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“There are as many as over 300,000 people in the Dragnet Academy all year round.

It has eight branches and many departments.

If we go there, well go through our college life again, right” Chen Changqing said, “and at that time, there will be a large group of people to chase after my sister-in-law and Fei.”

“Huh I wont go.

I dont know anything.

What am I going to do” Zhou Fei shook her head repeatedly.

“I dont need to learn to cultivate.” Zi Yan blinked her beautiful, big eyes.

“Also, I cant learn it.

Im not stupid, but I just cannot learn it.”

She could not learn other cultivation methods.

It seemed that her body did not allow it, and that learning those methods was useless.

“After we go back and deal with the matters, we can go to Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

You can go to the academy for fun or for study,” Zhang Han said casually.

“I want to go too.” Mengmeng was fascinated by their words.

Realizing that her father was going to take her out for fun, she said, “Anyhow, were still free to have fun in the academy.

Ill go there with Xiaonao, Nina and Felina.”


Have you already reached an agreement” Zhang Han laughed.

“Ill go too.

Ill go too!” Chen Chuan jumped out and said, “Ill go to school too.”

“Oh, okay.

Since you want to go to school, lets go back to Earth someday,” Chen Changqing said playfully.

“Im not talking about that kind of school.

Its the Dragnet Academy!” Chen Chuan shouted.

No matter where others wanted to go, he would ask to follow them.

He had to join them!


The ten-hour journey came to an end quickly while they were chatting and cultivating.

Back on the Dragon Base Star, while at dinner with Liu Qingfeng and the others, Zhang Han said that they would go to Heavenly Dragon Star Province and spend about one or two months there, and that they might come back at the edge of the Spring Festival.

In case of any emergency, Liu Qingfeng had to send a spaceship out.

It would take a few days for the spaceship to reach the border of Heavenly Dragon Star Province, where there were signal networks for communication.

“As long as there is no such a thing as the riot of Ancient Demonic Beasts, there will be no problem.

Now our defense networks are very good and can ensure wide coverage.

In case of any emergency, we can retreat.”

Liu Qingfeng said, “There are some small problems recently.

If you are interested, you can help me.”

“What problems” Zhang Guangyou asked curiously.

“Some people repudiate their debts,” Liu Qingfeng said helplessly, “and they are just like a deadbeat.

After the first one did it, others followed suit.

The number of such persons is increasing.

If we go to ask them to pay back the loan, they will only pay a few crystal stones back.”

“We can punish some people to warn others, cant we” You Huo said.

“I think so.

But they are very humble and polite, saying that theyve gotten a crystal-flow problem.

The Heavenly Group just gains a firm foothold and needs a good reputation, so I hesitated,” Liu Qingfeng said hesitantly.

In fact, it was just a small problem, which he was too lazy to meddle in at ordinary times.

However, the situation was getting more and more serious, so he had to pay attention to it.

He could keenly realize that if the situation was used by someone with evil intentions, it would also affect the groups reputation.

Coincidentally, Zhang Han came back, and it was appropriate for him to punish some people to warn others.

The group needed to take not only gentle treasures but also tough action in face of the outside world.

When Zhang Han was a tough guy, he would be gentle.

That was Liu Qingfengs plan.

In the Miluo Clan of the Varo Star, the patriarch and high-position officials of the Miluo Clan were having a meeting in a chamber.

“Last time, we borrowed 30 million crystal stones.

Minus what weve returned and plus the interest, we still have to pay back about 28.5 million crystal stones, and the interest will get more every day.

We have lent 28 million crystal stones out with a double interest rate.

At present, we got back a total of 34 million crystal stones, and we can still get back millions of crystal stones.

In just a few days, we have earned so many crystal stones.

I still think that we should not care about the penalty specified by the Heavenly Bank.

We should delay the repayment and return part of the loan regularly.

If we continue lending out the crystal stones in our hands, we will make more and more crystal stones.”

“Yes, but Im still worried that Zhang Hanyang, who is standing behind the Heavenly Group, will get angry…”

There was a dead silence in the chamber.

“We never refuse to pay back the loan.

Every time they come to ask for the crystal stones, we will return some.

We have video records of the whole course.

Were humble enough and we also pay back part of the loan.

If they still ask for crystal stones by force, no one will be convinced of him in the vast Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“The most important thing is that some clans lost the crystal stones they had borrowed in their business, but the Heavenly Bank did not do any harm to them.”

“Fullness for the bold, famine for the timid.

Its okay.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there were knocks on the door.

The expressions of more than a dozen people present changed.

“Come in.”

Patriarch Miluo pressed the communication device in his hand and said two words.


The door was pushed open and one of his men walked in quickly.

“Patriarch, some people from the Heavenly Bank are here to ask for the repayment.”

“You, go to deal with them.

This time, well return one million to them with the same excuse,” said Patriarch Miluo.


A square-faced middle-aged man walked out.

When he saw that it was several kids who came to ask for the repayment, he laughed.

It was so interesting.

He approached them with a big smile.

“My lords from the Heavenly Bank.

I am the third steward of the Miluo Clan.

Could I know the reason why you are here”

“Return the crystal stones.”

They were Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, Felina, and Chen Chuan.

They came to ask for the repayment by themselves.

“Well, well…”

The middle-aged man had a depressed look on his face and said helplessly, “The crystal stones we borrowed were all used for trading.

