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Chapter 126 A Ruthless Hit

“Ha ha ha…”

Scorpion laughed grimly, turned back to the sofa and sat down, slowly said, “Go ahead.”

After he finished speaking, Liu Lu and other two persons did not move, so Scorpions men cursed,

“Dance, come on!”

“I tell you, if you dont dance well, none of you can leave here today!”

“If you dont dance well, we wont mind training you on the bed and taking a video to let the vast number of netizens watch.”


Hearing the words, they all felt desperate!

“What shall they do What shall they do”

Li Anna was almost ready to cry.

She regretted coming to such a chaotic place today, but it was no use crying over spilled milk.

If they did not dance, their virginity could not be guaranteed.

Li Anna felt a little better when she remembered the videos she had seen because all the strippers she had watched in the stripteases only took off their coats and showed sexy lingerie.

In this way, she felt a little comforted and imagined she was wearing a bikini.

However, she found that these people in front of her were too difficult to pack off.

While thinking, she and the other two were pushed forward by Scorpions men.


“Take it off!”

Under the gazes of the multitude, they three trembled their bodies, reaching out their palms to the clothes.

Simultaneously, Zhang Han took the elevator to the seventh floor.

During this period, the receptionist on the first floor had already informed them what had happened, so the people in the nightclub knew that there was such a person who came here for trouble!

The supervisor of the seventh floor called out nearly 20 people in several rooms, each of them holding a steel pipe.

Similarly, a glint of acridity and excitement flitted across everyones face.

For them, the most thrilling moment was to punish such people who come to make trouble.

Because even if the troublemakers were beaten to death, the top authorities would cope with the aftermath of the accident.

They, therefore, intended to conduct a full-on attack.

So the supervisor in a suit ordered in a cold voice, “Dont hold back your strength, and just beat him to death! Id like to see which idiot dares to make trouble here!”

“Ho ho, I will never hold back later!”

“Damn it.

I, Er Gou, will lose face if I cant kill him!”

They spoke a few malicious words.

Under their eyes, the elevator slowly rose to the seventh floor.


When the elevator doors opened, they caught sight of the man they were about to fight with.

A trace of doubt flashed through their eyes when they discovered Zhang Han was an effeminate man.

Such a vulnerable person could go up to the seventh floor

They had thought that the person who came to make trouble must be tall and sturdy, but the current situation made them feel a little unacceptable.

Such a weak man was likely to break his bone with only a blow, wasnt he

In the elevator, Zhang Hans face was almost devoid of expression and his eyes were full of indifference without any emotion.

He turned a blind eye to the nearly 20 people outside and stepped forward.

“Cub, are you making trouble here”

The supervisor of the seventh floor grabbed a steel stick in the hand from a low-level guy beside him, walked up with a ferocious smile, and asked before he took action.

He thought that the man in front of him would give a satisfactory answer after understanding the situation and begged for forgiveness.

However, the guy ignored him directly even without raising his eyes

“Fuck, court death”

With a glimmer of malevolence in his eyes, the supervisor carried the steel pipe and rushed up.

When he got close to Zhang Han, he raised the steel pipe, intending to hit Zhang Han on the head.

Zhang Han moved before the supervisor hit him.

Perhaps he deemed that his movements were too slow.

As Zhang Han moved, people only felt dazzled.

They were surprised to find that Zhang Han had already come over to the supervisor.

He gave the latter an indifferent look and raised his foot to kick the supervisors arms quickly.

“Clatter! Clatter!”

Two arms were immediately kicked into strange shapes.

Zhang Han, however, did not let him go.

His foot took aim at the supervisors knees.

With two crisping sounds came out, the supervisors knees were both broken.

Then Zhang Han kicked him in the chest, sending him flying to 10 meters away, narcosis.

Quick as lightning, all this happened within one second.

People just felt dazzled for a moment before the supervisors body flew back.

If without the four frightening and crisp fracture sounds, people would suspect if Zhang Han had acted.

When the supervisor flew out upside down, the steel pipe in his hand rose up and rotated back and forth.

Zhang Han reached out his palm and grasped it in his hand when it fell down.

This scene astonished all the men.

Their eyes widened in surprise and did not react at first.

But after they returned to earth, they, nearly 20 people, were angry inwardly and rushed up at the same time with ferocious expressions.


“Kill him!”

“Together up!”

All the people piled on, but they could not hit at the same time on account of the large number.

As the first person rushed up, a steel stick mercilessly hit Zhang Han on the head.

If the stick struck an ordinary person, he probably would bleed.

What was more serious was that he might faint on the spot.

