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Chapter 1237 Peacock King

“Jump out of the secondary space,” Yue Wuwei instructed.

Everyone looked curious as well.

After leaving the secondary space, what the camera captured surprised everyone.

From the screen, they saw hundreds of king vessels parked in the distant void of the universe on the fringe of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Many cultivators were standing in the void without any protection.

At a glance, there were more than 100,000 people, hundreds of whom were floating at the front.

They were led by the Omnipotent Troop of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Even Taoist Deadwood and Chu Qingyi were there.

Their overall strength was very high.

Those cultivators were from several nearby Star Areas as well as the Small Sky Dragon Region and the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.


“Isnt that my dad” Li Mu suddenly exclaimed.

“Sect Leader Li”

The image on the screen changed.

Upon a closer look, Li Mu and the others found that some forces of the Sea Dragon Star Area were also here, including the three families from the Chaotic Region and the Snowfall Alliance.

“Why are they here”

Even Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei were slightly confused, not knowing what was going on exactly.

But based on the fact that those forces were standing at the back, Zhang Han and the others thought they were probably here to make up the numbers.

“How come there are so many ancient demonic beasts around”

Zhang Han and the others shifted their eyes to the surroundings of the large crowd.


Around the spaceships and the Blue Sand Wind Domain, some Starry Sky Beasts were staring menacingly at those humans.

Every now and then, they roared and flew rapidly across the void, as if they wanted to start a fight.

However, in the face of so many cultivators, they did not act rashly.

It was almost like they had made a pact among themselves.

“I, Ill contact my father.” With a grim face, Li Mu hurriedly took out his communication device to make a call.

At this distance, even if there were no signal-transmitting planets nearby, people could still call each other.

There was no signal in the places Zhang Hans group visited before.

If something happened and they needed to contact someone, they would have to fly through the secondary space to get close enough to the other partys spaceship before the signals could connect.

Before coming here, Zhao Feng, Li Mu, and Nina already sent messages back to their forces.

This was the inconvenience of traveling to a different Star Area.

Nevertheless, it was a common occurrence.

The Cultivation World was vast after all.

“Eh Weve got some spectators over there, havent we”

Some of the ancient demonic beasts noticed Zhang Hans spaceship.


The Peacock Kings eyes turned frosty.

It turned into a streak of light and soared toward Zhang Hans spaceship while shouting in a lofty and cold tone, “Scram!”

Two days ago…

Faced with rounds after rounds of attacks, Taoist Deadwood and his people were utterly exhausted.

Through tenacious struggle, they managed to buy enough time for many others to flee to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

In the end, they also backed to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and got in contact with Headmaster Shan and his group.

They met and had a talk.

The Omnipotent Troop proposed to hold a grand meeting, inviting about 10,000 representatives of the various forces over.

“We cant let things go on like this, or our territory will be annexed by those ancient demonic beasts sooner or later.”

“According to what I know, in the central region of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, there are some powerful senior ancient demonic beasts backing those junior ones.

Thats why we dont dare to kill them.

But if we continue to suck it up, well all perish in the end.

Numerous cultivators will be killed by these ancient demonic beasts.”

“Our Human Clan can either resist or escape.

I do not want to be like this anymore.

At the worst, we will have to flee to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

The world is so vast.

There gotta be someplace we can stay,” someone said coldly.

Having been suppressed for so many days, their indignation surged up like a volcano about to erupt.

They were really unable to put up with those invaders any longer.

For these reasons, the Omnipotent Troop held this grand meeting.

Almost all of those who attended were from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The strong cultivators of the Omnipotent Troop actively voiced their opinions.

“We cultivators arent going to let ourselves be bullied and abused wantonly.

I say we should fight.

We cant keep making concessions just because of the Great Devils in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.”

“But have you ever thought about how many planets and how many people there are in Heavenly Dragon Star Province Even if all the spaceships, aircraft, and king vessels were fully loaded, they would still need to travel back and forth hundreds or thousands of times to transport most of the people to safe places.

Besides, those ancient demonic beasts wont just stand by and watch us leave.

If we decide to run, countless people will be doomed.”

“But if we continue to put up with this, we can only wait and watch.”

“What else can we do”

People argued loudly.

Some people also took this chance to vent their anger.

After waiting for more than 10 minutes, Headmaster Shan finally spoke.

“I, on behalf of the Dragnet Academy, propose that all the top-tier forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, the Small Sky Dragon Region, and all the nearby Star Areas should send some members here so that we can form an alliance.”

In a booming voice carried in all directions, Headmaster Shan said slowly, “According to the latest news, the Sea Dragon Star Area is the only place that is still intact in this storm.