However, we encountered the star pirates and suffered a terrible loss.

Please give us a few more days so that we can think of a way.

If we still have no way, we will sell up to pay back the loan.”

Mengmeng had never argued with such a sophisticate.

At this time, she said directly, “There is a problem with the ownership of what you mortgaged.

Also, our company has investigated and found that you never did a deal, and you failed to tell us the details.

Besides, we heard that you lent crystal stones to others with a high interest rate.

Hurry up and return the crystal stones.

Otherwise, we wont be so polite.”

“Ouch, the number of crystal stones we lent out is very small.

Also, we know that your company will send some people here, so we have taken back all the crystal stones in advance.

There are one hundred crystal stones.

Here you are.

Its all the crystal stones we can repay this time, and we will try to repay as much as we can,” the middle-aged man said bitterly.

He was really good at acting.

“Youre repudiating your debts,” Yue Xiaonao said, “and you will come to no good end.”

“We really dont want to repudiate our debts.” The middle-aged man was so anxious that his face was damp with sweat.

“We respect the Heavenly Bank very much.

If we still have a choice, we really want to return all the crystal stones quickly.

My lords, I beg you to give us a few more days.

We will find a way to return the crystal stones.”

“Well, how many days” Mengmeng asked.

This question stunned the middle-aged man, but he soon said, “In one month, we will try our best to return the crystal stones.”

“But the interest payment during the following month will be quite high,” said Nina.

“We must abide by the rules and repay the loan with interest.”

“Okay, Ill give you another month.”

Mengmeng waved her hand and left with the others.

A sneer flashed across the middle-aged mans face after he watched them leave.

They were too young, so it was much easier to deal with them than the previous two groups of people.

He turned around and returned to the chamber.

“Its done.

There came a few ignorant kids.

I just gave them a million crystal stones, and they gave me another month, aha.” The middle-aged man was very happy.

His words made everyone present happy.

Patriarch Miluo clapped his hands and said, “This is our strategy.

When we earn more, we can find a chance to return all the crystal stones.

Then, we can use the crystal stones we have earned to buy the land, so that we can borrow more crystal stones.

In this way, our clan will have greater and greater crystal reserves.

The Heavenly Bank is really a good company.”

Everyone present burst into laughter.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In their laughter, the door of the chamber was suddenly blown up.

Rocks flew in all directions, and the wind howled.

Everyones defensive energy layer quickly rose.

They escaped from the chamber immediately.

When they saw the scene before them, their foreheads were damp with sweat.

Above the entire clan was a cloud of combat aircraft.

The kids that they had just mentioned were floating in the air.

Beside them, there was a man.

It was Zhao Feng.

“Your Heavenly Bank, may I know why you blew up the door of my chamber” There was a trace of questioning in Patriarch Miluos tone.

“Aha, youre so shameless.” Mengmeng snorted, waved her hand, and projected some pictures via the instrument in her hand.

It filmed the conversations after the middle-aged man entered the chamber.

Mengmeng frowned and said, “The evidence is conclusive! They are bad guys!”

“According to Article 200 Late Repayment in the Reception Rules of the Heavenly Bank, in case of any malicious default on the loan, the Heavenly Bank shall have the right to charge the Borrower one-third of the principal as the penalty fee.

You got a loan of 30 million crystal stones, and therefore the penalty fee amounts to 10 million crystal stones.

Minus what youve returned, you need to repay thirty-eight million two hundred and ten thousand crystal stones at present,” Zhao Feng said coldly.

“Well, well…” The expressions of the member of the Miluo clan changed dramatically.

“Over thirty million crystal stones are indeed not much for the Heavenly Bank,” Zhao Feng said coldly, “but coincidentally, we need to punish some people as a warning to others.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his right hand and controlled many combat aircraft.

“After a ten-second countdown, the attack will start.

Target everyone below.”

There came clacks.

The energy cabins of thousands of combat aircraft were operating.

Each aircraft made a faint sound, but thousands of combat aircraft created a low and frightening sound.

The countdown has begun.





At this moment, Patriarch Miluos forehead was damp with sweat.

He was dumbfounded.

Even though he was so careful, he still made a mistake!

“Ahhhh!” he roared in his heart.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Patriarch Miluo shouted, when there were only three seconds left.

“Well repay the crystal stones.

Right now!”

But the countdown still drew closer.



Everyones heart seemed to skip a beat.

They turned pale in an instant.

Were they really going to be slaughtered


Fortunately, the countdown stopped.

The pitch-black muzzles made everyone present afraid to resist.

“Ill give you twenty seconds to repay all our crystal stones, or Ill kill you!” Zhao Feng said calmly.

“We cant afford thirty-eight million crystal stones.”

Patriarch Miluos heart was bleeding.

“But we can use our resources to offset the crystal stones.”

With Zhao Fengs permission, everyone present of the Miluo Clan took out their crystal stones and gathered nearly 35 million crystal stones.

They also took out a lot of cultivation resources to fill the gap.

Then they gave them to Zhao Feng.

They really suffered a double loss.

“The Miluo Clan has been placed on the bad credit list.

Your credit rating is close to junk, and you are not allowed to borrow a loan from the Heavenly Bank in a hundred years,” Zhao Feng said lightly and turned back to the aircraft.


Mengmeng and her fellows also turned to leave.

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