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Chapter 1268 Party


“I heard that Mengmeng, the little princess, also likes the buzz.

Dragnet Academy is a good place.

Its very lively.”

“Well, indeed.” Zhang Han smiled helplessly.

He looked at Headmaster Shan, and said, “In the future, if my daughter goes to Dragnet Academy, I can consider being a temporary substitute teacher.”


Headmaster Shan almost shouted.

The first step was finally successful.


Headmaster Shan laughed, glanced at Dong Chen, and passed a look over.

“Humph, the hard work pays off.”

But he felt that Zhang Hanyangs will was not firm, so he decided to make a long-term plan.

Therefore, Headmaster Shan settled down on Mount New Moon.

He planned to persuade Zhang Han more in daily life.

Then, if he had the time, he would stroll around this land and roam about the world to see what had happened over the past 800 years.

This was a road to cultivate his heart.

Today was Saturday.

On the second day, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina went out to have fun with their classmates, Li Muen and Bei Jinnan.

That night, while eating, Headmaster Shan sat on one side and looked at Zhang Han with eager eyes.

His stare with expectation, hidden bitterness, and other kinds of emotions made Zi Yan feel cold.

“God, whats going on”

Zi Yan glanced at him, which made Zhang Han laugh and weep all at once.

“Headmaster Shan, arent you going out for a walk” Zhang Han asked helplessly.

“I plan to travel around the world in the latter half of the night and in the morning, and then Ill come back at noon.

Well, Im sorry for disturbing you recently.

Zhang Hanyang, I like you so much.

You may not know that I feel like Im in love with you.”

“Stop, stop, stop!” Zhang Hans face changed slightly.

“If you say that, Ill drive you out.”

Zi Yans pretty face was full of smiles.

She felt that it was very interesting.

A man, or an elder, said that he had been in love with Zhang Han.

It was so weird.

“Okay, Im just making an analogy.


Zhang, please dont mind it.” Headmaster Shan chuckled and said, “Its mainly because I love talents so much.

Im really excited to see such an incredible talent like Zhang Hanyang.”

“Is he so powerful” Zi Yan said with a sweet smile.

The expression in her beautiful eyes was clearly saying, “You can praise my husband more.”

Of course, Headmaster Shan did not let Zi Yan speak.

He continued to say with a sigh, “Amazing! Amazing! Its the first time Ive seen someone so powerful in the pellet refining.

If I were to cultivate in the pellet refining, I would definitely want to be his student.”

Anyone would be happy to hear such pleasant words.

While others were sincerely praising Zhang Han, Zi Yan would feel very proud.

Especially his husband was so excellent.

In fact, compared with the prince charming in her heart before, he was much better.

Zi Yan had never expected that she would meet her Mr.

Right in an encounter and have such a happy life.

After dinner, the next day, Zhou Fei took Zi Yan to go shopping, accompanied by Zi Shiya, Wang Ya, and a few other people of the same generation.

When they went out, they had their sequence of doing things like enjoying the spa, drinking coffee, shopping, buying bags, etc.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao went to class on Monday.

The mid-term exam would begin on Thursday, and it would last for two days.

In the past few days, Zhang Han had been refining pellets on Mount New Moon.

In the first two days, he refined better pellets for his people to use.

Because the materials had high quality, almost all of the pellets were top-grade, and a few of them were supreme-grade.

What was more surprising to Zhang Han was that a furnace of pellets that should have been medium-grade turned into divine-grade suddenly as if it was an epiphany and he entered the realm of the ethereal.

Although they were fifth-tier ones, the value and effect of them were close to those of seventh-tier ones.

So they were divine-grade ones with great value.

Zhang Han would keep the supreme-grade and divine-grade pellets for the time being.

In the future, when he arrived in the Astral Domain or a wider domain, he could also earn lots of money by auctioning these pellets with greater value.

In the latter days, the pellets he refined were all in large quantities.

There were 30 to 70 pellets in one furnace, which were for Liu Qingfeng.

The auction of talismans and medicinal pellets was very popular in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

He collected a lot of crystal stones, but the total amount was still small.

Only with the joint efforts of several branches could he open the bank.

Liu Qingfeng had gradually activated the huge capital flow.

It was 3 p.m.

on Friday.

“Buzz off!”

The sounds of several sports cars rang from the foot of the mountain.

They gradually got closer and entered the underground parking lot on this side of the castle.

Moments later.


Mengmeng ran and jumped, and soon came to his front.

“How did your exam go” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“Of course.

There is no problem to be the first.” Mengmeng made a face at Zhang Han and said, “Ah, its also possible to be the second.

Nina studies so well that shes going to surpass me soon.”

“Uh, I dont think so.

After the standard answers were released, I find that Ive also been careless about a few questions.

And my essay would not get full marks,” Nina said with a smile.

“Its too difficult.

Just too difficult,” Yue Xiaonao said, “Uncle Zhang, even the exam is so difficult this time, but the two of them still do a good job.

They only make a few mistakes.”