Many ancient demonic beasts are only in the periphery of the Sea Dragon Star Area and slowly advancing into it.

It is said that a mighty cultivator has appeared in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

He has talked with the Great Devils in the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Well, there are a total of 156 people in the Omnipotent Troop.

Our proposal is that after the alliance is founded, well head to the Blue Sand Wind Domain and negotiate with those Great Devils.

We need to know if we should fight or retreat.

It certainly wont do us any good to let this turmoil drag on.

Therefore, we are having this meeting to see where you people stand on this issue.”

If the strongest alliance formed by the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province and the various Star Areas still couldnt work, then, it would be the time to consider retreating.

Thinking of this, many people nodded.



“Thats what we should do.”

Headmaster Shan nodded and remarked, “A couple of days ago, we dispatched some of our people to various Star Areas to inform them of this.

Currently, we have heard some of their replies.

Three Star Areas have gathered their men and have arrived at the Juesa Star to wait for the rest.

We will give you half a days time to set off for the Juesa Star.

When our army is assembled, well march to the Blue Sand Wind Domain.”

An old man next to Headmaster Shan nodded and said, “Lately, weve informed some of the ancient demonic beasts about our upcoming visit to the ancient demonic beast.

They said they had received the news but they didnt make their stance clear yet.

Anyway, they launched fewer attacks these days in general.”

“If powerful ancient demonic beasts show up, will those headed there make it back If the beasts set up an ambush and capture all of us in one fell swoop…” someone said doubtfully.

“That possibility is not ruled out.” Someone nodded in agreement.

“We still need to be cautious.”

“Dont worry, everyone,” Headmaster Shan said in a booming voice.

“Those Great Devils in the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain cant go out yet.

We learned that from the junior ancient demonic beasts in the beginning.

We have also verified that it is true, so this negotiation is imperative.”

“In that case, I have no objection.”

Those who had doubts finally nodded.

Accordingly, this operation was named the Rising Sun Operation.

It represented the arrival of light and the search for hope.

This was another moment in the history of the Human Clan in the cosmos to endure the humiliation for the sake of a higher objective.

In the Cloud Shadow Sky in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Sect Leader Li was in the sect, listening to the views of several elders with a gloomy face.

“I didnt expect the ancient demonic beasts have reached this far.

We have to continue retreating and completely abandon the Cloud Star Area,” Li Hao sighed.

“Are we going to the Sea Central Star Area” Yi Hou asked.


Notify all our members to head to the Sea Central Star Area.

Right now, we can only seek the protection of Elder Yue and Zhang Han,” Li Hao said.

The retreat started.

In the face of the attack of ancient demonic beasts, everyone was filled with panic.

All sorts of news bandied about.

“Its too horrible.

The Dragon Horse Star has been invaded by a Violent Dragon.

Its said that its claws can easily tear apart a cultivator in the God Transformation Realm.

No one can stop it.

The simultaneous attack of hundreds of spaceships only made it bleed a little.

The fleets stationed on the Dragon Horse Star have evacuated.

There are hundreds of millions of people on the planet.

How many people do you think will survive this bloodbath Ten or twenty percent”

“Ancient demonic beasts are so formidable.

The safe place for us is getting smaller and smaller.

What should we do”

“Is our Cloud Shadow Sky going to perish as well”

“No, we wont.

Our Sect Leader ordered us to retreat quite early.

Though weve lost our lands, we can reclaim them after those beasts leave.”

“Who in this world can rival those ancient demonic beasts”

Everyone felt hopeless.

In the past, cultivators of the Human Clan only contended against each other.

For instance, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and the Cloud Shadow Sky had involved the entire Sea Dragon Star Area in a great war.

But now, powerful ancient demonic beasts had emerged, forcing the Human Clan to back away step by step.

Many people thought that this was even worse than having internal disputes within the Human Clan.

Three days later, the members of the Cloud Shadow Sky evacuated to the Sea Central Star Area.

To their surprise, the planets here were already packed with people.

The Sea Central Star Area was in the central area, which was like the final base of the Human Clan.

“I wonder how Li Mu and the others are doing.”

Li Hao sighed softly.

It was not until he came to the Dragon Base Star that he received a few pieces of good news.

He learned that Elder Yue and Zhang Han were investigating in the Blue Sand Wind Domain and would be back in a few days.

They had discovered that there were Space Nodes.

If there was an emergency, Li Hao could send someone over to contact them.

Since they were temporarily safe, Li Hao prepared to stay put and wait there.

However, before Zhang Hans group came back, a king vessel came to visit Li Hao instead.

“Im the eldest disciple of An Fengyun, a member of the Omnipotent Troop of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Im here to sincerely invite you to go to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and participate in the Rising Sun Operation.”

