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Chapter 1236 Finding out the Truth

Several days later…

The frequency of ancient strange beasts appearing in the surrounding major Star Areas had dropped sharply.

After they attacked almost all those Star Areas, these regions seemed to have lost attraction to them.

Gradually, more and more ancient strange beasts came to attack the Sea Dragon Star Area and the Small Sky Dragon Region.

The small groups led by Taoist Deadwood had been severely suppressed by ancient demonic beasts and were steadily losing ground.

They didnt have many territories left.

Regarding this, the forces in the neighboring Heavenly Dragon Star Province said that they had no way to help them.

Countless cultivators fled to the back of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Anyway, there was a relatively extensive defense line in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, which blocked most of the ancient demonic beasts.

But it seemed that more ancient demonic beasts were enraged when they saw some of their fellows be seriously injured.

“Slaughter them to our hearts content! Theyre lowly human beings.”

In the central region of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, a Great Devil incited others to attack the Human Clan.

One of its descendants seemed to have been seriously injured by humans.

Thus, the pressure on the Heavenly Dragon Star Province was even greater.


Headmaster Shan and his group landed on a planet.

From a distance, they saw that many areas on the surface of the planet were in ruins.

The war in the north had just begun.

However, there were three ancient demonic beasts wreaking havoc here.

“Get them!”


After a fierce battle, they managed to injure the three ancient demonic beasts.

However, before the three ancient demonic beasts retreated, they sneered and said, “You hurt us.

We will repay you with the pain ten times or a hundred times stronger.

Hahaha, we dare to kill you, but do you dare to kill us”


Those words hit the sore spot.

Several grumpy people next to Headmaster Shan tried hard to hold back their anger.

They were all glaring at the three ancient demonic beasts with blatant fury in their eyes.

Nonetheless, they could only watch helplessly as the three ancient demonic beasts vanished into the starry sky.

“Damn! Dammit! Dammit!”

“No matter how furious we are, we cant… kill them!”

“Yes, we cant kill them.

We can only drive them away.

There are more and more chips in the defense line.


In the face of the indignant group, Headmaster Shan sighed deeply.

“What else can we do

“If we were to kill them, it would provoke the Great Devils at the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

That would be a catastrophe.

“Theres nothing we can do about it.

Just put up with it.”

They felt as if the Heavenly Dragon Star Province could only be on the defensive side even though the ancient demonic beasts were plundering and burning this region down.

Instead of taking the initiative to attack, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province could only repel the invaders.

On the other side near the Blue Sand Wind Domain…

“How is the investigation of the last few Space Nodes going Anyway, I didnt see anything unusual,” Yue Wuwei asked when he and Zhang Han were flying in the void of the cosmos to the nearby king vessel.

Zhang Han nodded and said, “Its almost done.

I can claim that its the Cosmos Formation as we guessed.

The Space Nodes here are connected to a place ruled by ancient demonic beasts.

After we finish checking the last few Space Nodes, lets go to the vicinity of the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain to find out the details.”


They returned to the king vessel and headed for the next Space Node.

At this time, Zhao Feng came to the lounge from the main control room.

“Master, ancient demonic beasts are rampant in 20% area of the periphery of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Many planets have undergone a massacre.

We dont know the specific number yet, but there should not be many casualties.

People are alerted and have thronged to the inner area.”

Zhao Feng reported what had happened recently.

“The number of ancient variant beasts is over ten times larger compared to the past, and it is still increasing.

It looks like they are going to make large-scale havoc.”

“Eh It seems that someone is not intimidating enough,” Zhang Han glanced at Yue Wuwei and joked.

“Its difficult for me to handle this alone.

Besides, other peoples life and death are not my concern.” Yue Wuwei chuckled and said, “Im not a saint.

You shouldnt mock me either.

Youre more stone-hearted than me, arent you”

Zhang Hans lips moved, but he decided not to talk about this in the end.

Instead, he said, “Once we finish investigating the last few Space Nodes and confirm our conjectures…”

Zhang Han broke off.