“Really Then you have to squeeze time to learn.” Zhang Han couldnt help smiling.

“I also did well in the exam, so theres no problem for me to be the third,” said Felina as she glanced at Yue Xiaonao.

“Tsk,” Yue Xiaonao sniffed at her.

“Arent you just good at studying

“Hmph, I am just unwilling to learn.”

“Dad, um, well go and play with Muen later.

There is no one in her house at night.

Shall we stay at her house” Mengmeng asked.

Hearing this, Zhang Han suddenly had a hint of vigilance in his eyes.

“Is there any boy with you”

“No, only the five of us.

Well, when we return to Muens house in the evening, there will only be our five.

In the afternoon, there will be more than a dozen people who prepare to go out and have fun.

We take three days off,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Ahem, keep a distance from the boys.

You little girls all should remember.” Zhang Han coughed softly.

“Should I tell mom” Mengmeng blinked her big shining eyes and looked in the direction of the castle.

“No, Ill tell her later.

Go and have fun.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Well, Im going to change my clothes.”

Mengmeng rushed back to the bedroom on the third floor.

Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina all went back to their own villas.

After a while, a few girls in fresh and beautiful clothes gathered together.

This time, they did not drive but walked down the mountain directly.

Looking at Mengmengs back, Zhang Han sighed and shook his head with a smile.

“Naughty girl.

“When she gets older, she always wants to go out and play.

“Just as the saying goes,Always not at home.\'”

This was a process of peoples growth.

When they were young, they were so clingy.

When they grew up, they preferred to go out with their peers, free and unrestrained.

There were only a few people like Mengmeng who had never left Zhang Han.

As for Yue Xiaonao, Yue Wuwei and Lisa were always nowhere to be found.

They rarely thought about their daughter.

They just called or had a meal with each other in two or three days.

That was it.

They had just arrived near New Moon Bay.

“What kind of vehicle are we taking this time Is it a subway” Nina asked.

“Yes, lets get on Bus No.13 first, take the subway in the North Ring-road, and then go to Longcheng District,” Mengmeng replied.

She had already figured out the route to go out.

They waited at the station for more than ten minutes.

“These little girls,”

Seeing their clothes, shoes, and bags on their back,

The two girls in their twenties beside them envied them very much.

“Their things are all famous brands.”

“Are these certified ones”

The two whispered, “It should be.

They look so beautiful.

Its impossible for ordinary people to give birth to them.”

“But why do they still come to take the bus People like this should go out with a driver.”

“Who knows Maybe they came out to have fun secretly.”


Every time she went out, she would encounter such a situation.

In fact, Mengmeng and the others had no idea about the famous brand.

It was good-looking, and they liked them.

That was enough.

They took the bus, switched to the subway, and arrived in Longcheng District more than an hour later.

They arrived at the destination.

On the side of the street, Li Muen, Bei Jinnan and the others were looking around.

“Theyre coming.

Theyre coming!”

“Mengmeng! Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina.” Li Muen ran over with a happy smile on her face and said, “Weve dealt today.

Ill treat you.”

“Okay,” Mengmeng replied.

“Lets go to the Xiang Ming Pavilion for dinner.

The seats have been booked.”

Li Muen took the lead and walked forward.

“It will take about five minutes.

Xiao Wu and the others are waiting there.”

There were about a dozen people in total.

Eating in Xiang Ming Pavilion would cost more than a thousand per person.

It was well-known for its Xiang Ming abalone.

“Why dont we go somewhere else Its too expensive there,” a boy said in a low voice, looking a little worried.

He was afraid that if they went there and ate too much, Li Muen couldnt pay for it.

But they didnt have enough money in their pockets to share the bill.

“Hey, dont worry.

Ive already told my dad.

My dad booked the place.

Haha, my dad took the initiative to give me a credit card as soon as he heard that Mengmeng would be invited to dinner.

This card has one million yuan,” Li Muen said with a smile.

Her words showed that her family attached great importance to Mengmeng.

“Anyway, I still think that Mengmengs restaurant is the best in the world.

But Mengmeng, you can always eat it.

This time, we can change the flavor and eat abalone.

I dont know very well about it.

My dad told me how to order classic dishes.”

But when they ordered…

Looking at the thick menu, Li Muen was also a little confused.

“I want ten supreme-grade Xiang Ming abalones.

And the sharks fin, the oxtail, the crab, the wild large yellow croaker, I want two of each of these.

As for the rest like dessert, Mengmeng, you and the others can see what to order.”

Li Muen arranged.

A few students were shocked by the price on the menu.

The dishes were served.

After tasting them, Mengmeng and the others felt that they were just so-so.

She had tasted a lot of abalones and many special fishes on Flowing Water Star.

They were all spirit beasts, so their taste was indeed much better than the ordinary ones.

But the party was more interesting.

In the beginning, they played cards drawing game and the losers would have drinks.

As a result, Xiao Wu was unlucky and drank two bottles of coke.

He started to burp even before he ate anything.

What was more, they also sang and had fun.

After they almost finished, the students went to the toilet one after another.

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