demonic beasts.

I believe the core members of the Blue Sand Wind Domain will know what we mean.”

“Its better to die proudly than to live in disgrace.

Frankly, I think its better to kill them.

But my ration and the reality wont allow it.” The people around sighed one after another.

“Even that mighty figure in the Sea Dragon Star Area hasnt killed any of the beasts.”

“Clearly, he is also afraid of the Great Devils at the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.”

“I wonder how strong that person is.”

At this point, Shan suddenly showed a strange expression and said slowly, “From your description, I think I know that lord youre talking about.”

“Who is he” the people around asked with surprised looks on their faces.

“If what you said is true… Well, Im not sure about his strength.” Headmaster Shan revealed a reminiscent look in his eyes as he said, “His strength has always been a mystery.

I dont think he is afraid of those beasts.

Maybe there is another reason.

Ill visit him this time if there is a chance.”

On a planet on the periphery of the Small Sky Dragon Region and the Heavenly Dragon Star Province…

“Ah! Older Martial Sister, help me! Im gonna die!”

Ye Longyuans gruff cries for help rang again and again.

Yan Chens and Su Beimus faces had also turned pale.

It was because behind them stood a giant Blood Wolf.

The reason why Ye Longyuan asked for help was that two rays of deadly light just shot out from the Blood Wolfs eyes.

The three of them had just put forth all their strength to defend themselves.

Yet, in an instant, they were all seriously injured.

If they did not escape, they would be doomed.


Chu Qingyi, who was wearing a dress and a grim expression, held up the sword in her right hand and launched a secret skill, which successfully blocked out the deadly light.

Without looking back at them, she urged, “Go back to the king vessel!”

The sudden appearance of the Blood Wolf had also caught Chu Qingyi off guard.

She handled most of the Blood Wolfs attacks.

She began to retreat while resisting, feeling stressed.

The Blood Wolf was slightly more powerful than her.

With resignation, Chu Qingyi had no choice but to go all out.

If it werent for Ye Longyuan and the other two, she would have already escaped.

But now, she could only strive to restrain the Blood Wolf.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Finally, Ye Longyuan and the other two were near the king vessel.

They quickly jumped into the cabin door.

Without the three getting in the way, Chu Qingyi turned around to fight the Blood Wolf with her full strength.

“Older Martial Sister, lets leave!”

Ye Longyuan started the king vessel and then bellowed with a pale face.

He used to be pompous all the time.

But now, facing the ancient demonic beasts, he was also frightened.

“This Blood Wolf is too terrifying.

“What we fear most about ancient demonic beasts is not their cultivation realms but the unfathomable and powerful supernatural powers they are born with.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom…”

Booms rang out nonstop.

Chu Qingyi had displayed her top fighting strength.

In the face of a series of violent attacks, the Blood Wolf was forced to retreat hundreds of meters.


Chu Qingyi did not linger to fight either.

She leaped up in a flash and swiftly returned to the king vessel.

Then, the king vessel rose into the air and jumped into the secondary space.


Ye Longyuan let out a sigh of relief and feebly slumped into a chair.

After wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he said, “Older Martial Sister, what realm is that Blood Wolf in It is really a formidable ancient demonic beast.”

“It is perhaps in the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage,” Chu Qingyi said calmly as she sat by Ye Longyuangs side.

“Blood Wolves are borne with a talent called the Blood Resonance, which is a little tricky to deal with.

Other than that, theres nothing special about them.”

“Just the rogue energy produced by its strikes could kill us,” said Su Beimu, who still had a lingering fear.

He thought he just escaped death by a hairbreadth.

“This whole world has been invaded by ancient demonic beasts.

How can there be such terrifying creatures” Yan Chen found this rather unbelievable.

“The creatures with the wordancient in their titles tend to be extraordinary.

Ancient demonic beasts possess powerful bloodlines, which are the source of their strength.”

Given this situation, Chu Qingyi explained a bit more.

Then, she became as laid-back as she usually was.

She fetched out the hammock that she often used and lay in it, barefoot.

She took out a book and slowly flipped through it.

“Older Martial Sister, you do love reading,” Ye Longyuan said, scratching his head.

It was Chu Qingyis normal to read whenever she had time.

She liked reading quietly.

“Reading helps us learn so much about the world.” Without turning her head, Chu Qingyi replied nonchalantly, “Our master loves reading.

He has read numerous books.

Many of the ancient books I read are the ones I fetched from one of Masters abodes.

If you have time, you should read more as well.”

“Read more” Ye Longyuan was dazed for two seconds and shook his head.

“I dont like reading at all.”

Compared with reading, Ye Longyuan preferred robbing ancient graves.

When he landed on this planet, Ye Longyuan discovered a big grave.

He led Yan Chen and Su Beimu down there and obtained some treasures through painstaking efforts.

If it hadnt been for the Blood Wolfs sudden attack, this journey would have been perfect.

Ye Longyuan, Yan Chen, and Su Beimu all fetched healing medicinal pellets and took them.

On a planet close to the edge of the Sea Dragon Star Area…

A Blazing Griffin was wilfully breathing fire, destroying everything in its way.

It was really horrible.

Far behind the Blazing Griffin, a figure was secretly tailing it.

This figure had a pair of energy wings on his back.

Yes, this man was Shi Fenghou.

Shi Fenghou looked at the Blazing Griffin ahead and muttered to himself, “I dont believe you wont run into a tough opponent.”

He had been following the Blazing Griffin for seven full days.

He couldnt defeat it, but he wanted its Inner Elixir for the sake of his cultivation.

Thus, he could only shadow the Blazing Griffin.

After all, the Blazing Griffin couldnt travel as fast as he did.

He planned to wait for the Blazing Griffin to be taken down by someone else before taking its Inner Elixir.

There was always a chance that the Blazing Griffin might run into a big shot, such as that Ruthless Zhang.

Some people were born with grit.

In the face of the turmoil caused by the ancient strange beasts, most people were desperate to flee.

Shi Fenghou, however, was actually thinking about how to get hold of their Inner Elixirs.

He was truly audacious.

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