But Zhao Feng sensed the unique aura which indicated that his master was about to take action.

A beam of light flashed across Yue Wuweis eyes.

With his cultivation level, he could kill any creature as he pleased.

When had he ever had scruples If he wanted to kill, how could the strange beasts in the Blue Sand Wind Domain put on airs in front of him

But Yue Wuwei feared that if he killed those beasts, a world-shaking tribulation would be drawn to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, the Small Sky Dragon Region, and the major Star Areas.

Then, the cosmos would be drenched in blood, and all living things without bodies to be buried.

Otherwise, he would have long launched attacks.

On second thought, Yue Wuwei knew that if he made a move, he might bring about even greater disaster.

Thus, he maintained his silence and merely issued a warning.

The reason for all this upheaval was still unclear.

Yue Wuwei did not expect that things would go out of control.

Zhang Mu, Zhang Guangyou, and the others were also indignant because of the wanton slaughter launched by the ancient demonic beasts.

Yet, they were not strong enough to fight those ancient demonic beasts.

It was even difficult for them to protect themselves.

But when they saw Zhang Han initiate an investigation, they felt that the ancient demonic beasts would be punished soon or later.


A muffled bang sounded.

The king vessel leaped out of the secondary space and arrived at a new Space Node.

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei went out of the king vessel and looked at the Blue Sand Wind Domain from nearby.

Yue Wuwei was just doing this for fun, while Zhang Han observed meticulously and set up several formations.

He kept gesticulating as if he was verifying something.


Suddenly, a roar came from not far away.

A Blood Wolf covered in blood showed up.

It was the one Chu Qingyi had fought against.

This Blood Wolf had gone to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and got two legs broken by Chu Qingyi.

It just come back, seriously injured.

The Blood Wolf was started when it saw a king vessel appear on the side.

Feeling that the king vessel was still far away and it was safe, the Blood Wolf bared its fangs and howled.


Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han looked over.

Floating in the cosmos, the two of them were like two small black dots.

However, the Blood Wolf suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Ive already been seriously injured.

Id better not mess with these guys, or Ill probably get killed.”


The Blood Wolf whipped around, turned into a jet of light, and flew in the opposite direction.

“What is it”

Vaguely, the Blood Wolf saw a black shadow.

The eyes of that shadow made its hair stand on end.

Its heart couldnt help but skip a beat.

Then, it sped up and went away.

“Ill come out to hunt after I recover,” thought the Blood Wolf.

“Tiny Tot, stop chasing it.

It has gone too far away.”

Zhang Han called out to Tiny Tot with resignation.

“Coo! Coo!”

Tiny Tot smacked its lips to show that it was longing for wolf meat.

Though reluctant to give up, it cast a final look at the place where the Blood Wolf had disappeared from sight before turning into a jet of black light and flying back to the king vessel in the form of a penguin.

“Tiny Tot is really funny.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“I havent seen any ancient demonic beasts that can compare with Tiny Tot.

Those in the Blue Sand Wind Domain are quite strong.

Dahei and Little Hei are not far away from catching up with them.

But I didnt expect that these two would soon be trained into strange beasts by you.” Yue Wuwei said in a slightly puzzled tone, “Its really unusual that ordinary animals can also become strange beasts.”

“Well…” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said with a smile, “Its not easy for Dahei and Little Hei to go this far.

They worked on it step by step.

Every time they underwent a complete transformation, they would die if they were any bit careless.

But they powered it through with their perseverance.

Since they are not born as strange beasts, they have to endure the pain thousands of times more intensified to evolve into strange beasts.”

“But there is more to that.

I bet that many spirit beasts want this kind of opportunity.

You have fed Dahei and Little Hei with spirit beasts, strange beasts, gems, Inner Elixirs, spiritual herbs, and several kinds of Elemental Sources.

Thus, I can understand why theyre progressing so fast.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and said, “Its time to roll.