“What is the Rising Sun Operation” Li Hao asked.

“Its a negotiation that will decide the survival of everyone that has been in this storm.”

“Okay, I will go.” Li Hao mused for a moment and nodded.

“Where is the person in charge of the Heavenly Group and that senior” Asked the visitor.

“Theyre not here.

They went to the Blue Sand Wind Domain to investigate.”

“Can you get in touch with them”

“Not for the time being, but theyll be back soon.”

“Then, inform them of this when they come back.”

With that said, the man turned around and left for the Silver-winged Hall.

The Silver-winged Hall was also one of the major forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

They were in a worse situation.

More than half of their territory had been lost and three of their branch leaders had died.

Their chief had been seriously injured.

A large number of key subordinates had been killed.

All of these were due to the Wind Eagle, an ancient demonic beast.

Its speed was extremely fast.

It specialized in killing powerful cultivators and absorbing the energy inside them, which was what it fed on.

The chief immediately gave the order to retreat when the Wind Eagle attacked.

After chasing the targets for a long time, the Wind Eagle found that it had gone too deep into the human beings territory, which gave it some scruples.

Thus, it soon left.

Later, the chief also received the invitation.

“Will I still be able to take part in the Rising Sun Operation in this state” Said the chief with a bitter smile.

He had been so gravely injured that it would take at least months for him to recover.

“The Rising Sun Operation doesnt involve violence.

Were only going over to negotiate.

It was initiated by the Omnipotent Troop.

To put it bluntly, if they cant stop the war, no one in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province can.”


Ill take some of my men there right away.”

One after another, the forces in various Star Areas were notified.

Those in the Sea Dragon Star Area were fine, while the forces in other Star Areas were in miserable states.

Many of them were living on spaceships now.

They were on the run like criminals being chased by police.

It took a lot of effort to inform those forces.

A small number of their members were informed.

After the forces gathered in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, the vast army set off.

However, because of the Rising Sun Operation, ancient demonic beasts appeared much less frequently in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and the Small Sky Dragon Region, where many strong cultivators had assembled.

The beasts also knew what the Rising Sun Operation was.

As such, when the army arrived near the Blue Sand Wind Domain, hundreds of ancient demonic beasts were already waiting for them.

“Puny humans, youll all die!”

“How dare you come to negotiate with us We dont negotiate with trash.

Go back!”

“I can already smell the mouth-watering scent of meat.

With so many people here, it seems like we can soon have a feast.”

“There is no hurry.

We can kill them after the negotiation is done.”

“Hahahaha! They are so afraid of us.

The reason we went on a killing spree is just to announce to the world that from now on, we devils will rule over all the nearby areas!”

“Grrr! We devils rule over this world!”

These words were thunderous.

Everyone heard the remarks clearly.

The majority of the human army had appeared in the cosmic void.

They were arrayed in neat rows.

Almost all of them were in the God Transformation Realm, with the weakest being at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage or the Last-Stage.

The size of this army alone kind of intimidated the ancient demonic beasts here.

In the face of their mockery, many peoples faces fell.

They were angered beyond themselves.

“I really want to kill them.”

“We all do, but we cant kill them.

Just suppress your anger for a little longer.

When the negotiation is over, well know what options we have.

If we have to retreat and go far away, we gotta put up a fight before we leave.”

“But judging by the attitude of the Omnipotent Troop, if the negotiation goes well and they agree to live in peace with us, well let go of what happened before.”

“Just let it go Haha, its really ironic.”

“Theres nothing we can do about it.

Compared to the ancient demonic beasts, were far too weak.

Many planets have undergone massacres, but not a single ancient demonic beast has been killed yet.”

There were some murmurs of discussions.

However, a voice suddenly drowned out all the other sounds.

“Step aside,” Headmaster Shan said indifferently to the hundreds of ancient demonic beasts in front of him with a poker face.

“If you want to go in, then make a detour.

Do you think well make way for you”

The Peacock King stared coldly at Headmaster Shan and said, “Im telling you, Ill continue slaughtering another 50 planets before I stop even if the negotiation is successful.”

“You can try that.” Headmaster Shan clenched his fists, drew in a breath, and said, “Peacock King, Ill also ask your seniors if they would let you do this.”

“Hahaha!” The Peacock King laughed mockingly.

Although it was smiling, its eyes were cold.

It looked around as if searching for targets to kill, which would probably frighten the human army.

However, at first glance, it found that the group of people standing at the back seemed to have formed some kind of formation.

Plus, most of them were in the God Transformation Realm and not easy to deal with.

Right at this moment—

“Eh Weve got some spectators over there, havent we”

Some of the ancient demonic beasts spotted Zhang Hans spaceship.