However, confronted with this steel stick, Zhang Han looked calm.

He raised his steel stick and hit the man with all his force.

As the two crunches were heard, the mans arms were both broken.

Then Zhang Han punched the man in the chest.


The punch made him draw six or seven steps back and scattered his companions.

He felt unable to breathe and fell in a faint with a pale face.

In the meantime, the other four people took up steel sticks and smashed him at different angles.

Zhang Han did not avoid but used his steel stick to break their arms first and hit them with his foot, making them fly away in the shape of arches.

Other peoples faces changed greatly when they saw this.

They had never expected that such a thin man would be a ruthless person.

They looked at each other and knew that they were no match for him, so they stepped back.

Four or five of them on the back turned and ran to the staffs private room to call for help.

They called out about 30 people again, which made loud noises.

These people who came out later all held weapons of mass destruction like machetes, daggers and so on.

“Cut him to death!”

They were emboldened in the crowd.

As a man cried out, they rushed up and lifted their arms to Zhang Han.

However, the five men who rushed up at the beginning were also the fastest to fall down.

Zhang Han was calm, waving his steel stick mercilessly.

The clicking sounds were heard all the time.

At this point, Zhang Han was like a super hurricane.

Everywhere he went, all the things were destroyed.

With every advance, several people fell to the ground with their arms broken.

Comminuted fractures made them fail to bear the pain and go faint.

Only after over 10 seconds, more than 20 people were found lying on the ground.

By the time others were so scared of being beaten, they drew their bodies back quickly.

As every step Zhang Han took forward, they had to take three or four steps back.

In this way, Zhang Han walked slowly to hall number one inside while the rest of the dozen people with weapons quickly retreated.

At this moment, Zhang Han was like deicide on the battlefield.

Facing the hordes of troops, he pushed forward and beat off them directly.

This power made his enemies feel frightened.

“What a monster is he!”

“Hows that possible Why is he so formidable”

“What shall we do…”

More than 10 people looked at each other and understood the meaning in each others eyes.

The next moment, they turned and fled, as if they were running a race.

They knew that they were no match for him definitely, hence they only could go to hall number one to tell Brother Scorpion.

With Brother Scorpion, everything would be better.

They admitted that the man in front of them was very formidable, but he was no match for Brother Scorpion.

If Brother Scorpion replaced him, it was estimated that the number of people lying on the ground at least would break their limbs.

At this point, in hall number one.

The three including Li Anna had all taken off their coats, leaving only bikini-like clothes.

They stopped their hands at this moment and considered that all they had done could satisfy them.

But Scorpion chuckled and said, “What are you three doing Continue! Be quick!”

As soon as the words fell, their faces changed.

Li Annas expression was filled with anger, panic, and injustice.

Finally, she could not bear the humiliation and shouted, “I dont!”

Then she wanted to pick up the clothes on the ground and put them on, but when her waist was about to bend, Scorpion gave her a black look and said coldly,

“If you dont continue, I will order my men to trample you on the ground now!”

As soon as Scorpion finished speaking, five low-level guys on one side stood up and walked towards them.

Li Annas face was pale with fear.

Eventually, she straightened up and was completely at a loss.

“Be quick, as long as you dance, Ill let you leave safely.” Scorpion smiled faintly.

“Dance or not Do you need our help”

“Hey, hey, hey, if you need our help, it wont be so simple.”

“Why dont you resist In that case, we dont mind pushing you on the ground.”


A few words made them confused and scared.

“Dance!” Scorpions eyes darkened and said in an unkind tone.

Li Anna and other two trembled with pale faces and their hands slowly stretched out to the back.

During this period, Li Anna cried with tears rolling down.

Just as the three slowly untied their underwear, the crowd was about to see their bodies.


The door of the room was pushed open all of a sudden.

Over a dozen people came in frantically.

After entering, they quickly closed and locked the door, and then looked at the door with fear.

This scene attracted the attention of Scorpion and others.

Even Li Anna and other two persons stopped their movements and took this opportunity to fasten the ties again.

“What are you doing” Scorpion frowned and rebuked them.

They were having fun, while a dozen people came running in with weapons.

What did this mean

“Something bad happens, brother! Someones coming to trouble!” One of the guys shouted.


Scorpion and others suddenly stood up.

“Someone…” Scorpion just opened his mouth.


With a huge crackling sound came from the door, they found the whole solid wood door burst into pieces.

Two figures flew upside down from outside with wood chips and fell to the ground.

They spat out blood continuously and looked at Scorpion.

One of them trembled and said weakly, “Brother… there is… outside.”


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