Lets go to the next place.

Weve been roaming in the Blue Sand Wind Domain for days.

Lets get the work done as soon as possible.”

“Itll be done very soon.

We only have three more places to visit.” Zhang Han smiled.

They returned to the king vessel and set out once more.

Soon, they finished checking the last three Space Nodes.

Zhang Han began to cast his powers in the void of the universe.

“Cosmos Eight Diagrams Formation, rise!”


Streaks of light converged, forming an exact copy of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Gradually, Zhang Hans eyes shone more and more brightly.

There were many people watching Zhang Han.

Yue Wuwei also paid close attention to him.

However, Yue Wuwei couldnt see through Zhang Hans move.

“What a profound Cosmos Eight Diagrams Formation! I feel lightheaded from watching it,” First Elder, who was proficient in formations, said in confusion.

The others couldnt understand it either and shook their heads repeatedly.

Gradually, as the Cosmos Eight Diagrams Formation functioned, the copy of the Blue Sand Wind Domain started to change.

Lines kept emerging and changing.

The entire copy of the Blue Sand Wind Region seemed to have transformed into interwoven lines.

As Zhang Han was continuously verifying his theories, finally—

“Its done!”

Zhang Han withdrew his aura.


The huge image in front of him dissipated.

The whole process took two hours.

“How is it Did you find anything” Yue Wuwei asked hurriedly.


The people present began to hold their breath.

They were all aware that Zhang Han was going to talk about the future landscape of all the nearby areas.

“Yes, Im sure that its indeed an enigmatic Cosmos Formation.

This formation took shape after evolving for thousands of years,” Zhang Han said.

“Its central area is about the size of the Sea Central Star Area.

At its center, there are precious spatial treasures… I guess that something unexpected has happened to the spatial treasures.

Under the combined influence of the external environment, a big explosion occurred, which has temporarily connected it with an Alien Domain.

Those ancient demonic beasts are all from that Alien Domain.

The good news is that the most powerful ancient demonic beasts cant go out for the time being, nor can they go back.

The bad news is that in some time, the energy of the Cosmos Formation will be depleted, and the suppression imposed on the central area of the Blue Sand Wind Domain will disappear.

That is to say, those powerful ancient demonic beasts will go out in the future.

The specific time depends on the energy reserve of the Cosmos Formation.

If the energy is running low, the beasts may go out in half a year.

If the energy is sufficient, it will happen in 10 years or even remoter future.”

His remarks caused all the people present to ponder.

“Those terrifying beasts will appear in the end.”

“So, from now on, places like the Sea Dragon Star Area and the Heavenly Dragon Star Province will be dominated by ancient demonic beasts.


“Have you found the passage in the center Will any stronger ancient demonic beasts go out from there” Yue Wuwei asked.

“Not for the time being.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

He didnt want to jump to conclusions.

After thinking for a moment, he explained, “The situation in the Blue Sand Wind Domain is a bit more complicated, because there is not just one Cosmos Formation but three combined.

Tao is the underlying principle behind the creation of myriad things.

It gives birth to the universe, the universe gives rise to Yin and Yang, and the Yin and Yang give rise to all worldly things.

The three formations combined can have many varied forms.

The specifics can only be seen after the changes occur.”

“This is really a surprise to me.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard again and said, “Never mind.

Lets leave this alone.

Weve observed it for so many days.

Lets go back now.”

“Sure, lets go back.”

The group returned to the king vessel, which flew into the secondary space.

At this time, the Blue Sand Wind Domain was changing drastically.

There was a part of it that seemed to be an opening, where one could travel in the secondary space.

However, as soon as Zhang Hans group approached the edge of the Blue Sand Wind Domain…

“Beep! Weve detected a large number of spaceships leaping in the secondary space 10 kilometers away on the right side.”

While they were seated and chatting, the intelligent system gave a warning.


“A large number of spaceships are traveling near the Blue Sand Wind Domain Have the cultivators of the Human Clan risen in revolt”

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