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“Whats so strange about it” Ling Duoduo said, “What you dont know is that Mr.

Treasure is highly proficient in illusions.

Hes even more powerful than the president of the branch.

I think he might be a Shadow Refining expert.

Whether he is or not, he has particularly high attainments in illusions.

Its a pity that I didnt apply for Class Nine of the Illusions Department.”

“How do you know that your tutor is very powerful” Someone asked.

“I saw it, of course.

He fought with Mr.

Fu this afternoon and was skilled…” Ling Duoduo explained what had happened in the afternoon.

After hearing about the strange methods Mr.

Treasure had used, her friends were also shocked.

“You may not be able to get a place to sit in on his classes as an observer from now on, haha.”

“Why are you taking pleasure in my misfortune I have my own way to make it happen.” Ling Duoduo snorted.

Her so-called way was…

“10 seconds left.

“9 seconds.

“3 seconds.

“1 second!

“Now is the time to get a place!”

Ling Duoduo widened her eyes as she clicked on the system interface nonstop.

A few seconds later, she withdrew her hand and took a look at the screen.

“Well, fortunately, I was fast enough.

10 places were occupied in 0.13 seconds.

These people are so terrible.”

Ling Jian breathed a sigh of relief.

She was actually in a good mood after getting a place.

She kept humming a happy tune.

Two minutes later, she lay on the sofa and made a video call with an electronic wristband.


Two meters to the side, a middle-aged man was reflected.

His face was a bit similar to Zhang Hans as if it had been carved by a knife, but his eyes were small.

His stubble made him look older.

“Dad, why did you pick up my call so fast this time” Ling Duoduo asked.

“Ive just finished my training.

Well, how do you feel in Dragnet Academy” the man asked.

“Its okay.

By the way, youre ranked second on the list of the Mysterious Tower.

Have you heard of the one from the Senior Martial Arts Branch He ranked first on the eight lists and passed all the 100 levels,” Ling Duoduo said.

“Ive heard that.

He ranked first on the eight lists, which shows that he is a very powerful person.” The man nodded.

“He has passed the 100 levels.

This kind of person is extremely terrible because he knows everything, is proficient in everything and has endless means.

No one knows how many trump cards he has.”

While speaking, the man sighed with emotion.

“I dont like him.

Come to the academy and top him out the list of the Senior Martial Arts Branch.” Ling Duoduo snorted.

The man was speechless.

He pulled a wry face and said, “He has passed the 100 levels.

How can I suppress him The point is that with my current comprehension, I cant reach the 100th level.

In the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province, there may not be a second one who gets to rank first on the eight lists.

We all suspect that the one who got on the list is a big shot from the Astral Domain.”

“Youre really weak.

You dont even have this little bit of skill.” Ling Duoduo curled her lips, but then she wanted to gossip and said, “I shouldnt have taken the class Im in.

Chu Changan got lucky.

His tutor is much skilled at illusions.”

The man was speechless again.

She felt more comfortable after talking about something a little gossipy.

As for the duel between the tutors, Ling Duoduo felt that it was full of fun.

After chatting for a while, she went to rest.

At two oclock the next afternoon, Ling Duoduo leisurely came to Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

In the training room, in addition to Chu Changan and the other four people, nine students had signed up to sit in on the class as observers.

The dean didnt show up on this day.

After Zhang Han arrived, he played a new training video and let everyone on the scene practice for two hours.

Among the students, there were actually five of them who couldnt perform the moves.

They were just here to watch the show, which made Ling Duoduo snort with dissatisfaction.

“I dont know what youre here for.”

It was much more lively than before in Class Nine of the Illusions Department.

On the other side, the class had just ended in the Incantation Department.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina were walking toward the entrance of the matt ground vehicles.

It was similar to the subway in the city.

By every several meters, there would be an entrance to the matt ground vehicles and they would take a vehicle there.

“Lorry is in Grade Two.

Shes very famous.” Yue Xiaonao said, “When we get to the Pellet-refining Branch, lets ask her to treat us to something delicious.”


Speaking of this, Mengmeng couldnt help laughing a few times.

Lorry had just returned to the academy.

The moment she saw the Chaotic Region list, she was extremely confused.

“Mengs Dad.

Mengs Dad

“Zhang Yumeng”

She immediately thought of Mengmeng.

“Could it be that Uncle Zhang and the others have come to Dragnet Academy”

Lorry immediately called Mengmeng.

When the communication was connected, Lorry knew that they were probably here.

After the call was connected, she chatted with Mengmeng for a while and didnt say anything more.

She asked Mengmeng to go to the Pellet-refining Branch.

There was a very distinctive restaurant over there, and Lorry would wait for them at the Matt Ground Vehicles Station.

Mengmeng and the others walked to the Matt Ground Vehicles Station, but when they just passed by a square, there was suddenly the sound of a flute.

It was a melodious melody that attracted people around.


They looked to the side and saw a decent man in a white shirt playing a jade flute.

“Its that trainee in Grade One again.” Yue Xiaonao curled her lips.

Nina smiled strangely and looked at Mengmeng jokingly.

This was how Mengmeng was pursued daily.

After that handsome male played the flute, he displayed a technique, allowing his voice to echo through the surroundings.

