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Chapter 1256 That Ruthless Man

At the same time, Zhang Han was explaining it to Zi Yan in the private room.

“The Sword-tailed Tiger just used the unique skill of its tail.

A cold light flashed, and the vibration frequency synchronized with that mans attack.

At first, he didnt find it, and when he found it, it was too late.

However, the man reacted quickly and survived its tail.”

Yue Wuwei nodded and said, “Many of the Ancient Demonic Beasts are uniquely gifted.

Given those unique gifts, they have some unique skills exclusive to them and of great power.

Therefore, when facing the Ancient Demonic Beasts, youd better be careful.

Sometimes, it seems that you are going to win, but in fact, it is just an illusion that they deliberately create for you.

These guys are very smart.

In the Cultivation World, underestimating your enemies is a big taboo.

If the human cultivator had not been careless, he would not have been so seriously injured.”

“Elder Yue is right,” Gai Xingkong agreed.

“It is indeed a big taboo to underestimate your enemies.”

“Huh” Jiang Yanlan looked at the big screen and said, “the next battle is still Ancient Demonic Beast vs.

Human Cultivator.

Well, there are three battles in total, each of which will involve an Ancient Demonic Beast.

I dont know if we Human Clan can win.

Look at those people below.

A victory of Human Clan is required to cheer them up.”

While talking, they heard gentle knocks at the front door, instead of a ringing of the bell.

“Please come in,” said Zhou Fei.

A staff member came in.

He bowed and said, “Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

Ma Li, the owner of the Beast Arena, and Lu Shuihan, the elder of the Falling Star Pavilion, want to visit Zhang Hanyang.

They said that they are here to apologize and wonder if you have time to see them.”

“Oh” Yue Wuwei raised his eyebrows.

“They really dare to come”

“It seems that they have discovered Masters identity.

It was witnessed by some people who knew Master that he killed Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon in the Blue Sand Wind Domain,” Zhao Feng said.

“To see or not to see”

Zhang Han waved his hand and said, “let them in.”

“Yes!” The staff member left, and soon, two people came in.

Lu Shuihan, the young elder, was in the front.

Everyone on the scene looked at him narrowly.

With a smile on his face and deep humility, he took a few steps forward to the center of the room.

He cupped his hands and said to Zhang Han, “Nice to meet you, Mr.


Im Lu Shuihan from the Star-shooting House.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr.


Im Ma Li from the Star-shooting House, and Im also the owner of the Beast Arena,” said Ma Li while bowing with deeper humility.

After all, this person in front of him was someone that he could not afford to offend!

“Okay,” Zhang Han said softly.

Then he looked at the two of them silently.

“Well,” Lu Shuihan said with a smile, “my adopted daughter provoked your daughter, so she deserved to die.

I just came to Hill Stone City and have been busy in asking for the information about it these days.

I just heard from my subordinates that my adopted daughter, Lu Ling, has made a lot of trouble here recently.

I failed to control her, and its my fault.

Im here to apologize for ruining your mood.”

“No, no, its all my fault,” Ma Li hurriedly said, “because my youngest daughter has been spoiled since she was born.

I am busy in managing the Beast Arena and seldom have time to control her.

Today, Mr.

Zhang taught her a good lesson.

Im here to make an apology and say thanks.

Yeah, I think, after this matter, she will learn a lesson and know that there is always someone better than her.”

“Lu Ling deserved to die.

I should have carried her head with me, but she was already broken,” Lu Shuihan said, “and I think that I should visit you and take the blame in person.

I beg for mercy, and I hope that our fault will not ruin your mood in the tour.”

“So, you didnt save your adopted daughter, did you” Zhang Han asked.

His words astonished Lu Shuihan.

He got outraged.

“How to save her The treasures required to revive the jade sculpture were extremely rare and valuable.

How could I save her”

Lu Shuihan was cursing in his heart, but there was still a smile on his face.

He shook his head and said, “Lu Ling has always caused trouble recently.

Maybe that is her fate.

I have cultivated in the Star-shooting House for many years, and I have always taught her not to make trouble and to be a friendly person.

But I didnt have enough time to keep an eye on her so that I failed to control her.

In the future… I will never adopt any children again.”

Hearing that, Ma Li had a strange feeling.

“You didnt have enough time to control her You used to develop the Pair Cultivation with Lu Ling every day.

If it werent for your support, how dare Lu Ling cause trouble in Hill Stone City”

He did not expect that Lu Shuihan was so good at duplicity at such a young age.

He despised Lu Shuihan.

More than that, he was afraid of Lu Shuihan, who was a friendly-looking villain.

There was a dagger hiding behind his smile.

He was too sinister and cunning.

At this time, Ma Li remained silent.

He had expressed his attitude.

By contrast, the disappointed look on Lu Shuihans face made everyone present feel that although he was greatly desolate and slightly sad, he sincerely made an apology and therefore was a person who would correct his mistake immediately.

Of course, this was only their first impression of him.

There would not be any connection between them and Lu Shuihan after this talk, so Lu Shuihan was just a passer-by to them.

“It didnt ruin our mood.

Just leave.” Zhang Han looked at Lu Shuihan and was not interested in talking to him, so he waved his hand.

“Yes!” Lu Shuihan did not say anything more and went out directly.

In the corridor outside, he still remained silent until they were about to leave the Beast Arena.

“Elder, Ill go back,” said Ma Li.

“Okay,” Lu Shuihan nodded slightly.

Before Ma Li left, he secretly transmitted a voice message.

“Dont forget what youll have to do.”

Hearing this, Ma Li hurriedly transmitted a voice message.

“I wont.

I can definitely do it.”

Lu Shuihan took the aircraft and left directly.

It seemed that he was not heading to his mansion but to the space station.