The Peacock Kings eyes turned frosty.

It turned into a streak of light and soared toward Zhang Hans spaceship while shouting in a lofty and cold tone, “Scram!”


Yue Wuweis face darkened.

“Brat, you dont know who youre dealing with!”

He unleashed his will as though wanting to make a move.

Zhang Han abruptly said, “Elder Yue, wait for a moment.

Let me practice my punching skill first.”

“What punching skill” Yue Wuwei was stunned.

“Youve gained new enlightenment”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Lets test its power.”


Yue Wuwei withdrew his will.

A hint of interest was registered in his eyes.

“This boy has something new to display again.

“Well, there are so many ancient demonic beasts here.

You can fight to your hearts content.

Id like to see how strong your current fighting capacity is.”

The last time Yue Wuwei chatted with Zhang Han, he failed to get Zhang Han into telling him about his fighting capability, so he had been curious about it.

Now that the opportunity had presented itself, Yue Wuwei planned to find out the answer by watching the show.

“Daddy, it looks fierce…” Mengmeng muttered, her face a little stiff.

She was somewhat worried.

Before she finished speaking, Zhang Han laughed and said, “Dont worry.

It is just a little peacock.

Its well versed in magical supernatural powers, but it wont be able to hurt me.”

It seemed that Zhang Han planned to show his Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

“Mengmeng, Im gonna kill this little peacock and make peacock soup for you.”


Zhang Han stepped into the corridor and went out of the cabin door.


“Zhang Han”

“Why is he here”


Li Hao and his men recognized Zhang Han.

At the sight of him, Li Haos expression changed at once.

Li Hao even yelled, “Retreat! Quick!”

In a hurry, he quickly checked his communication device that kept vibrating and picked up Li Mus call.

“Cant believe one of them actually dares to challenge me!”

The Peacock Kings heart skipped a beat.

It slowed down drastically.

It had been extremely vigilant because it had learned from its seniors that there was an extremely formidable person nearby that it had to guard against.

However, after a little probe, the Peacock King flew into a rage.

“This man is merely in the God Transformation Realm

“How dare he put on airs in front of me

“How dare he show up at this moment”


The Peacock King sped up all of a sudden and turned into a jet of light.

Zhang Han flew over to face the Peacock King head-on.


The crowd in the distance was in an uproar.

“Are they gonna fight”

“How dare that man to confront the Peacock King in the Void-refining Realm Does he want to die Or is he out of his mind”

Many people became overwrought.

“Why did that man leave his spaceship at this juncture Since he came here by king vessel, why didnt he join us and stand with us Or he could just escape.

A king vessel can enter the secondary space within five seconds, so even the Peacock King may not be able to stop him from running away.”

“Pfft… The real Demon King is here!”

Ye Longyuan, who was at the back of the army, suddenly spat and exclaimed, “Oh my god, is he gonna fight against that ancient demonic beast”

“He, he, he…” Yan Chen stuttered.

“What is he doing here Hed better not get killed.”

“He probably wont.

Thats Zhang Hanyang, the Merciless Zhang.

Well, now that he has shown up, perhaps the Peacock King can be repressed,” Su Beimu said in surprise and joy.

“Sister, what do you think of Zhang Hanyangs odds of winning” Ye Longyuan asked.

He felt his teeth chattering.

Chu Qingyis eyes were calm.

After casting a few glances at Zhang Han, she slightly shook her head.

“His aura is at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.

Unless he has concealed his cultivation, he will die for sure.”

“What” Ye Longyuan was astonished.

“They will collide!”

“They will start fighting in no time!”

Everyone present was slightly tense and perturbed.

Headmaster Shan frowned and said in a low voice, “How ridiculous!”

He whipped around, wanting to go over and rescue Zhang Han.


However, five ancient demonic beasts charged over and blocked his way.

“Where are you going”

“Stay put and watch the Peacock King fight.

Any human being who dares to make a move will be killed.”

“Let me tell you something.

The senior backing of the Peacock King is held in very high esteem by those at the heart of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

If you interfere in this battle, there will be no need for us to continue the negotiation.”

“Youd better get out of here now.”

The words of those ancient demonic beasts made the Headmaster Shan halt in his tracks with a dark face.

Then, the ancient demonic beasts turned their gazes toward Zhang Han and the Peacock King, who were only several hundred meters away from each other and about to collide.

For the Peacock King who could outstrip sound, it could cross hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye.

“Man, Ill chop your body up!”


It seemed that the Peacock King didnt want to employ its supernatural powers.

It intended to cut the tiny little man in front of him just with its sharp wings.


Zhang Han chuckled coolly.

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