At the same time, he said in a low and gentle voice, “Ive been missing you for a long time.

Its so sad and cold when Im without you.

I dont know why Im missing you so much.

When I look at the moon behind a curtain and let out a long sigh, the belle is like the moon in the sky, far away from me.

“The blue sky above us is boundless, the colorful clouds are floating, and the waves are flowing below.

“As for you, Zhang Yumeng, you are the blue sky and the waves.

You are like a flower in my heart, beautiful, pure, and noble.”

There came a clattering.

Accompanied by his voice, he controlled the rhythm with his mind.

The petals floated in the air around, which made the scene romantic and beautiful.

With the help of his handsome look, he could be called a master of creating the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, he had found the wrong one to confess his love to.

“Zhang Yumeng, youre the only one I want to marry!”

The man approached Zhang Yumeng.

He wanted to take a few more steps.

But when he thought of the first time when he got kicked away, he felt quite scared.

He stopped five meters away as he looked at Mengmeng with his loving eyes and said affectionately, “Say yes to me, okay”

While Mengmeng was facing such a pursuit-

“Get lost!”

Mengmeng rolled her eyes and continued to walk toward the passage of the matt ground vehicles.

“Zhang Yumeng, you make me sad.” The handsome man said bitterly, “I know you are still young.

I can wait for three years, five years, and even ten years.

We can start with friendship.”


Mengmeng sneered and said, “Leave now.

If my dad sees you, you will be disabled.”

The handsome man shook his head and said, “No, no.

Zhang Yumeng, you are so beautiful and graceful.

I believe that your father is also a reasonable person.”


Upon hearing this, Yue Xiaonao burst into laughter.

“Reasonable Thats impossible! I can tell you that her father is very powerful.

Especially when our male classmates were wooing Mengmeng, they were all beaten to death when her dad found out about it.”

What she said sounded exaggerated, but Nina and Felina didnt refute her.

They thought that they needed to scare the senior trainee in Grade One in front of them a bit.

Otherwise, they couldnt stand it with him coming here from time to time.

“Say yes!”

“Say yes!”

“Say yes!”

At this time, more than a dozen people quickly jumped out from the side.

It was just that they seemed to have come out a bit late.

Normally, they should come out when the handsome man said “say yes to me”.

But now, judging from the handsome mans embarrassed expression, one could tell that his plan didnt go well.

“Brother Gao, Im sorry that were late.”

Someone whispered to the handsome man, whose name was Gao Chen.

He was also an experienced and sophisticated man.

He was here at the new academy to see the younger brother of a friend.

Unexpectedly, he met Mengmeng and started to accost her.

He came here for another two days to watch Mengmeng attend classes whenever he was free.

Gradually, he began to woo her.

“Dont block the way, or we will hit someone.” This was Mengmengs first warning.

“Get out of her way,” Gao Chen immediately said.

His men were on the side, following Mengmeng and others to walk forward.

“I was wondering why Brother Gao didnt go back to the branch these days and didnt even pay attention to Su Ya.

It turns out that he is fascinated by a gorgeous, haha.”

Many people checked Mengmeng out carefully.

At first glance, they found her very stunning.

The more they looked at her, the more beautiful they felt she was.

Some people secretly shook their heads.

Since Brother Gao had made a move, they would have no chance to be with her.

“Stop it.”

Gao Chen waved to them and said earnestly, “Zhang Yumeng, I like to say romantic stuff, but I didnt mean that you should agree to be with me right away and be my Cultivational Partner.

My thinking is that we can be friends first.

If you feel okay with it, we can take it to the next level.

What do you think Whats more, you are new here, and we are about to be in Grade Two.

With us here, it will be much more convenient for you to get your work done in the academy.

With me as your friend, youll have less trouble.”

An ordinary little girl might be fascinated by his previous means and agree with his proposal.

But these girls in front of him were not ordinary.

Gao Chen had changed his strategy and tried to start with being friends with Zhang Yumeng.

It was difficult to start many things.

He felt that as long as Zhang Yumeng nodded and agreed to make friends with him, he would definitely attract her with his charm and make her fall in love with him deeply.

He thought his plan would work fine, but the reality didnt meet his wish.

Mengmeng ignored him and walked forward with Yue Xiaonao and the others.

Just as they were about to reach the entrance of the matt ground vehicles, there came a clattering.

More than a dozen girls ran out of the entrance.

Among them, the leading one with a ponytail looked angry and her face turned pale.

“Su Ya, why are you here” Gao Chens eyes narrowed, and his tone was a little heavy.

“YOU tell me,” Su Ya said angrily.

“Su Ya.”

Gao Chen sighed deeply.

“Its over between us.

Didnt we make things clear last time Rather than staying with each other, its better for us to just forget about each other.”

“Cut the crap! Did you break up with me because of her”

Su Ya looked at Mengmeng coldly and said angrily, “Damn you, mistress! If it werent for you, Gao Chen would never have separated from me!”

Judging from the look in her eyes, one could tell that she had lost her mind out of her fury.

“If your brain doesnt work, just go see a doctor.

Dont spout nonsense here!” Mengmeng raised her eyebrows.

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