“Alas,” Ma Li sighed deeply.

“What should I do”

He returned to his office, sat on the sofa, and looked out of the window, in a bad mood.

After thinking for a while, he finally came up with an idea.

“Men! Go to gather the information about the local cuisine around Zhang Hanyangs hotel and the attractions of the Flowing Water Star and recommend them to Zhang Hanyang and his fellows.

A coverall recommendation!”

“Aha, what a good idea! Theyll certainly have to visit those places of interest for fun before leaving.”

With a plink sound, the communication device rang.

He took it out and saw that it was a call from his second wife.

“Whats the matter I know that shes injured, and its better than death after all.

That damn girl deserved it.

After being taught a lesson, she wont be so arrogant and domineering in the future! Did she really think she could be anarchic You dont have to ask about this matter.

The opponents are so strong that even Elder Lu had to lower his head and admit his mistakes.

Fortunately, she didnt implicate the family.

Her injuries are very serious.

Ill try to get some healing panaceas.

Thats all…”

He also had his own plans.

Ma Li had to take securer action so that he would offend neither side.

“I really dont know what Elder Lu is going to do.

According to Zhang Hanyangs deeds, he is a ruthless man who can kill Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon.

Except for the Sect Leader, will anyone else be a match for him With Elder Lus identity, he should not be able to ask the Sect Leader for help.

“Does… does he go to the space station for destroying the spaceship Can he succeed If he succeeds and leaves no trace, he can go back to the Main Sect and find refuge in the sect.

Even Zhang Hanyang must let him go if he has no evidence.

“Hiss! Its really a sinister trick.

“I mustnt intervene in this matter.

Yeah, I can only give some guidance to them indirectly.

If Zhang Hanyang and his fellows want to play the game, its up to them.

I cant interfere.

I cant interfere.”

Ma Li was really scared.

He had a headache.

At the same time, Zhang Han and the others were watching the battles.

He planned to watch them for a while and then go out for a walk.

In the second battle, there was a Three-tailed Rat, which was very slithery.

It won the battle with its fickle moves and stinky farts.

Its opponent, a human cultivator, did not get hurt because his defense was quite strong.

“Hes a person of Body Cultivation.

The basic defense of his physical body is quite strong.

He shouldnt have been easily hurt by an Ancient Demonic Beast at the early or middle stage of the God Transformation Realm.

But he paid too much attention to the defense of his physical body and neglected his soul senses counterpart.

Thats why he was defeated by the Three-tailed Rat.

Yue Wuwei commented on this battle.

“In the third battle, the Giant-toothed Wolf will battle with a human cultivator at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage,” Instructor Liu said, “and I dont know if the Human Clan will win this time.”

Many spectators below were roaring.

They expected a victory.

Their expectation was romantic, but the reality was cruel.

The Giant-toothed Wolfs attacks were powerful.

Unexpectedly, it had two chilling teeth which could leave its body.

They were transformed into two beams and instantly broke through the opponents defense.

One tooth pierced through the Yuan Ying, and the other tooth blew up the opponents head.

In a bloody mist, the Giant-toothed Wolf revealed its true form.

With a huge body, it stared coldly at everyone present.


The noise was gone in an instant.

Silence fell over the field.

Many people sensed a terrifying aura.

They felt chilly all over the body, as if they were falling into an ice cave.

“Hes dead!”

“Another mighty one in the God Transformation Realm died.”

“Human Clan cant defeat the Ancient Demonic Beasts.

Theyre too savage.”

Many people felt desperate and did not even know how to express their feelings in words.

They stared blankly at the scene.

“Alas,” many of those who bet on the victory of the Ancient Demonic Beasts sighed.

In their opinion, it was too difficult to defeat the Ancient Demonic Beasts, because they had extraordinary talents.

“The third battle, the Giant-toothed Wolf wins.”

The three battles ended.

Next, there was a battle between two spirit beasts, and the information had been revealed in advance.

It could be said that the battles between the three Ancient Demonic Beasts and the three human cultivators in the God Transformation Realm jumped the queue.


There was thin fog rising around the Giant-toothed Wolf.

In an instant, it returned to a being a man.

He was wearing a wind coat and his eyes were red.

He gave a provocative smile to the tens of thousands of people who were watching the battles.

Then, he stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, as if staring at his prey.

He slowly left the ring.

The Giant-toothed Wolf, the Three-tailed Rat, and the Sword-tailed Tiger gathered together.

“Human cultivators are really weak.

I didnt even exert my full strength,” the Giant-toothed Wolf said with a snort.

“The elders asked us to come out to gain experience, but I dont understand why.

Alas, its better to do harm unscrupulously,” the Sword-tailed Tiger said in a muffled voice.

He did not feel good about the battle just now, although he won.

“Never let your guard down.

Dont forget those who died in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Even Mu died there,” said the Three-tailed Rat.

As soon as he said that, the other two Ancient Demonic Beasts were shocked.

The Giant-toothed Wolf subconsciously lowered his voice.

“The news spread that it was an Ancient Demonic Beast of the King Clan.

It was the Ancient Cursed Roc! The Ancient Cursed Roc appeared! My god, it is simply unimaginable.

It swallowed so many Great Devils.”

“Isnt there news that the terrifying Ancient Cursed Roc was actually the human being who killed Peacock King Luo Li and Iron Armor Dragon Bao Ran with his fists That man was truly violent.

When I recall what happened back then, I still feel a bit scared.” The Three-tailed Rat raised his eyebrows, revealing the nervousness in his heart.

“The elders instructed us to… Wait! Look at the stand over there.

Oh my god, isnt that the black dog”

“Damn, that ruthless man is here.

Hurry up.

Go!” The Three-tailed Rat was so scared that his hair stood on end and he turned pale.

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